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Teases for "ruler".

Can you obbey all our commands? 2 - Thumbnail
09/26/2007 • 46651 views • Report
The Card Game - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Card Game

FIXED. Hopefully :-) Let me know
Lust and pain - Thumbnail
black moon3.6

Lust and pain

A painful, long, intense tease for male subs. You need many clothes-pegs, some spanking tool, a bowl, ice cubes, a thin rope and time.
02/27/2009 • 18405 views • Report
Follow Orders (#2) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFollow Orders (#2)

You will follow your mistresses orders or this time there will be consequences.
08/11/2009 • 36358 views • Report
Thank Mistress Anna - Thumbnail

Thank Mistress Anna

Mistress help you to degrade for her pleasure, Not for Wimps!
11/27/2009 • 28354 views • Report
Superstar Training 1 - Pain Tolerance - Thumbnail

Superstar Training 1 - Pain Tolerance

Start of a series. Do you have what it takes to become a wwe superstar? Original idea from a similar tease by jscamp.
05/08/2010 • 25801 views • Report
Simpkins @ St. Saviour's 4 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSimpkins @ St. Saviour's 4

The fourth semester, and the evil bitches go from strength to strength. Are you man enough to complete the programme? Or will you whimp out? Will they finally break you? Or will you defy them?
01/04/2011 • 22397 views • Report
Mistress Claire - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Mistress Claire

You will submit to her beauty and obey her every whim.
07/03/2011 • 64500 views • Report
1 hour with Princess Lisa - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!1 hour with Princess Lisa

During this 1 hour tease you will obey your Princess Lisa. She will give you orders that contain stroking, edging, some cbt and in the end she might even decide to let you cum!
11/08/2011 • 50366 views • Report
Size does matter - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSize does matter

A tease with a lot of stroking. Different ways to walkthrough.
05/14/2012 • 46648 views • Report