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Teases for "orgasm-denial".

The Ancient Princess - Thumbnail

The Ancient Princess

A high fantasy tease inspired by feedback from my previous tease and the movie "Cool World". Only one branching path, can you make it to the end? Do you want to?
Wedding night II - Thumbnail

Flash teaseWedding night II

Sequel to the story "Wedding night". Try it only if you have reached an "under supervision end" of part I. No stroking, no edging - just a short story...
09/23/2012 • 16684 views • Report
Perils of Online Dating- Tuesday - Thumbnail

Perils of Online Dating- Tuesday

Same rules. All chores and costumes optional, just for effect
Give and Take. Preview - Thumbnail

Flash teaseGive and Take. Preview

If it picks up, I might take it more seriously. <3!!
10/08/2012 • 17273 views • Report
Are You Man Enough 3: Caprice - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Are You Man Enough 3: Caprice

Caprice may look sweet and innocent, but don't be deceived. She needs a man with endurance and control. See if you have what it takes to satisfy her. Good're gonna need it.
11/03/2012 • 48013 views • Report
Worry No More - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Worry No More

Part Three of Styph Therapy.
11/24/2012 • 16066 views • Report
To the director´s office! - Thumbnail

To the director´s office!

Another anime tease! Hope you enjoy it!
Meet Goddess Lisa Ann - Thumbnail

Flash teaseMeet Goddess Lisa Ann

Start of a series. Meet your new Goddess. My first Flash Tease... bugs, improvement and everything else is welcome in the forum. Enjoy !
12/26/2012 • 16633 views • Report