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Teases for "nipple-clamps".

The Librarian - Thumbnail
05/17/2007 • 49843 views • Report
For stroker sluts only - Thumbnail
07/02/2007 • 24217 views • Report
Night and Day - Thumbnail
10/16/2007 • 37186 views • Report
Earn your orgasm - Thumbnail
12/05/2007 • 66351 views • Report
For cocky wantabe's - Thumbnail
12/06/2007 • 23902 views • Report
The Masked Ball - Thumbnail

The Masked Ball

If you like sucking, fucking and fisting . . . and cumming . . . two women and a man . . . anything goes.
02/21/2008 • 20452 views • Report
ashley's punishment   - Thumbnail
02/25/2008 • 48368 views • Report
School of Cock Control - Day 1 of 12:  The Conclusion - Thumbnail

School of Cock Control - Day 1 of 12: The Conclusion

Number 5 in the series. Mistress dominates you and your cock.
03/05/2008 • 24347 views • Report
so you want to be a superstar - Thumbnail
03/03/2008 • 27354 views • Report
tease for women - Thumbnail
03/04/2008 • 14077 views • Report
Your Girlfriend's Shemale Quiz Revenge - Thumbnail

Your Girlfriend's Shemale Quiz Revenge

Your girlfriend reaps the punishment, all thanks to your incompetent guessing. Is it time to stop bragging about your ability to identify shemales? Two women get it on.
03/16/2008 • 34868 views • Report
Sarah's plaything! - Thumbnail
06/12/2008 • 45334 views • Report
House of Cards - Thumbnail
08/08/2008 • 49857 views • Report
House of Cards 2: The Pool - Thumbnail

Flash teaseHouse of Cards 2: The Pool

Part 2 of my new House of Cards Trilogy. Needs password!
08/08/2008 • 36489 views • Report
house of choices  - Thumbnail
08/04/2008 • 26302 views • Report
Piper - You are in Trouble! - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!Piper - You are in Trouble!

7th installment - A very long and difficult tease. You are being punished for being bad. Beware, this is a wicked one! 2 years after original series.
Georgia Exerts Full Control - Thumbnail

Georgia Exerts Full Control

This is number 3 in the hypnotic Georgia tease series. To find them all and then do them in order, simply search for "Georgia".
10/19/2008 • 40639 views • Report
Pain at night - Thumbnail

Flash teasePain at night

A painful but satisfying tease. Clothespins, shloelaces/ropes and a glass required.
12/07/2008 • 41200 views • Report
SklavinPetra (German) - Thumbnail

SklavinPetra (German)

This tease is in German for online sub Petra, but every other female feel free to do it as well. Dieser Webtease ist in Deutsch für die Online-Sklavin Petra.
01/27/2009 • 12255 views • Report
Sklavin Anja - Thumbnail

Sklavin Anja

Webtease for slave Anja in German
01/30/2009 • 15188 views • Report
Anna's Treat  - Thumbnail

Anna's Treat

Anna wants to make a treat help her out, edging and more
02/06/2009 • 34136 views • Report
Jamies got your cum - Thumbnail

Jamies got your cum

Jamies taking some time to let you stroke total devotion required!
03/30/2009 • 29745 views • Report
Dominant or submissive? - Thumbnail

Flash teaseDominant or submissive?

Is this girl submissive or dominant towards you? Either way you are going to enjoy this metronome-style tease!
08/05/2009 • 32107 views • Report
the mistress part 1 - Thumbnail

The mistress part 1 tease
03/09/2009 • 25702 views • Report
Humiliate for Rachel - Thumbnail

Humiliate for Rachel

rachel knows you will do anything
03/17/2009 • 27140 views • Report
Miss Kimmy's Sissy Whore - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!Miss Kimmy's Sissy Whore

Miss Kimmy humiliates, teases and punishes you. Nice, long tease.
07/01/2010 • 332408 views • Report
Enslaved To wank!  - Thumbnail

Enslaved To wank!

Mistress Kayla demoralizes you,be prepared as a slave
03/30/2009 • 32861 views • Report
Alice's control - Thumbnail

Alice's control

A Mistres denies you having sex with girly now your off to see her!
A little present from your mistress - Thumbnail
black moon4.1

A little present from your mistress

Your mistress has a special present for you: a long, intense nipple-torture-session. Have fun! (-; PS: Should also work for women because it isn't too specific. Just replace some orders accordingly.
05/15/2009 • 35603 views • Report
Schuh- und Fußsklaven! - Thumbnail

Schuh- und Fußsklaven!

German, Demütigung, CBT, Klammern, cum-eating, Schuhe, Füße
05/13/2009 • 19665 views • Report
DO what i say or you will be punished. - Thumbnail

DO what i say or you will be punished.

A tease where you have to do what you are said. If not you will get punsished. Many outcomes deppend on your achievements. My first tease hope you like it!
06/21/2009 • 38275 views • Report


Your husband's mistress comes over to tease you while your husband is away.
08/02/2009 • 21428 views • Report
Mistress Lauren teaches you 2 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseMistress Lauren teaches you 2

Part two of the slut training!
08/09/2009 • 42278 views • Report
Follow Orders (#1) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFollow Orders (#1)

You will follow your mistresses orders.
08/11/2009 • 66853 views • Report
Follow Orders (#3) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFollow Orders (#3)

You will follow your mistresses orders or this time there will be consequences. This time there are even more punishments for disobedient slaves.
08/11/2009 • 40123 views • Report
Follow Orders (#4) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFollow Orders (#4)

This time your orders from your mistress will not only be stroking but also APT (Ass Play and Torture).
08/12/2009 • 38729 views • Report
Follow Orders (#5) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFollow Orders (#5)

Your final set of orders from your mistress. Be warned this is the most demanding, painful, messy set of orders yet.
08/13/2009 • 46183 views • Report
I got you!  - Thumbnail

I got you!

Mistress Kelly taking total control!
11/01/2009 • 16045 views • Report
Can you save her? - Thumbnail

Can you save her?

What would you put yourself through, in order to save your girlfriend? (Would like to hear feedback)
12/03/2009 • 37322 views • Report
Chasing the wrong girl! - Thumbnail

Chasing the wrong girl!

New Girl Carli controls you1
11/21/2009 • 30894 views • Report
Try cum - Version 4 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTry cum - Version 4

Some very sexy, very evil ladies have a special treat for you - cum for them, if you can...
12/02/2009 • 127524 views • Report
Thank Mistress Anna - Thumbnail

Thank Mistress Anna

Mistress help you to degrade for her pleasure, Not for Wimps!
11/27/2009 • 28624 views • Report
Life of a Captive - Thumbnail

Life of a Captive

What happpened last night ? Where am I ?
12/04/2009 • 24230 views • Report
Welcome to the Obedience Training Academy For Women: Lesson 1 - Thumbnail

Welcome to the Obedience Training Academy For Women: Lesson 1

If you are a submissive female, or wish to become one, the Academy will make you toe the line and put you through your paces with a firm hand.
12/02/2009 • 20593 views • Report
Welcome to the Obedience Training Academy For Men: Lesson 1 - Thumbnail

Welcome to the Obedience Training Academy For Men: Lesson 1

The Academy is the place where men are put well and truly in their place by sexy, dominant women who know all about humiliation and punishsment. Enter if you dare!
12/03/2009 • 27601 views • Report
The Observation Game - Part 1 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Observation Game - Part 1

Those sexy, evil women are back - better keep your wits about you, you'll need them...
12/14/2009 • 55794 views • Report
Taken - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTaken

Story based tease, explore your fantasy... *bug repaired*
01/23/2010 • 60496 views • Report
Giving into her.  - Thumbnail

Giving into her.

Caught Cheating Wife Dommination
01/03/2010 • 30044 views • Report
His night of lovely torture - Thumbnail

His night of lovely torture

He learns his place!
01/10/2010 • 24845 views • Report
Luck - Thumbnail

Flash teaseLuck

Much longer than my first flash tease :) and its luck based! (kinda)
02/07/2010 • 82542 views • Report
Tease for my slaves in hypnotic chastity - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTease for my slaves in hypnotic chastity

For my slaves who dare to listen to my Chastity file on
09/18/2010 • 55457 views • Report
Game: The Edging Challenge - Thumbnail

Flash teaseGame: The Edging Challenge

Enjoy this exciting adventure of pure ecstasy together with your partner, on the same Computer or via Internet.
04/01/2010 • 40582 views • Report
Honey I want to destroy you - Thumbnail

Honey I want to destroy you

Danger maximum humliation ect,LONG TEASE!
04/04/2010 • 61323 views • Report
Tease for the foot fetishists - Thumbnail

Tease for the foot fetishists

A self bondage tease for those people who have a foot fetish. Includes self bondage, self foot licking, edging and ball torture.
04/20/2010 • 17582 views • Report
Slave-boy training  - Thumbnail

Slave-boy training

Your the slave boy!
Holding The Edge - Thumbnail

Flash teaseHolding The Edge

Edging, CBT, random pictures
05/04/2010 • 30726 views • Report
School for naughty little boys - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSchool for naughty little boys

My first flash tease. A tribute to Simpkin's series.Please report mistakes and suggestions in the forum- School for naughty little boys
07/06/2010 • 6457 views • Report
Mistreated - For Girls - Thumbnail

Mistreated - For Girls

Punishment for orgasms without permission!
05/10/2010 • 25379 views • Report
Forced Pantyhose Chastitytraining      Part 2 - Thumbnail

Forced Pantyhose Chastitytraining Part 2

The next day of training a tease for addicted pantyhoseslaves and the women who love them.
05/06/2010 • 22416 views • Report
chastity games - Thumbnail

Flash teaseChastity games

Completely random tease! Work in progress - More paths are already in the making. Tease will be updated! Multiple paths, which have their own multiple endings too. Its a long tease which could keep you occupied for hours, maybe even days! Tease is over 1500 different pages, so there might be some bugs. Please report these in the forums. I would also love to get some feedback on my work! I hope you wont get too frustrated *giggle*
09/10/2010 • 163196 views • Report
Eyes On Me - Thumbnail

Flash teaseEyes On Me

Stroke to the beat and keep your eyes on her face, she'll be making it difficult for you though. Involes stroking, edging, and some pain as punishment for letting your eyes wander. (fixed)
05/13/2010 • 43472 views • Report
Follow Commands (#1) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Follow Commands (#1)

Updated with more time to prepare for the commands.
03/21/2011 • 38993 views • Report