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Teases for "marker".

Das Spiel - Thumbnail

Das Spiel

12/10/2010 • 14555 views • Report
Gayme Time - Thumbnail

Gayme Time

A gay game of chance, depending on the roll of the dice.
11/23/2011 • 25222 views • Report
pwincess of the ghetto 2 - Thumbnail

Pwincess of the ghetto 2

only do this tease if you done the first one & dident vote five stars.
12/13/2012 • 5819 views • Report
Sissy Training - Month 2 - Sissy Mind - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Sissy Training - Month 2 - Sissy Mind

Part 2 in a continuing monthly series that turns you into a cock-hungry sissy slut.
10/01/2013 • 106658 views • Report
Free Skype session with professional webcam Mistress - Thumbnail
08/03/2017 • 15333 views • Report
Newbie Sissy or Veteran Sissy - Thumbnail

Newbie Sissy or Veteran Sissy

My first tease. A short tease for either New sissys, experienced sissies, and every kind of sissy in-between.
Omorashi Desperation Challenge - Thumbnail

Eos teaseOmorashi Desperation Challenge

This tease revolves around desperation, holding and wetting. It is for people who enjoy the idea of loosing control of a full bladder. There are no winners or losers. Play and you will end up soaking.
07/30/2022 • 61118 views • Report
Enjoy this if you can - Thumbnail
04/14/2007 • 37140 views • Report
kiss me paris - Thumbnail

Kiss me paris

it's gonna be a Bad Big Kiss
02/03/2011 • 26138 views • Report
Little sweeties shop trip and food play! - Thumbnail

Little sweeties shop trip and food play!

Involves going to a shop, panties and a dirty food eating fetish;) Also im female so you could call it a somewhat domination;)
07/29/2014 • 16909 views • Report
The Chastity Competition 2017 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!The Chastity Competition 2017

A 8 weeks long chastity competition, with lots of challenges and tasks. Meant to turn you into a chastity slave forever. Especially fun for submissives and sissies.
08/22/2017 • 42060 views • Report
Shifter Fun - Thumbnail

Eos teaseShifter Fun

Join a few pretty girls for a few minutes of fun. (Art from Cosmiclife, look for him on Paths include pain, messy, fast, and obediant! Keep playing! <3
06/20/2020 • 12802 views • Report
Domination of a Couple - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Domination of a Couple

This is a tease aimed to submissive couples. One with pussy, the other with cock. You will be dominated by me and will love it. You should have two consecutive afternoons to do it. Have fun!
09/18/2022 • 40544 views • Report
The House of Wrestling Divas (4) - Thumbnail

The House of Wrestling Divas (4)

The return. It's been a while since you last ventured into the house. In that time, the dominating divas have come up with some new kinky ways to make you fail. Good luck.
01/08/2010 • 15951 views • Report
Chastity Calendar: February Part 2 - Thumbnail

Chastity Calendar: February Part 2

Part 2 of the Chastity Calendar. Short assignments each day.
02/07/2011 • 23730 views • Report
Prove yourself - Thumbnail

Prove yourself

I'm giving you the chance of proving yourself as ultimate sextoy. But you must prove yourself! For boys and girls
12/17/2012 • 29191 views • Report
Masters House (One day tease) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseMasters House (One day tease)

Long tease. Edge. Denial. Tease. Anal. Pain. Piss. Rules.
02/21/2014 • 12481 views • Report
Bullied Nerdy-Girl - Thumbnail

Bullied Nerdy-Girl

Play a nerdy girl bullied by a sorority in this story-driven tease, featuring verbal humiliation, spanking, wedgies, swirlies, forced shaving, body-writing, and forced lesbian intimacy.
11/15/2015 • 30219 views • Report
The Denial Trials (A Censored Challenge) - Thumbnail

Eos teaseThe Denial Trials (A Censored Challenge)

DENIAL is your Mistress! Endure censors, torments, and denial for a week, or fail and get punished for being too weak! 7 themed days, and many censored mistresses stand between you and your orgasm!
02/19/2023 • 109129 views • Report
1st tease pump drink pump - Thumbnail

1st tease pump drink pump

drink lots, pump lots if you dont have the toys dont play
02/12/2009 • 28032 views • Report
Georgia's tease (for the ladies) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseGeorgia's tease (for the ladies)

Modified version of Georgia dominates for the ladies as requested..
01/18/2010 • 20511 views • Report
Wet Panty Sucker - Thumbnail

Flash teaseWet Panty Sucker

Full credit for this tease goes to BrianWantsToCum, who created this over 10 years ago in powerpoint! Thank Brian!
02/15/2011 • 26577 views • Report
Maryse Commands You - Thumbnail

Maryse Commands You

Are you willing to follow Maryse's every command to earn the right of being her slave? Contains pain, orgasm denial and more.
12/31/2011 • 39837 views • Report
Earn Points to Cum II - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Earn Points to Cum II

Complete up to 10 challenges to improve your chance to cum, then claim your reward. Up to 100+ different images in the final slideshow, depending on how many points you earn.
06/02/2013 • 41032 views • Report
Selfies mit Emma Watson (German/Deutsch) - Thumbnail

Selfies mit Emma Watson (German/Deutsch)

Emma Fotografiert gerne...
03/26/2015 • 14292 views • Report
Becoming Harley Quinn's henchman - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Becoming Harley Quinn's henchman

You wanna rev up your Harley? Vroom Vroom! **Contains pain and humiliation + stroking! Maybe even an orgasm?**
08/19/2015 • 39123 views • Report
The Chastity Game/Competition - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Chastity Game/Competition

Participate in a real chastity game. The more points you collect, the likelier you are to get out of chastity. Participate now my chastity slaves.
06/25/2016 • 69785 views • Report
Sissy Slut Slaves Wanted - Thumbnail

Sissy Slut Slaves Wanted

Looking for Sissy Slut Slaves to Serve their Asian Mistress
03/18/2018 • 31897 views • Report
BBC School for whitebois - SEMESTR ONE - Thumbnail

Eos teaseBBC School for whitebois - SEMESTR ONE

BBC School is a place where white boys learn to respect BBC and learn about BNWO
Monster Girl Mash - Thumbnail

Eos teaseMonster Girl Mash

Summoned to Hell, you must battle up to 18 spooky opponents to aid Luxuria with a ritual. But you can always lose to your opponent and let them own your soul… So, do you seek victory or crave defeat?
10/31/2022 • 150691 views • Report
An Education - Thumbnail

Flash teaseAn Education

You meet her in a back room of the library... and she teaches you about BDSM. Multiple paths and endings depending on how good you are. Punishment doled out for being bad, rewards for being good.
10/21/2008 • 30493 views • Report
Luck - Thumbnail

Flash teaseLuck

Much longer than my first flash tease :) and its luck based! (kinda)
02/07/2010 • 82107 views • Report
Girlfriend Kidnapped - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Girlfriend Kidnapped

Your girlfriend has been kidnapped but by whom? And what will you do to save her? Loosely based on a similar tease by mhart20.
04/04/2011 • 44009 views • Report
The Maze of Wrestling Divas - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!The Maze of Wrestling Divas

Can you find your way out of the maze? Do you have what it takes to escape? Mappable maze with over 50 rooms and two possible endings.
01/18/2012 • 46558 views • Report
The purrfect kitten - Thumbnail

The purrfect kitten

Come and worship your cat-goddess. Only for kittens. Bring milk.
01/06/2013 • 14402 views • Report
Apocalypse part 4.1 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Apocalypse part 4.1

Lots of pain and humiliation. Needs to be opened with Apocalypse part 4 and Apocalypse part 4.2 May be a good idea to read the link
Insatiable desires game - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!Insatiable desires game

Caption based tease game, feedback welcome
03/30/2014 • 262684 views • Report
Folge den Regeln! [GER] - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Folge den Regeln! [GER]

Es wäre optimal wenn Ihr mit einem angelegten KG beginnt - geht aber auch ohne :)
03/29/2015 • 26537 views • Report
Nice sissy.  Naughty Sissy. 24 Day Chastity Tease. - Thumbnail

Nice sissy. Naughty Sissy. 24 Day Chastity Tease.

Count down the days till Christmas by doing sissy tasks. Do your best to get on the nice list and maybe you will find a key in your stocking.
12/02/2020 • 23695 views • Report
Goonzone - Thumbnail

Eos teaseGoonzone

Goonzone is a semi-random tease heavily inspired by Fapioh. This is the beta version, I won't be able to work on it for the next couple of months, so I'm releasing it half finished for now.
06/11/2023 • 95083 views • Report
LBH day 3 - Thumbnail
08/22/2007 • 18706 views • Report
The House of Wrestling Divas - Flash Tease - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe House of Wrestling Divas - Flash Tease

Every decision you make has a consequence so be on your best behaviour (unless you WANT to be punished that is). Hundreds of possible paths so you can do it over and over again.
02/15/2010 • 30674 views • Report


Not a Tease but a Contest for sissy Slut. All Dominant Mind are invited to Join for Proposal. All real sissy Slut Must Participate.
04/08/2011 • 6138 views • Report
Kimi's Dice Tease - Thumbnail

Flash teaseKimi's Dice Tease

Hey baby! Come play a little Dice Game with me!
01/13/2012 • 75608 views • Report
welcome to the wwe  - Thumbnail

Welcome to the wwe

receive your wwe initiation
05/11/2013 • 18540 views • Report
The Room - Bleach - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Room - Bleach

Second of the serie. Short teases will comes next. Bugs (normalement) corrected. Contains mainly cbt, anal and lots of edging, Multiple edings.
07/14/2018 • 38575 views • Report
Game of Pain - Thumbnail

Eos teaseGame of Pain

Earn an orgasm by completing painful or humiliating tasks. Game is in BETA phase, still adding more tasks and fixing bugs_10/23/21
07/01/2021 • 67552 views • Report
Sommer Ray Femdom - Thumbnail

Eos teaseSommer Ray Femdom

Celeb Sommer Ray will take you through an intense training session where she will teach you your place. I would love feedback on this tease and if I should possibly make this a series
02/07/2023 • 20890 views • Report