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Counselling Session - Thumbnail
01/06/2007 • 54057 views • Report
Melissas dad - Thumbnail
02/20/2007 • 27577 views • Report
Worship me - Thumbnail
04/07/2007 • 41987 views • Report
LBH day 3 - Thumbnail
08/22/2007 • 18837 views • Report
Work For It - Thumbnail

Work For It

10/14/2007 • 21604 views • Report
Your Receptionist Catches You - Thumbnail
01/26/2008 • 36155 views • Report
ashley's punishment   - Thumbnail
02/25/2008 • 48502 views • Report
so you want to be a superstar - Thumbnail
03/03/2008 • 27420 views • Report
blue eyed princess  - Thumbnail
06/20/2008 • 21722 views • Report
1st tease pump drink pump - Thumbnail

1st tease pump drink pump

drink lots, pump lots if you dont have the toys dont play
02/12/2009 • 28344 views • Report
An Education - Thumbnail

Flash teaseAn Education

You meet her in a back room of the library... and she teaches you about BDSM. Multiple paths and endings depending on how good you are. Punishment doled out for being bad, rewards for being good.
10/21/2008 • 30895 views • Report
SklavinPetra (German) - Thumbnail

SklavinPetra (German)

This tease is in German for online sub Petra, but every other female feel free to do it as well. Dieser Webtease ist in Deutsch für die Online-Sklavin Petra.
01/27/2009 • 12302 views • Report
Adventure - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Adventure

Be careful what you wish for, you may get it!
05/18/2009 • 63752 views • Report
The Wild Siren Ranch - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Wild Siren Ranch

You answer a "Help Wanted" ad for a ranch hand at the Wild Siren Ranch. Today is your first day of employment. You are asked to bring a leather belt, rope (shoelace, string, ect.), a rubber band, and a marker.
05/15/2009 • 22220 views • Report
Your Wife's Master - Thumbnail
Lord Byron3.9

Your Wife's Master

Your wife has a new master and he wants to enslave you too Gay tease; don't rate if you're not into it.
09/07/2009 • 16478 views • Report
House of Handjobs - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 3.9

House of Handjobs

Bring a marker and a pair of rubber gloves when you enter The House of Handjobs. When "she" does something to you, it means that you need to do it to yourself.
09/29/2009 • 22404 views • Report
A Night with Trish - Thumbnail

A Night with Trish

Can you impress Mistress Trish enough by enduring a night of domination and humiliation to get her to ride your cock?
10/26/2009 • 19390 views • Report
Classic Diva Manor - Thumbnail

Classic Diva Manor

In this adventure, you are a slave to a host of classic wrestling divas. You must worship them and obey their every command or you WILL be punished.
11/05/2009 • 15315 views • Report
The House of Wrestling Divas (4) - Thumbnail

The House of Wrestling Divas (4)

The return. It's been a while since you last ventured into the house. In that time, the dominating divas have come up with some new kinky ways to make you fail. Good luck.
01/08/2010 • 16129 views • Report
Georgia's tease (for the ladies) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseGeorgia's tease (for the ladies)

Modified version of Georgia dominates for the ladies as requested..
01/18/2010 • 20761 views • Report
Luck - Thumbnail

Flash teaseLuck

Much longer than my first flash tease :) and its luck based! (kinda)
02/07/2010 • 82666 views • Report
The House of Wrestling Divas - Flash Tease - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe House of Wrestling Divas - Flash Tease

Every decision you make has a consequence so be on your best behaviour (unless you WANT to be punished that is). Hundreds of possible paths so you can do it over and over again.
02/15/2010 • 30883 views • Report
Tease for my slaves in hypnotic chastity - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTease for my slaves in hypnotic chastity

For my slaves who dare to listen to my Chastity file on
09/18/2010 • 55558 views • Report
Are you a real sissy? - Thumbnail

Are you a real sissy?

You have been dating her for a while and you want her badly, but she may have a different idea of the whole thing... She may want you to be more than a man: a real sissy.
03/22/2010 • 40762 views • Report
Chastity Calendar: February - Thumbnail

Chastity Calendar: February

Chastity tease for the month February. Short assignments for each day.
02/01/2011 • 51459 views • Report
Superstar Training 4 - The All-Day Finale - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Superstar Training 4 - The All-Day Finale

An ‘all-day’ challenge that will push you to the limits in more way than one. Do you have what it takes to become a wwe superstar? Contains several videos.
05/27/2010 • 37599 views • Report
Ms Hart Teases You 2 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseMs Hart Teases You 2

**YOU WILL NEED HER NUMBER FROM THE 1st TEASE** Multiple paths and endings
06/25/2010 • 44902 views • Report
52 Unique Ways To Cum - Thumbnail

Flash tease52 Unique Ways To Cum

View in fullscreen plz. Only play if you are allowed to cum.
08/16/2010 • 333080 views • Report
Heaven or Hell? - Thumbnail

Heaven or Hell?

Do you want to have a heavenly time with a beautiful angel or risk what a naughty she-devil has planned for you? It's your decision.
09/04/2010 • 34524 views • Report
Snakes and Ladders - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Snakes and Ladders

A naughty version of the classic game. A challenge to complete on every square. Do you have what it takes to win? Contains several videos and aspects of just about everything.
11/18/2010 • 83046 views • Report
Das Spiel - Thumbnail

Das Spiel

12/10/2010 • 14555 views • Report
kiss me paris - Thumbnail

Kiss me paris

it's gonna be a Bad Big Kiss
02/03/2011 • 26251 views • Report
Chastity Calendar: February Part 2 - Thumbnail

Chastity Calendar: February Part 2

Part 2 of the Chastity Calendar. Short assignments each day.
02/07/2011 • 23871 views • Report
Wet Panty Sucker - Thumbnail

Flash teaseWet Panty Sucker

Full credit for this tease goes to BrianWantsToCum, who created this over 10 years ago in powerpoint! Thank Brian!
02/15/2011 • 26821 views • Report
Girlfriend Kidnapped - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Girlfriend Kidnapped

Your girlfriend has been kidnapped but by whom? And what will you do to save her? Loosely based on a similar tease by mhart20.
04/04/2011 • 44471 views • Report


Not a Tease but a Contest for sissy Slut. All Dominant Mind are invited to Join for Proposal. All real sissy Slut Must Participate.
04/08/2011 • 6138 views • Report
Blondeshell Gisele - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 4.4

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Blondeshell Gisele

chance of cumming/ruined/denial, different choices, plz post in forum when you find any bugs
08/14/2011 • 133458 views • Report
Attractive shopping expedition (for women) - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!Attractive shopping expedition (for women)

Two women will go on shopping tour and select mutually sexily clothes. Both visit 7 stations, where they change into sexy clothes. There are many, voluntary stopovers and special tasks on the tour.
02/01/2012 • 35154 views • Report
pink sissy slut - Thumbnail

Pink sissy slut

A sissy slut tease that will make you into the sissy whore you want to be!
11/02/2011 • 53340 views • Report
(yes misstress cora) - Thumbnail

(yes misstress cora)

the italian misstress.
11/03/2011 • 9789 views • Report
the prime minister  - Thumbnail
11/10/2011 • 7902 views • Report
Gayme Time - Thumbnail

Gayme Time

A gay game of chance, depending on the roll of the dice.
11/23/2011 • 25508 views • Report
Maryse Commands You - Thumbnail

Maryse Commands You

Are you willing to follow Maryse's every command to earn the right of being her slave? Contains pain, orgasm denial and more.
12/31/2011 • 40138 views • Report
The Maze of Wrestling Divas - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!The Maze of Wrestling Divas

Can you find your way out of the maze? Do you have what it takes to escape? Mappable maze with over 50 rooms and two possible endings.
01/18/2012 • 47024 views • Report
Kimi's Dice Tease - Thumbnail

Flash teaseKimi's Dice Tease

Hey baby! Come play a little Dice Game with me!
01/13/2012 • 76012 views • Report
MissKalla's Sissy training : lesson 1 - Thumbnail

MissKalla's Sissy training : lesson 1

The begining of a complete sissy training program.
01/22/2012 • 90176 views • Report
Alison's new Toy - Thumbnail

Flash teaseAlison's new Toy

(FULLSCREEN NEEDED) Alison wants you as her new toy, so she intercepts you on the street... (You will not need all the toys mentioned, some of them are optional.)
01/29/2012 • 33111 views • Report
Glücksspiel - Thumbnail


1-6 Das sind die Glücks- Pechzahlen!
03/15/2012 • 15570 views • Report
The House - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 3.4

Flash teaseThe House

Many months ago, you received a letter asking if you would consider the place of House Submisive. Now, you have been summoned. (First flashtease - for help, find dedicated forum thread)
04/09/2012 • 46955 views • Report
Heart Beat - Thumbnail

Flash teaseHeart Beat

A sensual tease for women, you will need peace and quiet to focus on the commands, as you endure teasing, humiliation, and pain. With two endings depending on what you think you truly deserve.
09/30/2014 • 13963 views • Report
A Weeklong Adventure with Aiden Day 5 - Thumbnail

A Weeklong Adventure with Aiden Day 5

There's no turning back now. As the bond between Domme and sissy strengthens, you find yourself caught up in something bigger than you intended.
11/07/2012 • 21529 views • Report
Apocalypse part 2 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Apocalypse part 2

To be opened with Apocalypse part 2.3. More info in the link.
02/08/2013 • 64566 views • Report
Kates Birthday Day 4 and 5 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseKates Birthday Day 4 and 5

Second part of Kates Birthday. Can be done as a stand alone tease, but more fun if you do part one first.
11/27/2012 • 26446 views • Report
pwincess of the ghetto 2 - Thumbnail

Pwincess of the ghetto 2

only do this tease if you done the first one & dident vote five stars.
12/13/2012 • 5911 views • Report
Prove yourself - Thumbnail

Prove yourself

I'm giving you the chance of proving yourself as ultimate sextoy. But you must prove yourself! For boys and girls
12/17/2012 • 29406 views • Report
The purrfect kitten - Thumbnail

The purrfect kitten

Come and worship your cat-goddess. Only for kittens. Bring milk.
01/06/2013 • 14551 views • Report