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Teases for "male-top".

Soggy Biscuit - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSoggy Biscuit

Gay/Forced Gay tease. A race to see who can spurt the quickest!
08/24/2009 • 23580 views • Report
The Gay and the Bowl - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Gay and the Bowl

This is a very kinky tease, ONLY for gay guys or bi-curious men. This tease is mainly stroking and edging, ice and piss play! At the end, you may choose yourself if you like to cum or not.
Are you Ready to Submit? - Thumbnail

Are you Ready to Submit?

Master looking for gay, bi, and straight men interested in submitting to a male dominant. Follow the instructions to submit your application and get a reward after you send it.
Furry Slave Training - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFurry Slave Training

You try to become a slave at a furry dungeon. This is tease that is different depending on some choices and what items you have. It's my first tease. (This is a bi tease, You need a dildo for this.)
10/11/2013 • 66553 views • Report
Worshipping Real Men Conditioning - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Worshipping Real Men Conditioning

Learn to worship real men and become who you really are