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Teases for "handcuffs".

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie... - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!If You Give A Mouse A Cookie...

Six months of chastity in review, and your mistress makes you a promise.
Tease for my slaves in hypnotic chastity - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTease for my slaves in hypnotic chastity

For my slaves who dare to listen to my Chastity file on
09/18/2010 • 54804 views • Report
red light city - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Red light city

NOW PROOFREADED! Big shemales tease with different endings.
skill improvement - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSkill improvement

A fully descriptive BDSM session with punishments for a sub that misbehaves. can get a little time consuming if she acts up too much but overall its pretty fun.
08/22/2012 • 10110 views • Report
Milovana research - Thumbnail

Milovana research

Just a quick research. Help to make some good quality teases! We are creating them for you, your opinion matters.
04/09/2013 • 31292 views • Report
Quick Tease for Mistress's Slut - Thumbnail

Flash teaseQuick Tease for Mistress's Slut

My first tease. Involves domination, stroking, anal, and some light cbt and bondage. Best with an inflatable/vibrating buttplug Enjoy!
12/14/2013 • 42268 views • Report