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Teases for "gagging".

Girlfriend Takes Control - Thumbnail

Flash teaseGirlfriend Takes Control

(slight change due to an error therefore scene finished 1/2 through) girlfriend blackmails you into submission, possible chastity/urethral penetration according to how you perform.
09/25/2008 • 62340 views • Report
Princess Phoenixxx makes you her loser bitch ! - Thumbnail

Princess Phoenixxx makes you her loser bitch !

Princess Phoenixxx tuns her ex boyfriend into her loser bitch slave i chastity, and makes him do chores and worship her ass.
01/19/2009 • 31318 views • Report
Follow Orders (#4) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFollow Orders (#4)

This time your orders from your mistress will not only be stroking but also APT (Ass Play and Torture).
08/12/2009 • 38291 views • Report
Taken - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTaken

Story based tease, explore your fantasy... *bug repaired*
01/23/2010 • 59481 views • Report
Mistreated - For Girls - Thumbnail

Mistreated - For Girls

Punishment for orgasms without permission!
05/10/2010 • 25059 views • Report
Becoming a Cocksucker part 3

Becoming a Cocksucker part 3 "The Mantra"

Part 3 in a series of Cock Worship Training teases. For guys and girls. Realistic dildo required. This part develops your cocksucking Mantra. WARNING: Cock pics, hypnosis, and rough instruction.
10/23/2010 • 58180 views • Report
Cock Sucking Crashcourse - Thumbnail

Cock Sucking Crashcourse

A guide for guys (and girls) to become a succesful cocksucker.
03/05/2011 • 60301 views • Report
Sissycourse 2011 1st class homework part1 sissy cuckold - Thumbnail

audio teaseSissycourse 2011 1st class homework part1 sissy cuckold

Sissy need a dildo (black) and one cumcube. Take the syringe and put the melted cum on it, then put the syringe up your ass so the cum stay warm when you have to eat it. (Creampie)