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Wife's Revenge - Thumbnail
09/14/2006 • 40193 views • Report
Poor little cabana boy... - Thumbnail
10/29/2006 • 20865 views • Report
Leak now! - Thumbnail

Leak now!

05/13/2007 • 39551 views • Report
ashley's punishment   - Thumbnail
02/25/2008 • 48509 views • Report
Girlfriend Takes Control - Thumbnail

Flash teaseGirlfriend Takes Control

(slight change due to an error therefore scene finished 1/2 through) girlfriend blackmails you into submission, possible chastity/urethral penetration according to how you perform.
09/25/2008 • 63584 views • Report
Cat and Mouse - Thumbnail
09/15/2008 • 45709 views • Report
Wish it was you? - Thumbnail
Argie Slave3.1

Wish it was you?

Mistress G punishes you for not completing an assignment in a satisfactory manner
02/14/2009 • 16417 views • Report
Hentai self-bondage - Thumbnail
black moon3.9

Hentai self-bondage

Long tease including a lot of wanking and - like the title says - hentai pictures and self-bondage.
04/20/2009 • 97085 views • Report
Follow Orders (#1) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFollow Orders (#1)

You will follow your mistresses orders.
08/11/2009 • 67053 views • Report
Follow Orders (#2) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFollow Orders (#2)

You will follow your mistresses orders or this time there will be consequences.
08/11/2009 • 36866 views • Report
Follow Orders (#3) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFollow Orders (#3)

You will follow your mistresses orders or this time there will be consequences. This time there are even more punishments for disobedient slaves.
08/11/2009 • 40244 views • Report
Follow Orders (#4) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFollow Orders (#4)

This time your orders from your mistress will not only be stroking but also APT (Ass Play and Torture).
08/12/2009 • 38836 views • Report
Follow Orders (#5) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFollow Orders (#5)

Your final set of orders from your mistress. Be warned this is the most demanding, painful, messy set of orders yet.
08/13/2009 • 46303 views • Report
You step in at the right time ;-) - Thumbnail

You step in at the right time ;-)

You step throught a open door and that's what happend after ...
09/21/2009 • 16742 views • Report
manželka u zkoušky wife at university - Thumbnail

Manželka u zkoušky wife at university

Wife at university, in czech language, cuckold, humiliation
09/26/2009 • 6925 views • Report
Try cum - Version 4 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTry cum - Version 4

Some very sexy, very evil ladies have a special treat for you - cum for them, if you can...
12/02/2009 • 127843 views • Report
Welcome to the Obedience Training Academy For Women: Lesson 1 - Thumbnail

Welcome to the Obedience Training Academy For Women: Lesson 1

If you are a submissive female, or wish to become one, the Academy will make you toe the line and put you through your paces with a firm hand.
12/02/2009 • 20659 views • Report
The Observation Game - Part 1 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Observation Game - Part 1

Those sexy, evil women are back - better keep your wits about you, you'll need them...
12/14/2009 • 55924 views • Report
Taken - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTaken

Story based tease, explore your fantasy... *bug repaired*
01/23/2010 • 60668 views • Report
just a toy - Thumbnail

Just a toy

Girl and Mother Humiliation
01/01/2010 • 27416 views • Report
Luck - Thumbnail

Flash teaseLuck

Much longer than my first flash tease :) and its luck based! (kinda)
02/07/2010 • 82672 views • Report
Session 02 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSession 02

Deutsch/English (Humiliation/Feet/Bondage/Cum)
03/18/2010 • 26134 views • Report
Tease for my slaves in hypnotic chastity - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTease for my slaves in hypnotic chastity

For my slaves who dare to listen to my Chastity file on
09/18/2010 • 55567 views • Report
Tease for the foot fetishists - Thumbnail

Tease for the foot fetishists

A self bondage tease for those people who have a foot fetish. Includes self bondage, self foot licking, edging and ball torture.
04/20/2010 • 17628 views • Report
Mistreated - For Girls - Thumbnail

Mistreated - For Girls

Punishment for orgasms without permission!
05/10/2010 • 25430 views • Report
chastity games - Thumbnail

Flash teaseChastity games

Completely random tease! Work in progress - More paths are already in the making. Tease will be updated! Multiple paths, which have their own multiple endings too. Its a long tease which could keep you occupied for hours, maybe even days! Tease is over 1500 different pages, so there might be some bugs. Please report these in the forums. I would also love to get some feedback on my work! I hope you wont get too frustrated *giggle*
09/10/2010 • 163929 views • Report
Deep submission with Mistress Maeva - Thumbnail

Deep submission with Mistress Maeva

After meeting on internet, Mistress Maeva meets you in real life ! Ready for deep humiliation ?
06/06/2010 • 229283 views • Report
Minty Anal Cumslut - Thumbnail

Minty Anal Cumslut

My first tease. Doesn't have that many pages, but it is fairly long. I love toothpaste in my ass,so this tease ends with a good toothpaste fucking. If you love it too,or are curious about it try this
06/13/2010 • 45344 views • Report
Follow Commands (#1) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Follow Commands (#1)

Updated with more time to prepare for the commands.
03/21/2011 • 39074 views • Report
disgusting Emily - Thumbnail

Disgusting Emily

A tease full of poop play! It is hard and long and very extreme! Written for people who likes extreme games! Girls version following soon!
11/03/2010 • 64203 views • Report
All2true's Denial Challenge - Thumbnail

Flash teaseAll2true's Denial Challenge

New possibilyties added, Still 7 Paths but possible added dificulty. You will need 2 Bullet vibes, ball gag, Stroking sleeve, and tootpaste
11/04/2010 • 26709 views • Report
Snakes and Ladders - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Snakes and Ladders

A naughty version of the classic game. A challenge to complete on every square. Do you have what it takes to win? Contains several videos and aspects of just about everything.
11/18/2010 • 83058 views • Report
Taken II - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTaken II

hard, multiple ruined orgasms, pain
01/15/2011 • 40270 views • Report
First Impressions - Thumbnail

First Impressions

You and Goddess meet for the first time. Now she's taken an interest in you! Pain, cocksucking, private humiliation, worshipping, and possible exhibitionism is in store for you!
01/22/2011 • 26424 views • Report
forced to eat - Thumbnail

Forced to eat

Your first day at a new job isn't what you expect. [need bowl of shit and something to tie yourself up with (hard to escape).]
02/02/2011 • 36268 views • Report
Surrender into chastity 5 - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 3.8

Flash teaseSurrender into chastity 5

finally part5, Last tease of the series!, Chance to cum at the end, Hope no bugs ;), have fun...
04/12/2011 • 51743 views • Report


Not a Tease but a Contest for sissy Slut. All Dominant Mind are invited to Join for Proposal. All real sissy Slut Must Participate.
04/08/2011 • 6138 views • Report
Apply for the House of dream - Thumbnail

Apply for the House of dream

Bondage, footfetish, and others.... If you are a bondagette you have to follow this tease.
05/03/2011 • 20736 views • Report
deepthroat for freedom - Thumbnail

Deepthroat for freedom

Deepthroat for freedom. Outdoor tease, requires some DIY and enough time.
05/18/2011 • 44785 views • Report
Your choice! - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 4.4

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Your choice!

5 different girls are awaiting you slavetoy!
09/17/2013 • 428598 views • Report
Anal play - Thumbnail
06/24/2016 • 34465 views • Report
Blondeshell Gisele - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 4.4

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Blondeshell Gisele

chance of cumming/ruined/denial, different choices, plz post in forum when you find any bugs
08/14/2011 • 133475 views • Report
Conquences - Thumbnail

Flash teaseConquences

Multiple paths, traps and a secreat items, a true adventure!
10/09/2011 • 38185 views • Report
bianca big titts 2 - Thumbnail
10/11/2011 • 10163 views • Report
play with kate - Thumbnail

Play with kate

this tease is for girls and boys, its a long tease. (dog leash) (whip) (gag) (tape) (2-pegs) (string) (girly top) (dirty panties) (pilow) (dildo) (bling fold) (handcuffs)
11/06/2011 • 13207 views • Report
Another session with Princess Lisa - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Another session with Princess Lisa

You come back for another session with your Princess Lisa. She will make it even harder for you this time and as her slave you are going to follow all her orders. In the end she might reward you ...
12/12/2011 • 37929 views • Report
Alison's new Toy - Thumbnail

Flash teaseAlison's new Toy

(FULLSCREEN NEEDED) Alison wants you as her new toy, so she intercepts you on the street... (You will not need all the toys mentioned, some of them are optional.)
01/29/2012 • 33121 views • Report
Studying your new slave - Thumbnail

Studying your new slave

a guide for an inexperienced but curious mistress. It is very light compared to other teases
02/13/2012 • 17987 views • Report
save the superheroines 1 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSave the superheroines 1

could be the start of a series if this is popular. for the first part you must save Miss Power and the other superheroines from being under the Mistress' control. if there are any bugs let me know and ill try to sort them.
04/09/2012 • 15396 views • Report
The cost of Freedom - Thumbnail

The cost of Freedom

Begin in chastity with the chance to cum at the end. Temperture play and slight pain
04/20/2012 • 23632 views • Report
You get what you want or maybe not. - Thumbnail

Flash teaseYou get what you want or maybe not.

Intense long tease recomend a couple hours to do. Also recomend having a hitachi wand or other similar vibrator. Please feel free to give feedback as to make this tease better.
05/08/2012 • 29610 views • Report
Boy was I fooled - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Boy was I fooled

My first tease. Its a bit long and pretty tough. Not for the faint of heart. Has Spanking, CBT, Nipple Play, cock sucking anal and wax play. Have a chance to cum at the end.
08/07/2012 • 52488 views • Report
skill improvement - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSkill improvement

A fully descriptive BDSM session with punishments for a sub that misbehaves. can get a little time consuming if she acts up too much but overall its pretty fun.
08/22/2012 • 10112 views • Report
Marvels Comic Mansion - Thumbnail

Marvels Comic Mansion

Join 6 of Marvel's hottest heroines in an adventure you'll never forget. Either just enjoy yourself or follow the story, if you survive the femme fatales, your reward will be Earth shattering!
03/31/2013 • 35891 views • Report
Apocalypse part 2 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Apocalypse part 2

To be opened with Apocalypse part 2.3. More info in the link.
02/08/2013 • 64579 views • Report
A Clockwork Slave - Thumbnail

A Clockwork Slave

Mistress projects her frustration on you, leaving you used and violated.
11/24/2012 • 84503 views • Report
Mommy's Little Baby - Thumbnail

Mommy's Little Baby

Mommy loves her little baby. All she does is want to take care of her and make sure she is good. She never wants to punish her little girl. But sometimes they just dont listen and need a punishment!
12/21/2012 • 25261 views • Report
Meet Goddess Lisa Ann - Thumbnail

Flash teaseMeet Goddess Lisa Ann

Start of a series. Meet your new Goddess. My first Flash Tease... bugs, improvement and everything else is welcome in the forum. Enjoy !
12/26/2012 • 17085 views • Report
Matsumoto's experiment - Thumbnail

Matsumoto's experiment

Finally got to do my second tease. I hope you enjoy it. ;)
12/30/2012 • 19751 views • Report
Having fun with a couple - Thumbnail

Having fun with a couple

Having fun with a couple. Appropriate for sissies, cuckolds and those that are curious about tasting cum. Experienced cum eaters might also enjoy it.
01/07/2013 • 20385 views • Report
Far Cry - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFar Cry

Another experiment. Long and hard story-heavy tease this time. Happy New Year!
01/01/2013 • 19547 views • Report
Amnesia - Thumbnail


You wake up and remember nothing. Could the cute but sadistic girl calling you 'sweetie' hold any answers? Largely pain-based tease.
01/01/2013 • 19649 views • Report
Der Punkt ohne Wiederkehr Teil 1 - Thumbnail

Der Punkt ohne Wiederkehr Teil 1

Lass dich vom Teufel ficken.
01/16/2013 • 18166 views • Report
apocalypse part 2.3 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseApocalypse part 2.3

To be opened with Apocalypse part 2. More info in the link.
02/08/2013 • 70179 views • Report
Der Punkt ohne Wiederkehr Teil 2 - Thumbnail

Der Punkt ohne Wiederkehr Teil 2

Wie fühlt es sich an vom Teufel gefickt zu werden?
01/18/2013 • 24823 views • Report
Cant Please Everyone - Thumbnail

Flash teaseCant Please Everyone

Slave to a whole sorority, with all of them holding keys to your cock. Continued from "House Meeting"
03/01/2013 • 23837 views • Report
Watch and Squirm (Gay Tease) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseWatch and Squirm (Gay Tease)

You've been invited to a play session where your job is to look but not touch. Follow instructions as Master Caleb and his boy take you deeper into your role as their slave.
03/22/2013 • 18755 views • Report