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Teases for "forced-orgasms".

The Librarian - Thumbnail
05/17/2007 • 49605 views • Report
JENNY et CORA - CB3000 - Thumbnail
06/11/2007 • 23368 views • Report
A promise is a promise - Thumbnail
08/25/2007 • 76521 views • Report
Conversion - Pt.2 - Thumbnail
11/08/2007 • 41591 views • Report
German Tease - Thumbnail
02/01/2008 • 27023 views • Report
Für Sklave Paul - Thumbnail
02/01/2008 • 16979 views • Report
Für Sklave Thomas - Thumbnail
02/02/2008 • 12183 views • Report
Sissy Julia - Thumbnail
02/03/2008 • 25067 views • Report
Punishment Fits? - Thumbnail

Punishment Fits?

You get to watch your mistress at work. Will you be next? Two women!
02/20/2008 • 24720 views • Report
Get her hot. - Thumbnail

Flash teaseGet her hot.

The hotter you get. The hotter she gets. Until you can't take it anymore.
02/22/2008 • 32672 views • Report
M.A.F.A.T. 5, medical examination - Thumbnail

Flash teaseM.A.F.A.T. 5, medical examination

Several women at the medical department work you over. Only visit if you are really horny!
03/05/2008 • 66040 views • Report
in her sights - Thumbnail
03/04/2008 • 15870 views • Report
Magic Hands - Thumbnail

Magic Hands

How many teased and forced orgasms can you take? This one is for the "younger guys" or men with more than just stamina. Your woman takes your cock for multiple, forced orgasm rides. Watch her hands!
03/15/2008 • 39744 views • Report
Your Girlfriend's Shemale Quiz Revenge - Thumbnail

Your Girlfriend's Shemale Quiz Revenge

Your girlfriend reaps the punishment, all thanks to your incompetent guessing. Is it time to stop bragging about your ability to identify shemales? Two women get it on.
03/16/2008 • 34692 views • Report
Eighth Shemale or Not Quiz - Thumbnail

Eighth Shemale or Not Quiz

You get to guess again. Can you identify whether or not you're viewing a shemale or a genetic girl?
Komm Thomas, komm - Thumbnail
04/27/2008 • 16525 views • Report
Redhead Mistress's - Thumbnail

Flash teaseRedhead Mistress's

A tribute to all redhead Women.
04/28/2008 • 29661 views • Report
The Card Game - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Card Game

FIXED. Hopefully :-) Let me know
07/13/2008 • 57596 views • Report
My power over boys!!! - Thumbnail
07/03/2008 • 16491 views • Report
Construction Instruction - Thumbnail

Flash teaseConstruction Instruction

Learn how to construct a NDW Cum Catcher, then follow the tease. "There is SOUND for portions of this tease"
08/14/2008 • 25592 views • Report
You Never Know - Thumbnail

Flash teaseYou Never Know

You never know who you are hooking up with, they could be normal, they could be dangerous.
NDW - Choose Your Torture Mistress Game - Thumbnail

Flash teaseNDW - Choose Your Torture Mistress Game

You are a slave contestant in the Nation Dominant Women's "Choose Your Torture Mistress Game Show". Good Luck!
No Twitching - Thumbnail

No Twitching

How much control do you have? Can you enjoy these teasers without betraying yourself with any visible display of pleasure?
12/13/2008 • 45933 views • Report
Georgia Confirms You Can't Be Hypnotized - Thumbnail

Georgia Confirms You Can't Be Hypnotized

This is number 5 in the hypnotic Georgia tease series. To find them all and then do them in order, simply do a tease search for "Georgia".
T-Girl Jasmine: Make good use of her! - Thumbnail

T-Girl Jasmine: Make good use of her!

For Ladies and Gentlemen equally. After some cartoons very unique photgraphs will follow. Lot's of stroking and cuming. Except submissives are denied to cum and have to ask for permission by email.