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Teases for "for-guys".

Cock and Tease - Thumbnail

Cock and Tease

A simple stroking tease that requires a vibrating cock ring. No pain.
Sissy Training - Month 9 - Sissy Summer - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Sissy Training - Month 9 - Sissy Summer

Part 9 in a monthly series that will force you into a cum slurping, ass-tasting, ass fucked slut. This month, we get you little sissies ready for the sun!
05/01/2014 • 48081 views • Report
Surrender - Thumbnail

audio teaseSurrender

This file is the base of other files you will listen to in future. Some suggestions will increase the urge to listen to my files again and again.
10/10/2013 • 18791 views • Report
Weak Spot - Thumbnail

audio teaseWeak Spot

You should wear Stereo headphones to enjoy all benefits of this erotic hypnosis. Check out all of her erotic hypnosis files at:
10/31/2013 • 17920 views • Report
A Christmas Cumslut  - Thumbnail

A Christmas Cumslut

A Christmas story based tease, follow the actions of the main character, You need: 6 Ice Cubes, a ruler, something for very light bondage and and permanent marker plus a few household items,
12/21/2013 • 24332 views • Report
Easy Game - Thumbnail

Easy Game

An easy way to cum for guys. FIRST TEASE - Please give feedback in the forum.
01/02/2014 • 10586 views • Report
Need Slaves - Thumbnail

Need Slaves

Looking for some slaves that want a mistress
Sweet hot cum - Thumbnail
02/15/2014 • 48672 views • Report
Test of slavery - Thumbnail

Test of slavery

Need some time!!!
03/11/2014 • 40125 views • Report
What will it be? BBC or Sweet Feet? - Thumbnail

What will it be? BBC or Sweet Feet?

Do you want to earn your release? At all cost? Well I might allow it, ofcourse I'm gonna make it painful. And if you get to cum, you'll get either an image of BBC or beautiful Female feet. Feeling lucky?
04/20/2014 • 26600 views • Report
I Wanna See You Sweat! - Thumbnail

I Wanna See You Sweat!

Remy will give you two choices, possible piss play!
05/13/2014 • 25546 views • Report
Mutual Tease for (curious) Men - Thumbnail

Mutual Tease for (curious) Men

A real-life game for two (or more) men. Bi-curious is suggested, but men of all sexualities should enjoy! Have Fun!
06/17/2014 • 17781 views • Report
Fleshcaster: Prologue - Thumbnail

Fleshcaster: Prologue

Dreams may be more real that you think.
07/18/2014 • 17415 views • Report
Infected Computer Punishment! - Thumbnail

Infected Computer Punishment!

Your Stroking got you into this... dealing with younger stepmother..
08/03/2014 • 26944 views • Report
Deep Trance now - Thumbnail

audio teaseDeep Trance now

Deep Trance Now is a nice erotic hypnosis by Mistress Poison Ivy
08/29/2014 • 20947 views • Report
My real Mistressxx15 Skyp - Thumbnail

My real Mistressxx15 Skyp

Real example of what this Mistress does.
06/05/2016 • 5826 views • Report
joys of reading - Thumbnail

Joys of reading

requires a vibrator..
12/11/2014 • 20220 views • Report
Advent calendar day 8 - Thumbnail

Advent calendar day 8

We are a week in !!! That flew by
12/07/2014 • 9520 views • Report
Gay kinky tease <3 - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 3.8

Gay kinky tease <3

Gay tease with Dakota white as model
12/06/2014 • 13727 views • Report
Music Video Edging Instructions - Thumbnail

Music Video Edging Instructions

Point based stroking and edging to music videos. Varying difficulty. Optional light pain. Videos from Iggy Azalea, Kelis, Aaliyah, Mason vs Princess Superstar, Lana del Ray and more.
01/20/2015 • 35326 views • Report
First Date Chapters 10-11 - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!First Date Chapters 10-11

you get a teasing punishment from nikki, and watch football with her and her friends
A Visit to Your Ex - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 3.8

A Visit to Your Ex

Your ex left you without warning, and ever since you've wondered why. One day, you decide to go see her, but things don't go as you expect.
Ariel's Game of Feet - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!Ariel's Game of Feet

Your girlfriend thinks it's strange that you focus so much on women's feet and wants you to try and avoid doing so. Stroking and edging to beautiful women is her attempt at therapy. Will it work?
05/27/2015 • 50918 views • Report
Championship Training - Thumbnail

Championship Training

CBT by mma champion
07/15/2015 • 14295 views • Report
Mystery Mistress 2 - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Mystery Mistress 2

Back at the office after your Mystery Mistress session in the club. Your fantasies and tensions both run wild, and Mistress Fire gives you a task.
08/15/2015 • 27361 views • Report
BDSM Planet - Switch Special - Thumbnail

BDSM Planet - Switch Special

Switch special...
09/12/2015 • 12608 views • Report
Futa Snakes and Ladders 2 - Thumbnail

Futa Snakes and Ladders 2

After a few people making similar teases supposedly inspired by my first snakes an ladders, i couldn't not make another mean long tease. Good luck.
12/05/2015 • 21767 views • Report
Hentai Slave Denail - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Hentai Slave Denail

A hentai denail tease, lasting over 5 days, with a chance to cum every day (10%). Denail, anal, candle, slave, self bondage. My first tease so leave some feedback and ratings.
01/03/2016 • 43155 views • Report
You will be denied. - Thumbnail
slave namiboo3.7

You will be denied.

Cuckold, denial, permanent if you wish
02/05/2016 • 25308 views • Report
Adult-Discount-Outlet - Thumbnail


Chance to cum at the porn shop with a sexy strange girl .
03/07/2016 • 22971 views • Report
Chastized Until He Became a Sissy WSW Part 1 - Thumbnail

Chastized Until He Became a Sissy WSW Part 1

Sissy teases, first part in a multiple tease series. Based on a true story.
DER SISSY-WETTKAMPF | Runde #3 - Thumbnail
Herrin Anja4.1


Willkommen zur verspäteten Runde #3 mein Lieben :*
05/07/2016 • 8494 views • Report
The Slave Training Institute - Task 4 - Thumbnail

The Slave Training Institute - Task 4

Fourth task of the online slave training. Read the first tease to signup. PUBLIC PIG PRESENTATION: If you are just a spectator you may watch and rate the pigs from task 2 here.
05/31/2016 • 14579 views • Report
Your New Doctor's Office - Thumbnail

Your New Doctor's Office

You go to the doctor's office for a routine checkup......
07/01/2016 • 35126 views • Report
Get feminized!  - Thumbnail

Get feminized!

A Tease for Sissies that want to be used.
11/17/2016 • 38463 views • Report
Resolutions - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Resolutions

Let's all be our best this year! Be safe, be happy, be denied.
01/01/2017 • 34900 views • Report
Adventures with Miss Viki: Intro - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Adventures with Miss Viki: Intro

Story based tease exploring your fascination with your professor. AI generated art, all depicted 18+
04/15/2023 • 19646 views • Report
Louise reçoit - Thumbnail

Louise reçoit

Un petit jeu pour toi, ma soumise Louise. Que ta joie de le parcourir soit à la hauteur de la mienne à te l'écrire.
04/08/2017 • 17060 views • Report
Be His Toy - Thumbnail

Be His Toy

Start your transformation into a beautiful fuckdoll
08/30/2017 • 46404 views • Report
lucky dice - Thumbnail

Lucky dice

Roll the dice and hope to be lucky:D (Need a dice or visit
07/20/2017 • 38481 views • Report
Roxy's Online Army - Thumbnail

Roxy's Online Army

Its a One page tease, if you want to feel some self bondage you can try it.
You will pay your mistress  - Thumbnail

You will pay your mistress

Mistress also likes being used. She wants you to get her some toys so you can have some fun.
12/24/2017 • 13981 views • Report
Lottery of Abstinence - Thumbnail

Lottery of Abstinence

Contains mostly hentai-feet pictures. Multiple difficulties, CBT option. Can lead to very long chastity periods. Might be unfair for the weakest. (Vote page 38)
04/29/2018 • 52387 views • Report
Ultimate Hentai Lottery of Denial - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!Ultimate Hentai Lottery of Denial

Well, what the title says. Lots of edging, stroking, customizeable content, over 100 pages to roll and over a dozen, wildly different endings...
09/18/2018 • 123805 views • Report
A good obedient dog - Thumbnail

A good obedient dog

Tu rejoins une fille de ta classe pour un exposé mais le sujet de l'exposé et loin d'être celui que tu imaginais. Humiliation / foot fetish / stroke /
08/05/2018 • 11697 views • Report
Little Game - Thumbnail

Little Game

A little game I imagined based on lots of edging, random and hentai censored.
10/01/2018 • 39761 views • Report
7 Days of Worshipping - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!7 Days of Worshipping

Are you ready for 7 days of lessons on how to worship Queen Gianna and her girls? (Inspired by Goddess Lisa's teases, shout out to goddesslisa2/askenable)
12/10/2018 • 32111 views • Report
Stepsister Natasha - back, and tougher! - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!Stepsister Natasha - back, and tougher!

Natasha is back and tougher than before. Lots of stroking, edging, mild ball, cock and nipple pain. Chance to ruin or cum.
Realm of Seduction - The War - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Realm of Seduction - The War

You woke up in a realm where two races of sex-demons are at war, with the power to influence the outcome. Multiple Endings, Metronome, Stroking, Edging, Full or Ruined Orgasm (based on your choices)
02/01/2019 • 90973 views • Report
Liya's new beta bf - Thumbnail

Eos teaseLiya's new beta bf

Liya is looking for a new beta boyfriend. (my first ever, very simple, story based tease made for a friend.)
Rachel Riley's gadget show - Thumbnail

Eos teaseRachel Riley's gadget show

A story based, UK celebrity tease featuring metronome.
The Finale: Shattered Realities - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Winner!The Finale: Shattered Realities

The tease to end all teases. The Shattered Realities are splintered apart, a breath away from complete dominance by the Goddess. With over 30 endings to find, travel through the worlds - win or lose.
06/01/2021 • 202523 views • Report
Порка раба - Thumbnail

Порка раба

Whipping a slave.Brutal spanking.
05/25/2019 • 8702 views • Report
Werde süchtig - Thumbnail

Werde süchtig

Verfalle deiner Lust
04/07/2019 • 15374 views • Report
The Estim Experiment - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!The Estim Experiment

Mysterious government funded project with estim teasing and torture - (REPLACED BY NEW VERSION
07/21/2019 • 79615 views • Report
Hentai Tease (Eos Edition) - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Hentai Tease (Eos Edition)

This tease is a direct adaptation of Scsssc's "Hentai tease," made with their permission. Has stroking/edging/chance of ruin. Original's description: These lovely ladies invite you to jerk to them!
05/23/2019 • 28810 views • Report
You need to learn! - Thumbnail

Eos teaseYou need to learn!

Mistress Jenna helps you learn what it really means to be a sissy and serve men. Tease should last 35-45 minutes. *thanks to the easy to use EOS Editor*
06/07/2019 • 95763 views • Report
Family affairs - Thumbnail

Eos teaseFamily affairs

Stroking, edging, multiple paths, enjoy! Leave feedback if anything is not working.
03/14/2021 • 54378 views • Report
CBT challenge with tools - Thumbnail

CBT challenge with tools

A short CBT Tease with some tools lets see if you have the balls to do this ;)
07/24/2019 • 10019 views • Report
Freshxdollts Cum Recipe - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Freshxdollts Cum Recipe

"Want to try my shemale semen?" (This tease is designed for everyone from females to sissies to curious fuckboys.)
09/27/2019 • 50983 views • Report
Hentai Breathplay  Game - Thumbnail

Eos teaseHentai Breathplay Game

My second tease its made in eos so its a bit better than the last (again if you can send videos of you doing them i need them for "quality control")
11/13/2019 • 24298 views • Report
Estim Journeys - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Estim Journeys

Estim Journeys: An estim audio-based tease with a variety of ways to play and enjoy. You need to guess when you've endured enough to be allowed to cum. This is designed for analog-based estim devices.
08/09/2020 • 82451 views • Report
Teen Vacation Island - Thumbnail

Teen Vacation Island

Part #2 of the Vacation Island series... This time... With teens! Do as your told!
Ein Tag am Strand - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Ein Tag am Strand

My second Tease, its a translate from my tease i most like.
01/19/2020 • 8073 views • Report
Hentai Mix Snakes and Ladders: Gate - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Winner!Hentai Mix Snakes and Ladders: Gate

Hentai Snakes & Ladders Tease, inspired by Morexis' Anthro-Ponies S&L! Contains optional Futanari, Traps, Ponies and several other instructions with a new twist on the classic S&L game. (Update #1)
02/28/2020 • 178120 views • Report
A writers Adventure Chapter 2 Part A - Thumbnail

Eos teaseA writers Adventure Chapter 2 Part A

First day at home things get interesting again. You find out what Jackie's up to and her story.
02/29/2020 • 17640 views • Report
Cruel Intentions Episode 4 - Drained by Dana - Thumbnail

Eos teaseCruel Intentions Episode 4 - Drained by Dana

You agree to be Miss Dana's personal slave for a whole weekend. But things could change... A lot of stroking, edging, ruined orgasms and a real chance to cum. Good luck!
03/18/2021 • 39980 views • Report
Azur Lane Anal Destruction - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Azur Lane Anal Destruction

The lovely ladies of Azur Lane want to push your ass to its limits! [Hentai tease]
04/18/2020 • 59327 views • Report
FapJack with Melody - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Winner!FapJack with Melody

Stroke and Edge while playing a simple game of blackjack with Melody
05/07/2020 • 114450 views • Report
A Day With Mercy - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!A Day With Mercy

The rebels are in your city! After being knocked out on a mission with Mercy from Overwatch, you are brought to her hospital where she takes good care of you. But this isn't a regular doctor's visit..
08/14/2020 • 82035 views • Report
Two Hole Slut - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Two Hole Slut

Be prepared to be used from both ends. You will choke on cock and get thoroughly fucked all while being teased and humiliated.
07/04/2020 • 64760 views • Report
How's it going to be? - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!How's it going to be?

This could be the day your fantasies become reality. But perhaps it isn't so much about you after all. Sensual tease, lots of edging, about 1 hour. only lube needed. multiple endings
08/11/2020 • 53793 views • Report
Estim Milgram experiment V2 - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Estim Milgram experiment V2

You will participate in a study to know your obedience to the order given by the Mistress. It is based on the Milgram experiment. contains ESTIM, BDSM, BONDAGE
01/28/2021 • 39012 views • Report
Stroke, Savor, and Swallow! - Thumbnail

Eos teaseStroke, Savor, and Swallow!

Several Mistresses guide you through various stages of Stroking, Edging, and a final Self Facial Cumshot. You'll then be guided as you Savor and eventually Swallow your delicious Cum! Metronome & CEI
Continuous 2 - Thumbnail
12/28/2020 • 7074 views • Report
Highly official test tease. - Thumbnail
12/10/2006 • 12 views • Report
Mika's Cuck - Thumbnail

Mika's Cuck

Mika allows you to watch her getting ready for her date.
01/01/2021 • 20625 views • Report
Some Hard Stroking - Thumbnail
12/21/2006 • 40456 views • Report