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Apocalypse - Thumbnail

Flash teaseApocalypse

Story based tease. Lots of pain, humiliation, tease and denial. Also with quizz's. Multiple routes and outcomes. May be a little dark for some tastes. more info in link
02/08/2013 • 114706 views • Report
Perils of Online Dating- Friday - Thumbnail

Perils of Online Dating- Friday

Bianca gets her turn.
10/05/2012 • 25256 views • Report
Live - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Live

(Long since my last tease :) ) : An online show with a model doesn't go as you wanted...
Impotent or not? - Thumbnail

Flash teaseImpotent or not?

After an accident you have to prove you are impotent to get an indemnity
11/19/2012 • 13200 views • Report
The Other Side - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Other Side

Your neighbor from the apartment across the hall teaches you a painful lesson in obedience.
12/03/2012 • 37613 views • Report
A Lifelong Adventure with Aiden CH2 - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!A Lifelong Adventure with Aiden CH2

After a lengthy recovery, you wake up at Aiden's house. Find out what she has planned for you... (From this point on, this series will always contain TS material)
12/12/2012 • 46816 views • Report
A bare life part 3 - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!A bare life part 3

Your loving mistress tells a story of her past.