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Teases for "feet".

Self Foot Worship - Thumbnail
analogkid • 04/03/2012 • 2.7

Self Foot Worship

Self foot, shoe and sock fetish with some gay/bi tendencies and possible cum eating. More encouraging than humiliating. Emphasis on sweaty feet and shoes. Learn to love your own feet!
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Hentai Time - Thumbnail
Frank6997 • 12/20/2015 • 3.8

Flash teaseHentai Time

Long Hentai tease. Lube is recommended.
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Midna Hentai Lottery Game - Thumbnail
LtKadeBuster • 04/29/2018 • 4.3

TOTM - Nominee!Midna Hentai Lottery Game

A Hentai lottery game inspired by SpiritualMigrant and Gpriv220 featuring Midna from Twilight Princess. My very first tease. Please let me know of any mistakes or bugs.
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PIPA MIDDLETON part 1 (the wedding) - Thumbnail
[email protected] • 06/12/2012 • 2.1

PIPA MIDDLETON part 1 (the wedding)

a royal tease.
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Evil Stepmother - Thumbnail
painispleasure • 02/21/2016 • 4.4

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Evil Stepmother

Your stepmother can't stand you, catches you watching porn and decides to teach you your place. Based on a suggestion by forum member Lestat, co-creation credit to him
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A potential buyer - Thumbnail
warrior_kaj • 08/17/2009 • 3.6

A potential buyer

Your time in the kennels maybe coming to an end...if you can impress a demanding customer!
Kristen Bell Feet - Thumbnail
its me • 06/23/2012 • 3.0

Kristen Bell Feet

For people with foot fetishes.Contains humiliation and CBT
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Focus on Feet - HARD - Thumbnail
dragoul • 12/22/2016 • 3.8

Flash teaseFocus on Feet - HARD

You don't deserve to look at nude girls, you only deserve to look at their feet. (This is the version, with HARD to find numbers. Since the code is the same, you might want to try this one first)
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Classic Diva Manor - Thumbnail
Bondageman • 11/05/2009 • 3.7

Classic Diva Manor

In this adventure, you are a slave to a host of classic wrestling divas. You must worship them and obey their every command or you WILL be punished.
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Guess her muff. - Thumbnail
sklavealex • 01/13/2013 • 4.0

Flash teaseGuess her muff.

Can you guess how a babe keeps her muff based on how she dresses? Guess Her Muff and see if you are right. If you guess right you can stroke your cock to the bonus pictures. Multiple endings.
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Focus on Feet - EASY - Thumbnail
dragoul • 12/22/2016 • 4.2

Flash teaseFocus on Feet - EASY

You don't deserve to look at nude girls, you only deserve to look at their feet. (This is the version, with EASY to find numbers. Since the code is the same, you might want to try the hard one first)
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Guess the feet - Thumbnail
sklavealex • 04/05/2019 • 4.7

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Guess the feet

Guessing game, focused on feet. Multiple endings. If you guess right you can stroke your cock to the bonus pictures.
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The House of Wrestling Divas (4) - Thumbnail
Bondageman • 01/08/2010 • 4.0

The House of Wrestling Divas (4)

The return. It's been a while since you last ventured into the house. In that time, the dominating divas have come up with some new kinky ways to make you fail. Good luck.
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Foot Pervert Punishment - Thumbnail
footstool • 09/11/2013 • 3.9

Foot Pervert Punishment

A short nine page tease for lovers of nice feet in stockings. You will need an item to complete the tease but I won't tell you what it is :P
Viewed 18380 times • Report
Focus on Feet - Thumbnail
dragoul • 02/19/2017 • 3.9

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Focus on Feet

You don't deserve to look at nude girls. You only deserve to look at their feet. Optional item: One clothespin. (You can chose from 3 difficulties with the same pictures, but different codes)
Viewed 21630 times • Report
scarlett johansson feet - Thumbnail
jordano • 06/04/2010 • 3.9

Flash teaseScarlett johansson feet

You will listen to her orders in a hotel room. She is going to tease you with her feet and there will be some ass fingering too.
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Twin's Surprise, Part 2 - Thumbnail
cactusman • 10/22/2013 • 4.5

TOTM - Nominee!Twin's Surprise, Part 2

Barbie, your wife's twin sister, finds that she enjoys dominating and controlling you. You can't help but go along with whatever she asks, and find yourself sinking deeper and deeper into submission.
Gaining experience - Thumbnail
Severin • 02/24/2017 • 4.1

TOTM - Nominee!Gaining experience

A young man builds up enough courage to visit someone special and ...
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Celeb Indian Mistress - Godess Namitha (1) - Thumbnail
propertyofnamitha • 12/22/2010 • 2.4

Celeb Indian Mistress - Godess Namitha (1)

Worship My divine indian beauty here bitch. Are u ready to submit to a REAL goddess??
Viewed 14640 times • Report
Sluts make you worship cock & crave the cum on their feet - Thumbnail
Jax • 02/05/2014 • 4.3

TOTM - Nominee!Sluts make you worship cock & crave the cum on their feet

Five sluts make you worship cock & lick cum off their feet. *Foot Fetish & Cum Eating* Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks & Hope you enjoy.
foot fetish tease - Thumbnail
mrfrog69 • 11/20/2017 • 3.3

Flash teaseFoot fetish tease

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Maria Pavlova, Part 14 - Thumbnail
cactusman • 02/04/2011 • 4.3

Maria Pavlova, Part 14

In this part of the story, Silvie has "you" work on "your" musical selections. But while she has you in her bedroom, she can't resist continuing to develop "your" fetish for her legs and feet!
Viewed 10507 times • Report
Paint My Toes - Thumbnail
marx34 • 03/13/2014 • 3.5

Paint My Toes

first tease, foot fetish, cum only if not in chastity otherwise just edge - have fun!
Viewed 9652 times • Report
Pathetic ass worship - Thumbnail
Janneteen • 01/05/2018 • 4.0

Pathetic ass worship

A tease for pathetic ass lovers who will do anything for them because of your "addiction"
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Topics: cuck anal sub feet ass
Maria Pavlova: A New Experience (Part 5) - Thumbnail
cactusman • 03/18/2011 • 4.4

Maria Pavlova: A New Experience (Part 5)

Maria turns you over to the dominant Carli for your first night of teasing in bed, and then Carli exercises you in the gym. After that Silvie gives you a bath and uses your cock for her own pleasure.
Viewed 12083 times • Report
Feet-Hentai Snakes and Ladders - Thumbnail
SpiritualMigrant • 01/01/2018 • 4.5

TOTM - Winner!Feet-Hentai Snakes and Ladders

A chill feet-hentai game. Come play with us !
Viewed 75132 times • Report
Topics: feet totm
Checking Out - Thumbnail
cactusman • 05/07/2011 • 4.2

Checking Out

You have been in this clinic for 3 years without sex. As you attempt to check out, you encounter a new and very sexy nurse. Can you control yourself for just a few more minutes?
3 girls tease you with their feet - Thumbnail
JDoe1236667 • 12/30/2014 • 4.1

Flash tease3 girls tease you with their feet

Choose between 3 hot girls that each tease you in different ways. Made for perople with a foot fetish but evin someone without once can still enjoy the tease. No pain/small ammount of humiliation depending on girl.
Viewed 23610 times • Report
Lisa the exchange student - Thumbnail
Globazol • 03/11/2018 • 4.2

TOTM - Winner!Lisa the exchange student

Lisa is an exchange student and stays the summer. It's warmer than in her home in Norway, so she's only lightly dressed. You are confused about her light dress and she will notice soon. My 1st tease
Viewed 21893 times • Report
worship j-lo - Thumbnail
[email protected] • 10/11/2011 • 2.1

Worship j-lo

if you love j-lo, you will love this tease.
Viewed 8311 times • Report
Cum for Legs/Butts, Socks or Strappy Heels (with countdown) - Thumbnail
JDoe1236667 • 12/30/2014 • 3.7

Flash teaseCum for Legs/Butts, Socks or Strappy Heels (with countdown)

No story, just 3 slideshows you can choose between and at any time you can start a cum countdown(so tease is as long as you want it to be)
Viewed 20412 times • Report
Feet-Hentai Lottery Game - Thumbnail
SpiritualMigrant • 03/22/2018 • 4.5

Feet-Hentai Lottery Game

Hi feet boys, come play with us ! (vote on page 36)
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Weiss Schnee’s New Servant - Thumbnail
LtKadeBuster • 04/13/2019 • 4.0

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Weiss Schnee’s New Servant

A rather short and linear tease featuring Weiss from RWBY. Should take around 10 minutes to complete. More of a short test tease than anything.
Viewed 10023 times • Report
Caught Sniffing Socks - Thumbnail
footstool • 10/29/2011 • 3.8

Caught Sniffing Socks

You get caught by your hot date with your head buried in her socks drawer... You will need a pair of socks and a shoelace.
Viewed 16348 times • Report
Short Feet/Ass Tease - Thumbnail
JDoe1236667 • 05/17/2015 • 3.6

Flash teaseShort Feet/Ass Tease

Short tease with lots of edging to a hot girls ass and feet!
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Hentai-Femdom-Feet Lottery game with Rin - Thumbnail
SpiritualMigrant • 04/19/2018 • 4.5

TOTM - Winner!Hentai-Femdom-Feet Lottery game with Rin

Come chill and give in with Rin Tohsaka from Fate series ! Spoilers : contains multiple endings. (vote page 38)
Viewed 25587 times • Report
(yes misstress cora) - Thumbnail
[email protected] • 11/03/2011 • 2.6

(yes misstress cora)

the italian misstress.
Viewed 8196 times • Report
Cute Teen Edging Tease - Thumbnail
JDoe1236667 • 03/30/2015 • 3.6

Cute Teen Edging Tease

A cute teen instructs you to stroke while she decides if you can cum. Lots of edges. Not a long tease. (Model is 18+)
Viewed 26837 times • Report
the prime minister  - Thumbnail
[email protected] • 11/10/2011 • 2.1

The prime minister

aussie tease.
Short and Sweet - Thumbnail
JoshSlaveBoy • 05/11/2015 • 3.4

Flash teaseShort and Sweet

As the title says :). This was another requested tease. If you have any suggestions/requests/idea's, email me at [email protected]
Viewed 12827 times • Report
holy feet - Thumbnail
quadripalz • 06/03/2015 • 3.8

Flash teaseHoly feet

tease for feet lovers
Viewed 8508 times • Report
kim kardashian part 1 - Thumbnail
[email protected] • 02/26/2012 • 2.7

Kim kardashian part 1

love her or hate her you will respect her. (very long tease)
Quite The Best Job - 1 - Thumbnail
mandree99 • 08/05/2015 • 3.7

Flash teaseQuite The Best Job - 1

Your first day at the Milking Company, where girls need your cum. You can not chicken out, but take care about your answers, you have multiple ways. Please report as many bugs as you can! (My first tease...)
Viewed 28808 times • Report
Lottery of Abstinence - Thumbnail
SpiritualMigrant • 04/29/2018 • 4.4

Lottery of Abstinence

Contains mostly hentai-feet pictures. Multiple difficulties, CBT option. Can lead to very long chastity periods. Might be unfair for the weakest. (Vote page 38)
Viewed 25704 times • Report