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Teases for "exercise".

Foot Fetish Femocracy! - Thumbnail

Eos teaseFoot Fetish Femocracy!

It looks like a Femdom JOI, but it's even more than a challenging foot domination tease and denial game!
02/21/2023 • 52663 views • Report
admin - Thumbnail

Eos teaseAdmin

01/31/2024 • 199 views • Report
LBH day 3 - Thumbnail
08/22/2007 • 18708 views • Report
The British Wanking Academy - Thumbnail

The British Wanking Academy

You are sent to wanking academy
Change your life (Manga Tease) - Thumbnail

Change your life (Manga Tease)

My first tease: trying to install some good habits is surly easier with sexy support
12/08/2009 • 252 views • Report
Becoming a BETA Male with Princess Lissa - Thumbnail

Becoming a BETA Male with Princess Lissa

Princess Lissa is going to transform you into a pathetic pin-dicked BETA MALE! with extremely humiliating tasks!
06/07/2011 • 34916 views • Report
Work that body - Thumbnail

Work that body

Work out with pleasure and pain. Needs vibrator/egg and clothes pins.
sabrina ze ballerina. - Thumbnail

Sabrina ze ballerina.

fun & tuff tease. (good for working out)
03/27/2012 • 11128 views • Report
Slave Training IV - Thumbnail

Slave Training IV

Part 4 of Domme Kate's training.
09/27/2012 • 24567 views • Report
German Tease: Die Therapie - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!German Tease: Die Therapie

Only in German: Du wirst von Deiner Partnerin beim wichsen erwischt. Sie hat die passende Therapie für Dich. Dein Leben wird sich dadurch kraeftig veraendern. (Mein erster Tease, Feedback bitte im Forum - Danke!)
03/08/2013 • 22752 views • Report
Cock Workout (How to: multiple orgasm) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseCock Workout (How to: multiple orgasm)

Waves of pleasure. Breathing. Body orgasm, Breath control. Tantra. Stronger orgasm. tease and denial. works equally for men and women.
07/20/2014 • 86884 views • Report
01. Wichser-Abrichtung - Thumbnail

01. Wichser-Abrichtung

Mein erster kleiner Versuch! Zuhause, Nackt, mit ein wenig Exhibitionismus! Nur für die die wirklich kleine Wichssäue sind!
The Ultimatum, Part 3 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!The Ultimatum, Part 3

Your first week in doctor-prescribed chastity brings with it both surprise and frustration. Includes some sound effects and an optional metronome.
05/22/2015 • 36964 views • Report
Time to edge for the rest of the year! - Thumbnail

Time to edge for the rest of the year!

Just offering you the chance to get a personalized piece of teasing delivered daily over a private tumblr, or over your email, to let you stay hard and dripping precum the rest of the year! Details within!
Spring Cleaning (maid to order sequal) - Thumbnail

Spring Cleaning (maid to order sequal)

for boys/girls.. requires vibrator, butt plug and a lot off chores
Free Skype session with professional webcam Mistress - Thumbnail

Free Skype session with professional webcam Mistress

anal, belt, bondage, buttplug, candle, cbt, chastity, chastity-belt, chores, clothespins, cock-ring, collar, condom, corset, cum-eating, diaper, dice, dildo, dress, enema, enema-kit
10/06/2016 • 19073 views • Report
[~ 5 minutes] - Simple instructions - No cum - Thumbnail

[~ 5 minutes] - Simple instructions - No cum

Simple edging instructions to prepare for more teases.
11/09/2017 • 11384 views • Report
Throat ABuse 2  - Thumbnail

Throat ABuse 2

02/20/2019 • 28412 views • Report
An afterlife of submission - Thumbnail

Eos teaseAn afterlife of submission

A story-only driven tease. Inspired by CYOAS. A try in creating a tease of this style.
02/07/2020 • 71378 views • Report
Demi Lovato Quiz - Thumbnail

Eos teaseDemi Lovato Quiz

You have to answer questions about demi lovato. You will be punished for wrong answers. (Bugfix 2)
01/12/2021 • 16909 views • Report
Infinity Dungeon - Thumbnail

Eos teaseInfinity Dungeon

Kama welcomes you to her kinky hentai dungeon. Enjoy your stay; it might last forever... Random tease with 15+ endings, 28 special pages, 5 intros and a lot of femdom (and femboy-dom).
03/01/2022 • 184282 views • Report
Anal Queen's Journey - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Anal Queen's Journey

[V1.22] You want to become a famous sex streamer and the new anal queen. Long term incremental game. Unlock tasks, sextoys, achievements, anal orgasms, edging, fisting...
09/12/2022 • 111346 views • Report
Waifu World: Tunnel of Love - Thumbnail

Eos teaseWaifu World: Tunnel of Love

After being rejected on Valentine's, your walk home takes you to a strange new theme park with an even stranger Tunnel of Love. 12 waifus hope to become your gf, so buckle up for one wild ride!
06/30/2023 • 77428 views • Report
Submissive Poser - Thumbnail

Eos teaseSubmissive Poser

This is fun task for submissives to practice their "slave" poses and spend some time in "corner time" My first EOS tease Hope you enjoy.
02/11/2024 • 15654 views • Report
Test - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTest

My little tease
12/11/2007 • 4124 views • Report
All Day Tease - Thumbnail
04/16/2008 • 33995 views • Report
The British Wanking academy 2 - Thumbnail

The British Wanking academy 2

Your second session at the British wanking academy
01/20/2009 • 31647 views • Report

Flash tease"May I Cum This Week?? Pleeeease...... I'll Do ANYTHING" #1 of ??

A series for women. Involves teasing, edging, denial, tasks, exhibitionism, toys, clothes, and even a few chances to cum along the way too...
Taken - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTaken

Story based tease, explore your fantasy... *bug repaired*
01/23/2010 • 59997 views • Report
disgusting Emily - Thumbnail

Disgusting Emily

A tease full of poop play! It is hard and long and very extreme! Written for people who likes extreme games! Girls version following soon!
11/03/2010 • 63466 views • Report
Cheerleader humiliation - Thumbnail

Flash teaseCheerleader humiliation

you're caught spying on a cheerleader called Melissa and you have to do what she and her friends say or they will call the cops
06/14/2011 • 20744 views • Report
The purrfect kitten - Thumbnail

The purrfect kitten

Come and worship your cat-goddess. Only for kittens. Bring milk.
01/06/2013 • 14417 views • Report
Alison's game of chance - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Alison's game of chance

Alison wants to play a card game with you. As long as you play and do as she says, you will be allowed to cum at the end. Please be aware this is a serious Pain / CBT game, please only play if you are into this and experienced.
06/15/2013 • 38775 views • Report
From woman to woman... - Thumbnail

From woman to woman...

I made this for you girls! ;)
09/26/2013 • 16301 views • Report
Redhead CBT - Thumbnail

Flash teaseRedhead CBT

Strictly CBT and ballbusting again. Have fun be safe.
04/21/2014 • 49697 views • Report
Chaste Life - The Beginning - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Chaste Life - The Beginning

First short tease. Beginning of your new life as a Chaste Slave. Chastitycage required.
06/04/2015 • 32363 views • Report
The Tournament: Slave Induction - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!The Tournament: Slave Induction

Represent the house of the Warrior Goddesses in the Tournament! How ready are you?
10/25/2015 • 38270 views • Report
punishment2 - Thumbnail


for bad subbies male or female
The job offer - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!The job offer

Giving you a job offer you can't refuse - Full week tease
04/01/2016 • 25451 views • Report
Soccer Cup - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSoccer Cup

Enter this soccer tournament. Three matches a lot of different ends. Stroke and Exercise. Rate least the idea.
03/28/2017 • 21076 views • Report
Bladder control training for sissies - Thumbnail

Flash teaseBladder control training for sissies

Your pants will be wet.
12/01/2017 • 37797 views • Report
Please let me out! - Thumbnail

Eos teasePlease let me out!

Help Caprice out of Chastity | LOOP BUG FIXED
03/27/2020 • 36660 views • Report
Vinas Extreme Omorashi Training Course - Thumbnail

Eos teaseVinas Extreme Omorashi Training Course

An extreme training course testing your orgasm and toilet control and your stamina in all senses of the word! Ready your PC-muscle! (Does not contain urine drinking or CEI!)
03/11/2021 • 41680 views • Report
Evening at Fluttershy's: Remastered with Voice Acting - Thumbnail

Eos teaseEvening at Fluttershy's: Remastered with Voice Acting

Adorable Fluttershy has invited you into her home and prepared a fun game for you! You have a great time playing around with each other... until things take a dark turn as night falls over Ponyville.
09/09/2022 • 38469 views • Report
Anal Queen's Journey 1.22 - Thumbnail

Eos teaseAnal Queen's Journey 1.22

[V1.22] You want to become a famous sex streamer and the new anal queen. Long term incremental game. Unlock tasks, sextoys, achievements, anal orgasms, edging, fisting...
02/15/2024 • 16595 views • Report
Not Yet - Thumbnail
01/06/2007 • 22747 views • Report
Do it now - Thumbnail

Flash teaseDo it now

Just a quick test.
12/10/2007 • 4425 views • Report
Join My Army - Thumbnail
05/12/2008 • 18174 views • Report
Cheerleader Boot Camp - Thumbnail

Cheerleader Boot Camp

You enroll in a Cheerleader Boot Camp. Only one problem.. you suck at being a cheerleader. Don't worry though there's still plenty you can do..
08/10/2009 • 20489 views • Report
Dreckschweinchen - Thumbnail
02/05/2010 • 2622 views • Report
An Educational Experience - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!An Educational Experience

This is an educational webtease and not a true tease. It is meant to teach. The lessons are tailored for couples. Includes ballbusting, cock torture, humiliation, and more.
04/26/2014 • 130137 views • Report
Becoming a BETA Male with Princess Lissa - Part 2 - Thumbnail

Becoming a BETA Male with Princess Lissa - Part 2

Part 2: Princess Lissa is back with more humiliating tasks to turn you into a pathetic pin-dicked BETA male!
06/16/2011 • 33198 views • Report
tennis with jessica. - Thumbnail

Tennis with jessica.

tease for boys and girls, you will need a tennis ball and rackett, skirt, girly top, pantys,dildo,
10/29/2011 • 11758 views • Report
Five Days with Milla - Thumbnail

Five Days with Milla

Sometimes, five days is all it takes to turn your life around...
03/31/2012 • 31883 views • Report
Perils of Online Dating- Wedneday - Thumbnail

Perils of Online Dating- Wedneday

Every day seems to get worse
10/03/2012 • 15313 views • Report
Sissy Reconditioning School Lesson 2 - Thumbnail

Sissy Reconditioning School Lesson 2

Second lesson in your sissy re conditioning, the start of a long term change that is not too obvious and easy to explain as just trying to get healthy. I hope you have all completed lesson 1 already.
01/20/2013 • 37677 views • Report
Milovana research - Thumbnail

Milovana research

Just a quick research. Help to make some good quality teases! We are creating them for you, your opinion matters.
04/09/2013 • 31494 views • Report
Playtime - Thumbnail

Flash teasePlaytime

Just a little bit fun, hope you like it!
06/21/2013 • 6572 views • Report
Little sweeties shop trip and food play! - Thumbnail

Little sweeties shop trip and food play!

Involves going to a shop, panties and a dirty food eating fetish;) Also im female so you could call it a somewhat domination;)
07/29/2014 • 16914 views • Report
Sissy's day at the gym #3 - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Sissy's day at the gym #3

Mistress Cecilia loves her slaves fit. Will you be enough for her? Motivationnal training with rewards/punishments
02/15/2015 • 31705 views • Report
I Used His Face As My Playground - Thumbnail

I Used His Face As My Playground

Give Yourself Over To Me
09/18/2015 • 14653 views • Report
Lucky Enough to Cum Today? (Public) & FITNSS: Week 1 (Sissy) - Thumbnail
Mistress Brown3.7

Flash teaseLucky Enough to Cum Today? (Public) & FITNSS: Week 1 (Sissy)

Huge Tease/Denial tease with 600+ pics. Also, first week of training for my Sissies. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures used in this tease, they have been obtained through google search.
Physical Therapy: Part 2 - Back for More - Thumbnail

Flash teasePhysical Therapy: Part 2 - Back for More

You Return to Mindy for More Physical Therapy. Warning: Heavy Exercise Tease!
10/17/2016 • 21102 views • Report
SELF - DENIAL - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSELF - DENIAL

Your wife has a plan - big challenge - 60 days no cum. Want to be manly and have healthy sperm? Healthy eating , exercise , denial , chastity , fertility. Stay tooned, will be updated.
11/25/2017 • 48719 views • Report
Brooklyn's Intense Stroking Challenge - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!Brooklyn's Intense Stroking Challenge

Intense stroking challenge where you get to stroke, depending on what the girls are revealing to you in the tease. Guided by Brooklyn Chase. Takes ~30 minutes. Inspired by 666s webteases.
11/21/2018 • 21903 views • Report
Порка раба - Thumbnail

Порка раба

Whipping a slave.Brutal spanking.
05/25/2019 • 8706 views • Report
Throat Tease #02 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThroat Tease #02

This tease aims to be more intuitive compared to the first part. The main focus is of course deepthroating that dildo. This is a tease for advanced throaters!
03/09/2020 • 28989 views • Report
Hold it (Omorashi Custom Tease) - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 4.3

Eos teaseHold it (Omorashi Custom Tease)

[Custom Tease] I didn't know anything about this fetish when I was making this although I was told I did an okay job. Long tease with the option to cum.
05/11/2021 • 28020 views • Report
Evil Stepmommy v1.7
ritewriter 4.8

Eos teaseTOTM - Winner!Evil Stepmommy v1.7 "Got MILF?"

A Choose Your Own Adventure tease. You just moved home from college and have to deal with your father's new wife, a sexy, dangerous gold-digger. Can you resist her evil charms? v1.7
09/01/2022 • 282051 views • Report