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Teases for "exercise".

Not Yet - Thumbnail
01/06/2007 • 23119 views • Report
Please enter - Thumbnail
12/12/2006 • 48321 views • Report
Panty Time - Thumbnail

Panty Time

12/15/2006 • 26766 views • Report
Melissas dad - Thumbnail
02/20/2007 • 27529 views • Report
I'm in the Garden - Thumbnail
03/18/2007 • 21570 views • Report
Little Big Horn - Thumbnail
08/21/2007 • 25150 views • Report
LBH day 3 - Thumbnail
08/22/2007 • 18805 views • Report
Test - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTest

My little tease
12/11/2007 • 4126 views • Report
Do it now - Thumbnail

Flash teaseDo it now

Just a quick test.
12/10/2007 • 4426 views • Report
Steve's Test - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSteve's Test

Test Test
12/10/2007 • 3901 views • Report
Slideshow Training 1 - Thumbnail
02/06/2008 • 24867 views • Report
Annual check-up - Thumbnail
02/11/2008 • 22622 views • Report
Fifth  Shemale or Not Quiz - Thumbnail

Fifth Shemale or Not Quiz

Your girlfriend continues to bait you with your fetish and desire. Can you identify whether or not you're viewing a shemale or a genetic girl?
02/19/2008 • 26296 views • Report
ashley's punishment   - Thumbnail
02/25/2008 • 48374 views • Report
so you want to be a superstar - Thumbnail
03/03/2008 • 27355 views • Report
All Day Tease - Thumbnail
04/16/2008 • 34285 views • Report
Join My Army - Thumbnail
05/12/2008 • 18309 views • Report
Madame Christina 3 Workout - Thumbnail
05/23/2008 • 14025 views • Report
Coxercise class. Your ultimate cock workout! - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Coxercise class. Your ultimate cock workout!

Train those PC muscles and make your cock bigger at the same time :-)
06/17/2008 • 42580 views • Report
guitar tease - Thumbnail
10/15/2008 • 12001 views • Report
Obey Me. - Thumbnail

Flash teaseObey Me.

She takes control...
10/20/2008 • 37425 views • Report
Sydney's Game - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSydney's Game

A chutes & Ladders style teasing game.
12/15/2008 • 46360 views • Report
The British Wanking Academy - Thumbnail

The British Wanking Academy

You are sent to wanking academy
01/19/2009 • 26265 views • Report
The British Wanking academy 2 - Thumbnail

The British Wanking academy 2

Your second session at the British wanking academy
01/20/2009 • 31825 views • Report
Try to cum. - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTry to cum.

A long way...
02/15/2009 • 57767 views • Report
the British Wanking Academy 3 - Thumbnail

The British Wanking Academy 3

Session 3 involves your mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01/27/2009 • 24723 views • Report
Sklavin Anja - Thumbnail

Sklavin Anja

Webtease for slave Anja in German
01/30/2009 • 15189 views • Report
Kaffeekränzchen mit deiner Herrin - Thumbnail
black moon4.3

Kaffeekränzchen mit deiner Herrin

Tease auf Deutsch. Er wird dich vielleicht an gewisse Grenzen stoßen, doch du hast zumindest die Chance zu kommen, wenn du deiner Herrin gefälltst. Probiers aus!
02/08/2009 • 22570 views • Report
Coffee Party with your Mistress - Thumbnail
black moon4.0

Coffee Party with your Mistress

This long, intensive tease might lead you to your limits - just try it out. [Translation of the tease "Kaffekränzchen mit deiner Herrin".]
05/14/2009 • 24046 views • Report
Georgia's dice - Thumbnail

Flash teaseGeorgia's dice

Updated the first tease to fit into series. A few alterations and ending change
03/26/2009 • 75428 views • Report
Bettgeschichten - Thumbnail


2 Mädchen spielen mit dir ...
03/15/2009 • 22048 views • Report
Miss Kimmy's Sissy Whore - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!Miss Kimmy's Sissy Whore

Miss Kimmy humiliates, teases and punishes you. Nice, long tease.
07/01/2010 • 332448 views • Report
A little present from your mistress - Thumbnail
black moon4.1

A little present from your mistress

Your mistress has a special present for you: a long, intense nipple-torture-session. Have fun! (-; PS: Should also work for women because it isn't too specific. Just replace some orders accordingly.
05/15/2009 • 35606 views • Report


Princess Kristina is taking you on a tour of Her body in a new series of webteases...beginning with Her amazing cleavage. HOT CLEAVAGE PICS, STROKE ORDERS & OVER 20 MINUTES of AUDIO!!!
05/28/2009 • 24037 views • Report
Creating the perfect sissy  - Thumbnail

Creating the perfect sissy

Turning you from hardly male, into a feminine, slutty girl
07/10/2009 • 87246 views • Report

Flash tease"May I Cum This Week?? Pleeeease...... I'll Do ANYTHING" #1 of ??

A series for women. Involves teasing, edging, denial, tasks, exhibitionism, toys, clothes, and even a few chances to cum along the way too...
08/08/2009 • 47680 views • Report
Cheerleader Boot Camp - Thumbnail

Cheerleader Boot Camp

You enroll in a Cheerleader Boot Camp. Only one problem.. you suck at being a cheerleader. Don't worry though there's still plenty you can do..
08/10/2009 • 20665 views • Report
Cheerleader Boot Camp: Tone It Up! - Thumbnail

Cheerleader Boot Camp: Tone It Up!

Welcome back to Boot Camp you overweight slave boy.. it's time to thin down.
09/14/2009 • 14729 views • Report
Outdoor Tease: For the Exhibitionist in You - Thumbnail

Outdoor Tease: For the Exhibitionist in You

Your girlfriend takes you to an open field to tease you and humiliate you. What will she make you do, and will you get caught?
10/04/2009 • 25272 views • Report
Cumtastic - Thumbnail


Learning how to milk that Cock.
09/27/2009 • 45360 views • Report
Gay Prison Camp 2 - Thumbnail
Lord Byron3.8

Gay Prison Camp 2

In Part 2 of Gay Prison Camp, you spend your first night in the prison itself.
10/12/2009 • 19821 views • Report


2nd schoolgirl installment where maths is the topic and you get to learn some imperial to metric conversions
10/30/2009 • 6590 views • Report


3rd installment, Sister is shocked to find out her brothers lack of knowledge of sex and decided to help him out
10/30/2009 • 9255 views • Report
The Improvement Institute II - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Improvement Institute II

Second part: you get trained to be the perfect sex toy for your wife; Apart from stamina and endurance trainings this also covers workouts and other duties. Obey and follow the training or get punished. It's up to you!
11/25/2009 • 27693 views • Report
The Improvement Institute, Part 1 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Improvement Institute, Part 1

Husband is trained to become the perfect sex toy for his wife. Introduction intendet to create the atmosphere. Upcoming parts will have more action.
11/18/2009 • 39200 views • Report
The Bermuda Triangle (Pt. 4) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Bermuda Triangle (Pt. 4)

The dawn of a new day in Arcadia. So what are you supposed to do? Warning! Different paths possible. If you don't get teased, it's your own fault. Choices have consequences here.
11/22/2009 • 24329 views • Report
The Improvement Institute III - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Improvement Institute III

Lots of stroking, edging and CBT - part three of the series. You can either do this tease "standalone" or embedded in the series. But be warnend, it can get rough....
11/30/2009 • 33315 views • Report
Liz will break your balls - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Liz will break your balls

Liz has called you over for a ballbusting session. WARNING: do not do anything you are not comfortable with, everyone has different levels of pain tolerance, stop before really hurting yourself.
12/02/2009 • 58913 views • Report
Change your life (Manga Tease) - Thumbnail

Change your life (Manga Tease)

My first tease: trying to install some good habits is surly easier with sexy support
12/08/2009 • 252 views • Report
Taken - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTaken

Story based tease, explore your fantasy... *bug repaired*
01/23/2010 • 60500 views • Report
Dreckschweinchen - Thumbnail
02/05/2010 • 2622 views • Report
Sudoku Tease, for girls, by request - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSudoku Tease, for girls, by request

the sudoku tease reworked, female version, for a special girl.
08/04/2010 • 12501 views • Report
Tease for my slaves in hypnotic chastity - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTease for my slaves in hypnotic chastity

For my slaves who dare to listen to my Chastity file on
09/18/2010 • 55460 views • Report
Game: The Edging Challenge - Thumbnail

Flash teaseGame: The Edging Challenge

Enjoy this exciting adventure of pure ecstasy together with your partner, on the same Computer or via Internet.
04/01/2010 • 40595 views • Report
Superstar Training 3 - Physical - Thumbnail

Superstar Training 3 - Physical

Time to get physical for the wwe divas who have designed a work-out with a difference for you. Contains a lot of forced exercise.
05/15/2010 • 17800 views • Report
Superstar Training 4 - The All-Day Finale - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Superstar Training 4 - The All-Day Finale

An ‘all-day’ challenge that will push you to the limits in more way than one. Do you have what it takes to become a wwe superstar? Contains several videos.
05/27/2010 • 37502 views • Report
workout tease - Thumbnail

Workout tease

you and your girlfriend begin to work out together and she teases you
08/11/2010 • 17772 views • Report
Dog Daze - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Dog Daze

A Womans best friend could be her dog, but will it work out that way?
07/26/2010 • 120973 views • Report
Dog Daze: The Call Of The Wild - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Dog Daze: The Call Of The Wild

Could a visitor really change your world so much?
08/02/2010 • 22700 views • Report
Do you want to feel like a whore? (Remake) - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 3.0

Flash teaseDo you want to feel like a whore? (Remake)

Remake of a tease by slaaf_1981. You will need an evening to do this tease.
08/22/2010 • 31408 views • Report
disgusting Emily - Thumbnail

Disgusting Emily

A tease full of poop play! It is hard and long and very extreme! Written for people who likes extreme games! Girls version following soon!
11/03/2010 • 63984 views • Report
An Educational Experience - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!An Educational Experience

This is an educational webtease and not a true tease. It is meant to teach. The lessons are tailored for couples. Includes ballbusting, cock torture, humiliation, and more.
04/26/2014 • 132211 views • Report
Snakes and Ladders - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Snakes and Ladders

A naughty version of the classic game. A challenge to complete on every square. Do you have what it takes to win? Contains several videos and aspects of just about everything.
11/18/2010 • 82879 views • Report