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Teases for "edging".

Want More Stamina? - Thumbnail
09/12/2007 • 56390 views • Report
Poor little cabana boy... - Thumbnail
10/29/2006 • 20863 views • Report
Free Trade - Thumbnail
11/04/2006 • 34782 views • Report
Dreaming of Her - Thumbnail
09/02/2007 • 22923 views • Report
Endurance Training 2 - Thumbnail
02/04/2009 • 34753 views • Report
Very Stupid Boy - Thumbnail

Flash teaseVery Stupid Boy

Girls always win.
04/16/2008 • 53199 views • Report
Tribute - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTribute

Worship Miss Katie
05/05/2008 • 33358 views • Report
The White Room - Thumbnail
05/13/2008 • 61422 views • Report
House of Cards 1: The Girls - Thumbnail

Flash teaseHouse of Cards 1: The Girls

Part 1 of my new House of Cards Trilogy. Needs password!
08/08/2008 • 52597 views • Report
House of Cards - Thumbnail
08/08/2008 • 49993 views • Report
House of Cards 2: The Pool - Thumbnail

Flash teaseHouse of Cards 2: The Pool

Part 2 of my new House of Cards Trilogy. Needs password!
08/08/2008 • 36602 views • Report
House of Cards 3: Judgment - Thumbnail

Flash teaseHouse of Cards 3: Judgment

Part 3 of my new House of Cards Trilogy. Needs password!
08/08/2008 • 31971 views • Report
A Trip to the Shrink (Part 1) - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!A Trip to the Shrink (Part 1)

You may need therapy after this trip to the psychologist. The staff at psychologist's office attempt to help you with a problem.
11/25/2008 • 27556 views • Report
Seaman Stains - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSeaman Stains

series edging
11/14/2008 • 7237 views • Report
The Twelve Days of Edgemas - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!The Twelve Days of Edgemas

Really hard tease that will push you to the limit.
12/24/2008 • 24683 views • Report
How I Will Use You - Thumbnail

How I Will Use You

Teased by an aquaintance, with a chance to cum
12/25/2008 • 31821 views • Report
Sneaking a Peak - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSneaking a Peak

Nothing "hardcore" here. Just a little fun if you're honest and behave yourself.
12/27/2008 • 15200 views • Report
The Wager - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Wager

Part 1 of the Crissy series. How it all starts. Part story/part tease. Make your choices and follow along as the fantasy unfolds.
01/03/2009 • 37141 views • Report
Belated Christmas Gift - Thumbnail

Belated Christmas Gift

A wifey tease with a Christmas theme. With edging and to be continued.
01/02/2009 • 16954 views • Report
Dating Crissy - Thumbnail

Flash teaseDating Crissy

Part 2 of the Crissy Series. Join in as the story continues. You're falling fast for this woman.....and she knows it.
01/05/2009 • 11669 views • Report
Peeping at cousin' - Thumbnail

Peeping at cousin'

caught looking at hot cousin bathroom wanking experince
02/05/2009 • 21313 views • Report
Date For Hire - 1 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseDate For Hire - 1

Your Mistress sends you out on your first date
03/26/2009 • 29410 views • Report
(HW) Tutors Exam - Thumbnail

Flash tease(HW) Tutors Exam

(part 3 fixed)
05/01/2009 • 21646 views • Report

Luna's "Dry Run" - Day 1 (Evening)

Luna invites you to her apartment. Part one of a series I started ages ago!
05/10/2009 • 14584 views • Report
Edge Island - Thumbnail

Flash teaseEdge Island

A bunch of edging, making use of a metronome.
05/23/2009 • 85084 views • Report
Jessikah ask you to... - Thumbnail

Jessikah ask you to...

(Stroke it for me)=10 strokes (Switch position)=10 strokes new position (work the middle)= 10 strokes mid shaft (Rock the boat)= 10 hard slaps to the ass or balls
05/26/2009 • 15731 views • Report
Our Special Bet - Thumbnail

Our Special Bet

You've made a bet with your lover, and now you are experiencing the consequences.
06/09/2009 • 20629 views • Report
Private Plaything (part 2: First Session) - Thumbnail

Flash teasePrivate Plaything (part 2: First Session)

You show up for your first sesssion with Nikki.
07/30/2009 • 19369 views • Report
Forced to Cum?...Another Handjob - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 3.7

Forced to Cum?...Another Handjob

Another tease in the Forced to Cum series. Let's see if you can handle another handjob...
06/29/2009 • 38168 views • Report
Tribute to the

Tribute to the "whore uniform"

The sexiest outfit in sex. Multiple edges involved.
08/14/2009 • 19366 views • Report
The Brothel: Part 1 - Thumbnail

The Brothel: Part 1

You ran into some serious financial trouble and your wife threatened to leave you unless you did what she said. Now you're stuck in a brothel, whoring yourself out in order to get the money back.
08/20/2009 • 44797 views • Report
Restaurant mistress - Thumbnail

Restaurant mistress

A couple visits their mistress at work in a restaurant, and it's not to get an order of hot wings.
Laundry Tale - Thumbnail

Laundry Tale

A Laundry Tale
09/08/2009 • 16100 views • Report
I got your cure 7 - Thumbnail

I got your cure 7

Back to the clinic for your task!
09/30/2009 • 5131 views • Report
I Want to Control Your Breath! (for the ladies) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseI Want to Control Your Breath! (for the ladies)

Breathplay tease--for WOMEN. Nothing too hardcore; I hope you enjoy it. Made by special request.
10/05/2009 • 13107 views • Report
When you're about to cum.. - Thumbnail

When you're about to cum..

Been jerking off? Ready to cum? OK... I will let you...
06/12/2012 • 53873 views • Report
Edging with insanity 2 the Trap! - Thumbnail

Edging with insanity 2 the Trap!

Girlfreinds Dauther Casey traps you!
10/29/2009 • 21352 views • Report
Milf Brandi LOVES her little tooties spoiled !!! - Thumbnail

Milf Brandi LOVES her little tooties spoiled !!!

For all those who get weak or excited over .. HOT TOOTIES
11/02/2009 • 11222 views • Report
COUNTDOWN - Thumbnail

Flash teaseCOUNTDOWN

A tease based on the gameshow Countdown, with Rachel Riley in command!
11/17/2009 • 24737 views • Report
The Island  - Thumbnail

The Island

The island - an appropriation/continuation of the tease "Long Horn Island" with some changes. A lot of stroking and a lot of edging - Part 1 of 2.
11/25/2009 • 24721 views • Report
The Improvement Institute II - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Improvement Institute II

Second part: you get trained to be the perfect sex toy for your wife; Apart from stamina and endurance trainings this also covers workouts and other duties. Obey and follow the training or get punished. It's up to you!
11/25/2009 • 27769 views • Report
Yes, you will leak. - Thumbnail

Flash teaseYes, you will leak.

Sound guided stroking. No toys required, but can be used if the tease is too easy. 30-45 minutes long depending on skill. 4,200 strokes minimum, I dare you to use lube.
11/23/2009 • 72651 views • Report
The Improvement Institute III - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Improvement Institute III

Lots of stroking, edging and CBT - part three of the series. You can either do this tease "standalone" or embedded in the series. But be warnend, it can get rough....
11/30/2009 • 33419 views • Report
Mistress Maryse's Endurance Challenge  - Thumbnail

Mistress Maryse's Endurance Challenge

Do you dare give Mistress Maryse total control of your cock? A lot of stroking and edging.
12/01/2009 • 31423 views • Report
The Improvement Institute IV - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Improvement Institute IV

Part 4: you get trained to be the perfect sex toy for your wife; Obey and follow the training or get punished. It's up to you! This part can be played in the series or standalone. Lots of stroking, edging, humilation and pain.
08/31/2010 • 25710 views • Report
Cock tease game - Thumbnail

Cock tease game

Be prepared to struggle with your hard cock when you accept my job offer. Go on and meet the lady of the house and try to resist.
12/16/2009 • 31558 views • Report
Make Him Suffer - Thumbnail

Flash teaseMake Him Suffer

Made for a couple but fun for one as well. Lots of edging and some cbt at the end.
03/30/2010 • 57281 views • Report
10 Questions - Thumbnail

Flash tease10 Questions

She Invites you over to help her study...yeah right ;)
01/02/2010 • 38081 views • Report
A Little Treat - Thumbnail

Flash teaseA Little Treat

A Loving Girlfriend Takes Care Of You (loop Fixed)
01/08/2010 • 37734 views • Report
A email from Angelina - Thumbnail
02/16/2011 • 12255 views • Report
Room for Rent- for girls - Thumbnail

Flash teaseRoom for Rent- for girls

One for the girls! You will need a vibrator!
04/02/2010 • 16760 views • Report
Leaning Over The Edge - Thumbnail

Leaning Over The Edge

You are being punished for your excessive masturbation. This was supposed to be a cure but turned out to be pure torture!
02/26/2010 • 38256 views • Report
Hold The Line - Thumbnail

Hold The Line

This is part of the "Leaning over the Edge" series. You may use it as a stand alone tease or with the series.
03/01/2010 • 40884 views • Report
Edge Forever - Thumbnail

Flash teaseEdge Forever

No story, minimal dialogue. Just a random amount of edging. A chance to cum, and an even smaller chance to enjoy it!
05/03/2010 • 51674 views • Report
Eyes On Me - Thumbnail

Flash teaseEyes On Me

Stroke to the beat and keep your eyes on her face, she'll be making it difficult for you though. Involes stroking, edging, and some pain as punishment for letting your eyes wander. (fixed)
05/13/2010 • 43556 views • Report
Squirt for Leia Part 4 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSquirt for Leia Part 4

Leia is back after a long hiatus. Please view in fullscreen (the little x in the top corner of the screen)
05/14/2010 • 20135 views • Report
Pray you Cum - Thumbnail

Pray you Cum

Dangerous demands from a hottie.
05/30/2010 • 27461 views • Report
Worship Me - Thumbnail
ap and jp4.1

Worship Me

Worship your Mistress Meggan
06/09/2010 • 19893 views • Report
Serve me stroker boy - Thumbnail

Serve me stroker boy

This is my first tease, so feedback welcome.
06/17/2010 • 18576 views • Report
Evening with Leah - Thumbnail

Flash teaseEvening with Leah

You meet with Leah tonight but not for what you had in mind...
07/04/2010 • 31907 views • Report