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Teases for "dice".

Messy Humiliation - Thumbnail
11/17/2006 • 49431 views • Report
Christie Goes Clubbing - Thumbnail
06/25/2007 • 22254 views • Report
Kiss my butt- Andi - Thumbnail
06/29/2007 • 35261 views • Report
For stroker sluts only - Thumbnail
07/02/2007 • 24274 views • Report
Roll Them Bones - Thumbnail
07/22/2007 • 53471 views • Report
Prisoner - Thumbnail
08/02/2007 • 34314 views • Report
Dominated by Chance - Thumbnail
08/19/2007 • 53328 views • Report
Oh ... My ...  - Thumbnail
11/19/2007 • 34581 views • Report
Annual check-up - Thumbnail
02/11/2008 • 22679 views • Report
Roll Them Bones! Redux - Thumbnail

Flash teaseRoll Them Bones! Redux

Flash version of my TOTM winner "Roll Them Bones!"
04/17/2008 • 29612 views • Report
A little experiment - Thumbnail
09/28/2008 • 43421 views • Report
Game of Torment - Thumbnail
10/01/2008 • 35380 views • Report
Double The Torture - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 3.7

Double The Torture

10/24/2008 • 20271 views • Report
Sydney's Game - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSydney's Game

A chutes & Ladders style teasing game.
12/15/2008 • 46459 views • Report
Belated Christmas Gift - Thumbnail

Belated Christmas Gift

A wifey tease with a Christmas theme. With edging and to be continued.
01/02/2009 • 16958 views • Report
Adventure - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Adventure

Be careful what you wish for, you may get it!
05/18/2009 • 63762 views • Report
Georgia's dice - Thumbnail

Flash teaseGeorgia's dice

Updated the first tease to fit into series. A few alterations and ending change
03/26/2009 • 75602 views • Report
Miss Kimmy's Sissy Whore - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!Miss Kimmy's Sissy Whore

Miss Kimmy humiliates, teases and punishes you. Nice, long tease.
07/01/2010 • 333239 views • Report
HOMEWORK:  Tutors  (part 1) - Thumbnail

HOMEWORK: Tutors (part 1)

Next part of the Homework series. You are in need of tutoring.
04/24/2009 • 17865 views • Report
(HomeWork) Tutors Edge(part 3) - Thumbnail

(HomeWork) Tutors Edge(part 3)

Tutoring on the edge.
04/29/2009 • 18706 views • Report
Today, Chore day - Thumbnail

Today, Chore day

Your list of chores for today!
05/15/2009 • 30662 views • Report
Woods - Thumbnail


A tease for girls that like ginger and nettels in their tea, and maybe somewhere else too ;) Obviously, you should make sure that you have no allergies against anything used in this tease, before trying it.
06/14/2009 • 5608 views • Report
Charli's tease - Thumbnail

Flash teaseCharli's tease

A tease-and-denial, cuckold-themed first try.
07/05/2009 • 20919 views • Report
Night in the Bitch house - Thumbnail

Flash teaseNight in the Bitch house

lot of pain, edging, pain and pain ^^
07/05/2009 • 64163 views • Report
Follow Orders (#1) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFollow Orders (#1)

You will follow your mistresses orders.
08/11/2009 • 67055 views • Report
Die Dienstreise (für Frauen) - Thumbnail

Die Dienstreise (für Frauen)

Ein mehrtägiges Trainingsprogramm für die versauten Mädels. Hälst du durch?
01/24/2010 • 5187 views • Report
Tease for my slaves in hypnotic chastity - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTease for my slaves in hypnotic chastity

For my slaves who dare to listen to my Chastity file on
09/18/2010 • 55569 views • Report
Mistreated - For Girls - Thumbnail

Mistreated - For Girls

Punishment for orgasms without permission!
05/10/2010 • 25431 views • Report
Superstar Training 4 - The All-Day Finale - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Superstar Training 4 - The All-Day Finale

An ‘all-day’ challenge that will push you to the limits in more way than one. Do you have what it takes to become a wwe superstar? Contains several videos.
05/27/2010 • 37609 views • Report
You're Going To Burst - Thumbnail

You're Going To Burst

Filling yourself up and holding it all in for Mistress Blue
10/16/2010 • 58689 views • Report
Roll a dice... - Thumbnail
bad samaritan4.1

Roll a dice...

Would you like to play a little game with a hot milf? Maybe she will show you her breasts, maybe not, maybe you get to cum, maybe not, it all depends on luck.
07/21/2010 • 39116 views • Report
Denice's dice game (Classic) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseDenice's dice game (Classic)

Remake of classic. Includes virtual-dice so you don't need to bring your own. View in full-screen (the 'x' button top right) if you are having problems viewing text.
07/09/2010 • 29984 views • Report
Denise's New Dice Game - Thumbnail

Flash teaseDenise's New Dice Game

Just testing an idea so not much dialogue. Play once a day till you get to cum.
07/11/2010 • 39138 views • Report
Beautiful young girl skirt tease (Classic) - Thumbnail

Beautiful young girl skirt tease (Classic)

Remake of a classic tease. You will need a candle and a dice.
08/04/2010 • 18565 views • Report
Six Unique Ways of Cumming - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSix Unique Ways of Cumming

Roll the dice and have the chance to cum to 6 very different women. Based on reular tease with same tile. I used the same piture and text due to requests for flash version.
08/09/2010 • 34990 views • Report
Amy: The Tease - Thumbnail

Amy: The Tease

Your Sister Amy has some fun teasing you during your vacation. Items needed: Panties, ice, possibly more female clothes
12/19/2013 • 32922 views • Report
Krissy will tease you to the edge - Thumbnail

Flash teaseKrissy will tease you to the edge

Lots of edging will you ejoy your orgasm or ruin it or worse be denied?
11/12/2010 • 37001 views • Report
Snakes and Ladders - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Snakes and Ladders

A naughty version of the classic game. A challenge to complete on every square. Do you have what it takes to win? Contains several videos and aspects of just about everything.
11/18/2010 • 83064 views • Report
Truth or dare ...........2 - Thumbnail

Truth or dare ...........2

Part two of truth and be done in continuation with 1st part.
12/23/2010 • 31025 views • Report
Das Spiel - Thumbnail

Das Spiel

12/10/2010 • 14555 views • Report
How will you sleep tonight? - Thumbnail

How will you sleep tonight?

Let me warn you,this tease has some pretty extreme chastity as well as bondage overnights.(this is only my second tease and I cant figure out how to get pics on it? Let me know what you think)
01/15/2011 • 42504 views • Report
Orgasm Play for guys and girls - Thumbnail

Orgasm Play for guys and girls

Thi is a orgasm game that can be played by both guys and girls. My first every webtease. Warning this could result in a few months of denial. Good luck, Enjoy
01/19/2011 • 23363 views • Report
Washing up with Lexi - Thumbnail

Washing up with Lexi

The morning after the night before. Lexi continues to move your relationship forwards in a different direction. (part 2 of a series)
03/26/2011 • 26033 views • Report
How will you eat it? - Thumbnail
03/26/2011 • 87418 views • Report
Games of Pain - Thumbnail

Games of Pain

I've been gone for a while, but I'm back and I've created a tease! This tease is for both guys and GIRLS! It involves a lot of pain endurance, so only play if you like pain! You have been warned.
07/07/2011 • 36824 views • Report
The itch between your legs - Thumbnail

The itch between your legs

This tease is meant for women. If you can complete all of the challenges (which include spanking, and clothespins) you will have a chance to cum. Failure to complete challenges result in punishment.
07/22/2011 • 28936 views • Report
Training a female slave - session 1 - Thumbnail

Training a female slave - session 1

For the ladies...edging and random chance to get an orgasm.
07/26/2011 • 14593 views • Report
Daisy's Dice Tease - Thumbnail

Daisy's Dice Tease

A simple task driven tease, using a dice for random choices. Fairly vanilla, very small amount of pain, but you will need various things to tie yourself up with and a shoelace.
08/16/2011 • 41878 views • Report
Play Time with Shell – The Beginning - Thumbnail

Play Time with Shell – The Beginning

This is a 45 minutes tease for guys. Won't you come and play with me??
08/30/2011 • 27475 views • Report
Dare To Cum - Thumbnail

Dare To Cum

Who knows what it takes to satisfy the addiction of a real whore? I assure you, daring is caring (for the thingy down there). For guys and gals!
10/05/2011 • 38258 views • Report
1 hour with Princess Lisa - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!1 hour with Princess Lisa

During this 1 hour tease you will obey your Princess Lisa. She will give you orders that contain stroking, edging, some cbt and in the end she might even decide to let you cum!
11/08/2011 • 50856 views • Report
Domination of female fuck toy and a slut boy - Thumbnail

Domination of female fuck toy and a slut boy

Cruel Mistress dominates a wife and husband, for couples, men or women, forced Feminisation, spanking, humiliation, tease and denial, forced orgasims, CBT, long tease, strap on fucking, anal.
11/13/2011 • 32909 views • Report
Another session with Princess Lisa - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Another session with Princess Lisa

You come back for another session with your Princess Lisa. She will make it even harder for you this time and as her slave you are going to follow all her orders. In the end she might reward you ...
12/12/2011 • 37930 views • Report
Orgasm games for my pleasure - Thumbnail

Flash teaseOrgasm games for my pleasure

Have fun with Mistress Danni, she is going to test you...
02/03/2012 • 28121 views • Report
Kimi's Dice Tease - Thumbnail

Flash teaseKimi's Dice Tease

Hey baby! Come play a little Dice Game with me!
01/13/2012 • 76018 views • Report
edge dice game - Thumbnail
01/18/2012 • 39540 views • Report
Three days of female orgasm denial - Thumbnail

Three days of female orgasm denial

Three days of guided self teasing. Can you abstain from orgasm until the end?
04/25/2012 • 31943 views • Report
Jenny a Plenty - Thumbnail

Flash teaseJenny a Plenty

Start of a weekly series with Mistress Jenny
06/09/2012 • 21357 views • Report
Game Of Chance - Thumbnail

Game Of Chance

A short dice rolling game with a chance to do some different fetishes or get lucky and pass them up. If you're rolling lucky you'll get a chance to cum. Different game every time. Good Luck!
01/16/2013 • 44806 views • Report
The spanking game - tribute - Thumbnail

The spanking game - tribute

This is a different version of The Spanking Game tease, designed for couples. It is very painful and has a lot of teasing and orgasm denial - with random endings. Feedback in the forum please.
07/08/2012 • 16602 views • Report
Jessica's University - Thumbnail

Flash teaseJessica's University

Story based tease with multiple endings. Small amount of cbt and fetish. Gradual increase of humiliation.
10/08/2012 • 45967 views • Report