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Teases for "cum-eating".

Are My Jeans too Tight? - Thumbnail

Are My Jeans too Tight?

You may not want to know why those jeans need to be so tight. Could she really be a shemale?
02/19/2008 • 32128 views • Report
i want you to cum - Thumbnail
02/27/2008 • 40731 views • Report
Meryl Cheats on You - Thumbnail

Meryl Cheats on You

Your wife knows you love to watch. Now, you get your chance. Will you really enjoy seeing her get fucked by another guy? Does she care? Do you?
03/15/2008 • 21183 views • Report
At Her request.. - Thumbnail
07/22/2008 • 55238 views • Report
Your New Wife's Third Demand:  Friends at the Beach - Thumbnail

Your New Wife's Third Demand: Friends at the Beach

You relive what has been happening to you and wonder if you'll be able to continue to obey your wife and to follow her eleven rules. But, you know you're not alone. What a comfort that is! Cuckold!
Jennifer's Game - Thumbnail

Flash teaseJennifer's Game

Play a game with Jennifer. When you win, you get to stroke. When you lose, you get a punishment. Make it all the way to the end to cum.
Georgia's Little Pantyboy - Thumbnail

Georgia's Little Pantyboy

This is number 7 in the Georgie hypnotic tease series. In this one, she reinforces part of what she created in tease number 6.
01/12/2009 • 44547 views • Report
Peeping at cousin' - Thumbnail

Peeping at cousin'

caught looking at hot cousin bathroom wanking experince
02/05/2009 • 21143 views • Report
Cumslut training - Thumbnail

Cumslut training

Enter only if you want to become one. Focused on cum-eating.
03/04/2009 • 212680 views • Report
Enslaved To wank!  - Thumbnail

Enslaved To wank!

Mistress Kayla demoralizes you,be prepared as a slave
Schuh- und Fußsklaven! - Thumbnail

Schuh- und Fußsklaven!

German, Demütigung, CBT, Klammern, cum-eating, Schuhe, Füße
05/13/2009 • 19575 views • Report
Charli's tease - Thumbnail

Flash teaseCharli's tease

A tease-and-denial, cuckold-themed first try.
07/05/2009 • 20665 views • Report
I spy with my little eye - Thumbnail

Flash teaseI spy with my little eye

A game: Can you remember each picture?
08/09/2009 • 30568 views • Report
Keep it in your pants... - Thumbnail

Keep it in your pants...

Everyone loves the mall! Well.. maybe not you anymore..
Freud oder Leid? (Teil 1) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFreud oder Leid? (Teil 1)

Du hast die Wahl!
10/28/2009 • 17353 views • Report
You will cum.. - Thumbnail
12/10/2009 • 164573 views • Report
Made to serve her - Thumbnail

Made to serve her

Your secret girl now ownes you.
Can you do it? - Thumbnail

Can you do it?

Amber Humiliates you but you don't resist?
02/04/2010 • 33241 views • Report
listen to your elders 2 - Thumbnail
03/08/2010 • 24097 views • Report
Patty's Tutorial on How to Train a Man - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Patty's Tutorial on How to Train a Man

Patty gives her girlfriends detailed instructions on how to BREAK a man and turn him into a completely submissive plaything.
Fate's Chance To Cum - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFate's Chance To Cum

A tease with more than 20 random endings, sometimes you cum, sometimes you don't. Its random, so you may see edging, denial, ice, spanks, clothespins, stroking, and some random crazy things thrown in. It's my first, but I think you'll like it.
07/26/2010 • 33766 views • Report
listen to your elders 6 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseListen to your elders 6

Best for a couple.Have your mistress press the buttons. She can control every stroke with the tip of her fingers.
09/09/2010 • 19365 views • Report
creampie training - Thumbnail

Creampie training

what did I ask for ?
Ruin it for Mistress Black.  - Thumbnail

Flash teaseRuin it for Mistress Black.

The Mistress will ruin your orgasm, you will not cum. You have been warned.
11/29/2010 • 59701 views • Report
surprise for you, sissy - Thumbnail

Surprise for you, sissy

mistress Anna forces you to suck cocks, eat cum, and humiliates you to make you feel like a whore
Sissy School 2 - Thumbnail

Sissy School 2

The second day of sissy school
Cum Eating Crashcourse - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!Cum Eating Crashcourse

This tease is all about eating your own load of cum! I'll teach you how to become a real cumslut!
03/01/2011 • 101155 views • Report
Forming a New Habit Week 2 - Thumbnail

Forming a New Habit Week 2

Week 2 out of 4. Lacey wants you to learn to like the taste... Don't do if you haven't completed the previous ones.
05/21/2011 • 65888 views • Report
Shyla - Can't you just taste it? - Thumbnail

Shyla - Can't you just taste it?

First attempt at a tease. :) Feeback always welcome
06/16/2011 • 32168 views • Report
Do you want to turn me into a lesbian? - Thumbnail

Flash teaseDo you want to turn me into a lesbian?

That can happen, if you offer your Girlfriend a threesome...
08/23/2011 • 19266 views • Report
Will You Drink It For Me? - Thumbnail

Will You Drink It For Me?

I'm looking for a real man to satisfy my curiosity...
Throat Destruction - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThroat Destruction

Work on Jane's strapon in your sexy dress until she fucks your mouth. About 1,5 hours with 50 % of deepthroating. WARNING: This ist VERY extreme! For passionate cocksuckers only!
11/29/2011 • 57369 views • Report
Today Mother Caught you - Thumbnail

Today Mother Caught you

Your so use to your New Mothers Panties but now " tale of Sexual-Blackmail and humiliation.
01/17/2012 • 25322 views • Report
The House - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 3.4

Flash teaseThe House

Many months ago, you received a letter asking if you would consider the place of House Submisive. Now, you have been summoned. (First flashtease - for help, find dedicated forum thread)
04/09/2012 • 46230 views • Report
Russian Roulette with Therapist Rhian  - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!Russian Roulette with Therapist Rhian

Dr. Rhian tries to walk you through an emergency session to help you identify with your naturally submissive nature. A loose sequel to "Therapist Natasha..."
05/26/2012 • 70875 views • Report
Joining the light music club! - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Joining the light music club!

The light music club is accepting new members! An all school-girl band is looking for a 6th member! It could be you! Lots of teasing and stroking and lots of cute girls! Multiple endings! I love you<3
Horney For Mature - Thumbnail

Horney For Mature

CBT, Mature addict, stroking for her enjoyment
Peeping On Jordan - Thumbnail

Peeping On Jordan

New big-breast offline tease using TEASEME where you can peek in on the model changing between rounds. Contains standard red-light/Green-light and metronome stroking.
10/20/2012 • 19521 views • Report
Meet Goddess Lisa Ann Part 2 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseMeet Goddess Lisa Ann Part 2

Day 2 with your new Goddess. This time with more stroking !!! bugs, improvement and everything else is welcome in the forum. Enjoy !
12/26/2012 • 10539 views • Report
Apocalypse part 3.1 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseApocalypse part 3.1

To be opened with apocalypse part 3 Continued story based tease with cbt, humiliation and other fetish.
04/01/2013 • 36288 views • Report
Earn Faith's Permission to Cum - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Earn Faith's Permission to Cum

Go through a series of challenges to try and earn enough points to get Mistress Faith to allow you to cum!
04/02/2015 • 79872 views • Report
Apocalypse part 4.1 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Apocalypse part 4.1

Lots of pain and humiliation. Needs to be opened with Apocalypse part 4 and Apocalypse part 4.2 May be a good idea to read the link
Tits, Ass, or more BIG DICK? - Thumbnail

Tits, Ass, or more BIG DICK?

Its time again to choose how you want to cum. For TITS, for ASS, or for BIG DICK? Its all in your hands...
06/16/2013 • 65498 views • Report
A New Diet - Thumbnail

A New Diet

pretty creampies for cum lovers.
08/08/2013 • 48846 views • Report
Your own cum slut! - Thumbnail

Your own cum slut!

First tease, i teach you how to make your own cumslut!
08/17/2013 • 46778 views • Report
Humiliated by Mistress - earn points to freedom - Thumbnail

Humiliated by Mistress - earn points to freedom

Humiliation for guys/girls, lots of toilet humiliation, food play, edging, cumming, licking.
It's only fair if I let you watch - Thumbnail

It's only fair if I let you watch

You know it's only fair,,, Wife Control Humiliation Really it's all you know
12/05/2013 • 22922 views • Report
ƒ✪яςєđ ℓєѕвιαи ρℓαч тιмє! - Thumbnail

Flash teaseƒ✪яςєđ ℓєѕвιαи ρℓαч тιмє!

This Tease is for females, forcing you into a lesbian - edging - pussy slaps - and more. Hope you enjoy and feedback is welcome :P
01/03/2014 • 24834 views • Report
Cum Challenge #8: Do you have what it takes?  - Thumbnail

Flash teaseCum Challenge #8: Do you have what it takes?

Do you have what it takes to become a toy at Anastasia's House of Tease? This tease involves a lot of stroking & edging, some cuckolding and cum eating, and pain.
02/07/2014 • 29270 views • Report
Medium Blowjob Trainer - Thumbnail

Flash teaseMedium Blowjob Trainer

Use a Realistic Dildo to test your skills at sucking cock. Fake cum required, recipe included inside. 3 women guide you through progressively more difficult levels.
03/08/2014 • 102618 views • Report
For the timid ladies. - Thumbnail

For the timid ladies.

This tease is intended for couples wanting to explore female dominance, kink, and pleasure. very beginner not intimidating.
04/14/2014 • 21032 views • Report
Total control of your bladder - Thumbnail

Total control of your bladder

I decide when you pee
05/11/2014 • 20916 views • Report
Mistress Sophie - Urine for a treat  - Thumbnail

Mistress Sophie - Urine for a treat

Mistress Sophie needs to pee and you are going to help her! Includes Piss Drinking, panty sucking, chastity and denial.
06/23/2014 • 13732 views • Report
[Updated] Lidiya Cum Eating Tutorial - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 4.0

Flash tease[Updated] Lidiya Cum Eating Tutorial

Thanks for all the great Feedback about bugs of it. This is a tutorial for cum-eating beginners. Include : Light Anal, Cum Eating, Orgasm, Torture.
11/04/2014 • 62867 views • Report
Boy Edging Land - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Boy Edging Land

GAY, lots of edging to cute boys, mild humilation and mild CBT. Chance to cum, ruin or denial.
04/18/2015 • 18922 views • Report
Bianca's New Slave - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!Bianca's New Slave

A simple day at the beach turned out to be the last day you had ownership of your life!
06/22/2015 • 41826 views • Report
Panty bitch? - Thumbnail

Panty bitch?

be my little panty slut. i am your new master!
06/23/2015 • 13956 views • Report
Humiliation Slut Audition #3 - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Humiliation Slut Audition #3

Queen Annika forces you to humiliate yourself in front of her on her webcam by placing you in degrading positions and forcing you to violate your ass and mouth repeatedly.
01/19/2016 • 47510 views • Report
The Plaything - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!The Plaything

You're a deadbeat boyfriend, but your jealous, crazy, alarmingly attractive on-again-off-again girlfriend has a lead on a job for you!
Humiliation Slut Audition #4 - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Humiliation Slut Audition #4

Your ass and mouth are subject to repeated violations as you are once again force to degrade yourself in a most humiliating manner.
04/12/2016 • 38150 views • Report
Lovely Pegging Vol. 1 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Lovely Pegging Vol. 1

Mistress Alex plows your ass. full audio tease. Beginning of a Pegging - Anal only series. Please rate and give feedback.
05/28/2016 • 92645 views • Report
Gisele: Chastity Confessions Day6 - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 4.3

Flash teaseGisele: Chastity Confessions Day6

Again bugfixed at the End at Janessas Loop, hope that is all ;)
07/30/2016 • 30569 views • Report
Femdom Sex Simulator - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFemdom Sex Simulator

This tease is set of random activities such as: blowjob, deepthroating, spanking, cbt, anal, enforced position, edging, orgasm (ruining, full, cei or denial). The duration of tease, amount of tasks and their order is random. There is a chance of orgasm at the end.
11/13/2016 • 149049 views • Report
Gaining experience - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Gaining experience

A young man builds up enough courage to visit someone special and ...
02/24/2017 • 20298 views • Report