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Teases for "clothespins".

LBH day 3 - Thumbnail
08/22/2007 • 18633 views • Report
Time for your lesson - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTime for your lesson

A silly idea, inspired by a recent thread in the forums.
05/05/2008 • 24793 views • Report
Games Room - Dice Game - Thumbnail

Flash teaseGames Room - Dice Game

Third (and last) part of the PCM Script "The Games Room". Miss Addie roll the dices. Each number have a action: Pain ou pleasure?
12/02/2008 • 36915 views • Report
Used as a toilet slut (female) - Thumbnail

Used as a toilet slut (female)

Slavegirls will be used in their own toilet!
02/25/2009 • 33230 views • Report
Amy's fun day teasing you - Thumbnail

Flash teaseAmy's fun day teasing you

One off Amy tease, not part of series
05/07/2009 • 17251 views • Report

Flash tease"May I Cum This Week?? Pleeease.... I'll Do ANYTHING” #7 of ??

A series for WOMEN. Involves teasing, edging, denial, tasks, exhibitionism, toys, clothes, and even a few chances to cum along the way too...
09/10/2009 • 17719 views • Report