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Teases for "chastity-belt".

Its Own Reward - Thumbnail
06/28/2007 • 32727 views • Report
Mutual need... - Thumbnail
04/13/2007 • 32817 views • Report
Leak now! - Thumbnail

Leak now!

05/13/2007 • 39358 views • Report
Panty Tease 1 - Thumbnail
05/31/2007 • 20416 views • Report
Bad Girl - Thumbnail

Bad Girl

11/12/2007 • 31181 views • Report
Piper - One Month Later - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!Piper - One Month Later

Takes place one month after the original set of 4 teases. This is the 5th installment of the Piper series. Piper develops more control over you.
02/01/2008 • 46295 views • Report
Why I Cheated - Thumbnail

Why I Cheated

Your wife reveals the truth about her being a BBC Whore and scratches your cuckold itch by letting you see the truth. Your little dick simply isn't enough for her.
02/27/2008 • 34634 views • Report
horny as hell - Thumbnail
03/13/2008 • 34855 views • Report
Goth Wedding Nightmare - Thumbnail

Goth Wedding Nightmare

This is what you get for going to a rave and looking for some "strange" . . . you get what you want, but you may be on the receiving end.
03/15/2008 • 23684 views • Report
Pathetic Dick's Reward - Thumbnail

Pathetic Dick's Reward

Just what could the reward be for a chastity-cock-caged cuckold? Creampies? Pain?
03/15/2008 • 36389 views • Report
The 12 Steps of Cuckolding - Thumbnail

The 12 Steps of Cuckolding

Your wife reminds you that being a cuckold was all your idea and you take us through the 12-step process. Any regrets about wishful thinking out loud? You get to see her fucked by another guy, again.
03/17/2008 • 48584 views • Report
flat share chastity - Thumbnail
05/10/2008 • 46488 views • Report
Girl Friend Wishes - Thumbnail
07/17/2008 • 33108 views • Report
Girlfriend Takes Control - Thumbnail

Flash teaseGirlfriend Takes Control

(slight change due to an error therefore scene finished 1/2 through) girlfriend blackmails you into submission, possible chastity/urethral penetration according to how you perform.
09/25/2008 • 63394 views • Report
If You Give A Mouse A Cookie... - Thumbnail

TOTM - Winner!If You Give A Mouse A Cookie...

Six months of chastity in review, and your mistress makes you a promise.
04/24/2009 • 75013 views • Report
Your New Wife's Second Demand - Thumbnail

Your New Wife's Second Demand

Your wife's eleventh rule. See "Your New Wife's First Demand" for the first ten rules that you must obey. More of your cuckold life explained by your wife.
10/16/2008 • 20025 views • Report
Your New Wife's Third Demand:  Friends at the Beach - Thumbnail

Your New Wife's Third Demand: Friends at the Beach

You relive what has been happening to you and wonder if you'll be able to continue to obey your wife and to follow her eleven rules. But, you know you're not alone. What a comfort that is! Cuckold!
10/21/2008 • 21206 views • Report
Look What I Found Out! - Thumbnail

Flash teaseLook What I Found Out!

She hired a computer tech to clean out your computer, and guess what she found out! It seems her reaction is not what you might have expected. BTW, the toys aren't necessary, but they help with the effect.
11/14/2008 • 42457 views • Report
Teased and Cuckolded - Reload - Thumbnail

Teased and Cuckolded - Reload

The reload of one of the bests Classics Teases
12/03/2008 • 31953 views • Report
every morning - Thumbnail

Every morning

anime dominatrix
12/16/2008 • 51038 views • Report
Hubby's Long, Hot, Summer - Part 1 - Thumbnail

Hubby's Long, Hot, Summer - Part 1

Poor hubby's in for a long, hot teasing summer.
12/31/2008 • 24589 views • Report
Hubby's Long, Hot, Summer - Part 2 - Thumbnail

Hubby's Long, Hot, Summer - Part 2

Part Two of the Cammie, Amber, and Hubby series... Part 3 coming soon...
01/07/2009 • 17956 views • Report
you can't come upstairs - Thumbnail

You can't come upstairs

cuckold slave teased in panties
01/06/2009 • 23827 views • Report
Princess Phoenixxx makes you her loser bitch ! - Thumbnail

Princess Phoenixxx makes you her loser bitch !

Princess Phoenixxx tuns her ex boyfriend into her loser bitch slave i chastity, and makes him do chores and worship her ass.
01/19/2009 • 31563 views • Report
Penny Pirate Sent You an Email - Thumbnail

Penny Pirate Sent You an Email

A married woman takes control via your Blackberry from across the country
02/26/2009 • 25407 views • Report
Under control Day one - Thumbnail

Under control Day one

Part one of a series requires chastity device but if you don't have it you could pretend and use will power
Under control Day two  - Thumbnail

Under control Day two

day 2 of the series
Under Control day 3 - Thumbnail

Under Control day 3

part 3 of chastity series
wank a doodle - Thumbnail

Wank a doodle

WIFE controls your stroking
Bi Training 1 - Thumbnail
Lord Byron3.3

Bi Training 1

Your new Mistress, Mistress Kim, has not let you cum for two weeks... she says you can cum today, but you have to do something you might not like...
04/06/2009 • 29218 views • Report
replaced - Thumbnail


wife needs more dick
04/08/2009 • 62602 views • Report
helping you out - Thumbnail

Helping you out

wifey drains your dick
daily dribble - Thumbnail

Daily dribble

no squirting for you slave
learning to like it - Thumbnail

Learning to like it

wifey has a special day planned
04/22/2009 • 56158 views • Report
dirty laundry - Thumbnail

Dirty laundry

teaching you the special scents
04/23/2009 • 22230 views • Report
Finding True Release - Thumbnail

Finding True Release

A short sequel to "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie..."
04/26/2009 • 36080 views • Report