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Serve me stroker boy - Thumbnail

Serve me stroker boy

This is my first tease, so feedback welcome.
06/17/2010 • 18381 views • Report
The Struggle With-in - Thumbnail

The Struggle With-in

Sent to masterbation intervention ...long tease draining-marathon!
08/10/2010 • 31225 views • Report
Big blue balls 6# - Thumbnail

Big blue balls 6#

Brenda's back blue Balls Please
My story written for mistress……last part - Thumbnail

My story written for mistress……last part

Last part is this story.Enjoy and keep enjoying with milovana.
12/01/2010 • 6923 views • Report
How will you sleep tonight? - Thumbnail

How will you sleep tonight?

Let me warn you,this tease has some pretty extreme chastity as well as bondage overnights.(this is only my second tease and I cant figure out how to get pics on it? Let me know what you think)
01/15/2011 • 42026 views • Report
Surrender into chastity 5 - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 3.8

Flash teaseSurrender into chastity 5

finally part5, Last tease of the series!, Chance to cum at the end, Hope no bugs ;), have fun...
04/12/2011 • 51253 views • Report
Miss Sophia - Second Tease - Thumbnail

Flash teaseMiss Sophia - Second Tease

Miss Sophia asked you to come for her second tease, and ofcourse you can't deny her!
05/01/2011 • 16230 views • Report
How The Mighty Have Fallen - Thumbnail

How The Mighty Have Fallen

You had all the young teenage pussy you could dream of ....until Mistress Roni changed all that!
07/22/2011 • 49208 views • Report
House of Edging - Level One - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!House of Edging - Level One

Lots of edging and a little CBT. Negotiate the house to get to the next level (redone and fixed!)
09/02/2011 • 49219 views • Report
Be my slave - Thumbnail

Flash teaseBe my slave

just a little tease
05/16/2012 • 34316 views • Report
Gayme Time - Thumbnail

Gayme Time

A gay game of chance, depending on the roll of the dice.
11/23/2011 • 25220 views • Report
So You Think You're Ready? - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 3.7

So You Think You're Ready?

Miss Chloe tests you. Are you ready?
02/09/2012 • 21847 views • Report
Alien Testing - Thumbnail

Alien Testing

a little experiment. edging and varied stroking, part 1. some cbt
04/12/2012 • 20364 views • Report
Are You Man Enough 2: Heidi's Challenge - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Are You Man Enough 2: Heidi's Challenge

Heidi is still looking for a man with the endurance and self-control to satisfy her. Long Tease. Lots of Edging. Some CBT. Chance to cum if you prove your worth. Good're gonna need it.
07/08/2012 • 53285 views • Report
The Blind Date - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 4.0

Flash teaseThe Blind Date

The perfect date or the date from hell, the outcome is perfectly up to you depending on how you perform! Good luck.
08/27/2012 • 23716 views • Report
Meet Goddess Lisa Ann Part 2 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseMeet Goddess Lisa Ann Part 2

Day 2 with your new Goddess. This time with more stroking !!! bugs, improvement and everything else is welcome in the forum. Enjoy !
12/26/2012 • 10539 views • Report
Switch Couple Lessons Part 1: Introducing Your New Dong (For Women New To Topping)  - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Switch Couple Lessons Part 1: Introducing Your New Dong (For Women New To Topping)

For this tease you will need 1) A Strapon 2) A blindfold 3) Scarfs/handcuffs/tape/etc 4) 2 clothespins 5) hairbrush 6) Big spoon/fork 7) A glass 8) A towl
02/08/2013 • 34270 views • Report
You need to be punished! - Thumbnail

Flash teaseYou need to be punished!

Your wife knows about your cheating ways. With sound. Initial bugs fixed now
03/04/2013 • 17805 views • Report
Milovana research - Thumbnail

Milovana research

Just a quick research. Help to make some good quality teases! We are creating them for you, your opinion matters.
04/09/2013 • 31487 views • Report
Daily Tasks - Thumbnail

Daily Tasks

This tease is made for my little slave boys. Those unowned can do it as well and other Domme's are welcome to use it as a training tool
04/30/2013 • 21056 views • Report
Miss Katherine - CBT Session - Thumbnail

Flash teaseMiss Katherine - CBT Session

Katherine arranged for a meeting, but you arrived too early. That calls for special punishment. WARNING: If you feel something is too dangerous, DON'T DO IT. Iam in no way responsible for you hurting yourself.
05/14/2013 • 36062 views • Report
Mistress Selena Session 3 - Thumbnail

Mistress Selena Session 3

Session 3 -- Plenty of fetish and CBT with the usual humiliation. Selena's back for more fun with her dirty slaves with just as much pain as ever, Enjoy!
06/18/2013 • 21280 views • Report
Public Humiliation & Orgasm Denial without getting caught - Thumbnail

Public Humiliation & Orgasm Denial without getting caught

long tease with fear of getting caught. Feminization,Indoor,outdoor,cum eating, diapers,piss,denial,edging,public&private humiliation,crossdressing,webcamchat, urethrainsertion,cbt,chores
03/17/2014 • 58583 views • Report
Practice you cock sucking - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Practice you cock sucking

Hot babe teaches you how to suck cock..light cbt,dildo sucking,little humiliation....
02/01/2014 • 37582 views • Report
Control For A Week Days 1-5 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseControl For A Week Days 1-5

bug fixed in day 4 - lots of stroking, edging, nipple pain, CBT, chance for denial, ruined or full orgasm.
08/03/2014 • 97058 views • Report
The Bond Between Siblings... - Thumbnail

The Bond Between Siblings...

You will need... Chastity device, a bowl & a chosen food (Preferable cake). This tease is best done on a Sunday with a full bladder. Don't cum for 24 hours before this tease and be in your device.
06/15/2014 • 25654 views • Report
Kendra's Private Slut - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Kendra's Private Slut

Kendra owns your mouth and your ass and uses them to humiliate you.
11/11/2014 • 67904 views • Report
Porn assignments - Thumbnail

Porn assignments

This one is a workout. Watch porn videos. Small penis humiliation. Denial, Chance to cum if you're good. Long tease. 2-4 hours
01/08/2015 • 47417 views • Report


A tease made for an entire week ok cum/masturbation control.
01/28/2015 • 21013 views • Report
Physical Therapy: Part 1 - Evaluation - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Physical Therapy: Part 1 - Evaluation

Your Doctor Prescribes Physical Therapy to help with your neck and back pain, Little do you know what kind of therapy awaits you! Warning: Heavy Exercise based tease.
10/09/2016 • 34161 views • Report

"Pain is the New Pleasure"

Real online dominatrix, Princess Avery, puts you in your place
07/09/2015 • 22440 views • Report
Hard Bondage - Thumbnail

Hard Bondage

This time in english. It was a wish of a user
08/06/2015 • 25392 views • Report
A session of

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!A session of "fun"

A long, humiliating tease, with focus on anal and private humiliation. Model: Brea Bennett
10/18/2015 • 49889 views • Report
Hard CBT for Slave(Name) german - Thumbnail

Hard CBT for Slave(Name) german

CBT schmerzen ausdauer und noch mehr schmerzen und ein bisschen mut
11/22/2015 • 10340 views • Report
Caught . . . & punished part 19 A - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Caught . . . & punished part 19 A

The tease continues, although first timers can jump in - long tease, between parts 19 A & B - ideally, do all at one time, and feel the full torment!! Lots of stroking, edging, pain, chance to orgasm
02/03/2016 • 21294 views • Report
Challenge - how much can you edge?  - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Challenge - how much can you edge?

Hour-long tease, lots of stroking and edging, nipple play, mild CBT; chance at denial, ruined or full orgasm!
03/03/2016 • 69755 views • Report
DER SISSY-WETTKAMPF | Runde #3 - Thumbnail
Herrin Anja4.1


Willkommen zur verspäteten Runde #3 mein Lieben :*
05/07/2016 • 8494 views • Report
Natasha & Her Roommates 3 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseNatasha & Her Roommates 3

Part 3 of 3 parts - a few hours to do all 3. Lots of stroking, edging, cbt, nipple play, denial, chance to ruin, chance to cum. Can you take it? Do you want more?!
07/30/2016 • 24728 views • Report
Tiny Dick Losers Deserve Chastity 4 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTiny Dick Losers Deserve Chastity 4

Mistress Destiny is back! Part 4 requires cock cage, panties, icy hot and some scissors (don't worry - at least not too much :P).
01/06/2017 • 36437 views • Report
Die Aufgaben - Thumbnail

Die Aufgaben

Aufgaben für einen unterwürfigen Sklaven.
11/22/2016 • 56 views • Report
Ballbusting - Abused and Broken - Thumbnail

Flash teaseBallbusting - Abused and Broken

A brutal and unforgiving ballbuster, Nika kicks and crushes your balls well beyond your limits.
05/11/2019 • 33560 views • Report
Mansion of Divas - Thumbnail

Flash teaseMansion of Divas

A gauntlet of challenging tasks in which your own choices will effect your outcome. Might not be perfect due to number of paths, please report any errors.
09/09/2017 • 20129 views • Report
Sissies Deserve Censored Hentai and Denial - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Sissies Deserve Censored Hentai and Denial

It's time you learned that sissies only get to look at censored hentai and get denied. You'll be stroking, edging and slapping your balls.
11/22/2017 • 73422 views • Report
Hentai-Furry Snakes and Ladders 2 - Thumbnail

Hentai-Furry Snakes and Ladders 2

Another Snake and ladders tease. Have furries, hentai, homosexuals, ball slaps... all the things that make life so awesome :D. Hope you enjoy it, any feedback on my pm are welcome <3
03/11/2018 • 20390 views • Report
The Room - One Piece - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Room - One Piece

First tease of a serie which will implies different characters from animes. Contains cbt, edging, boredom and foot fetish. Please send me feedback via pm (Bugs, errors, commissions).
03/03/2018 • 38673 views • Report
Lottery of Abstinence - Thumbnail

Lottery of Abstinence

Contains mostly hentai-feet pictures. Multiple difficulties, CBT option. Can lead to very long chastity periods. Might be unfair for the weakest. (Vote page 38)
04/29/2018 • 52386 views • Report
Drain & Abuse - Thumbnail

Drain & Abuse

A relentless milking dripping with pain and humiliation
06/14/2018 • 31272 views • Report
Ballbusting holidays Day2 - Thumbnail

Ballbusting holidays Day2

The day 2 at holiday scool, same rules, this tease is focused on hard punches, be safe.
08/13/2018 • 9643 views • Report
Adriana's New Rule... - Thumbnail

Adriana's New Rule...

It's been an easier than expected 12 months for you, but your wife intends to change all that...
10/14/2018 • 32949 views • Report
Goddess Celeste's harem - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 3.6

Goddess Celeste's harem

Shortish story based tease, also my first tease.
12/26/2018 • 12154 views • Report
Would You Like a Custom Tease? - Thumbnail

Would You Like a Custom Tease?

Offering custom webteasing content for Milovana users.
02/03/2019 • 6214 views • Report
Destroy your balls for natalie - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Destroy your balls for natalie

Hard ballbusting for a shemale goddess Natalie mars.
06/03/2019 • 22013 views • Report
The Mystical Maze - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Winner!The Mystical Maze

[My Little Pony but mostly humanized] This massive webtease will test your luck as you go from room to room. Enjoy great storytelling and fapping while you try to find a way out of this Mystical Maze.
09/07/2019 • 79276 views • Report
Be Curious - For Premature Cummies - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Be Curious - For Premature Cummies

For people curious about premature ejaculations: can you become more of a dick (pun intended) by going full premature? Take this tease to find out.
09/05/2019 • 43968 views • Report
Nikki spielt mit dir - Thumbnail

Nikki spielt mit dir

Nikki hat lust zu spielen...
11/05/2019 • 10169 views • Report
Bailey's Anal Adventure - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 4.5

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Bailey's Anal Adventure

Bailey's got a plan for that little hole of yours. Are you up to the challenge?
01/03/2020 • 67091 views • Report
Estim Bondage - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Estim Bondage

Highly customizable estim tease and torture. Random loop with some stories in between. Requires a sound based estim device.
02/13/2020 • 125742 views • Report
How do you like to stroke? - Thumbnail

Flash teaseHow do you like to stroke?

First time making a tease, hope you enjoy! CBT optional.
04/14/2020 • 36921 views • Report
HGame - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Winner!HGame

My first tease. I made it a bit short so it can be enjoyed whenever. I'm open to suggestions, and I hope you enjoy!
05/30/2020 • 45544 views • Report
Femdom by numbers - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Femdom by numbers

Fun random femdom number tease for couples
08/03/2020 • 28333 views • Report
Dua Lipa Busts Your Balls - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 2.8

Dua Lipa Busts Your Balls

First tease, i hope you guys enjoy it. Idea taken from elsewhere but I don't see any joip here, so I convert. Don't do anything you are not safe with.
10/18/2020 • 6546 views • Report
C.C puts you to the test (code geass hentai tease)  - Thumbnail

Eos teaseC.C puts you to the test (code geass hentai tease)

Tease featuring C.C from code geass / includes petplay(optional) denial&chastity(optional) ice play(optional) cbt(optional) light nippletorture light sph & humiliation breathplay and edging
Masochistic desire II - Thumbnail

Eos teaseMasochistic desire II

Lots of impact pain, tt, light cbt and edging. No masturbation. Completely random but with element of choice affecting the tasks. I'll be glad for feedback.
02/18/2021 • 24769 views • Report
Club Femdom - Thumbnail

Eos teaseClub Femdom

Erster Besuch im Club FEMDOM aka Melkstation. FLR Ehefrau lässt sich professionell beraten.
05/01/2021 • 15152 views • Report
Kyla's Party - Thumbnail

Eos teaseKyla's Party

Co-written by Helequin, Milorrabo, and BBBeanie. A compliment to forum the game Help Me Cum Please. Play with our rules or your own to entertain Kyla and her guests. Lots of Edging and Ballbusting.
06/19/2021 • 48728 views • Report
Goon for Hentai - Thumbnail

Eos teaseGoon for Hentai

[Updated]A simple tease for gooning away. you will get punished if you go over the edge so I hope you're disciplined gooner. Best played while locked in chastity imo. Stroke, Edge, Deny, Repeat. C;
07/15/2021 • 35088 views • Report
Chastity Keyholder - Thumbnail

Eos teaseChastity Keyholder

Chastity Keyholder Guide/Game for Couples
09/13/2021 • 49663 views • Report
Humiliation Slut Pornstar #2 - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Humiliation Slut Pornstar #2

You are forced to perform a number of degrading sexual acts on yourself on camera for a series of beautiful women.
03/17/2022 • 31989 views • Report
CBT Mansion - Chapter 1 - The Arrival - Thumbnail

Eos teaseCBT Mansion - Chapter 1 - The Arrival

This is my first tease and meant to be part of the "CBT Mansion" series.The first chapter only features CBT, nipple torture and edging.More fetishes and tasks will be included in the next chapters.
01/01/2022 • 23823 views • Report
Your Girlfriends' Request - Thumbnail

Eos teaseYour Girlfriends' Request

Your girlfriend is gone. Forever though? Tease involves stroking, edging, CBT and Nipple Torture. Chance for orgasm denial, or a ruined or full orgasm. Each tease takes approx. 20 minutes on average.
02/18/2022 • 15419 views • Report
A sissy dream - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!A sissy dream

You are woken up by a soft soothing voice. Where are you? You will soon find out. Includes verbal humiliation, anal, forced feminization, oral/deepthroat, optional light ass to mouth, cbt, chastity.
03/29/2022 • 41058 views • Report