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Jessica's Game of Cards - Thumbnail
Evals • 06/29/2008 • 3.8

Flash teaseJessica's Game of Cards

Jessica, along with her friend Elizabeth, seduce you into playing their wicked game of cards. The luck of the draw will determine how easy or painful it will be for you to reach the edge.
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College Tease Toy - Playing cards with Nikki - Thumbnail
eteased • 03/05/2009 • 3.2

Flash teaseCollege Tease Toy - Playing cards with Nikki

Play some blackjack with Nikki, and maybe get teased in the process
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Story of sinful man Day 3 - Thumbnail
FATALES • 12/18/2015 • 2.6

Flash teaseStory of sinful man Day 3

He got the first payout. You'll go to the casino. First visit forum Story of sinful Man (FEEDBACK )
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Hunt the aces - Thumbnail
FauxPas • 02/04/2017 • 4.4

TOTM - Winner!Hunt the aces

A simple card game inspired by the Easy But Difficult series. Takes about an hour.
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Cards of tease - Thumbnail
Kazuh • 07/19/2017 • 3.6

Flash teaseCards of tease

Monique is going to tease you with cards. Are you up to the chanllenge? Only deck of cards needed. (20-60min)
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Cards of pain - Thumbnail
Lovepain99 • 11/12/2017 • 3.7

Flash teaseCards of pain

This is a Card Game in german. Translation to english will follow soon.
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Hunt the Aces - Thumbnail
discardedmelon • 01/29/2019 • 4.6

Eos teaseHunt the Aces

A remake of 'Hunt the Aces' by FauxPas. Designed to be easier to play. (please report bugs via pm) V1.0.2 To resolve button issue, scroll down using mouse wheel and play in full screen.
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Legend of Zelda Tarot Card Game (EOS edition) - Thumbnail
StrokerBoy84159 • 02/12/2019 • 4.4

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Legend of Zelda Tarot Card Game (EOS edition)

This tease is a direct adaptation of Chesssex's Legend of Zelda Tarot Card Game with his permission. It was made to test out EOS editor limits.
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