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Teases for "blackmail".

Lexi and the teacher - Thumbnail
billlr • 06/16/2009 • 4.0

Lexi and the teacher

Some girls will do ANYTHING to make the grade. Even become "teachers" themselves".
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Indiscretion Part 1: Mistakes - Thumbnail
1885 • 07/24/2011 • 4.5

FlashTeaseIndiscretion Part 1: Mistakes

Lust can drive a man to do things he never thought possible, but some decisions can come back to haunt you.
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Ruined by Sisters Part 1: Sentinel - Thumbnail
1885 • 08/11/2011 • 4.3

FlashTeaseRuined by Sisters Part 1: Sentinel

When you covet the wrong woman, you learn that not every guardian angel has a halo.
The Lingerie Trap - First Part (Seduced by Panties) - Thumbnail
jamiesizzle • 12/04/2011 • 3.5

FlashTeaseThe Lingerie Trap - First Part (Seduced by Panties)

The first part of a sissy tease. Please alow time for the audio to load. You might want to play the tease once through quickly first so that all the images and sounds load to your cache. I had to split it up so more parts will follow. Hugs and Kisses Jamie
Your BBW Secretary - Thumbnail
ToddCanada • 12/16/2011 • 4.3

Your BBW Secretary

A married man has all of his plans derailed by his homewrecking BBW secretary. Part 1 of 3
Blackmail Desire - Thumbnail
react • 10/15/2015 • 2.1

FlashTeaseBlackmail Desire

You wanna to finaly know the thrill of beeing blackmailed. This tease is for you. Rate it in the end of your blackmailing.
Miley's Worship Strokes - Thumbnail
guidedbyvoices • 12/30/2012 • 3.6

Miley's Worship Strokes

The 18 year old goddess Miley Cyrus teases you, cuckolds you, blackmails you and ultimately turns you into a stroking worshipper of hers for life.
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Jennifer's Blackmail - Thumbnail
Liz • 10/19/2015 • 3.3

Jennifer's Blackmail

Jennifer blackmails you.. another way to get into her server controlled blackmail system.
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Blackmail (german) - Thumbnail
Herrin Simone • 01/05/2013 • 3.4

Blackmail (german)

This is for serious blackmailing only! If you do this you should know what you get yourself into!
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Blackmail (english) - Thumbnail
Herrin Simone • 01/06/2013 • 3.2

Blackmail (english)

Since there were so many requests here is the translation of the Blackmail tease. I'm sorry for the language. Only do and rate this if you really are into blackmailing.
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Will you cheat Kika ? - Thumbnail
lovecraft • 12/05/2016 • 4.2

FlashTeaseTOTM - Winner!Will you cheat Kika ?

story tease with different paths and endings : Try to stay faithful to your new girlfriend when you're hired in a school full of licentious and blackmailing students ! Some sounds and metronome parts
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only for real blackmail sub - Thumbnail
Mistress_Rain • 03/02/2013 • 2.3

Only for real blackmail sub

REAL BLACKMAIL, stroking, edging, forced intoxication, you'll need something to drink to do this tease. Cum at the end
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Topics: blackmail edging
Blackmail - Thumbnail
bmailmiss • 04/13/2013 • 2.6


Lässt du dich auf das Abenteuer ein?
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Topics: blackmail
Blackmail Play - Thumbnail
DartSmart • 12/19/2013 • 3.6

Blackmail Play

Play a blackmail game with a little help of this tease! There are 30+ Masters/ Mistresses to choose from, just sign up and play!
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Blackmail submission game - Thumbnail
Viewed 2 times • Report
Topics: blackmail
Blackmail Play - The Sequel - Thumbnail
DartSmart • 12/27/2013 • 4.6

Blackmail Play - The Sequel

Play a blackmail game with a little help of this tease! 20 blackmail slaves to choose from, just make your pick!
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Blackmail (German) - Thumbnail
herrinpatricia • 11/26/2017 • 3.1

Blackmail (German)

Willst du dich komplett einer Blackmail Herrin unterwerfen? Dann klick hier drauf und lass dich fallen!
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Topics: blackmail
Herrin Emma Watson  (German/Deutsch) - Thumbnail
herrin.emma • 04/09/2014 • 3.7

FlashTeaseHerrin Emma Watson (German/Deutsch)

Werde ein Sklave von Herrin Emma Watson
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Hens Night - The Blackmail (Chapter 1) - Thumbnail
cksfantasy • 04/12/2015 • 3.4

FlashTeaseTOTM - Nominee!Hens Night - The Blackmail (Chapter 1)

First tease, you will cum 3 times, BBW theme, please let me know if you run into any bugs and i'll sort it out asap. Enjoy!
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