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Teases for "belt".

Simpkins @ St. Saviour's 1 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSimpkins @ St. Saviour's 1

St. Saviour's is a correctional institute for hardened criminals. Lots of edging and wonderful opportunitiers to cum for the grade A student. Unspeakable pain and torture for those who prefer disobedience.
04/01/2009 • 69181 views • Report
Dont forget to breathe! - Thumbnail

Flash teaseDont forget to breathe!

My first flashtease with updated colour buttons (to make it easier to use!). Sorry for the republish, hope you enjoy gettnig worked over by these mistresses!
10/27/2009 • 48148 views • Report
Forced Pantyhose Chastitytraining - Thumbnail

Forced Pantyhose Chastitytraining

a tease for addicted pantyhoseslaves and the women who love them.
05/05/2010 • 29489 views • Report
Bath Time - Thumbnail

Bath Time

After craving your sweet Miss for so long, you daringly burst into her bathroom and find her with another girl. Big mistake...?
02/01/2011 • 22744 views • Report
Apocalypse - Thumbnail

Flash teaseApocalypse

Story based tease. Lots of pain, humiliation, tease and denial. Also with quizz's. Multiple routes and outcomes. May be a little dark for some tastes. more info in link
02/08/2013 • 115607 views • Report
Whats The Difference ? - Thumbnail

Whats The Difference ?

my second tease with some of my dream girls wish i could find one!
03/29/2013 • 30906 views • Report
Beat Those Balls - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Beat Those Balls

A "fun" game where a pretty dominant girl asks you to hurt your balls for her. Mulitple endings.
09/08/2013 • 24180 views • Report