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Teases for "belt".

Its Own Reward - Thumbnail
06/28/2007 • 32992 views • Report
Test - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTest

My little tease
12/11/2007 • 4127 views • Report
Can you obbey all our commands? 2 - Thumbnail
09/26/2007 • 47173 views • Report
For cocky wantabe's - Thumbnail
12/06/2007 • 23947 views • Report
Your Receptionist Catches You - Thumbnail
01/26/2008 • 36156 views • Report
ashley's punishment   - Thumbnail
02/25/2008 • 48502 views • Report
so you want to be a superstar - Thumbnail
03/03/2008 • 27420 views • Report
M.A.F.A.T.9 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseM.A.F.A.T.9

This is the punishment you were given at the end of M.A.F.A.T. 8
03/22/2008 • 71545 views • Report
man enough? - Thumbnail

Flash teaseMan enough?

first tease updated, slight additions. enjoy
11/06/2008 • 28673 views • Report
The Twelve Days of Edgemas - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!The Twelve Days of Edgemas

Really hard tease that will push you to the limit.
12/24/2008 • 24683 views • Report
The Sluts Day - Thumbnail

The Sluts Day

Your Slut Day.. Let you inner feeling speek;)
02/05/2009 • 18832 views • Report
Adventure - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Adventure

Be careful what you wish for, you may get it!
05/18/2009 • 63752 views • Report
Cassidy... dauthers friend - Thumbnail

Cassidy... dauthers friend

Cassandra,hot time with dauthers friend
02/24/2009 • 21721 views • Report
Simpkins @ St. Saviour's 1 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSimpkins @ St. Saviour's 1

St. Saviour's is a correctional institute for hardened criminals. Lots of edging and wonderful opportunitiers to cum for the grade A student. Unspeakable pain and torture for those who prefer disobedience.
04/01/2009 • 70298 views • Report
Georgia dominates - Thumbnail

Flash teaseGeorgia dominates

Last of the Georgia teases. Harder than the previous one. More urine play. Any errors or suggestions welcome in the forum. Enjoy!
03/26/2009 • 68506 views • Report
Enslaved To wank!  - Thumbnail

Enslaved To wank!

Mistress Kayla demoralizes you,be prepared as a slave
03/30/2009 • 32923 views • Report
Simpkins @ St. Saviour's 2 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSimpkins @ St. Saviour's 2

Second semester at St. Saviour's.... and the course just got a whole lot tougher!
08/31/2009 • 37164 views • Report
I Got Your Cure 3 - Thumbnail

I Got Your Cure 3

Back to the clinic for a draining as perscribed.
05/02/2009 • 12773 views • Report
The Wild Siren Ranch - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Wild Siren Ranch

You answer a "Help Wanted" ad for a ranch hand at the Wild Siren Ranch. Today is your first day of employment. You are asked to bring a leather belt, rope (shoelace, string, ect.), a rubber band, and a marker.
05/15/2009 • 22220 views • Report
The Long Weekend! (will you last??)  - Thumbnail
slave alexander4.1

The Long Weekend! (will you last??)

U & ur girlfriend have decided to spice things up a bit!! U need 5 pegs, 1 candle, deep heat, belt/ ruler, lube All feedback welcome - if so, please pm slave alexander
05/16/2009 • 25919 views • Report
HR interview - Thumbnail

HR interview

HR manager has a problem
05/16/2009 • 14814 views • Report
Follow Orders (#2) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFollow Orders (#2)

You will follow your mistresses orders or this time there will be consequences.
08/11/2009 • 36866 views • Report
Follow Orders (#5) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseFollow Orders (#5)

Your final set of orders from your mistress. Be warned this is the most demanding, painful, messy set of orders yet.
08/13/2009 • 46297 views • Report
The Brothel: Part 2 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Brothel: Part 2

Morning on Day 2, you are given a pop quiz by one of the whores. But what happens if you answer wrong? Four different endings; best done after at least one day of denial. Report any bugs on the forum.
09/01/2009 • 33854 views • Report
Humiliated - Thumbnail


always thanks your mistress!
09/16/2009 • 17850 views • Report
Dont forget to breathe! - Thumbnail

Flash teaseDont forget to breathe!

My first flashtease with updated colour buttons (to make it easier to use!). Sorry for the republish, hope you enjoy gettnig worked over by these mistresses!
10/27/2009 • 48676 views • Report
Girlfriend's Revenge - Thumbnail

Girlfriend's Revenge

Your girlfriend left you for cheating on her. You bring her some roses and beg her to take your back, and she agrees... but she has some terms.
09/30/2009 • 20779 views • Report
make me laugh - Thumbnail

Flash teaseMake me laugh

stroking, pain, and a little humiliation. ass and denim fetishists may particularly enjoy this. my second tease, please, please leave feedback.
01/29/2010 • 23961 views • Report
Edging with insanity - Thumbnail

Edging with insanity

Mistress Jena urges you to edge!
Tired New Girlfriend  - Thumbnail

Tired New Girlfriend

That new girl won't let you touch her yet.
12/06/2009 • 15593 views • Report
karlie is asking you - Thumbnail
01/29/2010 • 57288 views • Report
Balls Of Steel - Thumbnail
01/19/2010 • 26276 views • Report
The Belt - For Girls - Thumbnail

The Belt - For Girls

Something for you, something for your neighbors! And a little something for your mistress.
02/02/2010 • 23705 views • Report
Luck - Thumbnail

Flash teaseLuck

Much longer than my first flash tease :) and its luck based! (kinda)
02/07/2010 • 82666 views • Report
Tease for my slaves in hypnotic chastity - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTease for my slaves in hypnotic chastity

For my slaves who dare to listen to my Chastity file on
09/18/2010 • 55558 views • Report
Game: The Edging Challenge - Thumbnail

Flash teaseGame: The Edging Challenge

Enjoy this exciting adventure of pure ecstasy together with your partner, on the same Computer or via Internet.
04/01/2010 • 40870 views • Report
Honey I want to destroy you - Thumbnail

Honey I want to destroy you

Danger maximum humliation ect,LONG TEASE!
04/04/2010 • 61424 views • Report
the house - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe house

i found an error. long tease with different endings, a i hope you lie it. sorry for my bad english.
04/22/2010 • 94483 views • Report
Tease for the foot fetishists - Thumbnail

Tease for the foot fetishists

A self bondage tease for those people who have a foot fetish. Includes self bondage, self foot licking, edging and ball torture.
04/20/2010 • 17626 views • Report
Forced Pantyhose Chastitytraining - Thumbnail

Forced Pantyhose Chastitytraining

a tease for addicted pantyhoseslaves and the women who love them.
05/05/2010 • 29870 views • Report
Forced Pantyhose Chastitytraining      Part 2 - Thumbnail

Forced Pantyhose Chastitytraining Part 2

The next day of training a tease for addicted pantyhoseslaves and the women who love them.
05/06/2010 • 22453 views • Report
Es war dein Wunsch (German) - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Es war dein Wunsch (German)

My first Tease, hope you have fun. In german.
05/09/2010 • 32939 views • Report
You're Going To Burst - Thumbnail

You're Going To Burst

Filling yourself up and holding it all in for Mistress Blue
10/16/2010 • 58678 views • Report
Vampiretraining with a bratty Vamp-Princess  - Thumbnail

Vampiretraining with a bratty Vamp-Princess

about a bratty sadistic vamp-princess WWE fans should first tease but i took much effort into giving it a good story and hot picsNorders. chance to cum at end. tellme if you liked it pls!
06/21/2010 • 23383 views • Report
Ms Hart Teases You 2 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseMs Hart Teases You 2

**YOU WILL NEED HER NUMBER FROM THE 1st TEASE** Multiple paths and endings
06/25/2010 • 44902 views • Report
disgusting Emily - Thumbnail

Disgusting Emily

A tease full of poop play! It is hard and long and very extreme! Written for people who likes extreme games! Girls version following soon!
11/03/2010 • 64192 views • Report
Mistress Holly plays with her Slave. - Thumbnail

Mistress Holly plays with her Slave.

Mistress Holly will play a game with you making you to stroke and edge hardly... Prepare to keep your cum longer and... to be punished! Be a good Slave and will earn a nice orgasm!
09/18/2010 • 26379 views • Report
Good enough for sum Total Nonstop Action (TNA Tease TEST)? - Thumbnail

Good enough for sum Total Nonstop Action (TNA Tease TEST)?

10 pages long. want to know your opinion, if i should finish it. you're a fan of TNA (Wrestling) and want to kiss velvet sky's ass.. she see's you in the crowd and takes you with her to the lockerroom
12/26/2010 • 4066 views • Report
Pie Plate Messy Maker - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Pie Plate Messy Maker

Submissive wanker completes six humiliation assignments, earning permission to splash his spooge into a tin pie plate on the floor while his wife reads her book in bed.
12/06/2010 • 39153 views • Report
Das Spiel - Thumbnail

Das Spiel

12/10/2010 • 14555 views • Report
Simpkins @ St. Saviour's 3 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Simpkins @ St. Saviour's 3

Third semester.Tip: you will suffer if you have not completed the first two semesters. Watch out for the traps.... and study your report card if you want to survive.
01/02/2011 • 25442 views • Report
Simpkins @ St. Saviour's 4 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseSimpkins @ St. Saviour's 4

The fourth semester, and the evil bitches go from strength to strength. Are you man enough to complete the programme? Or will you whimp out? Will they finally break you? Or will you defy them?
01/04/2011 • 22918 views • Report
First Impressions - Thumbnail

First Impressions

You and Goddess meet for the first time. Now she's taken an interest in you! Pain, cocksucking, private humiliation, worshipping, and possible exhibitionism is in store for you!
01/22/2011 • 26420 views • Report
Bath Time - Thumbnail

Bath Time

After craving your sweet Miss for so long, you daringly burst into her bathroom and find her with another girl. Big mistake...?
02/01/2011 • 23081 views • Report
Chastity Calendar: February Part 2 - Thumbnail

Chastity Calendar: February Part 2

Part 2 of the Chastity Calendar. Short assignments each day.
02/07/2011 • 23871 views • Report
Surrender into chastity 4 - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 4.3

Flash teaseTOTM - Nominee!Surrender into chastity 4

part4, Kate & Karen
03/14/2011 • 50149 views • Report
Surrender into chastity 5 - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 3.8

Flash teaseSurrender into chastity 5

finally part5, Last tease of the series!, Chance to cum at the end, Hope no bugs ;), have fun...
04/12/2011 • 51734 views • Report
Erotic photography - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Erotic photography

This is what happens when 4 girls and 4 boys, each with cameras and sex on the menu.
03/24/2011 • 26243 views • Report


Not a Tease but a Contest for sissy Slut. All Dominant Mind are invited to Join for Proposal. All real sissy Slut Must Participate.
04/08/2011 • 6138 views • Report
Look at the little puppy! - Thumbnail

Look at the little puppy!

You bump into Mistress Bartsha, and she has a few ideas for you ;)
06/29/2011 • 32585 views • Report
Gisele part2 - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 4.1

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Gisele part2

Hope its fixed now
10/11/2011 • 80420 views • Report
You walk in on your stepdaughter changing... Part 2 - Thumbnail

You walk in on your stepdaughter changing... Part 2

Do part 1 before this one. Always be careful when doing the painful stuff. You need 2 clothespins, a shoelace, 2 belts, a collar, a ruler, and a dildo.
10/08/2011 • 18882 views • Report
Why Women are Better Than Men - Thumbnail

Why Women are Better Than Men

This girl will show you why women are better then man. Alot of CBT, so on your own risk
11/20/2012 • 29306 views • Report
Be my slave - Thumbnail

Flash teaseBe my slave

just a little tease
05/16/2012 • 34605 views • Report
Memory-Quiz 2 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseMemory-Quiz 2

Another Memory-Quiz. Includes Anal, Enema and Pain. Please send me a message, if there is a bug.
11/24/2011 • 31749 views • Report
Cute Lisa Part 3.1 (Stepdad Gets Punished) - Thumbnail

Flash teaseCute Lisa Part 3.1 (Stepdad Gets Punished)

Not quite chastised yet, Lisa needs to punish stepdad first. There is a chance to cum but it ain't pretty. The story unfolds and we will soon realize the depths of Lisa's depravity
12/12/2011 • 22295 views • Report
Ariel Rebel - innocent and sweet PART 1 - Thumbnail

Ariel Rebel - innocent and sweet PART 1

Start of a series, please tell me if you find some mistakes !
12/25/2011 • 11778 views • Report
Il servo di sua moglie - Thumbnail

Il servo di sua moglie

Il primo giorno di mio marito alla scuola di rieducazione per servi delle proprie mogli (Italiano)
12/31/2011 • 6647 views • Report
So You Think You're Ready? - Thumbnail
[unknown] • 3.7

So You Think You're Ready?

Miss Chloe tests you. Are you ready?
02/09/2012 • 21958 views • Report
caught, pantied, and punsihed - Thumbnail

Caught, pantied, and punsihed

Caught like a sissy looking through a panty drawer you are subjected to humiliating punishment involving severe spanking, anal training, ice cubes, and some more. Get your panties ready for this tease
03/16/2012 • 48874 views • Report