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The Room - Bleach - Thumbnail
CheeseCrustBurner • 07/14/2018 • 3.8

Flash teaseThe Room - Bleach

Second of the serie. Short teases will comes next. Bugs (normalement) corrected. Contains mainly cbt, anal and lots of edging, Multiple edings.
The Room - One Piece - Thumbnail
CheeseCrustBurner • 03/03/2018 • 3.9

Flash teaseThe Room - One Piece

First tease of a serie which will implies different characters from animes. Contains cbt, edging, boredom and foot fetish. Please send me feedback via pm (Bugs, errors, commissions).
Viewed 22991 times • Report
Experience Surrender - Thumbnail
drunkasfuck • 02/11/2018 • 3.4

Experience Surrender

An edging and submission tease for women
Pleasure and Pain - female version - Thumbnail
Lovepain99 • 12/29/2017 • 3.7

Flash teasePleasure and Pain - female version

Dice game for the female milovana users.
Viewed 12364 times • Report
Love Live! Non-Nude Challenge - Thumbnail
HSama • 12/13/2017 • 4.1

Flash teaseLove Live! Non-Nude Challenge

Love Live girls want you to stroke at them, without nudity of course! Multiple endings and lots of edging. My last tease
Viewed 22119 times • Report
Jinx Test - Thumbnail
HSama • 11/08/2017 • 4.2

TOTM - Nominee!Jinx Test

Jinx's gonna challenge you and you'll have to endure what she will make you do Contains multiple endings, lots of cbt and edgings and hentai
Viewed 21751 times • Report
Do you have an armpit fetish yet? - Thumbnail
Recursion • 09/22/2017 • 3.9

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Do you have an armpit fetish yet?

For armpit lovers and haters alike. This picture-searching game will have you stroking and staring as you try to earn a chance to cum. No toys required, CBT for punishments.
Viewed 30035 times • Report
5 days of pleasure - Thumbnail
Kazuh • 06/04/2017 • 4.5

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!5 days of pleasure

Are you ready to tease your cock for five days? Five hot mistresses will tease your cock to it´s limits. Very long tease. Toys are optional. Contains some optional punishment and humiliation. Enjoy!
Viewed 90268 times • Report
Misstress Cassie Will Spank Your Ass - Thumbnail
iSpank • 03/14/2017 • 4.0

Flash teaseMisstress Cassie Will Spank Your Ass

Good for girls and guys. Love to hear your in the forums. Answers at the start decide your path. Many paths through this tease. Great for spanking fans and hard core spankees. Need paddle, bath brush, hair brush. Alternate toy suggestions. Also advice provided.
Viewed 10507 times • Report
Arouse and obey - Thumbnail
imtoosexy • 01/10/2017 • 4.2

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!Arouse and obey

version 4.2. Your girlfriend will not take no for an answer. 350pg JOI, focus on sweet humiliation, chastity, anal. Multiple storylines. Feedback;
Viewed 61043 times • Report

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