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Jinx Test - Thumbnail
HSama • 11/08/2017 • 4.2

TOTM - Nominee!Jinx Test

Jinx's gonna challenge you and you'll have to endure what she will make you do Contains multiple endings, lots of cbt and edgings and hentai
Viewed 21692 times • Report
GODDESS WORSHIP - First days of servitude - Thumbnail
PrincessJulia • 10/19/2016 • 4.1

FlashTeaseTOTM - Nominee!GODDESS WORSHIP - First days of servitude

Do you have what it takes to please a real Goddess? Long, demanding, humiliating and painful. Only for real worshippers.
Viewed 39924 times • Report
Natasha & Her Roommates 1 - Thumbnail
whyme98543 • 07/30/2016 • 4.4

FlashTeaseTOTM - Nominee!Natasha & Her Roommates 1

Natasha's back! A 3 part tease taking a few hours to do all 3. Lots of stroking, edging, cbt, nipple play, denial, chance to ruin, chance to cum. Can you take it? Do you want more?!
Fetish Jerk Off Roulette - Thumbnail
Aimforanyhole • 04/25/2015 • 4.3

TOTM - Nominee!Fetish Jerk Off Roulette

Okay so my first tease, similar idea to blaque rose's the finishes. go through and pick a girl who will instruct you to cum using her favorite fetish.
Viewed 71801 times • Report
Cabin in the woods - Thumbnail
vamprince • 02/18/2015 • 4.2

FlashTeaseTOTM - Nominee!Cabin in the woods

Mostly Feminization/sissification, but not all about it. Please message me if you find any bugs or spelling errors. Any questions or comments feel free to message me ;p
Viewed 59890 times • Report
Femdom mistresses playing with your mind - Thumbnail
eMKa888 • 05/13/2014 • 3.9

FlashTeaseTOTM - Nominee!Femdom mistresses playing with your mind

This tease is for all those into light pain, femdom and edging. Different outcomes (denial/cumming/ruining/painful orgasm/...) - 300 pictures of mistresses
Who’s the slut now - Thumbnail
lady.victoria • 02/22/2014 • 4.4

TOTM - Nominee!Who’s the slut now

Viewed 51165 times • Report
Beat Those Balls - Thumbnail
blizgameguy • 09/08/2013 • 3.3

FlashTeaseTOTM - Nominee!Beat Those Balls

A "fun" game where a pretty dominant girl asks you to hurt your balls for her. Mulitple endings.
Viewed 20084 times • Report
Alison's game of chance - Thumbnail
blizgameguy • 06/16/2013 • 3.5

FlashTeaseTOTM - Nominee!Alison's game of chance

Alison wants to play a card game with you. As long as you play and do as she says, you will be allowed to cum at the end. Please be aware this is a serious Pain / CBT game, please only play if you are into this and experienced.
Viewed 31273 times • Report
Earn Points to Cum II - Thumbnail
thedude234 • 06/02/2013 • 3.6

FlashTeaseTOTM - Nominee!Earn Points to Cum II

Complete up to 10 challenges to improve your chance to cum, then claim your reward. Up to 100+ different images in the final slideshow, depending on how many points you earn.

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