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Endurance Strokes - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Endurance Strokes

your mistress is tired of you constantly edging without her permission. Therefore, she plans to play a game, after which you was afraid of edging more than anything. Inspiered by FURY TeaseAi module
02/24/2024 • 33414 views • Report
Total Recall - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Total Recall

Eine Psychologin hilft dir eine mentale Blockade abzubauen
Estim Cum Fast - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Estim Cum Fast

Choose the stim and image category you want, then lie back and enjoy the stim
01/11/2024 • 34042 views • Report
Adapted puzzle therapy - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Adapted puzzle therapy

A tease inspired by "Puzzle Therapy". Themes : Interracial/BBC, Trans/Shemale/Sissy, Femdom/Chastity/Pegging.
Cure for blueballs after NNN - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Cure for blueballs after NNN

After locktober and no nut november you hope for your final release since it is eight weeks ago when your mistress locked your horny cock and promissed to let you cum in december.
12/02/2023 • 27664 views • Report
The unlocking after Locktober - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!The unlocking after Locktober

Locktober is over. Your partner unlocks you, teases you and lets you stroke your cock. She also has a little surprise for you.
11/01/2023 • 23817 views • Report
Locktoberfest '23 - Week 4: Pleasure & Pain - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Locktoberfest '23 - Week 4: Pleasure & Pain

Mistress Blake welcomes you to this week of Locktoberfest. In this second to last installment of the ongoing series the Mistresses will try to scramble the subs definitions of pain and pleasure.
10/21/2023 • 29648 views • Report
To Save a Princess - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!To Save a Princess

Lady Fawn stands on trial for the heinous crime of being a keyholder - and you're the sole witness. Will you succumb to the interrogation and confess, or prove pivotal in her acquittal?
Evil Stepmommy v1.8
ritewriter 4.7

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Evil Stepmommy v1.8 "Happy Endings Pt. 1"

A Choose Your Own Adventure tease. You just moved home from college and have to deal with your father's new wife, a sexy, dangerous gold-digger. Can you resist her and her friends' evil charms? v1.8
07/17/2023 • 171436 views • Report
Son Ye-Eun - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Son Ye-Eun

Day-long tease. This is your first day as the slave of Son Ye-Eun. You will mostly be locked in chastity. You will hurt your nipples and she will sometimes let you out to make you edge a lot.
06/15/2023 • 48303 views • Report

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