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Big Black Cock for the white limp sissy clit. <3 - Thumbnail

Big Black Cock for the white limp sissy clit. <3

A big black cock is always superiour. Leaving your sissy ass so stretched out, you can't stop dripping cum and anal juices. Ruined for BBC, a limp sissy whore, that does as she is told.
01/25/2024 • 16924 views • Report
Advent Calendar [Fantasy Roulette] - Thumbnail

Eos teaseAdvent Calendar [Fantasy Roulette]

❤ Each day you will check the calendar and find a different picture with a task. Punishment, pain, pleasure, and humiliation awaits ❤ Please rate it and help us to grow :3
12/04/2023 • 34866 views • Report
Locktoberfest '23 - Week 4: Pleasure & Pain - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Locktoberfest '23 - Week 4: Pleasure & Pain

Mistress Blake welcomes you to this week of Locktoberfest. In this second to last installment of the ongoing series the Mistresses will try to scramble the subs definitions of pain and pleasure.
10/21/2023 • 29648 views • Report
Nephael's Chastitease Extraordinaire - Thumbnail

Eos teaseNephael's Chastitease Extraordinaire

In this tease, set (as these so often are) in an alternate reality, you will get a glimpse into the first day of a slave meeting his assigned domina. Multiple endings. Pretty extreme themes.
10/20/2023 • 28100 views • Report


Do you have what it takes to please a real Goddess? Long, demanding, painful and humiliating. Only for the real worshippers out there. Completely remade + a whole new section added.
10/15/2023 • 22740 views • Report
Twisted Tease: Flesh & Boners - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTwisted Tease: Flesh & Boners

For your crimes and misdeeds, you have found yourself as the JOIsaw Kidnapper's latest victim. Play her games for freedom, or fail like many others before you... Make your choice!
10/13/2023 • 69099 views • Report
Locktoberfest '23 - Week 2: Submission - Thumbnail

Eos teaseLocktoberfest '23 - Week 2: Submission

Week 2 of Locktoberfest: Mistress Blake uses your acceptance of chastity, to get you deeper and deeper into submission. Find out, what she can make you do! This is part three of the ongoing series.
10/07/2023 • 31644 views • Report
Locktoberfest '23 - Week 0: Preparations - Thumbnail

Eos teaseLocktoberfest '23 - Week 0: Preparations

Blake Blossom and her friends guide you through the preparations for locktoberfest. I made it for myself as encouragement for locktober. Join the gameboard in the forum. New task unlocks daily.
09/22/2023 • 56521 views • Report
Evil Stepmommy v1.8
ritewriter 4.7

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Evil Stepmommy v1.8 "Happy Endings Pt. 1"

A Choose Your Own Adventure tease. You just moved home from college and have to deal with your father's new wife, a sexy, dangerous gold-digger. Can you resist her and her friends' evil charms? v1.8
07/17/2023 • 171440 views • Report
A Session of Submission: Embracing the Dominance of Mistress Yeon-Jin - Thumbnail

Eos teaseA Session of Submission: Embracing the Dominance of Mistress Yeon-Jin

Mistress Yeon-Jin, a 25 year old korean femme fatale, will meet you for a trial of your submission.
05/22/2023 • 27458 views • Report

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