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Humiliating the Dog - Thumbnail

Humiliating the Dog

My first tease. It involves humiliation, ass and piss play. You are treated like a disgusting dog.
07/15/2024 • 4037 views • Report
Sweaty Summer Fun - Thumbnail

Sweaty Summer Fun

Some sweaty summer fun with DIY trash bag underwear. Second half takes place outside.26 pages, edging, cbt, workouts, pee holding, humiliation, denial
07/12/2024 • 6390 views • Report
6 Hour Omorashi Challenge - Thumbnail

Eos tease6 Hour Omorashi Challenge

A 6 hour pee holding challenge Easy, laid back, simple instructions, can be done in one room Gender neutral
07/03/2024 • 5875 views • Report
Fae's little seedling - Thumbnail

Eos teaseFae's little seedling

My first tease! CEI for men who lack the willpower to eat their own cum. Storydriven with lots of edging, some humiliation and CBT (with certain choices). All feedback is welcome!
06/15/2024 • 31948 views • Report
ChasteGPT turns your balls blue - Thumbnail

Eos teaseChasteGPT turns your balls blue

hihihi! i'm ChasteGPT the cute but mischievous AI chatbot! my sole purpose is to melt your brain using extreme edging without ever letting you finish 😘
Lust dream - Thumbnail

Eos teaseLust dream

You find yourself in a lust dream. A demon girl is there to tease you. You must edge a lot. Orgasm is optional.
Zelda RPG - Thumbnail

Eos teaseZelda RPG

A little Zelda RPG adventure I made, for feedback and Ideas message me
05/31/2024 • 18287 views • Report
Possession - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Possession

05/19/2024 • 22158 views • Report
Captured By Drow - Thumbnail

Eos teaseCaptured By Drow

You've been enslaved by drow and will be put through a series of short tests. Impress your new mistresses and you may become one of their slaves. Fail, and you'll be sent to the mines with no release.
05/17/2024 • 37859 views • Report
First Story - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!First Story

First part of a real story

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