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Locktober Keuschheits-Training - Thumbnail

Eos teaseLocktober Keuschheits-Training

Der Locktober kommt bald, aber du nicht. Dein Partner hat Experten um Hilfe gebeten, um dich auf die kommenden 4 Wochen Keuschheit vorzubereiten.
09/20/2023 • 3266 views • Report
Locktober Chastity Training - Thumbnail

Eos teaseLocktober Chastity Training

Locktober is cumming soon but you are not. Your partner asked experts for help to prepare you for 4 weeks upcumming chastity.
09/20/2023 • 11163 views • Report
Hotel Holding - Thumbnail

Eos teaseHotel Holding

At a new hotel, are the problems a coincidence, or by design? Contains stroking, edging, CBT, nipple-play, light anal, forced urination and a chance for a ruined or full orgasm, or complete denial.
Estim Mindfuck Edging Loops - Thumbnail

Eos teaseEstim Mindfuck Edging Loops

Estim tease made to fuck your mind up. Includes different mistresses, pleasure, pain, surprises... Duration depends on You, so don't cheat!
08/31/2023 • 18832 views • Report
The first tease - or: The new governess - Thumbnail

Eos teaseThe first tease - or: The new governess

Reconstruction of an antiquarian tease from 1923: Caught masturbating by the governess. It is necessary to take educational measures.
08/22/2023 • 12712 views • Report
Fitness Girls 0.2.1 - Thumbnail

Eos teaseFitness Girls 0.2.1

An army of devilish girls... A house on the beach... Do you have what it takes to play with the best and earn an unforgettable orgasm?
08/17/2023 • 38621 views • Report
Amazon estim mindfuck loop - Thumbnail

Eos teaseAmazon estim mindfuck loop

TEST - Amazon Estim Mindfuck Loop
07/24/2023 • 20271 views • Report
Evil Stepmommy v1.8
ritewriter 4.8

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Evil Stepmommy v1.8 "Happy Endings Pt. 1"

A Choose Your Own Adventure tease. You just moved home from college and have to deal with your father's new wife, a sexy, dangerous gold-digger. Can you resist her and her friends' evil charms? v1.8
Snakes & Ladders - w/ Freejerk v2.0 - Thumbnail

Eos teaseSnakes & Ladders - w/ Freejerk v2.0

NOW WITH GATES & TOGGLE-ABLE KINKS! 2 game modes, one EOS tease. Fixed bugs & added loads of content. if you use my code, at least credit me, especially if you only changed the photos…
07/08/2023 • 27055 views • Report
Bryci's Estim Experience - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Bryci's Estim Experience

An EOS conversion of this great e-stim tease!
07/06/2023 • 43046 views • Report

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