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Keystroke 2.0 - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Winner!Keystroke 2.0

⌨️ Be tempted or type in a full fledged video game! Nearly endless content and secrets to find and share on the forums! (Optional Non-Typing Mode and Casual Modes) (Optional Estim⚡)
12/22/2023 • 155843 views • Report
Advent Calendar [Fantasy Roulette] - Thumbnail

Eos teaseAdvent Calendar [Fantasy Roulette]

❤ Each day you will check the calendar and find a different picture with a task. Punishment, pain, pleasure, and humiliation awaits ❤ Please rate it and help us to grow :3
12/04/2023 • 31152 views • Report
Halloween Party Pt. 1 - Thumbnail

TOTM - Nominee!Halloween Party Pt. 1

The start of a series that turns a white woman black. Strong race play undertones. My first tease so please take it easy on me. :)
11/07/2023 • 17815 views • Report
Finding your MILF - Thumbnail

Eos teaseFinding your MILF

With over thousands of possibilities, this tease guarantees that you can find your perfect MILF
Pornstar Memory - Thumbnail

Eos teasePornstar Memory

Do you back yourself to be able to recognise enough pornstars? Test yourself with this little quiz.
08/14/2023 • 25053 views • Report
Snakes & Ladders - w/ Freejerk v2.0 - Thumbnail

Eos teaseSnakes & Ladders - w/ Freejerk v2.0

NOW WITH GATES & TOGGLE-ABLE KINKS! 2 game modes, one EOS tease. Fixed bugs & added loads of content. if you use my code, at least credit me, especially if you only changed the photos…
07/08/2023 • 30649 views • Report
spooky house - Thumbnail

Eos teaseSpooky house

short little chase tease I made
06/30/2023 • 9191 views • Report
Intro to Cock Memory - Thumbnail

Eos teaseIntro to Cock Memory

Introduction to Cock Memory - where sissies can learn to identify and memorise cocks. It's fun, try it!
A Visit to the Whore Hotel - Thumbnail

Eos teaseA Visit to the Whore Hotel

A spinoff to the Whore Hotel series this time from the male perspective. Basic choose your own adventure for stroke material.
05/23/2023 • 53990 views • Report
A hot night at the Haunted Whore House - Thumbnail

Eos teaseA hot night at the Haunted Whore House

Go on an adventure with your favourite two mystery girls: Velma and Daphne! Cock Hero style masturbation challenge, contains some edging.
05/17/2023 • 46115 views • Report

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