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Fae's little seedling - Thumbnail

Eos teaseFae's little seedling

My first tease! CEI for men who lack the willpower to eat their own cum. Storydriven with lots of edging, some humiliation and CBT (with certain choices). All feedback is welcome!
06/15/2024 • 32426 views • Report
鹭音大人的自慰挑战 - Thumbnail

Eos tease鹭音大人的自慰挑战

Tiny Dick Losers Must Earn An Orgasm - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Tiny Dick Losers Must Earn An Orgasm

Mistress Destiny invites you back to earn an orgasm. How much pain, humiliation, and suffering are you willing to go through to cum?
05/07/2024 • 38760 views • Report
Roswaal's Mansion  - Thumbnail
Goddess Bianca3.7

Eos teaseRoswaal's Mansion

A Re:Zero parody tease (WIP)
05/04/2024 • 19760 views • Report
Cursed By Succubus - Thumbnail

Eos teaseCursed By Succubus

CYOA interactive version, 43 unique scenes, 4 different endings, include 11 GIFs. Last update: 09.05.2024
04/29/2024 • 38762 views • Report
Hero Academy Training Chapter 2 - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Hero Academy Training Chapter 2

Welcome to the 2nd Hero Academy Chapter. Three teachers. Three classes. Can you pass them all or will you be a failure?
04/15/2024 • 31074 views • Report
Messy Workout 2 - Thumbnail

Eos teaseMessy Workout 2

Like Messy Splosh Workout, but more tasks, anal play and more mess. But also Fun without messy stuff. Be prepared. v1.3
03/13/2024 • 9688 views • Report
Submissive Poser 1.1 - Thumbnail

Eos teaseSubmissive Poser 1.1

This is fun task for submissives to practice their "slave" poses and spend some time in "corner time" Have added a longer intro and more images.
02/11/2024 • 27076 views • Report
Big Black Cock for the white limp sissy clit. <3 - Thumbnail

Big Black Cock for the white limp sissy clit. <3

A big black cock is always superiour. Leaving your sissy ass so stretched out, you can't stop dripping cum and anal juices. Ruined for BBC, a limp sissy whore, that does as she is told.
01/25/2024 • 22945 views • Report
足虫自我修养手册 - Thumbnail

Eos tease足虫自我修养手册

A game with a bit of findom, now this game is more inclined towards leisure and flirtatious teasing, and will gradually fill in the content. Stay tuned.
01/23/2024 • 122396 views • Report

Page 1 of 1041 2 3 4 ... 104

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