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Animation Quality Test with Blake Blossom [Demo] - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Animation Quality Test with Blake Blossom [Demo]

A demo testing the viability of smoother, longer, animations in vanilla Eos. (Small, hidden, reward for testing. Please test and give feedback.)
12/04/2021 • 24584 views • Report
BBC cock memory game - Thumbnail

Flash teaseBBC cock memory game

For all cock lovers and sissy's to enjoy superior black cock! Study every inch of the black cocks and remember the girls that go with them to win! The less tries it takes you the better the reward!
07/20/2020 • 42380 views • Report
Monster Hunter Omorashi - Thumbnail

Flash teaseMonster Hunter Omorashi

This is an omorashi and holding challenge that has you complete challenges in the game Monster Hunter World
06/14/2020 • 16051 views • Report
Lost Pokemon Battle V1.0 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseLost Pokemon Battle V1.0

A Short vanilla tease and you can choose when to cum. Please report any bug an feedback is welcome.
06/10/2020 • 19141 views • Report
[SY] Learning to think pt.III - Let's think about sluts II - Thumbnail

Flash tease[SY] Learning to think pt.III - Let's think about sluts II

Part of the Sissify yourself series. ~30 min
Melkstation - Einf├╝hrung in CBT - Thumbnail

Flash teaseMelkstation - Einf├╝hrung in CBT

Von der Herrin zum CBT-Training geschickt
05/22/2020 • 16198 views • Report
The Prison 2.0 - Thumbnail

Flash teaseTOTM - Winner!The Prison 2.0

My third tease. If there are any bugs please message me.
05/20/2020 • 110011 views • Report
The Prison - Thumbnail

Flash teaseThe Prison

My Second Tease may have bugs try The Prison 2.0
05/16/2020 • 28460 views • Report

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