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Owned by Tori - Thumbnail
Outcast • 05/23/2019 • 3.6

Owned by Tori

Hi hope you enjoy it
Viewed 2779 times • Report
Hentai Tease (Eos Edition) - Thumbnail
Roblsforbobls • 05/23/2019 • 4.0

Eos teaseHentai Tease (Eos Edition)

This tease is a direct adaptation of Scsssc's "Hentai tease," made with their permission. Has stroking/edging/chance of ruin. Original's description: These lovely ladies invite you to jerk to them!
Viewed 2756 times • Report
Topics: for-guys
Monster Slayer - Thumbnail
Lorechaser • 05/21/2019 • 3.8

Monster Slayer

Monsters can not be killed by man, only tired out, your only choice is to endure their teasing and pray they stop. Come just once, and you're theirs forever. Part one of many. Several sessions
Viewed 4844 times • Report
Censored Porn For Those Who Deserve It - Thumbnail
TeasedMeansPleased • 05/15/2019 • 4.1

Censored Porn For Those Who Deserve It

Tease centered on different censoring styles and humiliation. All images censored by me.
Valentina's Message - Thumbnail
666 • 05/12/2019 • 3.9

Valentina's Message

Valentina has found someone new, but she wants to say good bye face to face...
Viewed 11037 times • Report
Alignment Stroker Adventure - Thumbnail
Mickey_Rourke_87 • 05/11/2019 • 4.2

Alignment Stroker Adventure

Alignment Stroker Adventure is a tease that includes mainly stroking and edging. You can modify your adventure by choosing alignment that influance the game. There is an RPG and fantasy element.
Viewed 10189 times • Report
Blindfolded 1: Black Mark Game - Thumbnail
kinkyswan • 05/10/2019 • 3.2

Eos teaseBlindfolded 1: Black Mark Game

There are no sounds nor photos of models in this tease. It involves imagining that you are blindfolded. Tease and denial with small chance to cum; punishment; possible ball busting and panty-wearing.
Anal Prostitute 2: Out-call - Thumbnail
kb2002437 • 05/09/2019 • 3.9

Eos teaseAnal Prostitute 2: Out-call

You are requested to meet a client at his hotel room. Continuation of Anal Prostitute 1. Metronome, anal, multiple endings. As always feedback is greatly appreciated. Takes 30 mins to complete.
Viewed 9209 times • Report
Brutal Hentai Edging Lottery - Thumbnail
FootlongSub • 05/08/2019 • 4.6

Brutal Hentai Edging Lottery

Long and difficult tease for experienced Edgers seeking a challenge! This tease may take somewhere form 1 hour to (if yo'ure unlucky) a few days to complete.
Viewed 10283 times • Report
Edged by Julian [Gay] - Thumbnail
pppppppppp • 05/04/2019 • 4.1

Eos teaseEdged by Julian [Gay]

Gay tease. Cute boy Julian will edge you a lot. You need a dildo as some anal play is included. Apart from that, the tease is quite vanilla, only with lots of intense edging.
Viewed 3174 times • Report

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