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Cum to Dicks or eat for Chicks - Thumbnail
zerganterus • 03/20/2019 • 4.4

Eos teaseCum to Dicks or eat for Chicks

A game where the outcome depends on you
Overwatch Snakes & Ladders - Thumbnail
wb9k • 03/20/2019 • 4.3

Eos teaseOverwatch Snakes & Ladders

EOS tease created from dude13's html tease. Added metronome, achievements, random dice rolls, page changes, and logged statistics.
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May I Cum today - Thumbnail
pnxs • 03/18/2019 • 3.8

Eos teaseMay I Cum today

This is my first tease, so it is really lightweight, but makes good usage of the new EOS. This tease will remember it's decisions, so be warned. :-)
Viewed 14955 times • Report
Weekend with your Aunt - Thumbnail
brickhouse05 • 03/16/2019 • 4.5

Eos teaseWeekend with your Aunt

Lots of stroking and edging. Multiple endings, with a chance to cum. There will be sequels for each individual ending.
Queen's Edge Toy - Thumbnail
brickhouse05 • 03/16/2019 • 4.2

Eos teaseQueen's Edge Toy

This tease is fairly short, and contains a lot of edging and optional cbt. I might make this a longer series if it gets a lot of support.
Hentai for
leonardoxxx • 03/13/2019 • 4.5

Eos teaseHentai for "straight" guys

Hey there, cock lover. Did I say lover? I meant stroker. You're straight... right? (Multiple endings)
Viewed 28220 times • Report
CFNM Choices - Thumbnail
emeraldtiger • 03/12/2019 • 3.9

Eos teaseCFNM Choices

For those with a CFNM Fetish. Choose which clothed girl to stroke to, until you are about to cum, then she might show you something special...
Viewed 18235 times • Report
Pathetic trash bucket - Thumbnail
stich1017 • 03/09/2019 • 3.0

Pathetic trash bucket

Cruel humiliation, humiliation, ruined orgasm, feminization, torture
Wank to Succeed - Thumbnail
Drool • 03/06/2019 • 4.3

Eos teaseWank to Succeed

A tease about stroking and edging while trying to keep in memory what your doctor has told you.
Viewed 19798 times • Report
Three Ideals Fantasy Game - Thumbnail
Shymaroon • 03/05/2019 • 4.5

Eos teaseThree Ideals Fantasy Game

A fantasy-based adventure game with random encounters involving stroking in various ways (similar to lottery or S&L teases). Your chance to cum or ruin is affected by your choices in the game!
Viewed 19752 times • Report

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