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Clue - Thumbnail

Eos teaseClue

A tease inspired by the classic board game Clue! Solve the who, where, and how if you want to cum
09/21/2023 • 13058 views • Report
Ride the Anal Train [Hentai Edition] - Thumbnail

Eos teaseRide the Anal Train [Hentai Edition]

Webtease to improve your anal skill with a sequence of challenge
08/16/2023 • 21278 views • Report
Furry Lottery - Thumbnail

Furry Lottery

A mostly furry lottery tease with lots of edging and a chance of denial or ruin if your unlucky.
08/14/2023 • 7049 views • Report
Miss B. has a new job!? - Thumbnail

Eos teaseMiss B. has a new job!?

Your new job isn't what it seemed - You get treated like a pet and you will do degrading tasks for the Mistresses! Get your girl clothes ready and stroke&edge to censor pics, cocks, trannys and socks!
07/31/2023 • 32042 views • Report
Sissy Cure - Wednesday - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Sissy Cure - Wednesday

You may have a sissy addiction. Day 3 of the 5-day class to help "cure" you.
06/27/2023 • 33063 views • Report
It will be a long weekend: forget your chastity key - Thumbnail

Eos teaseIt will be a long weekend: forget your chastity key

A script for couples who want to experiment a weekend of chastity. She will torment him for two days including edging, watersports, and force him to humiliate himself in order to be unlocked.
06/24/2023 • 26814 views • Report
Son Ye-Eun - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!Son Ye-Eun

Day-long tease. This is your first day as the slave of Son Ye-Eun. You will mostly be locked in chastity. You will hurt your nipples and she will sometimes let you out to make you edge a lot.
06/15/2023 • 38131 views • Report
Goonzone - Thumbnail

Eos teaseGoonzone

Goonzone is a semi-random tease heavily inspired by Fapioh. This is the beta version, I won't be able to work on it for the next couple of months, so I'm releasing it half finished for now.
06/11/2023 • 79729 views • Report
VINA - Unleash your inner slut v.0.1 - Thumbnail

Eos teaseTOTM - Nominee!VINA - Unleash your inner slut v.0.1

You found a mysterious letter under your doors, will you follow to uncover the truth? Note: DEMO version, doesn't include ending, involves anal and a2m play. Right now takes approx. 0,5-1 hours.
05/25/2023 • 29985 views • Report
Workout Game - Thumbnail

Eos teaseWorkout Game

Gym of muscle when to get your Sissy self in shape. While looking best, performing tasks and explore the gym you will become the best sissy you can be.
05/16/2023 • 37735 views • Report

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