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A Masturbation Session with Ginger - Thumbnail
gingerstclair • 12/05/2010 • 4.2

AudioTeaseA Masturbation Session with Ginger

Follow my instructions and I will guide you in pleasuring yourself for me while I watch you jack off.
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Touch Yourself For Me, Sexy - Thumbnail
gingerstclair • 12/05/2010 • 3.9

AudioTeaseTouch Yourself For Me, Sexy

This audio is a masturbation instruction session for girls. To play along, you'll want lube, your favorite vibrator, and a dildo. Reposted from by author.
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For cock suckers - Thumbnail
Constance • 06/12/2015 • 3.9

AudioTeaseFor cock suckers

This is for those who want to be a cock sucker or who currently do enjoy sucking cock!
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You need to jerkin.. - Thumbnail
realslave1885 • 07/23/2011 • 3.8

AudioTeaseYou need to jerkin..

A bratty masturbation instruction clip. Light humiliation, light instruction, light tease. A fun-filled jerk off frenzy for ALL! hehe. I want you to get completely naked for me, stroke away to my voice and my sweet little body. What else would you do anyway? This is where you need and want to be... jerkin' away with me. Get hard...
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Hypno-Erotica - Thumbnail
Scarlettdawn • 05/17/2011 • 3.8


Hypnotic Erotica Relaxation and Masturbation Fulfillment all in one This is a 16 minute long generalized guided masturbation session which will leave you begging for more. I first hypnotize you into a state of deep contentment then begin the visualization of what I would do to you while I instruct your masturbation. If you enjoy please visit me at Please visit me at I will offer 5 free minutes of either web cam or phone with a 10 minute limit.
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Elli fox instructs you how to stoke - Thumbnail
realslave1885 • 04/20/2011 • 3.7

AudioTeaseElli fox instructs you how to stoke

Sexy audio to stoke......imagine and follow the instructions.
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All you need is Love Part one - Thumbnail
Sensualmistress • 08/23/2013 • 3.6

AudioTeaseAll you need is Love Part one

"All you need is Love" is the first part of a series created and performed by Mistress Love find more on
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Mistress Scarlett Dawn begins her slaves first day of training. - Thumbnail
Scarlettdawn • 05/21/2010 • 3.6

AudioTeaseMistress Scarlett Dawn begins her slaves first day of training.

The first 5 minutes of a first day of slave training, if you enjoy let me know I will continue this story. This is my first tease, I hope to find what you would like to hear and cater to it.
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Better Sex Life For Women (or Controlling Your Man) - Thumbnail
webmaster007 • 06/07/2016 • 3.6

AudioTeaseBetter Sex Life For Women (or Controlling Your Man)

Guide for girls wanting to control or guys wanting put ideas in her head without having to actually specifically tell her and ruin the fantasy. Worked well on my wife. Good luck.
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Erotic Hypnosis - Sissys - Thumbnail
Scarlettdawn • 05/28/2011 • 3.5

AudioTeaseErotic Hypnosis - Sissys

Full 20 minute feminization, sissification, little clit, dick sucking, strap on fucking and cum eating session all under hypnotic trance
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