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What do you want more - Thumbnail

Flash teaseWhat do you want more

Do you want to pee or cum ? Maybe both, maybe just one. Maybe you will be safe maybe you are going to be dirty... For pee lovers. PM me if you find problem or for amelioration (don't tested yet)
02/25/2015 • 30399 views • Report
Jerking to armpit - Thumbnail

Flash teaseJerking to armpit

You love armpits ? There is the first tease about pits! Lots of stroking and edging! Simple tease, i hope you enjoy. Send me feedback for make it better or longer...
11/03/2014 • 49923 views • Report
Goddess Erika get dirty - Thumbnail

Flash teaseGoddess Erika get dirty

Erika takes control, if you have limits dont do this tease... Armpit, pee/blader control, ass play, stroking, edging and other surprise... First flashtease, if you found bug or fault or something wrote me or forum.
08/12/2014 • 33832 views • Report
Need 2 pee Badly - Thumbnail

Need 2 pee Badly

If you already need to pee, Kate make you holding for a little time before your allowed to cum

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