[FEEDBACK] The Mikataur by zingjoystick

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[FEEDBACK] The Mikataur by zingjoystick

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I've played the tease multiple times and wanted to share some feedback:

  • I do like the feature of knowing which path I already visited. :love:
  • The selection of girls
  • The "progress" of teasing through the maze when finding more artifacts
  • The replayability of the tease by saving your progress over multiple sessions
  • The idea of a mistress catching you when you're too slow or out of energy
  • The fact that the maze changes everytime you enter. Good job!
Space for improvement:
  • The stroking timers... It feels like eternity to stroke over 2 minutes for a single picture in the same speed.
    [**] Improvement suggestion 1: Add more images for a single "task" or spice up the conversation with some more lines of the girls
    [**] Improvement suggestion 2: Shorten the timers :-D
  • The maze itself has very low variablity in terms of junctions. Often you can only go one direction without deciding which way you want to go.
    [**] Improvement suggestion 1: Add more junctions :-D I guess that is quite hard to generate to not overlap with oder routes, I guess. Probably a maze with "floors" might be an option to have a 3rd dimension to it, but I've no idea if that is feasable...
    [**] Improvement suggestion 2: Add some random events to the long paths inbetween the encounters. E.g.: Gloryhole trap (Stroking fast for a short tim) or some math or edging tasks to be able to continue. Maybe a "rest" option anytime but having a risk to get caught by a random girl or the mistress.

Anyway, you did a great job in such a short time. Built and released the tease in less than 3 weeks. Well done!

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