my experience with MyCall's Omorashi Challenge

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my experience with MyCall's Omorashi Challenge

Post by cheraleaks »

i've been really enjoying playing MyCall's omorashi challenge on Milovana. I've been using the rapid pee desperation technique as well, where i drink water and pee every 15 minutes until im ready to hold. for a few hours i do this until im looking forward to peeing, and i pee in strong streams. when peeing starts feeling good is when i know its time to start a hold :3 hehe

MyCall's challenge is so fun and hot, i love doing everything he asks me to do. the praise you get when you do a good job or play along with the extra tasks is so rewarding. I love doing everything it prompts, regardless of the prompt, for those bonus points and the extra praise :3 i dunno it really turns me on

today i was doing a hold with MyCall's challenge, and theres a naughty task at level 3 i think, where you're asked to go on a 15ish minute walk and mid way through let out a spurt of piss in your pants. you're also instructed to chug a cup before you go out, so this added to the excitement for me. I had a lot of pee in me at this point, i could feel it sloshing around in my tummy.

i went out when it was dark but people were still walking around, it also happened to be "wet" outside (perfect, right?) it has been raining all day. i got to my midway destination and let out, WHAT I THOUGHT, was going to be a little, controlled spurt as im usually pretty good about this, but it ended up being a BIG spurt and i struggled to get myself under control. I guess i had abused my piss hole all day (i started the pee/drink every 15 minutes from the moment i woke up) It was pretty cold out, so i got really turned on by the massive warm wet spot that was growing in between my crotch... it was really fun walking home. i had to go the long way around my building because i wanted to avoid seeing anyone! AND my building only has stairs, so the stairs were pretty hard as i didnt want to have an accident before i arrived home and got to hold more.

i unfortunately failed on one of the challenges that was to piss into a cup through my underwear, when i let out a spurt in attempt, it was farther back than i had anticipated and i ended up not being able to control the spurt that well and i almost had a complete accident. i made a huge puddle on my floor. it ruined it for me a bit as getting to the end of a tease is really satisfying to me, and i like the feeling of holding in waves of desperation, and denying myself until i cant anymore... i didnt really want to lose most of my pent up piss on one challenge as i have a pretty large bladder so its hard to fill up enough to have an authentic accident. and i had such a horny experience walking outside with the perfect weather, i was a bit peeved at myself. but thats the fun !!

this is no fault to the challenge obviously, but i ruined my own orgasm this way :/

oh well will have to try again soon :3 maybe prolonging will make the orgasm even better... i say to myself wishfully XD

share your experiences with this tease if you want !
cherry :love:🍒:blush:
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