Making Kate My Whore Part 2

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Making Kate My Whore Part 2

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A few minutes after Kate left I had an idea and sent her a text.

“I changed my mind. Stop at a porn store on the way home and buy a new dildo. Get one at least my size, with a suction cup base.”

“Yes sir,” she replied.

“Get something else while you’re there. Something you think will please me. And no touching your pussy until you can swallow that dildo whole. I expect pictures of your progress.” That ought to give her some encouragement. She probably had two or three fingers knuckle deep before she even got on the highway.

“I already started, I’m sorry …” She might be predictable but in this case it was cute. Plus she was honest and I liked that she was turned on by what we’d done. It may have been her fantasy but I wanted to be good at it. Even though it started off as just no-strings sex for me, I had really gotten into my role and I was already coming up with ideas to take this further. Kate’s tight little body was going to make a wonderful playground.

“Suck your fingers clean and forget about cumming for a while. Have fun shopping, I want pictures when you get home.” I wondered if she realized that she’d be going into a porn store with nothing but a short skirt and thin tank top separating her soaking wet pussy and aching nipples from anyone nearby. I hoped she smelled strongly enough of sex for someone to notice and comment on it. She’s the one who got off on humiliation and wanted to feel like a whore, this should be right up her alley.

I made myself dinner and went about my day. It was a couple hours later when I got the first picture. It was taken from the side and showed Kate kneeling down with her ass resting on her heels. The only things marring her flawless skin were the tiny straps of the most revealing bra and g-string set I had ever seen. The very realistic-looking dildo with balls was attached to the full-length mirror in front of her with the tip resting on her lips. The message accompanying the picture said, “I did some more shopping after the porn store. I remember you used to like me to start sucking your cock before stripping off my underwear…and I got the selfie stick to give you a better view.”

Sure enough, I could see the handle in the pic now that I was looking for it. She was right about the lingerie, too. The tiny strings across her back and hip barely covered anything but were somehow infinitely sexier than nothing at all. I was impressed and was about to text her and tell her so when my phone buzzed with the next picture message. This one was taken from above. Her bra straps were hanging off her shoulders and the dildo was impressively deep. Only an inch or two separated Kate’s nose from the mirror. “I’d start to get into it and you’d work my bra straps down and start teasing my nipples…” it read. God, she was sexy. And really good at this. My cock was getting hard and I made my way over to the couch to take it out and wait for more pictures.

The next picture was taken from underneath. She didn’t need the selfie stick for this one and her hands were squeezing her bare tits, with her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. “Eventually you’d unhook my bra and toss it aside so you could have full access to my tits. The closer I got you to cumming the harder you’d pinch and pull on my nipples. God, that always made me so wet.” She wasn’t the only one. I had only been stroking it for a couple minutes but I was already dripping pre-cum.

Another message came right away. Kate with just the tip of the dildo in her mouth, her perky tits thrust forward and her thumb tugging the waistband of her panties down her thigh. “Fuck! I can’t quite take it all. I need to cum so bad, I’m just gonna lube it up and force it down my throat,” it said.

“Whatever works for you is fine with me. I don’t care how you do it as long as you take every inch,” I responded. “I’m enjoying the show very much, by the way.”

“Wait until you see the show I put on once I can play with this,” came her reply, along with a picture of her pulling her panties to the side and exposing her glistening pussy. There was a noticeable wet spot on the filmy material. I wanted to taste her so bad. This wasn’t good. She was submitting but she was being so sexy about it she was starting to exert some control. It was time to take it back.

“Enough teasing. If that dildo isn’t balls deep in your mouth in five minutes you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to try again,” I said.

I continued stroking my cock and flipping through the pictures she’d sent for a couple of minutes before my phone buzzed again. It was another picture from the side and sure enough, Kate’s bottom lip was resting on the balls of the dildo. Her nose was touching the mirror and I could see fog on the glass from her breath. “Got it! Can I please cum now???” was all it said.

I smirked to myself as I texted her back, “Nicely done, but that’s just the first step. You can play with your pussy as much as you want, like I said…but only while deepthroating the dildo. The longer you can suppress your gag reflex and hold it deep the longer you get to finger yourself. But the second you pull your mouth back you have to stop touching.”

“ Yes sir,” she replied.

“When you can hold it deep for long enough to get yourself close to orgasm let me know. I’ll tell you how you may cum.”

I was pretty sure she had just slammed the dildo into her throat and snapped a picture before immediately yanking it out, choking and retching. I figured it’d be a while before she actually mastered deepthroating well enough to be able to masturbate at the same time. I laid back and closed my eyes, stroking my cock and planning the paces I was going to put Kate through. She wanted me to own her body and just because I was starting with her mouth certainly didn’t mean I was ending there. That cute, perky little ass of hers was next. She’d never given it up and the thought of her squealing as I slid my cock in for the first time sent me over the edge. I exploded with an audible groan and shot stream after stream of cum all the way up my chest.

Once I recovered and cleaned up I checked my phone. No messages yet. I went out for a few drinks and had some fun with friends. It wasn’t until I was getting ready for bed that I heard from Kate.

“Please let me cum…”

I had her where I wanted her and already knew what I was going to say. “I’ll give you a choice. You may cum once now with the dildo down your throat, but you’ll have to wait until next weekend to have a chance to cum again. Or you can go without an orgasm tonight and come over tomorrow to show me what you can do with the real thing. The more you impress me, the more likely I’ll let you cum. But if you fail to impress me not only will you be punished but you won’t be cumming at all for a long time.” The idea was to see whether she would choose to risk being punished and losing out on an orgasm by submitting to me, or if she would take the free orgasm right now and wait a week before our next session.

“I want to see what you’ll do to me tomorrow sir,” she said.

“Sleep well, pet .”

I set my phone aside and went to sleep knowing for the first time that I’d dream about Kate. And I did. Not just about her fantasies but every dominant fantasy I’d ever had passed through my dreams that night, and I knew that if she wanted me to dom her and she really wanted to submit to me, she would have to submit to what I wanted. I’d feed her fantasies of being used and degraded but if she really wanted me to own her body I was going to do a lot more than just use her mouth and ass like my own living, breathing Fleshlight.

Last night’s drinks caused me to wake up slowly but my dreams were still fresh in my mind and my cock was throbbing with an intensity I hadn’t expected. Even my balls were tingling. I yawned and the tingling in my balls abruptly ceased and I felt a warm, wet mouth slide all the way down my cock and back up.

“Morning, Kate” I said. She demonstrated her new trick again, but this time she took me all the way in even slower and held it there for a few seconds before slowly drawing it all the way back out.

“Technically it’s tomorrow,” she said and giggled.

I glanced at my alarm clock. It was only 9:30. While I was debating punishing her for just showing up she kissed her way down my cock and started gently sucking my balls again. I pulled the sheet back to get a better look and burst out laughing. Kate was wearing a bikini.

“Are we going swimming?” I asked.

She let my balls pop out of her mouth. “We can if you want,” she said, “I’d love to make you cum underwater. But that’s not why I wore this. You didn’t respond when I asked what to wear and there’s no way I’d make it all the way here naked without getting pulled over. This was the closest acceptable thing.”

I checked my phone and sure enough she’d texted me to ask what I wanted her to wear.

“Don’t worry, I brought a bag with some sexier options for you. They were just too much for the drive over.”

Kate went back to sucking my cock and the improvement over the day before was unbelievable. She was giving me slow, sexy head with no urgency, just letting me relax and enjoy the sensations. It was heavenly. I didn’t know what the sexier clothing options were but the bikini was pretty hot. It was white with black trim and really skimpy. The bottoms were a couple of small triangles connected with a thin band across the hips. There was barely enough fabric to cover her ass crack and her adorable cheeks were mostly visible. Maybe we’d go to the beach later after all, but for now I wanted her naked.

“Take the bikini off and turn around, 69 style,” I told her, “I want a close-up view when you start fingering yourself.”

Kate did what she was told without question and kept her pussy high enough over my face so I could also watch her sucking me off if I looked down instead of up. She knew exactly what I wanted and dripped a healthy amount of spit onto my cock and spread it around the tip. She took my cock all the way to the back of her throat in one quick stroke and paused there, grabbing my ass with one hand and reaching back towards her pussy with the other. Then she pulled on my ass and shoved forward hard. The tightness of her throat enveloped my cock and I felt her nose bump against my balls.

I felt a few quick spasms as Kate gagged and choked but they tapered off and the second she had it under control she started going to town on her clit. She was rubbing it so fast her fingers were a blur and I only caught glimpses of her glistening nub sliding back and forth. I could actually see her pussy twitch and her juices dripped onto my face when she clamped down and started trying to cum. She couldn’t help herself and I felt her moan travel from the tip of my cock to the base before I heard it. The moan triggered her gag reflex though and as soon as she pulled back off my cock I grabbed her hand and pulled it away from her clit, cutting off her orgasm.

“No cumming!” I said. She was coughing and choking with tears running down her cheeks and rolled off of me to recover.

After a minute she gasped out, “I was soooo close just give me a minute and I’ll try again.”

“Sorry, pet. You’ll try again but we’ll do it a little different and you lost your first chance to cum.” The disappointment in her face was obvious and my cock twitched in response. Taking away pleasure was sometimes as effective as inflicting pain when it came to punishment, and it turned me on to see my strategy working. “Get down on your knees on the floor,” I ordered.

I secured her hands behind her back with leather cuffs and made sure she couldn’t reach her pussy. Next I put a pair of clover clamps connected by a chain on her nipples. She let out a yelp with the first one but just a slight hiss with the second. She really did adapt quickly.

“I’m going to let those sink in for a bit, I’ll be right back,” I said.

The truth was I just wanted to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth but I decided to grab a bite to eat and let her stew. While in the kitchen I grabbed a few cans of soda and some paperclips in case I needed to add some weights to the nipple clamp chain.

I went back to the bedroom and found Kate exactly how I had left her. “How are the clamps feeling?” I asked.

“They hurt, sir,” she said.

I’m sure she was being honest but it seemed like she was handling it just fine. I bent up one of the paper clips and hooked one end through the pop tab of a soda can and the other end onto the nipple chain.

“Every time you disappoint me during this next round I’ll add a can,” I said and slowly let the chain take the weight of the full can of soda.

“Aahhh! Fuck!” Kate clenched her teeth and hissed.

I removed the can and set it aside. “I probably won’t do it that gently, either so you better be at your very best.”

Kate just panted and nodded her head.

I lifted her head and put my cock to her lips and she took the soft head into her mouth and immediately began suckling and swirling her tongue around.

“Get it nice and wet,” I said and felt her work her mouth muscles and spread saliva all over my cock with her tongue. I then grabbed the back of her head and pulled her forehead into my stomach and held her in place, my soft cock filling her mouth.

“This time you’re just going to let it get hard in your mouth and slowly force its way down your throat.” My cock twitched as I said it and I knew it wasn’t going to be that slow. Kate’s eyes widened and I felt the pressure on the tip of my cock increase as it started to pass into her throat.

I felt her start to gag and fight it but the spasms in her throat only got me harder and pushed my cock deeper. She started to try to pull away but I held her head tight and forced her to try to take it until I was fully hard. It didn’t work. She panicked and started thrashing to the side and I let her go before she choked.

My cock throbbed and twitched while I gave Kate a minute to recover. Once she stopped coughing I hooked a soda can to the nipple clamp chain and let it drop a couple of inches. She let out a long moan that turned into a high-pitched scream. I grabbed my belt off the floor and put my cock back into her mouth right up to her throat.

“You can do it your way this time and just shove the last few inches in and hold it there,” I said. She moaned and worked up some spit before throwing herself forward. As soon as she had it in I wrapped the belt around us both and tightened the buckle at the back of her head.

“No tricks this time. Just stay still and hold it there for a full minute and I’ll take the nipple clamps off,” I said. Kate closed her eyes and a noticeable amount of tension left her body. She relaxed and held out for the full minute. I undid the belt buckle and loosened it a notch and just barely felt Kate hold back a gag. I let it out another notch and she didn’t gag at all. Interesting. I undid the belt completely and pulled my cock all the way out of Kate’s mouth. She didn’t even gag, just a little gurgle.

I did as promised and took off the nipple clamps. As usual, they hurt more coming off than they did going on and Kate screamed and hissed both times.

“You’re doing very well, pet but there’s one more aspect to deepthroating you need to master. You can take it deep and hold it there, but a true slut can take a throat fucking.” She gulped and looked at me intently. “I’m going to work you up to it. Do you want to try to cum?”

“Ohmyfuckinggodyes!” she almost screamed at me.

“I’ll uncuff you and you can masturbate to 1 orgasm while I get you used to having a cock sliding in and out of your throat…or you can stay cuffed and give up your orgasm for this round. If you make it through this round and the next one with no fuckups not only will I allow you an orgasm, I’ll give it to you myself.”

“I’ll stay cuffed, sir,” she said and bit her lip. It was obvious which choice I wanted her to take and she didn’t disappoint me. More importantly, she wanted my approval. She wasn’t just gambling to get a better quality orgasm. She wanted to please me.

I let her take my cock balls deep all on her own and then buckled her in place with the belt again. Very slowly I started loosening it and tightening it one notch at a time. Then two. Then three. It took a long time but eventually Kate was able to take my cock sliding in and out with a decent rhythm as long as I didn’t go past the entrance to her throat. Finally it was time to get her over that. I positioned my cock so just the tip was in her throat and slowly pulled it out and pushed it back in, moving just the tip in and out of the entrance to her throat. Again it took a lot of time and effort but by the end she was able to take full strokes all the way in and all the way back out without gagging. That was good enough for me and I pulled out to give her a break before moving on.

Kate was a bit of a wreck. She was panting and gasping, her eyes were red and watering, and her tits and stomach were slick with a combination of drool and tears. I uncuffed her and led her to the bed and got a towel to clean her up a bit. I lay down next to her and held her close. She was shaking a little but she kissed my neck and ran her hand up and down my thigh before wrapping it around my cock and stroking it slowly. I leaned down and kissed her passionately and she moaned into my mouth and increased the strength of her grip on my cock.

She broke the kiss and whispered, “I’m ready. I want you to fuck my mouth.”

I slid her down the bed so she was on her back with her head hanging off the edge and then tied her spread-eagled to the bedposts. She really had been amazing the last two days so I slathered my cock with some flavored lube. Her throat had to be in pretty rough shape by now. I put the tip in her mouth and lowered myself onto my elbows on top of her. I could see the juices leaking from her soaking wet pussy and starting to make a wet spot on the sheet. I slowly slid the tip of my finger up her slit. By the time my finger brushed across her clit my cock was buried in her throat.

I sucked her juices off my finger and slowly ground my cock deep in her throat. Frustration, desire, fear, submission: she tasted delicious and I wanted more.

“You are NOT allowed to cum until I’m done with you,” I warned and lowered my face to Kate’s dripping sex. I slowly increased the length of my strokes but kept the tip of my cock from pulling out of her throat. She was taking it like a champ and I started licking and sucking the wetness from her lips, purposely avoiding her clit until she started squirming her hips around trying to force me to make contact.

I pulled my cock out of her throat until only the tip was in her mouth. I spread her pussy wide open and held it there, exposing her clit and blowing a steady stream of cold air directly on it. Kate immediately sucked hard and started flicking her tongue all over my cock head. I leaned forward and sucked her clit into my mouth and started mimicking the tongue action she was giving my cockhead. She started rocking her hips into my face and I again did the same to her, this time sliding my cock balls deep into her throat and then pulling it all the way out and letting her suck at the tip.

I toyed with her for a while, keeping my lips on her clit but only giving it a quick lick or suck each time my cock entered or exited her throat. I didn’t want her to cum though so I took my mouth away from her pussy and started focusing on my own pleasure. It felt really good to stay deep and just stroke the few inches that were buried in her throat but as I got closer to cumming I started taking longer and longer strokes. Each time my cock felt the tighter squeeze of entering or exiting her throat it brought me closer and closer to exploding. I started going faster and faster until I was literally fucking her mouth like it was a pussy. I didn’t know how she was taking it but she didn’t have to take it for long. I started to cum and the tightness of her throat was too much for the hypersensitivity of my exploding cockhead. I buried it balls deep in her throat and ground my orgasm out on her face, groaning in pleasure and digging my nails into her thighs.

My cock had already stopped twitching by the time I realized how much pressure I still had on her face. I pulled out and Kate started retching and heaving. I quickly freed one of her hands and rolled her onto her side and pounded her back until she stopped coughing. She was out of breath and shaking but she didn’t throw up. I asked if she was ok and she nodded. I undid the rest of her bonds and slid her head back onto the bed. She tried to talk and started coughing again so I got her a glass of ice water. She drained it and handed it back to me. I set it on the nightstand and laid down next to her, brushing the matted hair out of her face.

“I’ve always wanted to be used like that,” Kate croaked and shivered. “It was amazing.” She wrapped herself around me and snuggled in tight.

“You’ve always wanted to be throat fucked until you were practically unconscious?” I asked. I knew I had gotten carried away and been far, far rougher than I intended. I was starting to feel less guilty about the intensity of my orgasm though if she was being serious.

Kate furrowed her brow a bit and said, “Not exactly. It’s bigger than that. I thought I just wanted to be used as a fuck toy by a guy who only cared about himself and didn’t give a shit if I enjoyed it or not. That’s what I meant when I said I wanted you to treat me like a whore. This was so much more than that.” She shuddered again. “So much better,” she said and pulled my mouth to hers for a deep and passionate kiss. It wasn’t long before she started grinding her still-soaked pussy on my thigh and kissing me with even more intensity before breaking it off and continuing.

“You made me feel as though pleasuring your cock was the sole purpose of my existence. Like the only reason I had a body was for you to find ways to use it to get yourself off. And I wanted more than anything to fulfill that destiny. The harder you fucked my throat the more I knew I was succeeding. I loved it, and when you came down my throat I felt a sense of…accomplishment I guess.” She glanced down and seemed kind of ashamed.

I leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. “I’m proud of you, Kate.” I said. “I didn’t think you were really serious about submitting to me and I never thought you could take something like that.”

She beamed up at me. I kissed her lips again and then began kissing my way down her neck to her tits, then teasing her stomach and hips on my way down to her pussy. She had waited long enough for her orgasm so I zeroed in on her clit and began licking and sucking with a rhythm designed for pleasing rather than teasing.

“Oh God, yes!” she moaned and grabbed the back of my head pulling me harder into her pussy. “Finger me, please I need something in me!”

I covered my middle finger in saliva to lube it up and slowly pushed it into her asshole. Kate groaned and I giggled. It wasn’t what she meant but she didn’t complain. I just held the finger in place inside her and went back to sucking her clit. After a minute or so she started rocking her hips again, causing my finger to slide in and out a little bit.

“My pussy needs your cock so baaaaad,” she moaned. “Oh God fuck me please, I need it!”

I pulled my finger out of her ass and rolled her over onto her stomach.

“Ass up!” I commanded, and slammed my cock into her as soon as she obeyed.

“YES!” she screamed.

I wiped some pussy juice up with my finger and slid it right back into her ass. “You know this is the next opening we’re going to work on, right slut?”

“Yessss!” she hissed and started rocking back and forth, fucking herself on my cock. I started sliding my finger and cock in and out in an alternating rhythm and Kate went nuts, begging me to fuck her harder and faster. I obliged and started pounding her pussy with abandon, sliding my finger in and out of her ass at the same time.

Kate clamped down on my cock and finger and as she started to scream out her orgasm I slid a second finger into her ass. That made her pussy even tighter and we both exploded over the edge, moaning and grinding into each other as we came.

I slid my fingers out of her ass and guided her down onto her side so we were spooning with my cock still inside her. I held her tight and kissed her neck. She was smiling so wide I could tell even from behind her. We cuddled until my softening cock slid out of her.

“Now what?” I asked.

“Now I’m going to give you your present from the porn store and then lick your cock clean,” she said with a grin. She went to her bag and handed me an envelope before starting to gently lick the cum and pussy juice from my cock and balls.

“What’s this?” I was a little confused.

“I’m not sure. It’s from the checkout girl at the porn store. She was flirting pretty hard with me the whole time I was there and then when she saw the dildo I was buying she asked if I wanted any help trying it out.” She sucked my soft cock all the way into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it before swallowing and releasing it. “I told her my pussy belongs to you and she’d have to get your permission.”

I tore the envelope open as Kate gently sucked my balls into her mouth. Inside was a note:

Dear Sir:

You have a gorgeous sub and I’d love to play with her. I’m bi and a switch, and I’d be up for just about anything if you’d consider letting me join the two of you.

<3 Sarah

Her email address was at the bottom.

Kate finished cleaning my balls and kissed her way up to my chest, where she laid her head down. “So…did I get you something you liked from the porn store?” She bit her lip and raised her eyebrow in my direction.

“We’ll see,” I said and smiled.
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