Making Kate My Whore Part 1

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Making Kate My Whore Part 1

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"I want you to dom me."

I hadn't heard from Kate in months, and this text came out of the blue. We had dated briefly and talked about some fantasies but realized the relationship wasn't going to work out before we got a chance to act any of them out. We just didn't have anything in common. Even when we had discussed her submissive fantasies they didn't really line up with my dominant side. I was more into bondage and pain while she got turned on by humiliation and degradation. Still, at least I'd get laid.

"Come suck my cock while I think about it," I replied.

My phone buzzed immediately. "Yes sir," was all she said.

"Be here in half an hour. Wear a skirt and tank top. No underwear, and you will hike the skirt up and play with your pussy in the car the entire way here. No cumming." What the hell, if I was going to do this I might as well give her some of what she wants. A twenty mile drive in broad daylight pretty much ensured at least a few truckers would get an eyeful.

";)" Winky face. Kate and her fucking winky faces. What does that even mean, anyway? Did she think I was joking? I knew she’d obey--being ordered to masturbate and being naughty in public are right up her alley. Still, the ambiguous response started me thinking of ways to work my own dominant fantasies into this. She would definitely have to be punished at some point.

Kate's fantasies were vague and would have relied heavily on me to come up with the details so I couldn't just act out a scene we had already discussed. I knew which one I was going to pick anyway. Kate loved sex and had a healthy appetite for it but she didn't sleep around and had only been with a handful of guys. She once confessed that she wanted a guy to use her like a worthless whore. I wasn't really comfortable treating her like that when she was my girlfriend but now all she wants is for me to dom her and all I want is to use her for sex so why not take it to the extreme?

She arrived right on time, dressed as instructed. Kate is about 5'4" and petite with small, firm breasts and a flat stomach. The tank top was thin and skin tight. If it weren't for her rock-hard nipples trying to tear through the fabric she wouldn't even need a bra. She looked fantastic. Without a word she flipped up her skirt to show she wasn't wearing panties and I got a good look at her glistening pussy, freshly shaved except for a narrow landing strip. I smiled approvingly. She dropped her skirt to give me a hug and I caught the scent of her arousal on her fingers as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Enough,” I said. “You know why you’re here.” I took a seat on the couch and Kate kneeled on the floor in front of me and went straight for my belt. Within seconds my cock was free of the confines of my jeans and rapidly hardening in the velvety warmth of her mouth. Once I was hard she started teasing me, licking up one side and down the other, swirling her tongue around the tip and tickling my balls before taking me back into her mouth. After a couple of quick sucks she let my cock pop out of her mouth and started working my pants and boxers down my hips. I lifted my butt off the couch to help her out and before I knew it my clothes were in a heap on the floor.

I could tell she was getting worked up and she went at my cock with fervor, bobbing her head as quick as she could and using her hand to stroke what she couldn’t fit in her mouth—which was, disappointingly, most of it. This wouldn’t do. I grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her roughly off my cock.
“I’m not looking for a quick suck-off, slut. I want you to worship my cock. Show me what you can do with your mouth—very slow, very wet, and very deep.” Being aggressive has gotten my cock so hard it’s aching. Kate wiped some spit on the tip and wrapped her hand around the base before slowly lowering her mouth over the head. I gave her a light slap in the face and she looked at me and her face flushed.

“I didn’t ask for a handjob,” I said. “Mouth only.” She moaned and began running her hands lightly up and down my body while her mouth worked my cock. She definitely got the slow and wet parts down and started moving her tongue and twisting her head as she slid my cock in and out of her mouth. I noticed her rubbing her nipples on the couch as she sucked me. She was enjoying herself.

It felt great and ordinarily this would have been an excellent blowjob but she was still barely taking half of my cock. I’m close to eight inches long and two inches wide and in truth no girl has ever deepthroated me. I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like though, and if she wants me to dom her I’m going to find out.

“Look at me,” I ordered. She stopped with my cock still in her mouth and gazed up at me with her baby blues wide.

“Take it as deep as you can and then force yourself to go a little farther.” She stopped at about the halfway point and then took another quarter inch before gagging and pulling back a little.

“Again, force yourself to go deeper and this time no pulling back. Just fight your gag reflex and hold it there.” She does as she’s told and fights the urge to pull back when she starts to gag. I wrap my hands in her hair and hold her in place, letting the spasms in the back of her throat massage the tip of my cock as she tries to keep her gagging under control.

After five or ten seconds I let her go to catch her breath before doing it again and again. Her eyes begin to water, her makeup is streaky and she has drool running down her chin and soaking her tank top. She’s starting to look like the submissive slut she wanted to be.

“Do you still want me to be your dom?” I asked. She slid my soaking wet cock out of her mouth and stroked it while breathing heavily.

“God, yes. I want you to own my body.” She dropped her gaze to the floor when she said that last part. Cute.

“Good,” I said. “Show me.” I stood up facing her and scooped some of the drool off her chest and throat and made sure my cock was dripping before rubbing the remainder on her lips. “Put the head in your mouth.” She does as she’s told and looks up at me for her next instruction.

“If I accept you as my sub I’m going to do what you want. I’m going to own your body and I’m going to use it to get myself off.” I feel her moan around my cock and see that she’s toying with her clit. That’s fine, I want her turned on. The hotter she is the more pliable she is. “I’ll be starting with your mouth. Keep playing with your pussy, I want you to get yourself really close to cumming.”

Now that her discreet fingering was out in the open Kate really went to town on her pussy. She had two fingers hammering in and out and was furiously rubbing her clit with the other hand. “Next time you come here I’ll be fucking your throat. You’ll most likely be bound. Does that turn you on?” Her only answer is a long
mewling moan as she gets right to the edge.

“Stop.” She does, looking up at me with her chest heaving. “Get my cock as wet as you possibly can.” As it slips past her lips a mouthful of drool followed and she spread it around my cock. “Now grab my ass with both hands and fuck your mouth with my cock.”

She starts off slow, trying to figure out a rhythm between shoving her mouth down and pulling my hips forward at the same time. “Faster, slut! Show me how rough you want me to be when I control the thrusting.” Now she gets it and starts pulling me into her mouth harder and harder. I can feel the tip of my cock slamming into the back of her throat and she gags on each thrust but she’s not slowing down.

“Mmmm, much better,” I moan. “When you can’t take it anymore shove it in as hard as you can and try to take it all.” She lasts longer than I expected and I’m about to cum when she pulls me in hard, scraping a tooth all the way down my cock. I yell out and her eyes widen. My cock head made it past the opening to her throat and then stopped. It was farther than she had ever taken it but there were at least two inches left to go. Her throat was so tight I was afraid it would get stuck and she was clearly scared so I pull it out and she began coughing and retching. She recovered quickly but was still out of breath.

“Impressive, but you ruined it with that tooth. I probably would’ve cum on the last thrust.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I was trying to take it as hard as I could but couldn’t open my mouth wide enough.” She seemed disappointed in herself. I wanted her scared.
“Strip and get downstairs. I’ll be down in a few minutes.” My tone had the desired effect. She knew about the O-rings in the basement ceiling but hadn’t experienced them yet. She stood up and unzipped her skirt before shimmying out of it and pulling the tank top over her head. There was something so sexy about the way she arched her back, I loved watching her undress.

She went downstairs without a word and I walked to the bedroom to get a few things: clothespins, a couple shoelaces, a paddle, cuffs, and a butterfly vibe. I smoked a cigarette and let her stew for a few minutes before going down after her.
Kate was kneeling on the concrete under the O-rings. I told her to stand and handed her the butterfly. “Put this on and turn it all the way up, but don’t you fucking dare cum.” She adjusted the straps a little and pulled them up her hips, inserting the dildo portion and turning the vibe on high before handing me the remote.

I put the cuffs on her wrists and attached them to the O-rings, spreading her arms wide. I walked around her, running my hands up and down her ribcage from behind. Her nipples were sticking out like pebbles and I started playing with them gently and kissing my way up her neck to her ear. Kate moaned and ground her ass into my cock as the dual vibrators on the butterfly relentlessly buzzed away at her clit and pussy. I whispered into her ear, “You’re going to pay for scraping my cock, slut.”

I walked back around in front of her and showed her the paddle. “I think ten swats should be enough to remind you to be more careful next time, don’t you think?”

“Yes, sir” she replied, her voice quivering. I walked behind her and gave her three cracks with the paddle hard enough for her to jump around and pull her legs up after each one. I take a break and put a clothespin on each of her nipples and attached a shoelace to them. Next I ran the laces through the O-rings and pulled tight.

“Get up on your tiptoes,” I tell her. When she does, I pull the laces tight and tie them off. If she moves around or drops down flat on her feet the strings will pull on the clothespins. That done, I grabbed the paddle and resumed beating her ass. She cried out with each one but even when I really let her have it on the tenth one she stayed on her toes.

Her ass was already starting to bruise a little and she flinched when I stroked it. I walked around to face her and put my arms around her waist and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. She returned it aggressively. Despite her stinging ass she was extremely aroused and desperately wanted to cum.

I break the kiss and ask her what she’s wanted to hear: “Will you submit to me?”


I unhook the cuffs from the O-rings and cuff her hands behind her back. Now it’s just the strings attached to the clothespins holding her in place.

“Will you do what you’re told, without hesitation?” I ask.

“Look at me.” She looks me in the eye, and she’s kind of a mess after being used like she has been. “Prove it,” I say.


“Kneel.” I smiled to myself, knowing that she’d hesitate as soon as she realized that kneeling would rip the clothespins off of her already throbbing nipples. I was right, but she didn’t hesitate for long. The pins ripped off so quick she had started screaming before her knees hit the ground.

“Good girl, I’m proud of you.” She smiled and I let her think that I didn’t notice. “But you hesitated so I’m afraid we’ll have to do it again. Get up.” I was hoping to trick her into hesitating again but she got right to her feet and thrust her tits forward so I could put the clothespins back on. She might be a better sub than I thought.

This time to make it interesting not only did I put a clip on each nipple but I unhooked the butterfly and added a clothespin to her clit hood, too. I gave her another long, deep kiss to let the pins dig in before taking a step back and issuing the command again. “Kneel!”

No hesitation this time but it really must have hurt; not only did she scream but she dropped completely to the ground and lay there whimpering. I undid the cuffs and let her recover for a minute before ordering her to her knees again.

“Make me cum and I’ll take you on as my sub.” As soon as the words were out of my mouth, my cock was in hers. She went faster than when I had her worship it but it was still a gentle, loving blowjob. It wasn’t long before I tensed up and erupted, shooting blast after blast of cum into her mouth. She gulped it all down and slowed her sucking to a crawl before letting my cock slide out of her mouth and licking the last remnants of cum from my shaft.

“Mmmm, I’m done with you for today pet,” I moaned lazily. “You may get dressed and go. And you better practice deepthroating on one of your dildos because I don’t want to see you here again until you can do it.”

She lets out a somewhat dejected “yes, sir” and goes upstairs. A minute or so later I hear her leave. I wonder how long it’ll be before she’s back. I give her a week.
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