KCTC Reporter Reboot - 3

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KCTC Reporter Reboot - 3

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Tom had another restless night after reading Raquel’s sexy message and answering Yes to every question on the introductory KCTC Questionnaire. He laid in bed, aroused, with his mind reeling from everything that had happened to him so far, and he simply could not stop thinking about these girls and the way they had been sweeping him up in such an inescapably enthralling written web of seduction…

He had contacted Kitty mostly from a business perspective, and she had given him a businesslike response, but she also had been quite flirtatious and enticing pretty much right away. This incredible mix of formality combined with her suggestive, provocative approach had truly stunned him, leaving him intrigued and fascinated.


From the moment he read that initial reply, it was clear that she had an assertive and controlling nature about her, and every message he received from Brigitte and Raquel after that demonstrated more of that same behavior. And he still didn’t know quite what to make of it! I mean, he had heard about girls that like to take the lead in various ways in life - in business but also in personal and sexual situations - but he’d never really interacted with any ladies that were this hot and this beguiling.

But however one defined their actions, it was clear to him that their femme-centric behavior certainly was contrary to the commonly accepted role for men to be the aggressors and the pursuers in interpersonal relationships with women. So it was for that reason that Tom understood why it wouldn’t appeal to certain typical sexist-male types, and it was probably why his guy friends had been so tight-lipped, and a little embarrassed too, about their experiences there!

But what the hell – he found himself not really caring what any other guys might think about him allowing these ladies to lure him in and toy with him like they were doing, because there was just something about it that was immensely appealing to him, and he couldn’t deny it.

Tom had no previous knowledge of this kind of roleplay, mind you, because he had never had any exposure to it. Such openly presented attraction games were quite new to him! Not only was their approach unfamiliar, and hence not necessarily appealing right away, but it wouldn’t have had anywhere near the same effect if all these girls weren’t so mind-blowingly gorgeous. To that end, having them include pics of themselves dressed up sexy in each message really did serve their purpose of ensnaring him and attracting him to them. And that was all it took – he was hooked!

Furthermore, this last round of communication was particularly alluring; their questionnaire was far more direct than anything he’d ever experienced with other women. He loved the businesslike approach they took despite the subject matter being so openly suggestive. And for some reason the way they made him reveal his feelings about the situation really turned him on, like asking him questions that had obvious answers (for example, if he thought Brigitte and Kitty were sexy girls).

Then they made him confess that what they were doing to him was turning him on sexually, and finally they requested his open consent for them to proceed with more of their games. He could have said No to any of their questions, but his Yes answers to all of them felt very natural to give somehow. This was certainly helped along by the fact that he had been provided with more imagery of exactly who his interrogators were, and more importantly, how attractive they looked when they were dressed up very sexy.

Of course, despite them insisting that he openly confess his feelings of attraction to them, they were only revealing little bits and pieces of their plots and schemes for him, which kept things mysterious and intriguing. This served to further develop the idea that they were in charge of the scenario, and that he was simply being taken in by them and strung along into it. He simply couldn’t wait to see what would happen next…

Anyway, after obsessing over all of this for a couple hours, he finally fell asleep, only to awaken the next morning with an incredible erection that took at least an hour to subside. And even then, as he began his day, it simply refused to go away fully – it really wasn’t ever getting completely flaccid. Instead it seemed hyper-sensitized, and it stayed partially erect throughout the day, which was a new and wonderful feeling for him. Of course, just a few seconds of thinking about any one of the KCTC girls had it standing at full attention in no time!

So he went about his business all day long, once again checking his messages repeatedly. He was dying to know what would be next on their agenda, but as the hours clicked by he couldn’t help but wonder if these wicked temptresses were going to make him wait another week or two before responding to his questionnaire answers!


But to his surprise, a message came in later that evening, and it was Brigitte contacting him again. She was rather brief this time, saying that she had consulted with Raquel about his case and that they both wanted to congratulate him on his correct responses to their introductory questionnaire.

She let him know how excited she and Kitty were to hear that he thought they were sexy. She also said that they both loved hearing that their pics and messages turned him on. Most importantly, they were delighted that he had granted them consent to proceed with more of their teasing games…

She added that Kitty really did want to meet him, but she was quite busy for the time being. Brigitte said she’d be checking Kitty’s schedule over the next few weeks to see if an opening came up, and if there was one she’d try to squeeze him in if at all possible.

But if Kitty’s schedule remained as busy as it currently was, Brigitte suggested that perhaps he might like to come meet her instead, and that she would be happy to entertain him. She could show him around the KCTC business office, and maybe introduce him to some of the other TeaserGirls too (she seemed to make it a point to call them that).

Of course, he was particularly excited to hear her say that one of the upcoming Fridays might be a good day for her to invite him in for a visit, given her earlier commentary about the KCTC dress code on that particular day. But he also couldn’t help but notice that she didn’t say whether it might be this week, or the next…or the next…

Tom’s cock sprang to attention from the very moment the message came in, and he could feel it throbbing as Brigitte casually talked about bringing him in to meet her at the KCTC office. Visions of all kinds of hot women strutting around in high heels, miniskirts and low-cut blouses danced in his head as she ended the message with that simple reference to which day of the week it might occur.


Predictably, he noticed there was a new pic of her, this time in another ‘sexy secretary’ getup. It was different than the other pics, but every bit as appealing, showing her sitting at the same desk as in one of her earlier pics, looking at her PC through a pair of classy-looking glasses. Her hair was up in a bun, and she was wearing a soft, white angora sweater, a black leather miniskirt and thigh-high black leather boots with pointy toes and 5” heels.

After checking her out in her seductive outfit for a moment, Tom also noticed that there were several guys seated in chairs up against the walls of the large office, with each one facing her. They looked very much like the guys surrounding her and Kitty when she shared that pic of them standing on stage in their furs and thigh-high boots at the KCTC nightclub.

These guys were all young and geeky looking, and every single one of them was completely fixated on this hot girl sitting at her desk. Also, just like in that other pic, Tom noticed that a couple of them were staring quite shamelessly at the pointy toes and high heels of Brigitte’s thigh-high black leather boots…

Scrolling down a little further, Tom found another post-script this time as well, and this time it simply told him to expect a more detailed followup message from her. She said that since he had passed the first questionnaire test, she would be more straight with him now and explain more of what was going on. She’d give him some additional context around the dynamics that were being demonstrated to him too.

She also said that there would be a second round to the questionnaire process where he would be required to express himself to her in writing. Like before, his statements would be analyzed and assessed for acceptability, and then a determination would be made as to whether his KCTC enticement process would be continued or not. If he passed the test, she said she might be allowed to invite him in for a session of introductory games with her, and if not, he would be permanently dismissed.

And that was all for this message. It was much shorter than the other ones, and it felt quite anticlimactic even though part of it was Brigitte’s formal acceptance and approval of his behavior. On one hand, he loved feeling like Brigitte was getting more personal with him and taking him into her confidence a little more. And of course he was thrilled to hear that she might explain some more details about the games she and the other KCTC girls had been playing with him…

At the same time, hearing that there would be another round of interrogation regarding his reactions to their behavior made him quite nervous and anxious. The thought of failing one of these tests and being “dismissed” literally sent a chill up his spine! But he was also beginning to understand that their questions were probably intended simply to weed out guys that weren’t truly interested in playing along with their female-led games. And since his feelings were becoming quite clear on the matter, he figured he could express himself well enough to pass their tests…

Anyway, as he enjoyed these feelings of slowly growing personal intimacy and attraction to Brigitte, he scrolled back up to see that pic of her dressed up all sexy once again. His eyes lingered on her as his mouth hung open, with his cock throbbing in his pants at the thought of possibly being allowed to meet her while she was dressed that way.


As he looked at her this time, he found her to be even more appealing than ever! Part of it was because she was making him feel like they were becoming more friendly and more intimate. But it was also the way she looked in that particular outfit; it was different from the way she was dressed in her other pics – this getup had more of a fetishistic style to it, and he just loved it!

He looked her up and down a couple times, and it struck him that dressing like that really was too daring for any normal office environment, and in most corporate situations she may have been sent home, perhaps with a warning from the HR department. Either that or some horny high-level executive might have taken her on as his personal assistant and given her a big raise and a bonus!

But he already knew that the KCTC business office had a completely different set of rules; it was run by women, and they were in charge of the openly suggestive and downright sexy dress code. It had already been explained to him that there was a strict expectation that every girl that worked there should openly flaunt her feminine sexuality (especially on the so-called “casual Fridays”). And he also knew that dressing like that was probably intended to provide visual sex appeal to any red-blooded male who happened to be there as well…

Anyway, as his gaze lingered on Brigitte in this new getup, he found himself fixating on the way she looked in that soft, fluffy white sweater; it was incredibly feminine and enticing! It had an angelic, innocent quality to it, looking so sensuous in the way it wrapped her shapely upper body up in the furry white angora. He could see the roundness of her large breasts as it clung tightly to them too, and then his eyes suddenly fixated on her erect nipples poking proudly into the soft fabric, plainly visible.

It was a huge turn on for him to realize she wasn’t wearing a bra under there, and in contrast to the purity of the way that fluffy white angora looked on her, being able to see her nipples so clearly underneath her sweater was quite a sexually bold and brazen look. Immediately he visualized how she might look as she strutted around in her high heels, the slinky motions of her curvy body causing those large, firm breasts to jiggle around. Oh wow, it would be incredibly tantalizing to watch, seeing them bounce around all loose and unrestrained underneath that deliciously soft, sensual-looking angora fur…

With that image in his mind, he found himself wanting to be close to her, wanting to touch her and feel her body in that soft furry sweater. He couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to put his arms around her and feel the softness of the fabric with his hands. He would rub his hands over her waist and around her back, then back in front onto her tummy, maybe even up onto breasts, and he’d roll those pert nipples between his thumb and forefinger right through the soft angora…if she’d let him!


As he continued to fantasize about becoming intimate with this gorgeous girl dressed in her furry, fluffy angora sweater, he suddenly realized his hand was resting on his erection, squeezing it gently. And the vision he was having in his mind was starting to cause too much stimulation for him to be able to contain his arousal, because right then he could feel an orgasm building up inside his balls and cock.

So he yanked his hand away and desperately flexed the muscles at the base of his hardon as it twitched right on the edge of explosion, and he could feel a gooey stain leak out into his underwear. His breathing slowly calmed down as he took a tissue and pulled his pants down so he could dab the precum off the head of his cock, but even that simple touching of his himself continued to make his cock pulse, right at the brink of release…

As his near-orgasm slowly subsided, he took a minute to compose himself, but then he gazed back at Brigitte’s picture. And as he glanced down at the other parts of her attire, he saw how the rest of her outfit represented a total contrast to that soft, fluffy sweater.

The way she looked in her black leather miniskirt, and even more so, the way those matching thigh-high spike-heeled boots looked had a totally different effect on him. That part of her attire was more aggressive, and it sent a totally different message of female strength and power.

Suddenly, instead of wanting to tend to her and take care of her as if he was her boyfriend on an intimate date, he found himself wanting to fall to his knees in front of her, surrender to her, do whatever she said and just generally obey her like a subservient subject.

The juxtaposition of his reaction to these two wildly different aspects of her attire was confusing in the way it was causing such conflicted feelings inside him. But one thing was for sure…it was driving him absolutely wild! Good grief – what in the world were these feelings about, and where were they coming from?


Anyway, after ogling Brigitte some more in this new outfit, cycling himself through a few states of arousal leading to near orgasm, he finally decided enough was enough, and he closed his laptop. As he started to get ready for bed, he thought about how being told to wait for yet another correspondence was pure torture. But the thought of possibly being allowed to meet Brigitte sometime soon was plenty of incentive for him to continue to play along, and he couldn’t wait to get some more information about these little games that she was introducing him to!

That night he had a similar experience to the one the night before, with his erection refusing to go away as he tried to get to sleep. Brigitte’s brief message was encouraging but nowhere near as elaborate as her earlier ones, and it was clear that it was simply intended to string him along just a little further. And it also certainly did whet his appetite for the next correspondence and the idea of being allowed to meet her personally, especially because the outfit she wore in the pic of her this time caused even more desire for her to bubble up from the depths of his soul…

Anyhow, at this point in the process of interacting with these women, he had started to notice something about his masturbation habits. He still hadn’t come since he had first contacted the KCTC girls, and he was now into a third week of denying himself release. Because of that, he found that if he played with himself for more than a minute or so, he would feel an orgasm approaching, and he would have to stop.

He had never denied himself release that long (he never really had a reason to stop jerking himself off to completion), but he still refused to grant himself the simple indulgence of orgasm. Somehow, in some way, he was beginning to derive pleasure from his growing fixation on the controlling games he was being led into by these exotic teasergirls. He was starting to find a kind of bizarre sexual satisfaction in giving in to them, doing what they wanted and allowing them to toy with him while he continued to deny himself.

So at that point he was playing with himself less and less often, even though he found himself in a practically ongoing state of arousal and erection. He knew that he might lose control and explode in a mind-blowing orgasm if he pleasured himself for just a few seconds too long, so he preferred to simply squeeze his cock in his pants whenever it got hard and fantasize about them slowly taking him further and further along into wherever they wanted him to go. What in the world was happening to him?

Anyway, after waking up the next day with an increasingly familiar morning hardon that refused to subside, he went about his business that day until at some point in the late afternoon, another message from Brigitte came in. His breath quickened and his cock stiffened as he opened it and started reading.

Dear Tom,

As I stated yesterday, this message is intended to provide you with some more information about what’s been happening to you during the introductory KCTC experience I’ve been leading you into. Despite the fact that this type of roleplay might be completely new to you, you have stated in your responses to our KCTC introductory questionnaire that you find it to be appealing, so at this time we will be proceeding with further enticements…

I hope it is becoming clear to you by now that Kitty, myself, and the rest of our KCTC girls are all into cock teasing in one form or another. Even though we haven’t met you in person yet, we have already been slowly and methodically introducing you to some of the various techniques that can be performed within the realm of this intimate sexual roleplay. For example, have you realized that from the very moment Miss Kitty responded to your original business-oriented correspondence, we have been demonstrating little examples of our erotic mind games?

It began with her warm encouragement of your attention to her, followed by a promise of the reward of meeting her in person. But as the specified time to meet her got closer and closer, alas, there was a sly evasion on her part - a delay of gratification that I believe is still occurring - and THAT, my dear man, is how the game of erotic cock teasing begins!

I should point out that she did not reject you outright, she simply delayed your advances. And she still kinda has you dangling from her string at this very moment, doesn’t she! Anyway, to add some more dynamics to the situation, she handed you over to me, and we later got Raquel involved as well, all to continue the onslaught of feminine enticement we’ve been using to completely overwhelm you…

Since then I must say that your behavior has been exemplary as we’ve continued this process of slow seduction, with each one of our further correspondences being designed to take slightly more control of you and lure you just a little farther along into our games. Of course, not only is the process well underway, but it is continuing at this very moment!

Tom, we at the KCTC are fully aware that this type of roleplay is completely contrary to the commonly accepted role of the male as the initiator of intimate sexual encounters, and hence why many men do not find it appealing. Those kinds of men are all about their own pleasure, and they do not put adequate time and focus on the satisfaction of their female partners. KCTC girls like us simply do not pay them a single moment’s thought or attention.

But there are other kinds of guys, ones that find the idea of allowing a highly attractive, seductive female to make moves on him to be erotic and arousing. Lots of men have the fantasy of being enticed and seduced by a hot girl, although their idea as to what happens after that tends to be different from the scenario that a typical cock teasing female wants to lure him into.

My point is that if a guy can set aside his desire to take control of the situation, and if he can simply enjoy the feeling of having a gorgeous girl take him with her and lead him into whatever situation she chooses to, then he may be the kind of guy we here at the KCTC enjoy teasing and toying with. And our TeaserGirls are constantly on the prowl, so to speak, for new guys to string along into our specific style of female-led interactions…

Which brings me to an important concept relevant to this discussion, one that is critical for you to understand as you continue to grant me consent to proceed with my intentions for you. It is the idea of the Female Led Relationship, or FLR for short. This type of role reversal arises in opposition to the more common chauvinist male approach of the man taking the lead, so to speak. And although the term frequently applies to an ongoing interpersonal relationship between a man and woman, it can also apply in the dating realm, as well as in various types of activities in the sex work business.

In a Female Led intimate interaction, the woman is the initiator of the encounter and the male is the one being targeted as the subject of her desires. Of course, I mention this because it pertains specifically to the erotic activities that our girls like to explore here at the KCTC. Just so we’re clear, Tom, I’m letting you know that all behaviors, interactions, and intimate teasing scenarios here are Female Led, and they proceed in ways that are completely new and unfamiliar to every single male we allow in the door. So consider yourself forewarned…

Furthermore, I’d also like you to know that in your case, if and when I choose to bring you in to meet me so I can play some of our games with you, I will be taking the lead in the encounter, and I will be very much in charge of whatever intimacies happen between the two of us. I hope that is crystal clear as well.

Once again I will stress that this role reversal is quite unfamiliar for many men, so when we at the KCTC sense that a guy is not responding appropriately to our advances during our preliminary correspondence or during a personal visit, we terminate the interaction without a moment’s hesitation.

However, as I’ve said, when a different kind of guy, usually one with somewhat passive personality traits, is introduced to the FLR dynamic, he frequently finds it to be wildly appealing and exciting. Tom, whether you already knew it or not, it is becoming clear to us that you just may be that kind of guy…

Right now I’d like to share something else, something I’m sure you would love to hear about in some detail as I discuss it more openly. It is one of the techniques we have already been demonstrating to you, and I am referring to the way that hot-looking girls like us enjoy preparing ourselves for playdates using common tricks of the trade involving feminine beauty and glamour. You see, because of the simple biological fact that women are “the fairer sex”, many women like us enjoy taking advantage of the male’s weakness for us by visually presenting ourselves in a way that excites him sexually.

We take care of their bodies to keep ourselves physically fit, and we enjoy enhancing our visual appearance through the use of beauty salon services like hair styling, makeup, long fingernails, etc. Occasionally some of our girls make use of surgical procedures to elevate their sex appeal as well, with breast implants being the most common one. And I’m sure you are also aware that gorgeous women like us usually enjoy dangling bits of sparkly, shiny jewelry from various places on our bodies to tantalize and titillate the male, further attracting his gaze to certain parts of us…

Of course, selecting appropriately enticing attire also adds to the undeniable power that attractive women hold over certain men. Girls like us have found that dressing sexy in tight, revealing clothes - ones frequently made of exotic and appealing fabrics like satin, angora, leather and furs - also ups our feelings of power over our male subjects. Finally, the wearing of very high heels also adds to our physical stature, literally, and lends itself quite nicely to that concept of female superiority that some men seem to want to accept and encourage.

And so, with our appearance prepared in this fashion, we have found that when we present ourselves to the right kind of guy, it is all too easy to stimulate and excite him. Of course, when his predictable arousal causes him to try to make physical advances on us, our feminine role in the teasing game dictates that we do not give in to him right away. On the contrary, we usually enjoy slowing down the process of giving him even a little of what he wants to an immeasurable degree.

That assertion of control over his advances reinforces the idea that although we are encouraging him to pursue an intimate interpersonal encounter with us, we are in charge of the situation. We make the decisions regarding what kinds of sexual intimacy he is to receive and when.

Of course, as the games proceed, we also make certain to do whatever we can to keep him interested and aroused, thereby manipulating him to play along in every way with whatever techniques we decide to employ. When we have fully indulged our exhibitions of feminine power over him, and when we are 100% satisfied with his behavior, it is only then that we allow the intimacy level to escalate further.

The details of how all this is explored and how it plays out is up to us to decide, of course, and girls like us here at the KCTC have found endless fascination in exploring this female-centric roleplay with any male partners we decide to target for seduction. Some men have experience with this type of sexuality, and they are fun to use to explore it further. Others are new to it, as you appear to be, and it is also great fun to introduce them to these games and techniques, slowly discovering exactly which aspects of them tickles their fancy…

Tom, at this point I want you to think quite carefully about the information I am providing to you in this message. You must fully accept the statements and facts I am describing if you want this interaction with us to go any further! In fact, I must insist that you reread my message so you can fully absorb the details of what I am proposing, just to be sure we are being crystal clear about how things can proceed if you so choose to accept it.

After that, if the things I’m presenting here are appealing to you, and if you want us to proceed with the development and intensification of your feelings of attraction to us here at the KCTC, then we require you to say so in a written response. Is that clear?

Devote the appropriate amount of time to your message, and choose your words carefully in the way you make your statements, honey. Your expressed interest should be genuine, respectful and enthusiastic, and need I say not to bother with any kind of explicit commentary? We are quite familiar with the typical crude, unsophisticated base male approach toward intimate interactions with highly attractive girls like us, and we simply do not tolerate it, either in any KCTC correspondence with us, nor during any on-site erotic activities.

If you are not interested, do NOT bother saying so; we will view your lack of a response as a simple expression of disinterest in us, and our interaction will end right there. However, if you are interested, you will follow the instructions I’ve given you. We expect your response by 9PM tonight. Do NOT be late!

Brigitte Sherelle
KCTC Tease Assistant

Once again Tom found himself breathing heavily, and his body temperature was at a fever pitch as he reached the end of Brigitte’s deliciously descriptive message. Of course, his cock was so hard it practically hurt! He had adjusted it so it stuck straight out along his leg in his pants, and every time he mindlessly began squeezing it he had to take his hand away because he could tell he was about to explode. More precum had oozed out of the top too, and again he had to pull his pants down so he could blot the head of his cock with a tissue, this time waiting for a couple minutes lest the simple stimulation might drive him over the edge!


And things got worse when he realized there was another pic at the bottom, and when he scrolled down he saw Brigitte in that same scene in her office. But this time she was standing up, much closer to the camera and facing it, posing with her hands lifted up into her hair and looking directly at him with a warm smile. She had undone her hair-bun, and she was in the process of fluffing it up and letting it fall down in wonderfully soft fashion around her shoulders.

Her upper body looked magnificent in that fluffy white sweater, it just looked so incredibly soft and feminine! It was quite snug on her, showcasing the lovely curves of her feminine physique, and she had unbuttoned it halfway down her chest. It pressed her large, round breasts together, revealing some wonderfully fleshy cleavage, and of course his eyes fixated on her erect nipples again quite plainly visible right through the furry angora.

She looked absolutely gorgeous standing and posing for him like that, and as he looked down her body he saw that she wore a studded black leather belt around her trim waist, adding another element of sheer feminine power to her appearance. It matched her black leather mini and those deliciously sexy thigh-high spike heeled boots, and she had shifted her weight onto one leg to add to the appeal of the pose.

Tom also saw that the geeky-looking boys were still seated around the edge of the room, and each one of them was staring at her, Some had their mouths hanging open, and some were staring down at the sky-high stiletto heels on those kinky boots she was wearing. And like the scene at the KCTC with her and Kitty, he saw that all of them had their hands on their crotches…

What was it about seeing her showing off like that, with all those pathetic looking guys ogling her and pleasuring themselves, that made her look even more attractive? Her face was quite exotic, her eyes were captivating, and she really did have an incredible body. She was quite tall and voluptuous, and the way she was dressed was mind-blowingly hot, but it was more than that. Then it suddenly clicked…he felt honored and flattered that she was ignoring all those silly boys and paying attention to HIM!

Anyway, right then he checked his watch and realized that Brigitte really had put him on the hot seat with her request for a response, because he saw that it was after 8 already. He had less than an hour to pour out his feelings to her! So he wasted no time, writing and rewriting several eloquent sentences, and he made sure to choose his words carefully, just like she told him.

Of course, he tried to play it up a bit just to humor her and flatter her, but he figured that she could probably smell bullshit a mile away, so he also tried to keep it down to earth at the same time. Besides, as he thought about what was going on, he found himself expressing his desire quite easily, because it was real. He wrote:

Dear Brigitte,

Never in my entire life have I been so intrigued by some simple introductory correspondence with a business owner or one of their assistants! That certainly applies from the business perspective with which I first approached you, but let me add that on a personal level, I can say without question that I’ve never felt such undeniable attraction to any other girls on this planet as I do to Miss Kitty and you at this exact moment.

Yes, I find Kitty to be quite appealing, with her busty blonde Barbie-doll looks that could make almost any man’s blood boil. But to be honest, as you and I have continued to correspond, I am finding myself more and more attracted to you and only you. I am simply stunned at how appealing you are in the way you have presented yourself, both in your appearance (which, I must say, is every bit as gorgeous as Kitty) and the way you exude such self-assuredness as you describe some of your more intimate fascinations.

Your statements regarding your sexuality have been surprisingly blatant in the best possible way; you describe things I have heard of but never experienced personally, and I am at a loss for words to express just how interested I am in learning more about your teasing techniques. I simply never thought these types of erotic interests could be communicated so confidently and openly, and you do it with such obviously accomplished levels of skill and expertise!

Brigitte, I am simply stunned by the fact that you have aroused such powerful feelings of attraction inside me to begin with, and even more so that you have done it without ever having met me. Somehow you have managed to excite and arouse me in ways I simply do not understand. Conversely, I am quite certain you DO understand, quite fully, exactly what your feminine powers and skills of seduction are capable of causing men to feel…

Furthermore, I would like to thank you for this last correspondence in particular; it is incredibly exciting and erotic to have things explained so directly as you have, so please know that I am absolutely dying to learn more about these personal sexual preferences you refer to.

I am also fascinated by the way you have made very specific references to the rules of these erotic cock teasing games (which, by the way, I will gladly abide by), but at the same time you have withheld many of the luscious details of exactly how these female-led activities are explored. I find that to be incredibly tantalizing - it is a simply masterful demonstration of attraction and enticement!

All in all, I have never experienced such incredible amounts of desire for anyone – ever.

Having said all that, it is my sincere wish that you find my words and expressions to be acceptable. If so, regarding a KCTC office or nightclub visit, I am officially acknowledging and accepting the behavioral expectations you have explained so clearly. I will willingly allow you to take the lead in a possible in-person encounter, and you have my promise that I will behave myself and follow all KCTC rules as you have dictated them.

Please, Brigitte, I’m begging you, and I’m not ashamed to do so…please bring me in and have your way with me!


Tom proofread his response a few times, adding little things and changing other stuff around, making sure he was saying exactly what he wanted to say and that he was following the instructions Brigitte gave him as much as possible. When he clicked ‘Send’ he felt a rush of excitement, but also nervous anticipation because he sincerely hoped Brigitte would love hearing his expressions of desire.

And that last sentence, while somewhat humbling to express to any woman, somehow felt normal and natural in this case. He was surrendering himself to her, literally begging her to bring him in and play her games with him…it was a perfect way to end his message, or at least so he hoped.

He sat there and stared at the screen, wondering if there would be a canned response like one of his last messages, but nothing happened right away. But after a few minutes, he got a reply:

My dear Tom,

Thank you for your message – I have read it and forwarded it to Raquel for review. Personally I enjoyed it very much, and I would invite you in for a playdate right now if it was up to me! But she is in charge of these matters so we will have to wait for her official decision.

In the meantime, I have one more very important question to ask, and consider yourself forewarned that this one has a right and wrong answer, but it may not be obvious which is which. Again, the incorrect answer on your part will result in the termination of our correspondence. So get it right if you want to meet us, and if your answer is correct and your expressions of affection and attraction are approved, we will gladly introduce you to more of your first KCTC experience.

So now I want you to tell me - have you been playing with yourself while reading our enticing messages and looking at the images of us we have provided?

Brigitte Sherelle
KCTC Tease Assistant
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Re: KCTC Reporter Reboot - 3

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A very sexy story. I just love how Brigitte tease and interrogate Tom. Expecting complete obedience from him and giving him no time to think about answering.
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