Ch.02 Anya's deal

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Ch.02 Anya's deal

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Plot: Anya and Mike talk about the previous night and make a deal. Then what was supposed to be a romantic evening with make-up sex take a surprising turn of event.

Themes: Small penis humiliation (sph), tease & denial, dildo,

Quick word from author:
-Ch.01 is available on the forum
-Constructive comments are always welcome (on this chapter, or suggestions of what you want to see next)
-4 more chapters to come. I need time to write them. I might make an e-book out of the whole thing.

I woke up early the following day. Anya's side of the bed was still empty, and I was anxious about the state of things. The last night had been a roller-coaster of emotions, from my wife getting extremely pissed at discovering my browser history in front of Jake to order me to ear her out on my knees, then storming off the room.

Deciding it was time to try to make amends, I quietly made my way to the kitchen to cook her favorite breakfast. Once almost done, I heard Anya step into the kitchen.

I turned around and said nervously: "Good morning! I made you breakfast. And look, I'm sorry about last night. I'm..."

"I am sorry too, Mike," She interrupted. "I felt betrayed and humiliated finding out what's on your computer in front of Jake. But I should have discussed it with you instead of being a bitch."

It was a relief things were starting to improve. Yet it felt like I was walking on eggshells and wasn't sure what to say. "So... Can we forget about last night? I mean, if you are willing to forgive me?"

"I'm afraid the cat is out of the bag Mike," She said, factually. "There are a few things we cannot take back. You have been masturbating like a pervert in my back for a while. I'm still angry about it. Second, you prefer being belittled to having normal sex with me."

I interjected: "No! I love making love to you. You are so gorgeous!"

"Maybe. But let's be honest: I've never seen you as turned on as yesterday while I was stepping on you with my heels like a carpet and telling you how pathetic that is. Why do you get so turned on by it, Mike?"

It was time to speak the truth and explain as much as possible. "I don't know. Every time I watch those videos, I keep thinking about you doing all those things to me, which drives me crazy. Just the thought of you being cruel and unfair to me, in a sexual context, makes me rock-hard."

We spent the next half-hour talking about most of my female domination fantasies: tease & denial, humiliation, chastity cages, foot fetish. Anya listened, her eyes sometimes widening with surprise, sometimes giggling at how ridiculous it sounded. When I thought she got her many questions answered, she asked: "You didn't talk about another recurrent theme from your browser history: Cuckolding. Do you fantasize about me fucking other men?"

I tried to clarify: "Like most other topics, honey, it's just ideas that turn me on. It's just a fantasy! I love you, and it would make me very jealous if you were to have sex with another guy." Marking a pause, I confessed, "But yes, thinking about it makes me horny. Not you getting involved in a romantic relationship. Just sex."

"And you'd be fine with me getting guys, knowing I will never allow you to get other girls?" She asked

I felt a nod forming in my throat, surprised and anxious she seemed to consider the idea: "Hum.. yeah... I mean, yes."

"For example, it would turn you on if I was to fuck Jake?" She quizzed

"No! Not Jake. He is such a cocky asshole. Plus, he is our neighbor, which would be humiliating every time we stumble upon him. He'd never stop smirking after that."

"Well, he will at least get the satisfaction of having me wash his car in a swimsuit after the bet I lost yesterday." She sighed.

I was surprised she'd even consider going with it. That was such a dumb idea to start with. "What? You are going to honor this stupid bet? Jake probably didn't even mean half of it. He was just joking".

"I always pay my debts. What would my words be worth if I didn't?" She said proudly. "Plus, I am sure we won't stop hearing about it if I do not do it. Going through with this might shut him up. So I will give him that satisfaction. I'll do it in the backyard so no other neighbors can see. Just you and him. Also, do I need to remind you I lost this stupid bet because of you and your pathetic porn collection?"

There wasn't much I could answer. Anya's mind was set. "Fine, fine," I mumbled, thinking about Jake's smirk and snarky comments to come. After last night I didn't want to cross his path ever again.

Silence filled the room for thirty seconds, both Anya and I in our thoughts. I broke this moment of peace to ask the question that was burning my lips: "Did you like it? You know, yesterday night." I probed, hopeful.

"Did I like feeling betrayed and humiliated by my husband in front of our neighbor?" She replied with a sarcastic and angry tone.

"No... I mean after, in the bedroom." I replied.

She sighed and looked on the floor pensively for a long dozen seconds.

"Honestly, Mike, I don't know how to feel about it." She replied factually. "On one hand, I can't avoid thinking of you as a little less, knowing you'd rather get belittled and beg to lick my asshole instead of fucking your sexy wife like a real man. I am sorry, but that's true."

Ouch! I felt my heart drop. I also felt my penis get heavier and twitch in excitement.

She continued: "It is cliché, but most girls just dream of a strong knight in shiny armor that will swoop them off their feet; and make love to them with passion. At the same time, bossing you around like this was quite a rush. Knowing that no matter how bitchy I was, you were there to take it. That's kind of twisted, but it felt empowering. Also, seeing how much you craved me was hot. I always enjoyed dressing up sexy and wearing high-heels because of how it makes men's heads spin, including yours. But last night was something else. You were like an animal. I'm sure you'd have done anything to crawl between my legs."

"So what now? How do we get passed this?" I asked, worried she'd stop loving me because of it all.

After a pause, she replied: "As I said, the cat's out of the bag; no point pretending last night didn't happen. So here is what we will do:
One - I do not want you to ever watch porn behind my back. I do not want you to touch yourself without my permission. That is to punish you for betraying me, and since it seems to be part of your twisted fantasies, you should be happy. To be clear, if you ever masturbate behind my back, I will consider it like cheating on me.
Two - I call the shots. I get the jizz of what your craziest fantasies and fetishes are. I will keep your laptop if I ever need a reminder of what perverts like you enjoy, and to ensure you won't be tempted to watch porn.
Three - It is as much about you as it is about me. I do not know exactly what I want from it, and it's a little exciting. I do not want you to chicken out when I figure it out. You will support me and my needs, just like I am entertaining your fantasies. If you see it as unfair, bitchy, or even cruel, you will accept it anyway, since you said that turns you on."

I couldn't believe my ears. Had Anya been thinking about this the whole night? Or did she come up with this deal on the spot? Of course, it sounded incredibly hot, just like in my fantasies. Yet, it felt like it was getting a little bit out of control. Anya was a go-getter, rush head first, and think after type of woman. I was much more calculated. I was worried about the effects that opening Pandora's box would have on our marriage.

She pressed on: "So, what do you say, Mike? Or do you see a better way to see this through? I was thinking about it last night, and it's the only way forward: seeing where this leads us and make the most of it on the way."

Thinking about her offer made my penis swell, and I knew that, for better or worst, I wanted to give in to my fantasies. So I replied quietly: "Deal."

"I didn't expect any less!" Anya answered, with an almost victorious tone. "Now, are you going to finally serve me this breakfast or what?"


We spent Saturday doing usual and relaxing activities. Anya's deal was always in the back of my mind, but I tried not to show it. If it was the same for her, she wasn't displaying it at all. Still trying to make amends, I decided to cook her a romantic dinner that evening. Anya went to take a bath while I was getting busy in the kitchen. When she returned an hour later, the dining table was set with candles, and the food was almost ready!

Wearing her favorite pair of open toes black heels and her short silk kimono, her legs looked infinitely long. She always made efforts to dress sexy everywhere, even in our home. I wasn't complaining about it! "You look gorgeous!" I complimented her.

The dinner went well, and I felt the mood had lightened considerably. Maybe the wine had something to do with the relaxed atmosphere. I made us cocktails, and we moved to the living room couch.

"Are you trying to get me drunk?" Anya giggled.

"Maybe!" I answered with a smirk.

"Well, it's working, Mister!" She said, pushing me to sit on our couch. Without warning, she straddled me and gave me a passionate kiss. Her smell was intoxicating, her thighs smooth to the touch. I responded to her urgency and grabbed her ass with both hands. She started to bite my lips while kissing me. Her tongue quickly became adventurous, searching for mine. Her hand cupped my already stiff cock through my pants, and she started caressing it.

"Is your cock hard, honey?" Anya whispered in my ear.

Five minutes making out with her was all it took for me to answer, "Yes. YES! I want you so bad!" She continued rubbing the bump on my pants rapidly.

"Do you think your cock is worthy of my pussy?" She continued whispering in my ear in a teasing voice.

"I... I don't know! I'll do anything for it to be!" I replied without thinking.

"What do you think my pussy deserves to be pleased with, Baby?" She said while licking my ear lobe.

"The best. Your pussy deserves the best!"

"Do you think your small cock is best for my beautiful and horny pussy?"

"I... what?" I replied, taken aback.

She moved away slightly, enough to look me in the eyes, while continuing stroking me through my pants, a little slower.

"Do you think you have a big dick? You said my pussy deserves the best. Do you think you are big enough to be worthy?" She asked, expecting an answer.

I didn't know what to say. "I don't know. I... I'm normal, I guess! Size doesn't matter that much; I'll make sure to please you. Please, Honey!"

"Why do you think I always ask you to rub my clit while you are inside me, Mike?"

"Ugh? Because you like it. Because it always makes you climax!" I replied, not exactly knowing where this was going.

"Not exactly. I need my clit rubbed because your cock is too small to give me an orgasm. So, I'm asking you again, do you think you have a big dick?" She insisted while continuing to rub my pants softly.

I was baffled, and my ego started to feel bruised, so I replied: "I make you orgasm plenty!"

"Sure! With your fingers or while eating me out. You've always been very good at that!" She replied with a taunting smile. "So, for the last time, how big do you think your dick is, Mike?"

I had never thought my penis was huge, yet I had never had much to compare it to. Also, Anya continuously rubbing my pants while insinuating my dick was too small for her made me think about our morning agreement. The thought that she was probably trying to turn me on by playing my humiliation kinks gave me some relief. She probably didn't mean it, even though it was true that she never reached orgasms with me penetrating her unless one of us was rubbing her clit simultaneously.

"My dick is average." I insisted. "Is it about this morning? Look, I appreciate that you are trying to play along, but I want you now, Anya!"

She leaned forward until her lips almost touched my ears again and whispered: "Sorry honey, small dicks don't get a piece of my pussy tonight!"

The combination of her talking so crudely, the sensation of her lips close to my ear, and the thought she might deny me tonight made me rock hard.

"I am telling you, I am average!" I said, grabbing her firm ass and pulling her closer to me.

Instead, she moved away and stood, towering over me in her sexy heels and half-open kimono. I could see the landing strip of her pubic hair leading straight to the promised land. She must have seen me gawking at her and closed her kimono better, then replied: "Let's check, shall we? Come on Mister average-cock. Stand up and remove your pants!"

Curious and thinking that stripping naked would make me at least a little closer to finally burying my dick in her perfect pussy, I followed her instructions. In the meantime, she went to the corner-shelf to grab a tape measure and came back sitting on the couch, facing me.

Starting stroking me lightly, she said, "We wouldn't want to be unfair, would we? Let's make sure you are nice and hard!"

I already was, and she knew it. She was being a complete cock-tease, and I was enjoying every moment of it. A minute later, I was already on the brink of ejaculation, with some precum leaking from the tip of my cock. She suddenly stopped and started measuring my throbbing penis from the base to the end. Focusing on doing her job with pinpoint accuracy, she ensured everything was in place and said, almost victorious: "3.9 inches! Do you still think you are average?"

"How would I know?" I replied, frustrated.

"Well, here is how!" She said while grabbing her phone on the couch. She then read was she was typing out loud: "Average penis size." Then a few seconds later, she read her screen: "The average length of an erect penis is 5.5 inches.
An erect penis of 3.94 inches is in the five percentile. It means that only 5 out of 100 would have a penis shorter than that.
For some perspective, an erect penis of 6.3 inches falls into the 95 percentile."

We both fell silent for ten seconds, letting the information sink in. Did I have a smaller penis than 95% of men?

Anya suddenly laughed and said: "I married a man with a mini-penis! Oh my god, I knew you were pretty small. I mean, compared to my exes. But damn, Mike! I didn't know you were so small!" She giggled.

My cheeks turned bright red. I felt my heart drop and my dick throb from her laughing at how small my cock was.

She recomposed herself and continued: "Can you tell me how big is your cock now?"

Looking down, I surrendered and mumbled: "Small."

"I didn't hear you, honey! You are going to have to be clearer as well," She replied, with a finger swirling around the head of my erect dick.

"I have a small cock" I answered, almost forcefully, feeling a nod in my throat.

"That's right!" She said, smiling and victorious. "You have a small dicklet. So tiny that you cannot even satisfy your wife! No pussy for tonight, I'm afraid. In fact, I do not think you get to cum tonight!"

I grunted in frustration.

"You remember what you said earlier? How my pussy deserves the best?" She asked

"Mmm, mmm."

"I think you are right! Go in our walk-in closet. Third shelf on the left. Bring back what is in the pink shoebox." She instructed. "Come on! Off you go!"

Intrigued, I obeyed. Following the instructions, I took the box, dropped it on our bed, and opened it. My surprise was total when I saw, at the bottom of the box and almost filling the whole length, a realistic-looking dildo. The toy was at least 7 inches long, and the circumference was from one of the porn videos I watched online. Was it Anya's? Most probably. Was she using it? Again, what else did she have this huge plastic dick for? But most importantly, since when did she own it?

My brain filled with questions, and my cock pulsing at the thoughts of Anya impaling herself on this colossal toy, I grabbed the dildo and went back into the living room. She had removed her kimono and was waiting for me, lying back on the couch, her legs spread wide open, shamelessly displaying her perfect pussy.

She smirked, seeing my surprised face: "I see you and my friend got acquainted! I guess you are not the only one with secrets, except mine is not remotely embarassing as yours."

I couldn't resist asking: "Anya, for how long have you owned it?"

"Shortly after we got married," She replied factually.

"Why did you buy it?" I inquired anxiously.

"Can you guess, Mr. small cock?" She teased, giggling.

"Why did you never tell me about this?" I answered with a voice a little more high-pitched than I would have wanted.

She paused then said: "Honestly, I didn't want to bruise your ego. But after yesterday evening, I figured the gloves are off. You might even find it a little arousing that I give myself a good fuck with this toy when you are not home. Do you?"

It was my turn to mark a pause. Anya was right, the cat was out of the bag, and the gloves were off. I confessed: "Yes. It hurts knowing I am not enough to satisfy you, but it also drives me crazy to think about you using this toy. It's... huge!"

I saw both relief that I wasn't mad and amusement from my comment in her smile.

"It is a big cock indeed! It took me a few attempts to work my way on it!" She said with some pride. "Would you like to see me using it?"

My cock twitched. I swallowed and replied: "Yes. Please. I would love that!"

"Even if you are not cumming tonight and that you will go to bed blue-balled?" She teased, pouting her lip.

I grunted, replying: "Come on, baby! It is so unfair..."

She interrupted me: "Judging by the deal we made this morning, things are about to get quite unfair and frustrating for you in this household! I thought you wanted me to be a cock-teasing cruel bitch?"

"I... I do!" I admitted.

"Then kneel in front of the couch, hands behind your back!"

I gave her the dildo and obeyed.

Taking the huge plastic cock by the balls, she sexily dragged the tip from her belly button to her mouth. "I'm going to make you wish your cock was this big!" She teased. Then she wrapped her lips around the head of her toy and started sucking on it. Her other hand started rubbing her clit in circles, slowly.

It was heaven and hell at the same time. Her legs were wide open, providing the perfect view of her perfect pussy. I could see how wet it was starting to be. On my side, my cock was rock hard, standing straight. A single drop of precum had begun to run down the head.

After a while, she removed the dildo from her mouth, her saliva making it glisten. She locked eyes with me and said: "Remind me, honey, why do I need to fuck myself with this big cock?"

Almost in a trance, I replied: "Because I have a small dick and cannot satisfy you."

"Good boy!" she cooed.

Taking the base of her dildo with both hands, she positioned the tip at the entrance of her wet slit. Raising her legs, she started to push it in. I could see how much the girth of the toy was forcing on the entrance of her hole. As it started to stretch around it, she let out a loud moan, mouth open, eyebrows raised while looking at her pussy, trying to accommodate such a huge cock. Once fitting halfway through the length, she started doing small back and forth, stuffing more of the dildo inside each time.

"Oh my god, it is always so big!" She whimpered.

After some effort, she had stuffed it almost to the balls. I couldn't believe it. She started pumping it in and out a bit harder. Her eyes closed, her brows frowned, and her mouth wide open; she was panting. Suddenly, she pushed the entire cock all the way in, to the point the balls were buried in her crack, touching her asshole. She firmly held the entirety of the toy inside while rocking her hips back and forth.

"Ooh, look at it, baby, look how a real cock is making me come. I'm coming; I'm coming, I'm..." she cried. Her whole body convulsed, shaking in a way I had never seen before. Then finally, it stopped, and her legs and arms fell by her side. Her pussy squeezed the dildo out. I saw how dilated it was for a while, drenched, flushed with blood, and loose.

Regaining some energy, she looked at me with a satisfied smile. "My god Mike, you are so horny that your dick is leaking precum on the floor!" She laughed.

I looked down at my rock-hard penis. A trickle of precum was indeed going from the tip to the floor.

"Anya, please, I am so horny. I would do anything! Please let me come inside you!" I begged, desperation in my voice.

She giggled. "Too bad! Small dicks don't get to cum tonight!" Then, she taunted me further, "Even if you were to stick it inside me, do you think I would feel anything after the huge cock I just had?"

I was about to answer and plead my case, but she interrupted, her tone changing to her more bossy one: "No protest! You wanted a bitchy wife, and you now have one. Wipe your cock clean and put your pants back on."

Frustrated, I obeyed. The feeling of tucking my pulsing cock back in my pants, knowing it won't get satisfaction was the worst.

"Good boy!" Anya teased. She got up and left to our bedroom, her hips swaying, her bare ass hypnotizing.

I stayed lying down on the floor of the living room for a while, my balls aching and my mind drifting about how much had happened over the past twenty-four hours. Then I went to bed.


Later that night, as we were cuddling in bed. Anya said in a sleepy voice: "Honey, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I want your fantasies to become a reality."

"I loved it. It was heaven and hell at the same time. I want you so bad still." I admitted.

Her eyes closed, and with a faint smile, she patted my still half-hard cock and replied: "Good. There is much more from that came from." Then she fell asleep.

I stayed awake for a while, looking at the ceiling, unable to find sleep. My cock was stiff, and my balls were slightly hurting. But I thought I was the luckiest man alive.
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