The Clinic: Part 2

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The Clinic: Part 2

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Part One

Jim shuffled through the front door, anxiously returning to the site of last week’s destruction. He hoped against hope that Nicole wouldn’t be there again; he didn’t think his battered grapes could withstand another half hour with her. He reluctantly hobbled to the receptionist, the same blond as last week. This time she was wearing a low-cut white dress with a thigh slit so high he could see the color of her panties (red, for the record). Noticing the way he was ogling her, she greeted him with a disinterested growl.

“Do you have an appointment?”

“Yes, for four o’clock.”

“Right this way, sir.”

She stood up to show Jim to his room. Jim’s eyes were glued to her chest as she did so. The upward force required to lift herself from her chair, combined with the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra, meant her tits went flying. Jim got quite a view of the jiggling thanks to her low-cut top. Before long, he was imagining what it would be like to hold her perfect boobs in his hands and lick her nipples. His cock began twitching at the thought.

His gaze shifted to her firm ass cheeks, which were rising and falling with every step. Their rhythmic motion tantalized him. He was instantly mesmerized by the scene, utterly oblivious to his surroundings. His erection grew as his mind wandered to thoughts of bending her over and burying his cock deep inside her. Unfortunately for Jim, though, he was wearing sweatpants. He had initially worn them for comfort as he couldn’t take the pressure on his balls from any tighter pants. But now, they provided little modesty for his rapidly stiffening penis.

They soon arrived at Jim’s designated changing room. As she opened the door, she noticed him once again peering down her top, trying to get a peek at the nipples poking through the soft fabric. She also saw the 7.5-inch tent in his pants. She shuddered in disgust.

“Do you even know my name?”

“Excuse me?”

“I see you looking at me like I’m a piece of meat. Do you even remember my name?”

“Uhhh …”

“That’s what I thought. I can see why you need so many appointments here, and I have no choice but to report your behavior to Nicole.”

Jim knew he was in even more serious trouble if she did that. She might actually pop them this time. He stood straight and looked her in the eye.

“Please don’t! I’ll be better. I’m sorry I was staring.”

“I accept your apology. But it is my job to report behavior like yours. You perved on me, and there will be consequences.”

Jim's shoulders sunk, crestfallen. It was apparent that she had made up her mind, and there was nothing else he could do. He hoped that if he kissed her ass enough, she wouldn’t make things any worse for him.

“I accept that you have to do your job. I deserve to be punished for my actions; you are simply doing what is right. In fact, I am lucky that you are here to make sure that I am held accountable.”

“Wow, you have a great attitude. Thank you for being so understanding.”

“Of course. And please, remind me, what is your name?”

“I’m Sarah.”

“Hi, Sarah. I’m sorry I forgot your name.”

“It’s OK; I’m bad with names too. I’ll tell Nicole you were accepting of your punishment, but please do know that I have no choice but to report your behavior.”

“Of course, Sarah. I understand.”

“Now, I believe you know the drill.”

Jim nodded, then stripped naked under her watchful eye. Once he was fully nude, she used a rope to tightly tie up his scrotum, forcing his testicles to the edge of his sack. She removed his chastity cage and placed it on top of his clothes pile. Finally, she provided him with the clipboard and stopwatch, which was pre-set to 30 minutes.

Sarah motioned that Jim was fully prepared and sent him through the door on the other side of the changing room.

This week, Nicole was not already in the room, so Jim had a moment to take in his surroundings. He was in a medium-sized room with soundproofed walls. There was a desk in one corner with nothing on it except a pair of handcuffs, and one wall was lined with intimidating-looking torture devices. His eyes fixated on an oversized mallet hanging on the wall. He felt his nuts retract into his body as he imagined it colliding with his midsection.

After a few minutes, Nicole walked into the room. Once again, Jim’s jaw dropped when he saw her.

She walked in fully naked. Her perky, 34D breasts bounced in the air, sending her pointy pink nipples on mesmerizing journeys with every step. While her breasts jiggled (in tantalizing fashion), the rest of her body was surprisingly tone. She was quite fit, presumably from spending so much time working at the clinic.

He knew he had to avoid staring to show Nicole that he wasn’t a pervert. But it wasn’t easy to keep his eyes off her bald pussy.

“Hello again, Jim.”

“Hi, Nicole. This is for you.”

Jim handed her the clipboard and stopwatch from Sarah.

“Thank you. Now, would you please confirm you understand why you are here?”

“I understand.”

“Would you say it, please?”

“I am here for very severe punishment to my testicles. I am a pervert, and it is only fair that I endure the consequences.”

Nicole checked a box on the form.

“I trust you’ve been edging on schedule this week?”

“Yes, I edged for the full 15 minutes every night.”

“Good, that’s good. Your balls must be quite full after being denied for so long.”

Jim blushed, knowing it was true.

“They are.”

“They still look quite swollen. Tell me, Jim, how are they feeling?”

“They’re very tender and sore. You hurt them quite badly last week; I’m still recovering.”

“After our session, how long was it until you could walk normally again?”

“Three or four days, I’d say, although they were still painful after that. I learned my lesson last week, Nicole.”

“And what lesson is that?”

“My testicles make me weak. Because of you, I now associate beautiful women with pain, not pleasure. I’ll never peep again, I promise.”

“Good, that’s very good. I just have one problem.”

“What’s that?”

“Sarah told me you ogled her just moments ago when you walked in. Is that true?”

Jim’s stayed silent, although he dropped his head, knowing he was doomed.

“Say it. Tell me what you did.”

“I looked at Sarah’s body.”

“What did you see?”

“I saw her tits bouncing as she stood up, and her ass jiggling as she walked.”

“And how did it make you feel?”

Jim paused. He knew telling the truth would put his balls at risk. But he also knew Nicole would know if he was lying.

“It made me feel good. I thought Sarah was beautiful.”

“You haven’t learned your lesson then, have you?”

“I might still have some learning to do.”

“I’ll say. Sarah recommended extending this week’s punishment by 15 minutes, but I’ve decided that’s not enough. I’m going to extend your punishment this week by one hour and all your future appointments by 30 minutes. Maybe that will help you learn your lesson.”

Jim was startled at the severity of her decision but realized he couldn’t object. Nicole continued after putting the new time into the stopwatch.

“Before you start complaining, be thankful I haven’t ordered a category 5.”

“I would never complain, Nicole. Your decision is fair. I deserve to be punished for my actions, and I am thankful that you are here to administer that punishment.”

“I just hope that attitude sticks. Now, put your hands behind your back.”

Jim did as he was told, allowing Nicole to tie his hands together behind his back. At her instruction, he lay down on the floor on his stomach. Once he was in position, she pressed start on the stopwatch, signaling the beginning of one and a half hours of pure, unadulterated testicular torture.

She knelt between his legs and reached under his stomach to fetch his man meat.

She began with a genuine examination of the organs. She felt just how hot they were to the touch, how large they were, and just how beet red his scrotum was. She rolled each orb between her fingers, feeling their swollen states from last weeks’ punishment. This gentle inspection was quite uncomfortable for Jim. His balls still ached from that punishment. Not to mention that it had been several weeks since his last orgasm. His nads were practically overflowing with pent-up cum, and each twist of her fingers made his stomach do somersaults.

Her gentle inspection quickly turned painful as she increased the pressure with her fingers. Within moments she was fully squeezing his balls, compressing them with her hands. Jim moaned; his overworked orbs were ill-equipped to deal with her attack.

His moans grew more fervent as she squeezed harder, forcing her fingers deep into the tender innards of his family jewels. She found a particularly sensitive point deep in his right gonad, and his pained groans instantly transformed into full-on screams. He began struggling against his handcuffs, but it was no use. His hands were stuck behind his back, unable to protect his precious plums from her vicious attack.

She pressed harder into the heart of his right gonad as if she were trying to flatten a bug. She smiled as Jim wailed in response. He tried to close his legs together, but Nicole used her body to block his efforts. He tried rocking from side to side in an instinctive attempt to save himself, but it was no use. Her fingers were wrapped tightly around his manhood, and she just followed his movements. There was nothing he could do about it. As he screamed and cried, she simply squeezed harder.

“Do you feel vulnerable now, Jim? Now that your manhood is in the palm of my hand? Now that you’re completely powerless to protect yourself?”

She rearranged his nuts in her hands so that each one was trapped between her thumb, pointer finger, and middle finger. She began a long, firm squeeze that cemented a fiery aching sensation deep inside each organ.

“I can do whatever I want to you. No matter how badly I hurt you, you can’t stop me. Your testicles are mine to destroy. Think about that next time you want to act like a pervert.”

Soon, she was scrambling his eggs with all her might, her knuckles turning white in the process. Jim's pained reactions only grew more fervent as his thoughts were reduced to nothing but the fiery agony in his testicles. His thrashing grew more desperate but less logical, and his yells of pain transformed into a blood-curdling shriek.

“You would never make that noise if it weren’t for what I’m doing. Sadly, most men have never even made that noise in their lives because not enough women realize the power they have over men. But I specialize in making men make that noise. I’m going to make you make that noise as much as possible for the next hour and a half.”

She punctuated her point with a particularly vicious jab of her thumb.

“It’s the only way you useless men ever learn.”

After a long while, Nicole slightly loosened the pressure, keeping her fingers in position around his scrotum. His body, which had been straining to its absolute outer limits in a vain effort to protect its reproductive capability, fell limp. His screams subsided to more gentle whimpering.

“Remember that feeling, Jim. That pain. That is what you should associate with beautiful women. The sooner you learn that lesson, the sooner you can stop coming back here.”

He didn’t respond. He couldn’t. Not after the assault he had just endured. Nicole continued.

“After last week’s session, you couldn’t walk normally for four days. My goal for today’s session is to fuck you up so badly that you can’t walk normally for at least a week. I hope you need to take a cab here next week because you still don’t feel well enough to drive.”

Nicole let go of his ballsack and stood between his legs, positioning her foot above his scrotum. She stood perpendicular to Jim, sticking her toes under his thigh and using the natural arch of her foot to trap his testicles.

“You told me that you got a good look at Sarah’s ass on your way in, is that right?”

Jim nodded his head that he had. He was still muted from the burning ache in his groin. And the looming destruction wasn’t doing much to make him feel better.

“For this next bit, I want you to have a good look at my ass too.”

Jim was stuck on his stomach and thus couldn’t quite crane his neck far enough to get a good look at Nicole. However, there was a strategically placed mirror on the wall he could use to see her. She bent forward slightly and stuck her hips backward, using the angles to emphasize just how big and juicy her butt was. From his position on the floor, Jim also got a nice look at her tight pussy lips, which were just poking through the gap in her thighs.

“Like what you see, Jim?”

He nodded once again.

“Good. Now, Jim, I want this lesson to sink in. Keep looking in the mirror, directly at my ass. Watch it jiggle as I bounce on your balls.”

Nicole shifted the weight distribution in her feet. Jim’s nads were trapped under the arch of her right foot and, in an instant, exploded in pain. That pain only grew when, as promised, Nicole started bouncing up and down to make her ass shake. Each subtle gyration came with a stabbing pain as his fragile sexual organs flattened under her weight.

“Remember this sensation! This is what you will associate with beautiful asses.”

Jim tried his best to thrash about, but it wasn’t much use. His scrotum was stuck, and there was nothing he could do about it. He simply lay on the floor and succumbed to the agony. In a planned ironic twist, every bit of force used to twerk Nicole’s jiggly ass cheeks sent a new bolt of pain through his body. Each second, his nuts felt flatter. He felt certain they would soon crack if she didn’t show him some mercy. A strange mewling sound escaped his mouth as he racked in pain.

“Keep staring, Jim. Let this image sink into your mind.”

Jim couldn’t see much through the tears in his eyes, but he tried. He looked at the mirror and fought through the sensations to focus on Nicole’s fuckable ass. He felt utterly subservient to her. She was effortlessly controlling her entire being. Tiny twists of her toes were creating overwhelming tidal waves of titular torment. She was completely unaffected, bouncing back and forth on his manhood with glee. At the same time, he was reduced to a whimpering mess at her feet. He couldn’t help but feel inferior.

Nicole finally moved her foot away from his scrotum. She bent over and unlocked his handcuffs. She also grabbed him by the hair and pulled him to his feet. Jim instinctively brought his hands together and rubbed his wrists, feeling the sharp lines in his skin from where he had pulled at the cuffs.

After setting the key and the handcuffs aside, Nicole stood before Jim and thrust her chest forward.

“Go on, cup them. Feel them in your hands.”

Incredulous, Jim brought his hands up to her chest and fondled her perky breasts. He felt the weight and texture of them as he gently pinched her pointy nipples with his fingers. His cock, somehow hard despite all he had been through, throbbed in excitement.

At the same time, Nicole placed her hands on Jim’s shoulders, then rammed her knee forcibly between his legs.


He collapsed instantly, the sweet sensation of her breasts immediately forgotten. His hands raced towards his midsection to inspect the damage.

“Again! Get back up. We need to build a deep association in your brain between boobs and pain.”

The strength had long left Jim’s legs, and he was nowhere near able to pull himself back up using his own power. Nicole was impatient, though, and she grabbed him by the hair once more and yanked him back to his feet. He managed to stand with her help, although he was pretty shaky.

“Here, hold onto these for support.”

Nicole took his hands and placed them on her boobs once again. Touching her soft skin seemed to bring Jim back to life. A small glimpse of excitement flashed across his face as he temporarily forgot about the horrible ache in his nutsack.

She took her time before rocking Jim’s world again. She let him grope her ample rack for several seconds. He was cupping one breast in each hand, gently squeezing with his fingers. After weeks of denial, even this brief moment of pleasure had him leaking precum. For the first time today, he let out a soft moan from pleasure, not pain.

Just as his thoughts started wandering to where else on her body he could touch, her knee connected powerfully with the underside of his scrotum once again. His left nad took the brunt of the blow, squelching between her kneecap and his pelvis.

The effect was predictably immediate. His hands fell from her chest as his entire frame went limp and he slunk to the floor. His mind almost refused to process the existential suffering Nicole had just lodged into the center of his being. Almost. He lay on the ground a twitching mess of limbs and broken balls, Nicole’s arousing tits suddenly forgotten. The sensations coursing through his bones were all he could think about.

Nicole was long from finished teaching him his lesson, though. She grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled him back up for more destruction. Once again, she placed his hands on her chest. While he was still somewhat doubled over from the pain, another brief glimpse of joy flashed across his face as he felt her perky rack once more.

“What do you think when you feel my breasts, Jim?”

“I think they feel amazing,” Jim answered without thinking. He was too mesmerized by the way her nipples felt in his fingers.

“Do you want to keep touching them?”

“Yeah, they feel so nice.”

“Then clearly, I’m not hitting you hard enough!”

She planted her knee between his legs once more—another direct hit. Jim yelled out as the strength once again left his knees. This time, though, as Jim was collapsing to the ground, Nicole swung her knee again. And this time, her lower quad made contact with his crotch just as gravity was pulling him to the ground.

Due to the way he was falling, Jim’s nuts had naturally swung backward. Therefore, they were trapped against his gooch when they collided with Nicole’s leg. And because they hit her quad, instead of the relatively smaller tip of her knee, there was nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Her thigh muscle occupied all the space between his legs. As a result, his already aching gonads absorbed the full force of her knee plus the force of gravity on his already falling body.

The resulting eruption of white-hot agony was worse than anything Jim had ever even imagined before today. This time, he didn’t fall limp on the floor. He couldn’t. Not when it felt like the devil himself had taken up residence in his manhood. He screamed and writhed on the floor like a man possessed. One moment, he was fully arching his back and sticking his ass up like a worm. The next moment, he was curled up in a fetal position, sobbing in pain. But no tortured convulsion eased the hellish ache Nicole had placed in his sack.

Nicole mercifully let Jim thrash about on the floor while she prepared the next torture method. She grabbed a long wooden rod tied to several restraints off the wall and lay it on the floor next to where Jim was currently whimpering.

Slowly but surely, she tied Jim into the contraption. At first, she tied his ankles together, using the connected straps. Then she tied his knees, his waist, his chest, and his shoulders. She used one extra pair of restraints to tie his arms to his sides. When she was finished, Jim was wholly immobilized on his back on the ground, with his legs together and his arms at his sides. For the finishing touch, she reached between his thighs and fished out his swollen scrotum, placing it on top of his legs.

“Now, Jim, I want you to prove to me that you are learning your lesson. Tell me, what have you learned so far?”

Jim gasped, barely able to form words. He was still reeling from her recently delivered punishment.

“My balls …”

“What about your balls?”

He sobbed gently. He wanted to form words but was struggling to find the strength. Nicole grew impatient.

“If you can’t tell me what you’ve learned, I’m going to have no choice but to punish you harder.”

He took a big breath, mustering his strength to force out a few whispered cries.

“My balls make me weak.”

“Good, that is one lesson. And do you want to touch my breasts again?”

Jim shook his head no.

“Right again. Do your balls deserve to be punished?”

Jim nodded.

“I need you to say it, Jim.”

“My balls deserve to be punished.”

“What will you think about when you see a beautiful woman?”


“And what will you associate with my breasts?”

She leaned forward and cupped them as she asked this last question, giving Jim a particularly sexy view of her cleavage.


“Very good. You’re about to have a chance to show me that you’re learning your lesson. Are you going to be a good boy and do what I say?”

Jim nodded that he would.

“Don’t just nod. Say it.”

“Yes, I will be a good boy.”

“Good. Now, I’m about to stomp on your testicles. Before I do, you are going to beg me for it. And then, after I’ve squashed them several times, I want you to beg for more. And you will keep begging for more no matter how many times I’ve destroyed them. Got it?”

Jim was dismayed by the severity of his impending destruction but knew he could do nothing to stop it. The prospect of having to ask for it only made things worse. His voice was a soft, frightened whimper.

“Yes, Nicole. I understand.”

“Good. And don’t just say ‘please’ either. I want you to beg properly. Tell me how much you want to be punished.”

“Please, Nicole, stomp on my testicles. I want you to do it.”

“Not good enough. You can be more convincing than that.”

“I am a pervert, and I am glad you are here to punish me to the fullest extent. I deserve to be in pain for my actions. I’m begging you to stomp on my testicles as hard as you possibly can.”

Nicole flashed a satisfied smirk before slamming the sole of her foot into his scrotum with a sickening squelch. Both testicles were trapped against his thighs and thus crunched painfully. Jim seized like a wild hog, convulsing to the outermost limits of his restraints. But despite his best efforts, his nuts, filled with searing agony, lay exposed for further destruction. Destruction she was all too happy to deliver.

She slammed her foot down on his ballsack once more. Showing precisely zero sympathy for his obvious suffering, she made sure to raise her knee high in the air and to swing her hips to maximize the force imparted on his manhood. Not that Jim needed it. Given the state of his groin, even a gentle pat would’ve been dreadful. Nicole’s full-force stomp left him completely incapacitated. A low, soft mewling sound floated out of his mouth as his body hung limp, too overwhelmed with pain to thrash about.

Nicole paused the ballbusting abuse for a moment to observe Jim’s nearly comatose state. She didn’t want to knock him completely unconscious, after all. That would mean he’d escape some of the pain he was due. No, she wanted him awake and alert for his punishment.

“Anything to ask me, Jim?”

Jim shuddered deeply. He knew he had no choice but to say it. If he didn’t, he was bound to get much worse. The only question was whether he could summon the strength to speak the words.

“Please …”

The plea was barely a whisper, but it took all his effort and concentration to utter it.

“Please, what?”

“Please stomp them again …”

“Should I stomp them hard?”

Jim shook his head no, sobbing silently. It was an involuntary reaction to the trauma inflicted on his reproductive organs.

“No? Oh, so you want me to stomp them extremely hard?”

Jim’s last few functioning brain cells realized the consequences of continuing to shake his head no. Instead, he nodded yes, still sobbing.

“Say it, Jim. Don’t make me ask twice.”

“Please stomp my balls extremely hard …”

“Good boy. If you keep this up, one of these weeks, you won’t have to come back. One more extremely hard stomp, coming right up.”

She raised her right knee high above Jim’s midsection. With her foot hanging like the sword of Damocles over Jim’s gonads, she looked down to take in the expression of pure terror on his face. His eyes were locked onto her foot, wide with concern about the impending torment.

Nicole smiled. In one rehearsed motion, she brought her foot down quickly, but stopped a few inches away from making contact with Jim’s family jewels. The sudden fake-out was enough to cause him to flinch, which she was quick to reprimand him for.

“Tsk tsk Jim, no flinching! We can’t have you escaping any of your punishment. Not that you could with those restraints.”


“You will be.”


Nicole’s foot made brutal contact with Jim’s supersized scrotum. A lightning bolt of searing agony shot straight up his spine, causing his limbs to flail and twitch in every direction. Or at least, as far as they could in Nicole’s contraption.


She went to work tenderizing his testicles with three more rapid-fire stomps, each of which were strong enough to kill a small animal. To Jim, it felt like her foot was bypassing his testicles (or what was left of them, anyway) and making contact directly with his soul. Each stomp was a vicious, life-changing motherfucker of a blow to the very core of his being.

To say he shook in pain would be an understatement. It was more than that. Every muscle in his body seized in reaction to Nicole’s assault. Not that it helped him protect himself. No, his body’s spastic evolutionary defense mechanism simply caused his limbs to work very hard to go nowhere in particular. All the while, his most prized possessions, his reproductive organs, lay exposed for Nicole to abuse.


This time, Nicole jumped with her whole body and landed heel-first on Jim’s scrotum. His testicles had nowhere to hide and were trapped between the underside of her foot and his thighs. The flattening sensation was horrific as each delicate organ pancaked under her weight. Nicole twisted her foot cruelly, grinding his tender nuts this way and that. Jim could not scream, simply laying spent on the floor as his battered bullocks were pressed way beyond their limits.

It didn’t take long for her to lose her balance. She got in one last particularly vicious twist of her ankle before falling. To Jim, it felt like a knife twisted deep in his soul as she brutally rearranged his sexual organs. The pained, swollen orbs squashed around in his sack as her entire bodyweight shifted across his left nad like a rolling pin.

Jim seized like an animal being led to slaughter. Every fiber of his being screamed in agony while he absorbed his new reality. The fiery, hellish ache in his scrotum plunged him into depths of pain he never thought possible. He thrashed about involuntarily, testing the outer limits of Nicole’s restraints. Not that it was any good. The damage was already done.

Nicole smirked.

She knew she had Jim dead to rights. Ordinarily, she would be happy with the level of abuse she had already inflicted. Jim’s balls were both badly swollen and were surely quite damaged. The fact that he was lying on the floor, weeping and broken, made his suffering was obvious.

But it was also obvious Jim was no ordinary pervert. He was a particularly stubborn one, and Nicole knew it would take more than usual to teach him his lesson properly. She glanced at the timer and saw there were 45 minutes left to go. Plenty of time to leave Jim thoroughly destroyed.

She knelt over his midsection, sitting on his chest facing his swollen mess of a scrotum. She took the struggling orbs in her hands and kneaded them gently with her fingers.

“I don’t know what’s got you all worked up; these feel fine to me.”

Jim groaned. He didn’t know exactly how much time was left on the timer, but he knew he had a long way to go.

“You know, you’re actually lucky. You’re getting a nice break while I decide how to annihilate you next.”

He didn’t respond. He couldn’t. Not while he was still racked with pain from her brutal series of stomps. And while she claimed this was a break for him, her gentle pressure kept them feeling quite uncomfortable.

“These vulnerable things are just such easy targets, I can’t make up my mind how I want to abuse them. Should I stomp them some more? Punch them? I bet a good, hard squeeze would feel really nice right now.”

She gave his testicles a firm squeeze to drive her point home. However, a moment later, she relinquished her grip.

“Actually, Jim, I want you to tell me. What am I about to do?”

Jim gulped. He could hardly speak, much less beg like he knew Nicole wanted him to.

“Squeeze them.” It was all he could do to choke out the words.

“Squeeze what?”

“You’re going to squeeze my testicles.”

“How hard am I going to squeeze?”

“Very fucking hard.”

“And how long will I be squeezing your testicles very fucking hard for?”

“As long as you wish, Nicole.”

“That’s right. Buckle in, Jim. This is going to hurt.”

Nicole positioned the imperiled testicle meat in her hands, preparing to begin the punishment. Each orb had swollen to the size that she could hold them comfortably in her palms, one hand for each stress ball surrogate.

She used all her fingers to squash his squishy manhood. She dug the tips of her thumbs deep into the tender organs, sending streaks of searing agony coursing through Jim’s body. He felt his fragile reproductive organs flatten in her grip, triggering an animalistic response developed over millions of years of natural evolution.

There was nothing he could do to protect himself, though. No way to act on his instincts. No matter how badly it hurt. Nicole’s hands were wrapped around his balls and he was powerless to remove them. He had no choice but to endure her punishment. Even though it felt like each second of squeezing was an hour of hellish suffering.

She simply laughed as he squirmed in her grip. He would have writhed, certainly, if not for being tied down. He would probably be grabbing desperately at her wrists, trying in vain to relieve the pressure. Not that it would have helped. She had years of practice crushing men’s most delicate possessions with her fingers.

Without removing her hands from his ballsack, she relieved most of the pressure, finally giving Jim a chance to catch his breath. She continued squeezing, though, just hard enough to remind him of his vulnerability.

“Tell me, Jim, did that hurt?”

“Oh, god, yes.” He panted.

“Good, that’s very good. And tell me, why do they hurt?”

Jim gathered up what strength he could. Even simply whispering was difficult given the abuse he had just endured.

“Because you are punishing me for being a pervert.”

“Yes! You might finally be starting to learn your lesson. Do you have anything to ask me?”

He took a deep breath. He knew what he had to say, even though he didn’t like it.

“Would you please squeeze my testicles as hard as you can?”

“I would be delighted to.”

She clamped down once more. The agony immediately consumed Jim. She had only given him a break of a few seconds, and his balls were nowhere near recovered from everything they had just been through. It was all he could do to shriek in pain as her fingers sunk into their tender innards. And since she hadn’t adjusted her grip since her previous squeezing, she hit the exact spots that were most sore on each nad.

Nicole took a particular sadistic pleasure in torturing Jim. She was used to being accosted by perverts like him, so it felt good to take out her anger on the source of her frustrations. It also meant she wasn’t sympathetic to his plight. In fact, the more animated his pained reactions were, the more satisfying it was for her. So, she simply squeezed harder as he screamed.

Jim, of course, was in no position to think rationally about his destruction. His conscious brain was far too concerned with what felt like his imminent castration for logical thought. But, somewhere deep down in his unconscious brain, something clicked.

He realized he actually liked what Nicole was doing to him. Nicole was an amazingly gorgeous woman, and here she was standing naked in front of him. What’s more, she was paying very close attention to his private parts. Painful attention, of course, but attention nonetheless. Between the edging requirement and orgasm ban, he was desperate for that attention.

And submitting to Nicole felt nice. It felt natural, and she controlled him with such ease. He knew that he deserved this punishment and accepted that it would hurt. But the strangely arousing pain made his cock twitch nonetheless. Or maybe that was the several weeks’ worth of pent-up cum begging to escape from his testicles.

Nicole noticed the slight change in his demeanor when his agonized shrieks took a slightly more desperate tone. She didn’t know, of course, that she was giving Jim a new fetish. But she did know she could work his balls like the control knobs on a pain thermostat.

“Do you feel vulnerable now, Jim? Now that your manhood is in the palm of my hand? Now that you’re completely powerless to protect yourself?”

She gave a particularly hard squeeze of her fingers to drive her point home.

“I can do whatever I want to you. No matter how badly I hurt you, you can’t stop me. Your testicles are mine to destroy. Think about that next time you want to act like a pervert.”

Jim’s squeals became at least an octave higher as she clamped down harder.

“Isn’t it freeing? All you have to do is sit there and take it. No more worrying or stress. Just stay there and have your balls demolished.”

Jim continued squealing as she kept up the pressure. Soon, though, his voice fell quiet. She kept squeezing for a few more seconds, but soon relinquished her grip. She knew that she had put Jim in so much pain that he couldn’t breathe. She knew that if she kept squeezing, he would have soon passed out from lack of oxygen. And she didn’t want him to escape any of his punishment by falling unconscious.

Nicole undid Jim’s restraints one by one, allowing him to curl up in the fetal position. He whimpered softly on the floor, hands desperately clutching between his legs. Not that it was any use. His testicles were going to hurt for a long, long time regardless of how much he cradled them.

She didn’t let him rest long, though. She quickly forced him onto his hands and knees. Once he was in his new position, she walked behind him and positioned her foot for the perfect kicking angle.

“Anything to ask me?”

“Please kick me, Nicole.”

“Where should I kick you?”

Jim paused, trembling. He knew what he had to say. He was still scared to say it, though.

“… My balls.”

Nicole was unimpressed.

“It doesn’t feel like you really want me to kick you. Would you like to try again?”

Jim gulped. He did really want Nicole to kick him. He knew it was only fair. But he also knew just how badly it was going to hurt. Given the already damaged state of his man meat, it was going to be excruciating. He took a deep breath and prepared to beg for his own annihiliation.

“Please, Nicole, I deserve to be punished for how I acted earlier. I want to be punished. Please, kick my pathetic testicles as hard as you can. It would be an honor to have them …”

His was cut off mid-sentence as Nicole’s foot careened into his nutsack with brutal force, knocking the wind out of his lungs. In an instant, he slunk back to the floor, nothing but a strange gurgle escaping his mouth.

Nicole looked down, displeased. She didn’t give him even 10 seconds to succumb to the sensations of her first kick before ordering him back into position.

“You must have yourself confused with someone who is allowed to close their legs. Remember – you don’t have a choice. Present yourself, now!”

Jim sobbed and tried in earnest to force his legs apart. But his limbs refused to cooperate. The evolutionary instinct to protect his reproductive organs was too strong.

“Jim, if you do not open your legs and accept the punishment, I will be forced to report that you did not accept it willingly. There will be severe consequences, up to and likely including castration.”

Jim whimpered. It wasn’t like he had any choice. He took several deep breaths, fought his evolutionary urges and spread his legs ever so slightly, just enough to expose his precious plums for more destruction.

“There’s a good boy. Anything to ask me?”

“Please … kick them as hard as you can.”

“With pleasure.”

She drew her muscular thigh back high in the air, then flung it forward with all her might. Her foot slammed into his underside, catching his sack painfully against his pelvis. Jim immediately cried out, falling immediately to the floor. He rocked back and forth a few times before settling into the fetal position, his lands uselessly covering up his battered gonads.

Nicole began moving on to the next torture method while he was still hyperventilating on the floor. She wheeled a large contraption from the corner of the room to the center. She yanked Jim to his feet using his hair and forced him to sit on the wooden seat in the middle of the device. His nads lay on the waist-height wooden balance beam protruding between his legs. She methodically restrained his hands and feet, leaving him powerless to protect his most precious organs. Finally, she taped his cock, which had by some miracle remained rock hard after everything he had been though, to his chest.

Satisfied he was in position, she grabbed a large wooden mallet, the kind of thing you’d use to play whack-a-mole.

“I’m going to be nice and give you a choice in how you want to be punished next.”

She bounced that oversized mallet in her hand menacingly as she talked.

“I can either hit them three times in a row, really FUCKING hard, or ten times in a row, but only very hard?”

Jim’s nads would have surely retracted fully back inside his body at that question if only they weren’t tied down on the wooden platform. The pit in his stomach only grew deeper as he realized how serious the punishment he was receiving was going to be.

Before he could respond to her sadistic question, though, she continued.

“Too long! I’ll just do ten ruthless ones, all in a row. You know, where each hit knocks you into another dimension.”


The hammer collided violently against his squishy organs. His body exploded in pain as his manhood absorbed the full force of her blow. He gasped loudly, leaving his mouth wide open but unable to suck in any air.


The hit was more of a glancing blow, but the sharp tip of the hammer just caught the end of Jim’s right nad, brutally grinding it against the hardwood. He screamed, his body sizzling with a terrible ache as Nicole quickly continued her sadistic assault.

SMACK!!!! SMACK!!!!!! SMACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim seized in agony as Nicole fired off three rapid-fire hits, each more brutal than the last.

SMACK!!!! SMACK!!!! SMACK!!!!!!!!!!! SMACK!!!!!!!!!!! SMACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To say Jim thrashed about would be an understatement. He writhed with every ounce of strength in his body against the outer limits of his restraints as Nicole unleashed a devastating barrage of five brutal smacks in a row. He wailed, squealing like a pig led to slaughter. He didn’t even know what pain was anymore. His bloated ballsack had been brutally busted so far beyond its limits; he was utterly broken. His conscious brain shut down, leaving only his most profound, most animalistic urge to protect himself. An urge he was powerless to act on.

Nicole set down the hammer on the floor and raised herself onto the wooden balance beam holding Jim’s balls. He froze in panic as he realized her intent.

“You didn’t do a great job begging for that last punishment, Jim. Would you kindly beg for this one?”

“I … I …” Jim stuttered. Partly because of fear, partly because he was nowhere near recovered from the blows from her hammer.

“Tick tock, Jim.”

“Please … please hurt me.”

“And how should I hurt you?”

“By standing on my testicles.”

“Shall I stomp on them too?”

Jim gulped. He knew what he had to say.

“Please stomp on my testicles very, very hard. They deserve to be punished, and I am lucky that you are here to punish me.”

“That was excellent. And as a reward for doing such a good job begging, I’m going to give you exactly what you wished for.”

She drew her foot high in the air and, in one single instant, crashed it down on his bloated, beet-red ballsack. An excruciating squelching sound filled the air, followed shortly by a high-pitched blistering scream when Jim’s brain processed the enormity of his destruction.

He didn’t have long to comprehend the obliteration of his tortured testicles, though. Moments later, Nicole’s foot crashed into them again, and again, and again. She unleashed a brutal flurry of stomps that nearly liquified his precious plums for good.

To say the screams coming out of Jim’s mouth were blood-curdling would be a massive understatement. Jim screamed as if his soul was forcibly ripped from his body. The unrelenting, hellish agony amplified with every stomp, quickly plunging him to depths of suffering he never thought possible.

Nicole kept stomping. That sensation was exactly what she was trying to create. She wasn’t interested in merely hurting Jim. No. She wanted to obliterate him completely. She wanted to give him a ballbusting so vicious his being shook to the very core. She wanted to leave nothing but mush between his legs. He walked into this room a pervert, and she wanted him to leave it a broken man.

Nicole stopped after an especially ferocious blow. But she didn’t remove her foot from his midsection. This time, she planted firmly in the squishy mess that was his scrotum. She gave it a horrifying twist that ground his tortured orbs against the wooden surface underneath. Jim’s tortured wails rose an octave higher. In response, she leaned forward, pressing her ample breasts against Jim’s face.

“That’s it, Jim, bury your face in my rack. Ingrain this association deep into your subconscious. Boobs equal pain.”

Jim’s sobs were muffled. But his torment was very real as her toes slowly obliterated his soppy mess of manhood. Her entire weight bore down directly on his aching testicles. The agony was overwhelming. To his surprise, though, his cock was enjoying the eroticism of the situation. Between her foot in his genitals and her chest in his face, he found himself very aroused.

“You deserve this punishment. Your testicles make you weak.

Jim sobbed as she sunk ever deeper into his throbbing ballsack. At the same time, though, the horrific pain came with a rush of pleasure. He knew if she kept crushing his testicles, it was only a matter of time before he came. His cock throbbed so powerfully that it broke free of the tape holding it against his chest.

“Breath, Jim. This is your new reality. Savor the pain.”

Soon, Nicole stepped down, worried his nuts would crack for real. She wasn’t averse to neutering her male subjects. Rather, she just thought it was a bit early for that for Jim. She might neuter him someday, but she felt he deserved to endure a lot more suffering before being granted the release of castration. She undid his restraints and he quickly slunk to the floor. He sobbed, both because she had hurt him very badly and because sexual release had once again eluded him. The ballbusting clinic had kept him in chastity for weeks and he was desperate.

She didn’t give him long to recover on the floor, though. In mere moments she was kneeling between his legs, grabbing his delicate orbs in her hands. She immediately clamped down. Jim screamed. His stomach lurched. He couldn’t help himself. One single drop of cum escaped the tip of his penis. He was seconds away from a full-blown orgasm.

“Are you seriously about to cum? We’ll see about that.”

Nicole stopped squeezing. Jim was left frustratingly close to an orgasm. Was she really going to deny him? He could feel the pent-up load in his cock. Any extra stimuli would be enough to send him over the edge.

She formed her hand into a fist, raised it high into the air, and slammed it down piledriver style on his testicles. The pain was horrific, but this time, it triggered a geyser of cum to shoot out of his dick. The hot rope of white liquid shot up into the air and landed on Nicole’s left breast.

She punched again, triggering another blast of cum. Jim writhed as the pain set in, but at the same time experienced the relief of being drained. Weeks of pent-up sperm shot out of his thick cock as she unleashed a brutal flurry of punches; each blow triggering another agonizing but blissful spurt of jizz. It didn’t take long for Nicole’s chest to look like a Jackson Pollock painting.

Nicole stopped punching when it seemed Jim was fully drained. His head hung limp, and his impressive erection slowly deflated.

“I bet you didn’t know you could cum like that, did you?”

Jim, weeping silently, shook his head that she was right.

“As long as you’re in my program, that’s the only way you’ll be allowed to cum. But don’t worry. If the daily edging ever gets to be too much for you, you’re free to schedule an appointment here and I’d be happy to administer an orgasm.”

She walked to the corner of the room to grab a towel, carefully wiping Jim’s ejaculations off her breasts. He just appreciated the opportunity to catch his breath.

“I hope you didn’t think our session would be over just because you came. No, I’m going to keep bashing the ever-living fuck out of your testicles until you learn your lesson.”

Jim hardly responded. What little strength his body had left was gone after relieving several weeks of pent-up sexual frustration. He barely even processed Nicole’s reminder that his punishment was far from over.

“I’ve invited Sarah back to deliver this next portion of your punishment yourself. It’s only fair after the way you objectified her on your way in. Don’t you agree?”

“Of course, Nicole,” Jim muttered. “It’s only right that Sarah gets to punish me herself after the way that I treated her.”

“I’m so glad you agree. Sarah!” Nicole raised her voice and called into the changing room. “You can come in now.”
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Re: The Clinic: Part 2

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Jim did a double-take when Sarah walked in. Gone was her low-cut white dress from earlier. Now, all she was wearing was her red panties. The voluptuous tits he had so longingly ogled earlier were now on full display for his enjoyment. And enjoy them he did, despite the battered state of his recently drained balls. His cock twitched back to life as his mind unconsciously wandered to thoughts of bending Sarah over. Slowly but surely, the strength returned to his limbs.

Both girls noticed the look on Jim’s face.

“Jim! Is there anything you’d like to say to Sarah?”

Nicole’s sharp command snapped him back to reality. He quickly realized he better stop staring at Sarah, or he’d be in even more trouble.

“I’m so sorry for the way I treated you earlier, Sarah. I looked at you like a piece of meat, and that was wrong. I completely lost my manners. I just hope you can forgive me.”

Sarah was visibly taken aback. She hadn’t expected a lifelong pervert like him to ever own up to his actions like that. He seemed contrite earlier today, but his behavior now was on another level.

“Thank you for apologizing, Jim. Most men never change their ways like you are doing. Tell me, are you angry at all that I reported you?”

“Of course not. I am thankful that you did. It’s a good thing that I have such a thorough teacher to teach me the error of my ways. This is a lesson that I will remember for the rest of my life.”

Nicole smiled in the background. Sarah was right – it was rare for men like Jim to reform. He was making good progress, but he still had a lot of abuse to withstand before she’d be satisfied.

“Sarah, you’re probably wondering why I asked you to come in here dressed like that.” Nicole motioned to Sarah’s mostly-naked body.

“I was a little bit curious about that, yeah. Isn’t that giving Jim exactly what he wants?”

“Well, sort of. What we’re working on today ‘aversion therapy.’ We want to make sure that when Jim sees a beautiful woman like you, he thinks of pain, not pleasure. So, if you’re up for it, we’re going to spend the next half hour or so beating the ever-living shit out of his balls. Sound good?”

“Hell yeah! I’ve worked here for a long time, but I’ve never actually helped with a punishment.”

“Don’t worry; I’ll help you along. I’ll walk through everything so that we can make this as excruciating as possible for Jim.”

“Sounds good! And Jim’s really OK with this?”

Nicole gave Jim a knowing look. He knew what he had to say.

“Of course I am, Sarah. My balls belong to you and Nicole. Please abuse them however you want. It is your right to deliver them as much pain as you’d like.”

Sarah nodded, impressed. He really was accepting of his punishment.

“Jim, why don’t you prove to Sarah just how sorry you are by suggesting a particularly painful method to start with?”

He sat silent for a moment, pondering his options. His balls were already quite severely damaged, and he didn’t know how much more he could take. On the other hand, though, he knew what Nicole would do to him if he didn’t suggest something vicious.

“How about punches? You could tie my legs apart so I can’t protect myself.”

“Why would you protect yourself? I thought you said you deserved this?”

“I do. And my balls are yours to destroy. I’m just worried that my evolutionary instincts might kick in, and I might accidentally cover-up. Tying me up ensures I don’t accidentally escape any punishment.”

“I appreciate your honesty. Lay down spread eagle on your back right there, and I will secure you in place.” She motioned towards a specific point on the floor.

Jim did as he was told, and she got to work fastening four ropes around his wrists and ankles. She tied one end of each rope to him and the other end to one of the four hooks placed strategically on the walls for this exact purpose. Once Jim was in position, she had Sarah sit on his chest, facing his crotch.

“Sarah, why don’t you start with one nice hard punch, just to make sure they’re properly tenderized? If you punch like this …”

She made a piledriver motion with her hand.

“… his testicles will get trapped quite painfully against his pelvis.”

Sarah put her hands in piledriving position, although her shaky fist and slow movements betrayed her hesitancy. Nicole offered her some encouragement.

“Don’t be nervous. Yes, it’s going to hurt him. But he deserves it. Isn’t that right, Jim?”

“Yes, that’s right. I deserve it. Please don’t hesitate at all to hit them as hard as you can.”

Sarah looked closely at the condition of his sack. It was swollen to two to three times larger than she’d ever seen before, and it had a dark red, nearly purple, hue. She didn’t have balls herself, but she knew it must be hurting quite badly.

“Are you sure?”

Jim didn’t hesitate to respond. He knew he couldn’t.

“Go right ahead. My balls are yours to punish as you see fit.”

Sarah shrugged. She had been taught her whole life not to hit men “down there,” but both Jim and Nicole were encouraging her to do it now. She drew her fist high up in the air and slammed into his swollen plums.

Jim screamed. Sarah’s punch would have been quite painful all on its own. After an hour of hellish abuse from Nicole, it was devastating. He fought involuntarily to close his legs, but it was no use. His legs remained spread wide apart thanks to the restraints he himself had requested. As a result, his gonads, still jiggling from that punch, remain exposed for more torment.

Sarah laughed. It felt good to take her frustration out on Jim. And she felt powerful making him squirm underneath her. She didn’t hesitate to punch his delicate reproductive organs again. And again. And again.

Soon, she was working his scrotum like a speed boxing bag, knocking his battered balls every which way. His scream slowly transitioned to a high-pitched mewling sound as his body was racked with agony. Each testicle felt like an exploding fireball of pain, but there was nothing he could do. His legs were forced apart, and his deeply bruised ballsack remained presented for Sarah to demolish. He writhed under her weight, but it did nothing to soothe the hellish ache.

It didn’t take long for all the oxygen to escape Jim’s lungs. But that didn’t stop Sarah from working him over like a boxer going for the knockout blow. He suffered silently, unable to scream. Each punch sent fresh jolts of searing pain shooting through his body. But deep down, underneath all the suffering, he knew he deserved it. He knew this was the price he must pay for objectifying Sarah earlier.

Eventually, Sarah felt her arms growing tired and chose to take a quick break. Jim’s breath returned in short, sharp gasps for oxygen as he fought in vain to recover from her brutal assault on his testicles.

“How did that feel, Sarah? Do you feel that you are punishing Jim fairly for how he treated you?”

Sarah paused and pondered Nicole’s question. She felt powerful, and she felt the control she had over Jim by having unrestricted access to his most delicate organs. She felt dominant as Jim writhed underneath her.

She also felt horny. The growing wet spot between her legs made that clear. She knew she could extend his punishment however long she wanted.

“Definitely.” She responded. “But I think Jim deserves a lot more.”

“Of course, I couldn’t agree more. What would you like to do next?”

“It would be so fun to stand on them. I’ve always wondered what testicles would feel like under my feet!”

“That’s a great idea. Wait here for a moment, I have just the thing.”

Nicole walked to the wall of torture devices and grabbed a solid wooden block. She positioned it between Jim’s spread legs so that his battered ballsack was resting on top of it. She used a small piece of tape to fasten his cock, which had softened somewhat after his earlier orgasm but remained impressively sized, against his chest. Once she was satisfied, she squatted over Jim’s face, positioning her bare cunt directly over his mouth.

“Get a nice close look, Jim. I want you to see up close what my pussy looks like, smells like, feels like, and tastes like. You’re desperate for pussy, right? That’s why you ogled Sarah earlier, isn’t it? You wanted to sleep with her?”

With her crotch acting as a ball gag, Jim grunted that she was right. And, as if on cue, his penis stiffened once more. In a matter of seconds, it stiffened to its full 7.5 inches of glory. Sarah immediately noticed Jim’s now fully-erect member.

“Are you sure this is punishment for Jim? He seems to be enjoying it.”

“I know it seems counter-intuitive, but that actually means our punishment is working. We want Jim to think of this punishment when he sees a beautiful woman. If we do this right, we will train him to subconsciously associate pussy with pain, not pleasure. In fact, for the next several weeks, the only way Jim will be allowed to orgasm is from ballbusting.”

“Is that even possible?”

“It is! In fact, Jim came from ballbusting alone just before you walked in. After a few more weeks of submitting completely to us, he should be much more subservient. In fact, Jim, why don’t you tell Sarah what you’ve learned already?”

Jim gulped, swallowing his pride.

“I’ve learned that my testicles make me weak. I was a pervert, but I am lucky to have you two gorgeous women here to demonstrate just how inferior I am.”

“Good boy, Jim. Sarah, are you ready to do the honors?”

Sarah nodded that she was.

“Good. Get started whenever you feel ready.”

Sarah positioned her foot over Jim’s swollen and exposed testicles but hesitated before pressing down.

“I can tell you’re nervous. It’s OK, it’s natural to be nervous. But you have nothing to worry about. Do you have anything to say, Jim?” Nicole raised her crotch an inch or two in the air so Jim could talk.

“It’s OK, Sarah, really. Please step on my balls. It will hurt very badly but I deserve it after how I ogled you earlier.”

“See? Even Jim wants you to do it. This is part of teaching him his lesson.”

Seemingly reassured, Sarah pressed down with her foot. She pressed gently at first. His ball bag wasn’t great for her balance. Nicole noticed her struggling and quickly piped up.

“You can use the wall to keep your balance.”

Sarah followed Nicole’s suggestion and steadied herself using the wall. Soon, she was resting nearly her entire weight on Jim’s swollen scrotum.

It didn’t take long for Jim to resume screaming in agony. Nicole’s cunt did an OK job muffling his wails, but the room was still filled with his pained cries. He thrashed about as best he could, but the restraints kept him from covering up or protecting himself in the slightest.

“If you twist your feet back and forth it will amplify the pain for Jim. You want to feel each ball rolling around under your feet – that’s how you know it’s really devastating for him.”

Sarah did as Nicole suggested and twisted her foot in a violent jerking motion. Jim’s left ball in particular caught under the bottom of her left foot and flattened particularly painfully. His wails reached an octave higher, not that it did him any good.

Nicole took the opportunity to lecture Jim and reinforce the lessons he was trying to teach.

“Let this serve as a reminder, Jim: beautiful women will give you pain, not pleasure. Women are not objects for you to sexualize. The next time you see a gorgeous woman like Sarah, I want you to remember this pain.”

It was doubtful Jim could actually hear what she was saying. His conscious mind was far too preoccupied with the hellish sensations between his legs. That didn’t stop her from continuing, though.

“Your testicles make you weak and inferior. You men might be big and strong, but us women don’t have those exposed vulnerabilities dangling between your legs. With one swift kick, any woman could reduce you to nothing but a whimpering mess on the floor.”

Jim didn’t respond, he couldn’t. He just kept crying into Nicole’s pussy. Logical thought had long sense escaped him. While his body was tied to the floor, his soul was in the fetal position, desperately hoping to survive Sarah’s assault with both balls intact.

Meanwhile, Sarah was having the time of her life reducing Jim’s tender beans to mush under feet. She’d worked at the clinic for months, but this was her first chance to obliterate a pair of testicles herself. The more desperate Jim’s cries became, the more dominant and powerful she felt. She knew she had absolute control over his most precious, delicate organs. She knew no matter how badly she abused them; Jim had no choice but to beg her for more.

Sarah stepped down after just a few minutes of flattening – just in time to avoid Jim passing out.

“How was that, Sarah? Did you enjoy it?”

“Oh my god, yes. I could feel his testicles crunch under my feet. In fact, I want to try that on my boyfriend when I get home.”

A huge smile flashed across Nicole’s face.

“You absolutely should! All men deserve to be taught a lesson. I haven’t met your boyfriend, but I’m sure a thorough ballbusting will make him much more obedient.”

“I’m sure it will. I’ve been doing him a lot of favors in the bedroom, and his ego has grown. A swift kick to the nuts should remind him to behave.”

“Would you help me untie Jim? I think it’s time for him to grovel at your feet and apologize.”

The girls got to work undoing Jim’s restraints. The timer went off as they did so, signaling the end of Jim’s scheduled torture for the day. He hoped that meant he was off the hook for now, but the girls didn’t seem to pay the soft beeping sound any mind. They continued their conversation uninterrupted.

“I think his apology would be a bit more meaningful if it were after a few final kicks, don’t you?”

“I couldn’t agree more. Jim should apologize as his balls are exploding in agony.”

“What do you say, Jim? You up for a few more shots to the testicles?

He gulped, a bead of sweat dripping down the side of his face. He knew he had no choice but to say yes. The burning pain emanating deep inside his battered ball sack didn’t make it easy, though.

“Yes, Sarah.”

“Jesus fucking Christ, Jim. It’s like you haven’t learned anything today. Would you beg Sarah properly?”

“I’m sorry. Of course, you can kick me in the balls as hard as you want and as many times as you want. It is only fair after how I ogled you earlier. My testicles are yours to abuse, and I am lucky that you are giving me this opportunity to make up for my actions.”

“That’s more like it. Now spread your legs wide and present yourself.”

After everything he endured, presenting himself was no easy feat. Every natural instinct in his body urged him to curl up and protect his battered sexual organs, but he fought his evolutionary urges. He did as he was told, splaying his legs far apart and thrusting his hips forward. He used his weak hand to hold his throbbing erection up against his chest and out of the path of Sarah’s foot. He kept his other hand behind his back and braced for the impending eruption of pain.

Sarah walked behind Jim and began lining up her kick. He shuddered when her foot grazed the underside of his swollen scrotum. He knew her aim would be spot on, and there was no chance he would escape lightly.

“While she prepared to finish you off, why don’t you tell us what you’ve learned today?”

“I, like all men, and weak because of my testicles. When I see a beautiful woman like you or Sarah, I know that she could easily control me by using them to inflict unbearable pain. I am thankful that you two are here to punish my …”

Sarah’s foot made brutal contact mid-sentence. In an instant, his voice disappeared and was replaced by a high-pitched mewling sound that grew slowly to a full-blown wail. She had aimed perfectly. The swollen mass that had grown so large it was beginning to resemble a third testicle (and was filled with nothing but tender nerve endings) crunched in an instant against his pelvis. The strength left his limbs, and he predictably slunk to his stomach on the floor, concerned with nothing but the sensations in his scrotum.

Before he had even finished screaming, Nicole was rolling him onto his back and prying his hands away from his crotch. She sat on his chest, trapping his hands under her weight. Jim’s balls were still doing somersaults internally when she had finished trapping him under her weight.

“Have another one, Sarah. Don’t hold back. Remember, Jim is a repeat offender and really needs to be taught a lesson.”

Sarah was all too happy to oblige. She slammed her leg down violently, causing the underside of her foot to collide brutally with his precious plums.

Jim yelled, screamed, and writhed, but it was no use. Nicole had him fully restrained, and his delicate sexual organs remained exposed for Sarah to attack.

Which she didn’t hesitate to do. In a matter of seconds, she unleashed a brutal flurry of stomps that nearly turned his gonads to jelly.

Nicole knew that Jim’s balls were finally just a few blows away from truly rupturing. She wasn’t against the idea of letting Sarah permanently pop his pulp-makers, but it was a bit too soon to let him off the hook by neutering him. Real perverts like Jim didn’t deserve that reprieve. Instead, they deserved to have their most sensitive reproductive parts abused as often as possible. Pain is the only way they learn, and testicles are a remarkably effective way to deliver that pain.

Jim, of course, was not concerned with Nicole’s internal monologue. He knew his nuts were severely hurt, but he had no idea how close they were to bursting for real. He was just thankful that she got up, allowing him to get his hands on his damaged goods finally. Which he did – he immediately grabbed between his legs, desperately cradling what was left of his devastated ball sack. His whole body quivered as he settled onto the floor in the fetal position to endure his suffering. He openly wept, his entire being consumed by the horrific, soul-splitting ache between his legs.

“Do you think he’s ready to apologize?”

Sarah gave Jim a good look. She observed how his limbs were splayed across the floor and twitching spastically as spasms of pain shot through his body. She saw that tears were streaming down his face and that he was whimpering softly. She saw the deep purple skin covering his swollen, tender nut meat poking through his fingers and knew he was deeply broken. Further, the image of him convulsing at her feet was a picture-perfect representation of his inferiority.

“Yeah, that’s probably enough for today. It’s time to hear how sorry he really is.”

He couldn’t bring himself to form words. Not when the pain from his torture was so fresh. He could barely whimper, much less put together complete sentences. He knew he had to hurry, though. As if on cue, Nicole reminded him to have a sense of urgency.

“Don’t wait too long, Jim. It’s time you properly apologize for your actions today.”

He took a couple of deep breaths and did his best to choke out the words.

“I’m so sorry to … “ his voice trailed off.

“To what, Jim?” Nicole demanded.

“To have ogled you, Sarah. It was wrong, and I’ve now learned my lesson. I will never do it again.”

Nicole prompted him to continue.

“Are you thankful for anything?”

“I’m thankful that you two are here to teach me what I did wrong and punish me as I deserve.”

“You’re not angry at all about what we’ve done to you?”

“No, not at all. Quite the opposite. It is your right to punish me however you see fit, and I not only have accepted my punishment but embraced it. I know that my balls are yours to destroy, and I am happy to take however much pain you wish to give me. I am just sorry that I ever acted in a perverted way in the first place.”

“Good enough for now. We’ll see you at the same time next week.”

Nicole and Sarah both left the room, leaving Jim to squirm on the floor and come to grips with his new reality. While Nicole and Sarah had spent less than two hours with him, their devilish abuse would leave him in agonizing pain until his next session. Both girls could resume their days and forget about their time with Jim. In contrast, the constant flickers of searing pain meant Jim couldn’t forget. He was constantly reminded of his inferiority and their power over him. In just a few moments, they could reduce him to a whimpering mess with just one swing of their legs.

After enduring an hour and a half of brutal testicular destruction, he wanted nothing more than to lay on the ground and feel sorry for himself. But he knew that wasn’t allowed and that he was already in a lot of trouble. He forced himself to his hands and knees and crawled on all fours back to the changing room to get dressed.

After putting his clothes back on, he gingerly made his way to the front desk. Sarah had already resumed her post and helped him make his appointment for next week.

“Your attitude towards your punishment today was great today. I appreciate that you did not seem angry and that you openly accepted all of it, no matter how painful it was.”

Jim wanted to hurry to his car and curl up in pain, but he knew there would be severe consequences if he did not maintain his obedient demeanor from earlier.

“Of course, Sarah. The way I ogled you was perverted and wrong, and I deserved to be punished. I am just lucky that you chose to give me this opportunity to make up for what I did to you.”

“Wow, that’s so rare. Most men never see the error of their ways like you have. All they care about is protecting their precious balls. It’s refreshing to see a man so welcoming of all this.”

“I wasn’t always this way. It’s only because you and Nicole have been so good at teaching me how I’ve been wrong. I now know that my testicles make me inferior, and I’m happy that you two can punish them however and whenever you like.”

“I can’t wait to see you again next week, Jim. I hope Nicole lets me join in your punishment again. Good luck with the edging until then!”

Jim wished her a good day and made his way to his car. He lay down in the backseat and began openly sobbing as the deep, lasting pain from his prolonged abuse set in.
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