Auryas Diary [Day 653, 10.7.23]

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Auryas Diary [Day 653, 10.7.23]

Post by Aurya »

Hello and welcome everyone to my diary.
In this diary I am gonna write and report about the things that happened between me and my Domme daily (to the best of my capabilities of course). Of course there won't be much to tell on some days but therefore more to report about on others. I am gonna try to start at the very beginning, which might be a bit difficult because I have to use old chat logs to remember what exactly happend. But I will give it my best shot.

Day 1 (Monday, 27th September):
I posted on /r/sissytasks asking for toys/clothing to buy and got a message from my Goddess a few hours after.
She sent me some items, I already had most of them and after a longer back and forth I ended up ordering a lovense hush, some pink pleasers and a pink dress.
The lovense hush was gonna arive the next day and she already mentioned she was interested in controlling it once it arrived.
We did some more small talk and teasing (about how a sissy should be trained (corset, heels, permantely plugged etc.) and then ended up calling it a day. I was super excited to give up control and almost couldn't fall asleep.

Day 2 (Tuesday, 28th September):
The plug arrived quite early and I messaged her immediately after. She was still out but was excited to play with it once she returned home. She took a bit longer to be ready than expected so I was about to eat when she replied being ready to play.
She insisted on seeing no reason why she couldn't start playing while I was eating so we got to it.
We ended up playing quite a bit. Sadly the chat logs from lovense are gone, so I can't depict what she made me do in detail.
I know she made me edge, watch porn and also put me in chastity.

Day 3 (Wednesday, 29th September):
I don't have any detailed messages from that day, but we started casually talking about stuff and getting to know each other better. I started to setup a list of toys I own to make sure she had everything listed neatly. She made known that if I'd like continue playing she would love to keep going. After I agreed because I have been enjoying it so far she told that she wanted me to participate in locktober. And her rules were crystal clear: No orgasms outside of chastity, only anal ruined ones without any other stimulation :\'-( Having been denied a full orgasm for 2 weeks at most before I was excited but also scared of what she had planned for me. With the teasing of the past days I was definitely in for a very rough time. We ended up chatting until like very deep into the night. I was told to get some sort of cake for the next day and keep it untouched till she told me to. Since this was my last day before locktober I already figured what she'd make me do. Can you do too? :whistle:

Day 4 (Thursday, 30th September):
The next day arrived and till the afternoon we were both quite busy. But the thought of probably getting to cum one last time before locktober was such a big turnon, that I couldn't get it out of my head the whole day. Due it being my last day before locktober I was also suprisingly allowed to free myself from chastity and not wear any plug so the day itself was pretty relaxing.
Once we both were freed of all duties we started playing again. I was told to edge multiple times and then after some intense teasing I was told to get the cake. Once I had it ready in front of me, I was allowed to ruin my last orgasm onto the cake. And I only had 10 more minutes till midnight. I was told if I went over time I wasn't allowed to cum anymore and locktober would prolong 1 day per minute I went over. Once I ruined my load onto the cake (which was very unsatisfying because I managed a perfect ruin, no twitching no anything, just cum dribbling out) I luckily was allowed to make myself cum again. Fully this time. I was so happy to get some relief before she was gonna take that option away from me. Only having 5 minutes left on the clock I hurried and got there quite quickly. I knew I was supposed to be locked at midnight so right after I came onto the cake I locked myself up. Of course at midnight I was supposed to then eat the cake as a celebration of locktober starting. The taste of the cake was very intense and made the cum barely noticeable. After this we kept chatting until like 4 am before we both fell asleep.

Day 8 (Monday, 4th October):
On October the 2nd my Goddess posted a poll on reddit asking for a day for me to cum. I made her cum 3 times in the night before and she was that happy about it that she already wanted me to cum for her. The people on reddit although decided differently and wanted me to wait another week :\'-(
On the same day she created some rules for me:
Spoiler: show
1. Always rember you can say no.
2. Always message me when you wake up.
3. No touching yourself unless given permission.
4. You ask permission to take your cage off and give the reason.
5. You ask permission to use the bathroom if no answer is heard in 30 minutes always go. If you go but can't ask tell me after.
6. Ask permission for going to bed if no answer within an hour then go sleep.
7. Before you go to sleep tell me the best thing that happened that day.
8. If you are down or want to discuss things with someone don't hesitate to come to me.
9. No more boy pants, you wear only panties and ask for permission to take them off if needed. 1 hour wait before taking off without response.
10. Ask for permission to remove your plug if I have instructed you to wear one 30 minute rule for permission is used here
11. Seeing any pussy, asshole, tits or nipples poking through a shirt has to be reported. They are not beta safe to see.
Sadly the logs of the previous days are gone and I don't remember too much else from it.
On this day the logs continue.
In the morning I was told to put on a pair of pink socks and it was revealed to me that I was to wear it for the upcoming two weeks fulltime. She wanted some really nasty socks for me to sniff and gag on occasionally.
I was tasked with creating a detailed shopping and toy list in google drive with pictures and sizes of all my toys while my Goddess was looking into pet play (+toys) and a punishment of some sort.
I broke rule 7 the day before and forgot to tell her the best thing that happend that day.
She already teased that I might have to sleep on the floor/in a "cage" for my misbehaviour :\'-(
Since I apparently did such a good job with the toy list I was told that sleeping under my desk was my only punishment for the day.
Later that day I was tasked with censoring porn while sitting on a dildo and right after fuck myself for 15 minutes while looking at it.
I was told to pull one sock over my caged clit while fucking so that I would leak into it. After that I had to put it back on.
For the night I was gonna sleep under my desk, with some pillows and a blanket, having my 5.5cm dog plug in and sucking on a dildo before going to bed.
But before I went to bed I took a shower and was told to come back with a big dildo and a 7cm plug.
I was told to fuck myself slowly while we kept chatting. I was told she was planning on rewiring me so that fucking my pussy would feel better than getting to stroke and that I might get a generous stroking ruined orgasm every month.
She continued with telling me that if I misbehaved again I might have to eat slave gruel for a day. Hearing that I was even more keen to not disappoint her again :no:
Additionally she was considering to have me in diapers if I was to cum without permission as a reminder of me obviously not being able to control myself. I was only denied for 4 days but I already wanted to cum so badly that I had to focus on not doing so :-|
After the fucking was done, I was told to do a 1l enema and hold it for 5 minutes. I also was tasked with keeping the socks on so I definitely tried to not leak anything onto them.
This however was an impossible task to do at that point and I had to release the enema after 45 seconds whilst already having leaked onto the floor and socks.
After expelling I was to mop up the leaked enema drops from the floor using my socks.
Sadly I wasn't able to get in the 7cm plug after so I was stuck with the dog tail plug.
Once the plug was in I asked, then even begged for permission to pee however I was denied and told to wait for 20 minutes.
After the 20 minutes had passed I was allowed to shower and then pee after. Although after the shower I was only allowed to pee in the shower and I didn't want to get myself dirty again so I asked her if I could wait a bit longer before I was able to use the toilet again. Her answer was that if so I would probably have to wait quite a bit. My smart ass tried to outsmart her and said: "Well it's late and if you are asleep soon you can't reply within 30 minutes to give me permission to pee, so I could go then."
Well this backfired and she said she'd wait it out. As a result to that response I wanted to go and pee but I was denied because I was trying to be a smart ass puppy :\'-( Now I was denied peeing until the next morning :\'-(
I then layed down underneath my desk and we both went to bed.

In the next post:
Day 9 (Tuesday, 5th October):
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Re: Auryas Diary [Day 8, 4.10.21]

Post by Aurya »

Day 9 (Tuesday, 5th October):
The night was tough. I woke up every hour having to piss, that plug pushing into my prostate and bladder and whilst the ground was nicely padded it was still a bit uncomfortable to sleep with so few space.
I woke up to my Goddess telling me she really slept nice and tight in a "people bed" which humiliated me even further.
But I was told puppys don't need normal beds which I couldn't deny. My bladder was still so full that it almost got unbearable but I was told to have breakfast on all fours first before being possibly allowed to pee :\'-(
After I had some bread for breakfast I was so desperate to pee so I asked again. She made me really beg for it but once I did I was finally allowed to pee. Although I had to piss through my panties in the shower on all fours and had to make sure some piss also got onto my socks :\'-( Although in reach of a relief of the bladder I didn't really care. Also knowing she threatened me with having to pee myself on the floor next time I was happy I got off this easy.
After I had shown proof of my peed panties to my Goddess I was told to keep them in my mouth till instructed otherwise. I took a shower with the panties in my mouth because I wasn't even allowed to remove them for that purpose.
Roughly 30 minutes later I was finally allowed to remove the panties and my punishment ended with being reminded that this is what happens to smart ass puppies. Afterwards I was left doing whatever I wanted to for the next 3 hours and when I returned I was told to drink 1l of water. I already suspected what was gonna await me next again and I didn't like it :-O
I was told to put on some heels, a buttplug and female stockings and continue working on whatever stuff I had to do.
30 minutes later I really started needing to pee. The plug pressed on my bladder as well so that didn't make things better. However I was denied and was told to hold it for my Goddess.
I played a round of valorant and thought that because I won I might be allowed to pee but I thought wrong. I really begged and going all out, saying I'd do anything to pee however she responded that I'd do anything anyway.
That wasn't the response I wanted so I kept begging until she made me an offer. If I was to pee now I have to pee myself on all 4 fours on the floor. If I waited 1:30h more I was allowed to do so in the shower instead :look:
This definitely didn't made things any better because I didn't know if I can even make it this much longer. I was allowed to clean the floor after but I didn't get to know how yet so this didn't help make me a decision either. It probably even made it even scarier to piss myself right now.
Also if I was gonna for the 1:30h and didn't make it there would be an even more severe punishment so I definitely didn't feel like this was a good option either. I was really doubting my bladders ability to hold any longer at this point.
So I only did the thing that I was certain of I was gonna be able to do and pee on the floor. I was allowed to remove the panties but had to keep the heels on.
After showing her proof of the mess I made she said that she has to train me better so this doesn't happen again. This I forshadowing I didn't like at all :\'-(
I then received the permission to clean up the puddle of piss with my panties. After I did so I had to put them back on as a reminder and continued my day.
To my surprise my bladder started to fill quickly again. I didn't like any part of it but I couldn't prevent it happening in the slightest. I knew that I was probably not gonna be allowed to pee that quickly again so I already prepared myself for the worst case.
Even though I expected nothing I asked for permission to pee but of course I was denied that. I was told that she has to get me house trained and that I will eventually realise that pissing like the slutty puppy I am will only make me happier.
Since I wasn't allowed to pee I started working on a food roulette instead which my Goddess had asked for before.
At this point I just wanted to be on my best behaviour to be allowed to pee asap.
The heels started really to hurt throughout the process but I kept them on. Once I had a first draft done I got to make me some tasty food and I was even allowed to eat at a table :yes:
I asked for permission to remove my heels for cooking because I am not really good at walking in 15cm heels yet but I was told a good sissy girl should be able to do that without a problem and if I kept complaining it would turn into a rule so I kept my mouth shut and tried my best to walk in the heels and prepare my food.
I once again wanted to pee so I requested permission but who would've guessed, I was denied.
Sadly the heels started hurting so much that I wanted to really take them off. Although I had to resign my table privilege and take 3 ball slaps for it. But I had no choice but to take that deal.
While the food was in the oven I started working on a foot worship roulette.
Having eaten and finished a draft of the roulette I was really desperate to pee and tried to get permission again. However I was instead told to estimate how long I could go and since I said 30 minutes I was to hold it another 30 minutes. This definitely didn't make it any easier to concentrate on the roulette while my Goddess kept talking about how good it feels to cum while I was denied for 6 days already.
It was shortly after that I got to know that if I had replied with anything less than 10 minutes I would've been told to piss myself on the spot and sleep in the dog bed again :\'-( So I was quite lucky to not give up that easily and trying to make my Goddess proud.
For being such a good puppy I was rewarded with permission to pee early but I had to pee in the shower and collect it in a bowl.
I was already getting scared of what she might make me do with that but for now I was just happy getting to release that pressure from my bladder. Showing her proof I was asked to guess what she'll make me do with that and I responded with: "Pouring it over my head?". She asked if I would enjoy that and I clarified that it's just less cruel than having to drink it.
She continued by asking if I would try to drink it if I was told to and I said that I would try to do so, but couldn't promise anything. Already in fear of what I had to do with it I was very surprised when I got told to just pour it away :yes:
It was such a moment of big relief. She had definitely played a big mind game there and I did not suspect anything :no:
Before going to bed I got a sudden chance of flipping heads or tails. I got to decide if I wanted to know the result and follow through or just ignore it.
I chose to ignore it because she teased a bad result. Well was I wrong. I just ignored the chance to cum tomorrow :-/
However Goddess felt bad and allowed me to double or nothing. I of course went for it and I actually won so I had the permisison to cum twice tomorrow :-O I couldn't believe it first. This relief was so sudden and going for locktober I didn't expect it to turn out this way :rolleyes:
She like that game so she teased me with it being a weekly thing. So if I lost I didn't get to cum that week and if I did I'd get to cum that week. This would result in me cumming every 2 weeks on average. I didn't know if that was good but she followed it up with a 1/3 chance so I'd only get to cum every 3 weeks :no: That was definitely worse but I was told that I should be happy with it if that is what I was gonna get. Well since there was nothing I could do about it I just hoped for it not being a thing for now :whistle:
While I was getting ready to go to bed I had to hold my still piss stained panties from earlier in my mouth.
It was that moment I realised since it was locktober I was only getting two ruined orgasms tomorrow and neither was I allowed to touch my clitty uncaged either.
I confronted her with that and she just said that she will consider letting me touch her clitty after locktober. But the next time I was allowed to fully truly cum was gonna be christmas at the earliest :\'-( :\'-( :\'-(
This came as a shock to me but I was told it has to stay a special treat :rolleyes:
Since I only had 6 hours of sleep ahead I was luckily granted a night without a plug so I snug into my bed.
For the next day I had to go to work and Goddess said she would be pleased if I went there plugged with a small plug and caged. I considered it and eventually agreed to try it having the possibility to always remove the toys if something went wrong.

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Re: Auryas Diary [Day 9, 5.10.21]

Post by Aurya »

Day 10 (Wednesday, 6th October):
The next morning I woke up, put in a small plug and kept on the cage and went to work.
Work was unspectacular and since I was only there for 3 hours I did make it through the day without any hiccups.
When I arrived home I was immediately tasked with upgrading to the biggest possible plug. However I managed to convince her to allow me to go for 5cms first as a sort of warm up.
I was pretty excited because I was promised to cum twice today. As soon as I finished eating and getting everything else sorted out I was told to lay on the bed and pull my right sock over my cage and hold it in place with some elastic bands.
I already suspected what she was gonna have me do :look:
The sock wasn't to be removed until I had cum once. However I really needed to pee which I didn't think of first. Luckily I managed to get the permission to remove the sock just once to pee. But after that I wasn't allowed any further removal.
Before I was gonna get my first promised orgasm I had to complete a task. But for completing the task I would possibly be allowed to cum from a vibrator on my caged clit which really sounded good :yes: Even though it was gonna break the previously established Locktober rules of my Goddess I was very gladly taking it. I mean why would you turn down such an offer? :whistle:
Anyway may task was to censor 10 pictures. Although I had to hold 500ml enema in, whilst wearing a 4cm plug and having nipple clamps on. This turned out to be more difficult that I imagined and I had to really concentrate to not mess it up. I tried my best to be as quickly as possible while censoring but some enema started slowly leaking onto a towel I had placed underneath me.
It took me 25 minutes till I was done. The enema definitely made it quite hard to concentrate. Once I was done I desperately asked for permission to release the enema but my Goddess wanted to check the pictures first so I had to wait another 2 excruciating minutes :-O
She didn't make any complaints so I was allowed to release which felt like heaven. It would've only take like 2 more minutes or so and I wouldn't have been able to hold it anymore.
Once I was cleaned up I was finally gonna get my first orgasm. She was struggling a bit with finding an appropriate way to cum.
However after giving it a couple of thoughts she wanted me to cum fucking my ass doggy and attaching a vibrator my balls.
It wasn't as pleasurable as I would've imagined but it was still not ruined so I gladly took it.
I wasn't allowed out of the cage so I used some rubber bands to attach the magic wand to my cage and started fucking myself.
I had to ask for permission before cumming so I waited till I was on the edge and asked if I was allowed to cum. I was luckily allowed immediately and came into my sock.
After 6 days of relentless teasing it felt so good to cum. Even though I was caged it was a big relief. Not as pleasurable as stroking of course but still a huge relief.
After I came I was instructed to put on the sock on my right foot again.
It felt disgusting and humiliating but it was what I had to pay for getting to cum so I accepted my fate.
Done that I had to pull my left sock over my cage. I honestly didn't want two cum socks but well, I wouldn't have a say in it anyway :no:
I took some time to calm down after that orgasm and afterwards I practiced 1 hour of Japanese. I had to count the mistakes and slap my balls once for every one of them. I asked to pee beforehand and was allowed. However I still had that left sock on my clit so I asked for permission to remove it. Firstly I was denied but I kept begging because a piss soaked sock would most definitely not feel comfortable.
I was presented with a choice:
I could keep it on and cum or I could take it off and not cum a second time.
I decided to keep holding the pee back and started practicing. I did forget to replug which I was friendly reminded by my Goddess and had to take the 6cm plug for disappointing her.
I made 27 mistakes in total during my 1 hour of training. 27 painful mistakes :unsure:
As an additional punishment for not replugging immediately I was to write down "I'm sorry for my mistake goddess" in Japanese 27 times.
It took me roughly 30 minutes to do so and once I was done the 2 hours of holding my pee had passed and I was finally allowed to pee again :innocent:
After I peed and made myself something nice to eat I was to place the wand on my balls and cage for a whole hour and leak into the sock. I was allowed to spend the time doing whatever I wanted to though.
Throughout our conversation I accidentally addressed my clit as a cock which I was told will result in a punishment next time.
1 hour after I started vibing my cage I wasn't allowed to stop but instead my Goddess ordered me to strip down to my panties and socks.
I was to use 5 of the censors I had created and post it on 3 different subreddits of my choice.
Shortly after my food in the oven was finished but I had to wait 5 minutes in front of it before I was allowed to eat. No swallowing saliva allowed.
As I was done eating I was allowed to remove the sock from my caged clit and put it back onto my left foot.
Then I was instructed to fetch my ice cube tray so that I could cum into it.
Having fetched that I had to take my right sock off and lick my toes clean.
She told me to unlock my cage and stroke to and edge while smelling my right cum soaked sock.
I was only allowed to use 2 fingers since my clit isn't worthy of any more pleasure.
Once I had edged I got to ruin myself using my vibe into the tray whilst still sniffing the sock. The orgasm was very unsatisfying. Having cum already earlier and only getting to ruin using a vibe and no stroking felt pretty bad. Not as bad as an anal ruined orgasm would have been but also not really satisfying either.
After I was done "cumming like a slut" I was to edge once again with my right sock over my clit and then had to put my clit back into its cage.
Having done that I placed the ice cub tray in the freezer I was allowed to shave and take a shower with the cage off and plug out.
However I was to try the 7cm plug right after the shower. Sadly I didn't manage to get it in so I went back to the 6cms.
Being all plugged and caged again I started writing a story for Goddess she had requested.
Since I was getting cold I was allowed to put on a female top and stockings to warm me up.
I took 1h to write the first act of the story and my Goddess loved it.
Before going to bed I ordered some new toys for my Goddess and me to enjoy. A bone gag, a pink dog bowl with my name on it, a pink dog leash and some pink pyjamas :yes:
Shortly after I placed the order we both went to bed going over the things she made me do today. Doing a sort of long distance aftercare. Discussing what felt good, if anything bothered me and what I would like to see more off. It didn't take long for us to fall asleep quite quickly after we finished talking.

Day 11 (Thursday, 7th October):
We both woke up at like 12pm and I immediately received a special treat for reaching a total of 90 upvotes with my 3 posts. I was allowed to use the normal toilet for the day.
Had I gotten 100 upvotes I would've even been allowed to control when I get to pee :\'-( Sadly I didn't make it.
Once I got up from bed I was to create a poll on reddit asking how long I should keep wearing the socks. I was allowed to make the options up myself and to make my Goddess proud I added an option for one more week.
I went out for the day so I was allowed to remove my chastity, panties and plug.
Once I returned I put myself back into chastity and was allowed to only put in a 2.8cm plug for the time being.
In the meantime reddit had of course decided to fuck me over and vote for the one more week option :unsure:
I complained about the socks making my bed smell at night and the option I got was to either put the sock up my pussy, tape it to my face at night or keep wearing it so well, I kept wearing it lol :-/
Later that evening I was to make my Goddess cum :love: I found her 3 femdom videos to watch and control her lovense vibrator through the app.
I was allowed to vibe my cage alongside her watching the same video. Of course I wasn't allowed to cum :yes: But I was able to make her cum which pleased me very much :look:
Once she was done cumming I was to edge one last time and then stop the video on my end as well.
Having cleaned up everything I had to post the other 5 pictures on 4 sub reddits and achieve 90 upvotes within 24h to not be punished :\'-(
While I was gone my Goddess had designed a sort of punishment roulette with some ideas that I was to check out.
This was the content she came up with as a draft:
Spoiler: show
Rules -
1.To be rolled only by goddess.
2.Punishment must be followed exactly, failure will cause a more serious punishment.
3.If you flat out decide you cannot do a punishment you will receive 2 different ones of a
higher difficulty.
4.Remember Goddess is only doing this for your own good pet.
Mild (X):
1.Write “Im sorry Goddess” (Y x 5) times
2.Spank your ass (Y x 3) times
3.Nipple clamps for (Y x 2) minutes
4.Slap your balls (Y x 3) times
5.Create a reddit pole saying what you did and asking if Goddess should forgive or punish (If
yes within an hour move on to moderate punishment)
6.Wear heels for (Y x 10) minutes
7.Only crawl on all 4s for (Y / 4) hours
8.Uncage and edge yourself before recaging your clit
9.Full Female outfit for (Y / 2) hours (including heels)
10.Unlucky slut do 1,2,3,4,7,8 and 9
Moderate (X):
1.Edge once an hour through the cage for (Y x 2)
2.Write “im sorry goddess” (Y x 5) in japanese with nipple clamps
3.Clothes pins on balls for (Y x 5) minutes
4.No bathroom privilege for 2 hours drink 1l of liquid every hour
5.Create a reddit pole saying what you did and asking if Goddess should forgive or punish (If
yes within an hour move on to Harsh punishment) wear nipple clamps while you wait.
6.Paracute weighted stand in the corner holding a penny to the wall with your nose for (Y x
3) if the penny drops start again
7.Drip hot wax on your balls and your nipples while gagged, don't want a winy sissy
8.Sleep at the foot of your bed and wear a tail plug like a dog tonight you may have a blanket
9.Sleep diapered tonight you don't need to use it
10.Unlucky slut do 1,2,3,4,8,9
Harsh (X):
1-2. Only piss on the floor today filthy slut
3-4. You eat slave slop that Goddess decides what's in for 2 days
5-6. When possible spend an entire day in the humbler with a doggy tail, collar and bone gag
you will only eat slave slop that day from your bowl. Of course no real bed.
7-8. Sorry slut only good girls get the privilege of using the bathroom... or the floor for that
matter when possible you spend the entire day diapered.
9-10. Unlucky slut do 1,3,5 and 7 maybe next time.
Dubs = double times or number od tasks
The roulette was only a draft and she wanted my input on it because it was mostly gonna be used as an inspiration for unique punishments in the future.

After giving her some feedback on it we kept discussing scenarios and ideas till 3 am. I love the kind of aftercare where we just chat, explore different potential scenarios, keep teasing each other and just having a good conversation in general.

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Re: Auryas Diary [Day 9, 5.10.21]

Post by Aurya »

Day 12 (Friday, 8th October):
I was supposed to stay on all fours for the morning and plugged with my dog plug, but I woke up feeling a bit ill so I was allowed to take my plug out and move to my comfiest chastity cage. Additionally I was allowed to remove the socks for the day.
When I was to leave my bed I had to put on pink leggings and a girly top of my choice. The day was supposed to be relaxing so I took another nap and also enjoyed full bathroom permission for the day :w00t: I think I have to be ill more often lol.
We spend the day mostly talking and casually chatting. Later I got a covid test done just for safety. It was luckily negative.
Goddess asked me if I was fine with browsing cloth shops irl for girly clothes that I could then take inspiration from for online shopping. I accepted. I was told the more girly clothes I have the better :whistle:
Before going to bed I asked for a task and was told to censor 10 dirty panty pictures and 5 sock pictures :-D
During that I was supposed to hold that cum cube in my mouth and let it slowly melt. I wasn't allowed to ask for permission to swallow until I was done :-O
Once I was done 20 minutes later I was allowed to swallow. The taste wasn't too prominent. Probably due to the water mixed in.
Since I didn't reach the 90 upvotes but 70 instead I was going to be punished once my bowl had arrived.
I had no plans for the rest of the night and didn't feel tired yet so I was instructed to fuck my pussy with my smallest dildo for half an hour while watching some pet play porn.
Having done that I was instructed to put on my new pink pyjamas for bed and lay down to get some rest. I wasn't leashed to my bed because my Goddess felt I should feel as comfortable as possible to recover. I appreciated that :-)
Before closing my eyes to sleep I was told to answer the nice people that commented on my reddit posts as humbly as I could. I was told everyone on reddit, even other betas are superior to me and that I had to address them as a Sir or Ma'am for that matter. I should act like a well trained pet and not disappoint my Goddess.
I was also instructed with posting another 5 images to 3 subreddits. This was becoming a daily thing apparently. My Goddess was very happy how I formally addressed betas like the well trained beta slave I am.
After I had done all of the above my Goddess noticed I had broken a rule. I didn't ask specifically to take a nap in the morning but since I sincerely apologized I was let of the hook this time :-)
Shortly after we both fell asleep.

Day 13 (Saturday, 9th October):
We started the day off by creating a subreddit called /r/censoredforsocks (which now is replaced by /r/trulybetasafe).
Apart from that I was still feeling a bit sick so we mostly just chilled, chatted and nothing big happened. I posted another 5 pictures on the subreddit of course. My Goddess said it's nice having her pet make images for uncaged betas to jerk to while I can only leak :\'-(
That is why I have to address them formally because they cum whenever they like while I only work to make them cum like a good pet :-O
Hearing that was making my clit ache it its cage and leak all over the place. It was so humiliating and my frustration was building quite rapidly.
While I was left denied she came to that thought.
Since I made her cum like that I was only denied for a max of 9 days to come instead of the planned 10 :-)

Day 14 (Sunday, 10th October):
Once I woke up I confirmed that I was comfortable with plugging my pussy with a small plug again and I was told that I was to shave and clean myself later and then swap back to the nub cage for the time being.
Later that day after I completed some private work, I was granted 30 minutes of free time and chilling watching something of my choice. After that I had to take 500ml enema, hold for a minute and then bounce on my regular silicone dildo while censoring and captioning 10 images.
However if I was to watch TV before I was to fuck myself slowly like a free to use sissy whore :huh:
Since bouncing on the d ildo while censoring was quite impossibly I was allowed to just sit on it.
My Goddess received a very kind messages so I was allowed to cum a day early, the 16th to be precise. That made me so happy but yet even more desperate. 6 more days of this madness :\'-(
Having been granted a day off I was to edge with my vibe, then post another 5 images and edge yet again.
Being frustrated after the two edges my Goddess told me that she was so happy about getting to be my Goddess and that she will not ever seek another sub while I am around. Hearing that really made me happy. I appreciate being her one and only pet :love: Additionally she apparently found more fun in being my Domme than being a sub so I was happy I was able to give her that experience as well. Seemingly I enabled her to discover a new side of hers that she really enjoys :yes:
After we exchanged some appreciation for each other I was to replug my pussy with a 4cm plug, put on a pink heart collar and attach a leash to it. I was asked for another update on my stinky socks and was told that a few more days will be due before I was gonna be allowed to remove them. They were getting very stinky. Sweaty and dirty. Luckily the dried cum did not leave too much of a smell.
Then I was to stick 2 ice cubes up my pussy and then replug. The ice cold feeling of the cubes melting in my pussy spread through my body quite quickly and made my clench for a minute.
I was informed that the next time I was to censor it would be in a humbler and having her control my hush in my pussy buzzing away. I ended up having to put it 2 new ice cubes every 30 minutes for her amusement while I was having free time for the rest of the evening :\'-(
During my freetime we kept chatting and she told me that she was turned on by the fact that I was older than her and more experienced yet she was my Domme and I was submitting to her. I appreciated that fact. I love when I know that I am able to turn her on :yes:
For the night I was to leash myself to my bed and in the morning I was to upgrade my plug to the 6cm one :unsure:
Also she wanted to train my slutty throat in the upcoming days :huh:

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Re: Auryas Diary [Day 14, 10.10.21]

Post by Aurya »

Day 15 (Monday, 11th October):
I woke up, messaged my Goddess and removed the leash.
After I watched some videos in bed I left bed and upgraded to the 5cm plug.
Having spent the next 2 hours eating, working and studying I was tasked with censoring 15 images immediately after that.
10 sock images and 5 other images of my choice at least containing some socks.
For every image I that I was seeing uncensored I was to put an ice cube up my pussy. If I was to run out I would have to slap my balls instead :-/ I already knew this was going to be difficult as hell.
Since I complained about 15 ice cubes being a bit much I was allowed to instead have them also melt on my nipples.
If I was to do 5 more pictures with ball slaps instead of cubes I would even get bonus points so I immediately started working on the censors.
While I was concentrated on censoring my Goddess messaged me and commanded me to apologize to a sissy I had been addressing a Sir on reddit by accident. I immediately did so and corrected myself to Ma'am.
Sadly that person had already messaged my Goddess asking for me to be punished :-O How can people be so mean? :\'-(
They agreed on a bladder control based punishment which already sounded scary like heck.
Once I had the censors all done and my Goddess was happy with the results I was to do 30 minutes of Japanese practice.
Not knowing what I was up for I just went for it and returned with 11 mistakes. Well I did not know that this would end quite badly for me. Having informed my Goddess about my mistakes I was to drink 1.1l of water for making them :no:
I asked whether I would be allowed to pee before drinking which was answered with the question if I have to go.
I begged and said yes, but my request was denied. Very mean :\'-(
1 hour into the holding I was getting really desperate and begging for permission to be allowed to pee.
I was told I would be allowed to pee if I would do so in my jeans and then post them on reddit after telling everyone that I was a bad pet that needs house training.
However if I was to pee this early there would also be a followup punishment so I waited for another hour and a half. I begged, was even asked to beg more but I was still denied permission :no:
I really couldn't take it anymore though so I asked what would happen if I did so now. I was instructed to put on jeans and go to the bathroom. My Goddess said I am now allowed to pee myself. While I did so it was revelead to me that there never was gonna be a follow up punishment :\'-( That was so mean. Just thinking of it again makes me want to brat again :whistle:
Having relieved myself I was told that good pets need to hold until they can be taken outside.
Immediately after I had to edge 3 times with a vibe on my cage. There was simply no break for her pet :huh:
Having edged I was granted free time, watching some netflix, showering with the cage off and also using the people toilet for being so good today :love:
Once I was ready for bed and laying down we kept chatting another hour. I was instructed to read 20 minutes of books before bed every day but since it was that late already I was freed from that duty for today.
I playfully complained about her being that merciless and mean with the non existing follow up punishment today. I tried to be bratty but was told that she knew that my blue aching balls and cage around my clit would make sure she'd stay in control no matter how bratty I was trying to be. And sadly she was damn right :unsure:
I also was teased with either having 4 or 10 more days till I would get to cum since Goddess was going on a holiday for 6 days.
If I was going to cum in 4 days it would be caged and ruined, if I was to wait 10 days it was gonna be a full one.
That was quite the difficult decision to make but luckily I didn't had to make it (yet).
Either way Goddess said I should keep in mind No Nut November was approaching which I was quite shocked by because I thought she wouldn't do that after not following through with locktober either.
However she even said she might keep me cum free till christmas, without even a ruined orgasm. Hearing that idea I had no idea how I should possible make it that far. 50 days without a single orgasm? :\'-(
Well sadly I knew I had no say in that matter so I just hoped for the best and tried to please my Goddess as much as possible :yes:
And the positive thing was that I was promised an advent calendar which really sounds like fun to me. Shortly after all of this we both went to bed.

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Re: Auryas Diary [Day 15, 11.10.21]

Post by Aurya »

Day 16 (Tuesday, 12th October):
As I woke up and texted my Goddess I was immediately told to edge once. She even was as kind as to allow me to take of chastity for this. I had to put on sock on my clit and the other on my nose and once I had edge sniffing my cum stained stinky socks I was allowed to put them away and wash them :-O She was very kind this morning.
After that I was to lock myself back up and then I was allowed to pee. She said she realised that I wasn't being edged enough so I was to do at least one daily edge for now.
Since I had to go shopping after she asked me to put in a plug and wear a bra and ring while shopping. At this point I hadn't been ready for that yet so I kindly denied her request for me to wear a bra and ring. However later I would wear a ring to accept a packet that was about to be delivered.
Since I wanted to eat before shopping she made me eat regularly but I was to watch porn with no stimulation to make me extra horny and frustrated which it definitely did.
For shopping we postponed the bra and ring idea to allow me to grow more comfortable with it and prepare myself for it.
Shortly after my delivery arrived and I got brand new pleasers and a pet bowl with my name on it.
Goddess then made me put on an outfit while practicing Japanese for half an hour. She wants me to eventually get a Japanese school girl outfit for my Japanese studying time.
However before I was allowed to study I was to uncage and edge once by just humping my hand. So I had to keep my hand in place and just thrust in and out. This was quite difficult to achieve and also keep up. It was quite humiliating for some reason.
It must've looked hilarious from an outside perspective. Then I was to cage my clit again.
After my Japanese practice I was to edge again, same way. Having done the edge I was to do my daily censoring job locked back in chastity for obivous reasons. However I also had to put in my lovense hush for the censoring so while I censored she played around with the remote control and made me leak even more into my panties.
Once I had the images censored and Goddess had approved them I was to get my bowl, unlock my clit and also remove the hush from my pussy.
I was quite excited. She said she had a surprise for me :yes:
And I was actually suprised when she made me edge above it and ruin into the bowl :yes: Wow, an orgasm. The ruin was literally perfect so the cum just dribbled out. No real pleasure at all. I was about to clean myself when I was to get my silicone dildo and bounce on it while ruining another orgasm into the bowl. The second ruin was a bit more satistfying and not as perfect as the first one. But still far from a regular orgasm. But an orgasm was an orgasm and it felt great after being teased and denied constantly :-D Especially since I expected locktober to be ruined sissygasms only :whistle:
And the biggest surprise of them all came shortly after when I was allowed a nice full orgasm for only getting 5 mistakes in my Japanese practice :-O
I couldn't believe it myself but I gladly took that chance. Even though the first 2 ruined orgasms quite drastically decreased the pleasure level of the full orgasm it was still good.
Having 3 loads of my cum in the bowl I was to show her the result and spit into the bowl to then put it into the fridge. drink one litre of water and post the censors on reddit :look: I was pretty scared of the litre of water because I felt like she would make me hold it again which always is quite a difficult task.
2 hours later I was told that I was to cum once again before bed. Another full orgasm :w00t: I was mind blown. Although having cum 3 times already this day it wasn't as easy and also not too pleasing.
I was to get my bowl again and milk my clit into it and so I did.
Having shown her proof of the cum in my bowl I asked for permission to pee. I was told to pee in a glass :no: That couldn't be any good. Would she play a mindgame again? :-O
After I had done so and send her proof I was told to pour a tiny bit into my bowl :look:
Darn. This quickly turned into a very nasty mixture. Having done so I was allowed to pour the glass of piss away and put my bowl back into my fridge. I was told I am about to get a tasty lunch the next day :\'-( "Cum and piss, perfect sissy food" she said.
It was revealed that if I made half than or less mistakes in Japanese than I did last time I was to cum and so I did. It was a hidden goal that I didn't knew off until I had achieved it. I liked this sort of a surprise.
It was getting late and I was getting really tired so we both went to bed.

Day 17 (Wednesday, 13th October):
Once I woke up and wanted to eat I was told to soak the mixture in my bowl up with bread and use it as sissy spread :\'-(
I tried to get myself to do it but I couldn't. It must have been because I came that recently and wasn't back on my full level of horniness yet. The worst thing though is I lied to my Goddess and told her that I ate it all :\'-( I am truly sorry for that Goddess. In retrospect I shouldn't have lied. I should of course never lie to my Goddess. And I should've just postponed eating it. I am sure I could've done it on a high of horniness. It wasn't that bad probably but I was just a little pussy to scared of facing my fate and pulling through. I had been rewarded by cuming the day before so I had to deal with the mess and price of that. And this way I didn't do anything of that and just took the reward without behaving like a proper sissy slave and eating up :weep:
Well maybe some day I will get a chance to make her proud again.
Anyway after I was told to put in my smallest 2.7cm plug and enjoy some freetime.
After I ate befor going to bed I was to vibe my caged clit for 5 minutes without any edging.
Laying in bed I asked her what her favourite thing of the past week had been and she said playing with her bed and finishing a book she was reading. Also she really enjoyed having me humbled. It seemed to be a one of her favourite toys :yes:
She said she knew that drinking pee for me is really hard and she already had a few ideas on how to make me try harder and also being really horny for it. I had no clue what she would try but I was looking forward to it :lol:
Before finally sleeping I was to watch 15 minutes of any porn without any stimulation. Any porn :w00t: I chose some lesbian stuff. It was really frustrating but at least I got to see more than I usually do :lol:

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Re: Auryas Diary [Day 17, 13.10.21]

Post by Aurya »

Day 18 (Thursday, 14th October):
I had to watch a second video in the morning and stroke my cage to it. It was really brutal and frustrating to stroke my cage. I couldn't even edge but I don't think I would've been allowed to anyway.
The rest of the day was pretty busy so I returned at 11pm. I was pretty tired so I layed down pretty quickly and we kept talking about books and our favourite story lines. Before I was allowed to sleep she wanted me to send her 3 short porn videos to choose from.
I looked up some videos fitting the description and the genre pet play for at least one of them.
Then I was about to ask what she wants me to do with these videos, but I was allowed to just go to bed. She wanted me to be rested and healthy :love:

Day 19 (Friday, 15th October):
I woke up and was allowed to unlock and stroke my clit for 5 minutes. She rewarded me for being a cute and good girl because I asked her about her well being and kept going until I heard that she was good :yes:
She asked me if I looked at anything and I told her no. I was told that even if I was watching level 3 censored porn (no naked skin, no female clothing except heels and socks) I was still to ask her for permission. It was pretty clear to me but it still was quite humiliating to ask for permission for that kind of beta porn.
Since the rest was very busy and we both had some evening dates to attend to nothing more to talk about occured on that day.

Day 20 (Saturday, 16th October):
The day was also very uneventful because we were both very busy as well :\'-(

Day 21 (Sunday, 17th October):
I forgot to do the censors (5 per day) before the holiday of my Goddess. Darn. I will be punished for this after she returns for sure :\'-(

Day 22-26 (Monday-Friday, 18th-22th October):
Holiday time. I was pretty much free because Goddess had no kink safe time to chat really and I also had a lot of stuff to do.
I was out friday and removed chastity and when I returned Goddess had already returned from her holiday. She asked me if her little clit was back where it belongs. It wasn't yet and I was to edge and then go into a bigger cage for the night :yes:
Since she was back from holiday I was immediately back on full permission. I had to ask for everything again because now she had the time to respond. When I complained a bit she said:
"Don't give me that, you know you love not having to make decisions. Just handing over control to goddess to make it easier in your little sissy brain". It was very true :unsure:
She asked me if I could manage my smallest t-base plug for the night which I accepted. She wanted to get my pussy training going again :look:
She told me that because I missed creating the censors before her holiday I now have to create 200 censored pictures before I am allowed to cum. She might add more along the way if I stepped out of line :no:
Also I was to put on my slut collar for the night.
As I was trying to doze of she revealed to me that she was about to cum. I hadn't of course cum so it was extra teasing to me :\'-(
She said it's better for a sissy slave to have someone more in control of themselves manage their orgasm. She said she can't have me masturbating when I want to. I would be an undisciplined slave who wouldn't be able to pleasure anyone properly, not as I would ever get to use my clit for that anyway. She definitely had some accrued humiliation urges that she wanted to get out lol :lol: And since I loved so much being denied she increased the quota to 225 :look:

Day 27 (Saturday, 23th October):
I woke up, had to pee and asked for permission to pee. 2 minutes before the 30 minutes of timeout would've been up my Goddess woke up and asked me if I had peed already. I of course hadn't because there still were 2 minutes to wait. And what did Goddess do? Of course, she denied me permission to pee. 2! minutes before I could've relieved my bladder :unsure:
I asked her why and she responded by saying that since she hadn't been controlling in a while she wants me to be reminded of who owns that bladder.
I was allowed to ask again in 15 minutes time but had to drink a glass of water before.
I also had to put a vibe on my cage for the 15 minutes :look:
When the 15 minutes were up I asked her again, she asked me if I think I deserve to pee in return. I replied by explaining that I had been a good puppy for the night and waited for her permission.
"Good puppys beg, so beg" she replied. I begged with all I had left and her answer was: "Hmmmm no. But drink another glass of water" :\'-(
Darn. It's definitely not good for me having her not control me for a week.
I had to wait another 20 minutes before asking again and in the mean time I got send the composition of the quota:
50-Very worm socks preferably with holes but not needed
50-Femdom socks and shoes
50-clean socks
50-depraved images of your choice

That was the quota of pictures I had to censor before I was allowed to cum again :-/
When the 20 minutes were up I asked her for pee permission again. I was to put in my 5cm plug. She said she wanted to allow me to pee but at the same time she didn't. But for writing a 400 word apology for not censoring pictures before she had departed I would be allowed to pee. I gladly agreed.
I was to of course use the bath tub (pet toilet) to pee because I had been getting too used to the toilet like a person that's not owned these last days.
After I had peed she dressed me up with my black corset, panties and black stockings.

Since I had to clean my flat my Goddess already said she might have a few kinky cleaning tasks prepared for me :whistle:
I was to clean my flat in my outfit.
When I asked for permission to poop 30 minutes into cleaning I was allowed to but then hold a 500ml for 5 minutes and then I was to put my hush in for her to play with while I was cleaning.
I continued cleaning after and my Goddess had a couple of drinks while I was cleaning.
When I was done cleaning I was told that I had to crawl on all fours for the rest of the day and I was only allowed to stand up when I needed to reach something. When standing up I had to slap my balls once for rising from my place. She definitely was more cruel when she was a bit drunk :\'-(
She made me slap my balls, then grab a collar, my anal hook and a rope. She made me tie my collar to my anal hook and then told me to censor pictures on all fours like this :no: Darn, this was really getting difficult and cruel.
Since I told her how much her clit was straining and leaking I was to stroke my cage for a bit. She said she likes the bigger cages because I can get slightly hard in them which might be even more teasing than a nub cage.
Talking to me made her so horny that she came shortly after. She said she missed how horny I made her :love: :yes:
Hearing that made me so happy. I love to make her horny and cum :innocent:
She wanted my smelliest shoe strapped to my face but because I would've been able to see anything I was allowed to remove it. She wanted to safe that trick for later.
Once I was hooked with the anal hook she told my I was hers and hooked for her pleasure. Then I was to start finding all the pictures I wanted to censor first.
I wanted to confirm if I had to find 225 pictures first. She replied by saying: 225 doesn't sound really nice, does it?
I said: 222 sounds nice. And then for trying to get a reduction she raised the count to 275 :weep: I should really stop trying to soothe her.
Before I was allowed to start I had to pick a number between 1 and 10. I picked 8 so I was to edge 8 times throughout with my caged clit above my bowl to catch all precum.
I was to pick a different picture for each edge and show her. I should make it as depraved as possible. She said I shouldn't dare even to think about cuming and that going over would result in very harsh punishment. My little sissy mind of course never thought of doing such a thing. I would only ever cum with the permission of my owner :yes:
Goddess said she will keep me edged and teased relentlessly throughout those 275 censors. I was not really looking forward to that because I was already very frustrated and aching :-(
I was told that I either will be milked dry of every last drop of cum or that I was just getting an unsatisfying single ruin based on how she feels on the day that I would get to cum. She wanted to train me to be a premature ejaculator as well so I could cum on her command at any time. My clit wouldn't be of any use to a woman either way so it could just be a quick ejaculation. Saves time for my Goddess. My mouth and pussy is all she needs. She said if I wanted to pleasure women I would be using my mouth and a strapon instead of that pathetic clit.
I had already dreamed of being denied that night which Goddess found to be very amusing and pathetic.
When I had found 45 pictures she made me edge once and then slap my balls 5 times. Another 8 slaps after the edge because I almost went over.
I felt like eating and the hook was getting really uncomfortable so I was allowed to remove it. I also was to remove my cage, put on a hoodie because I was getting cold, and I was to put in my dog tail plug.
I was to get my fleshlight and just put my clit into the fleshlight while eating. Additionally I had to fetch my icy hot. Once I was done eating and my clit was limp dangling inside the fleshlight still she asked me where I wanted the icy hot. Nipples or clit. I replied with clit. She said: "What was that? Nipples you said?" :-O CRUEL!
I was already getting quite scared of what she would have me do when she just said: Put it away. Another of those mind games. Very mean :no:
After I had to remove the fleshlight and fetch my cage with screws in it. I was to put in as many screws as deep as possible and then put it on :\'-(
Then I had to get back to the pictures with my little clit straining against the spiky screws and aching in frustration and pain :huh:
Another 40 pictures in I was to stop. She asked me about my edges which I had done before but I forgot to send the pictures so I was gonna be punished for that too.
Every femdom picture had to include socks or boots and every depraved image as well. And I had to make it 75 depraved pictures. I should really stop messing up at this point :no:
I had a friend coming over now, so I was allowd to unplug and take off the cage.
I was told she wanted me to put my small bird lock on and slut collar on when I was done with my friend. Also I had to write that apology still.
Sadly my friend and I ended on a weird node so I felt kinda down and I was immediately allowed to drop all kink and have a restful night of sleep after I vented :love:

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Re: Auryas Diary [Day 27, 23.10.21]

Post by Aurya »

This diary is returning, I might at some point try to write down all the past stuff that happened, however for now I will return on a more recent date:

Day 647 (Wednesday, 05th July):
Half past 9 pm. I had been horny but recently just returned from topping my Goddess for 2 weeks since she felt like giving up some control. We hadn't much time after that, so so far I have been free to do as I please. Throughout my topping time I came multiple times as I pleased because denial wasn't an option if I wanted to keep my dominance up with her. Sometimes her inner Domme comes through and makes it hard for me to keep up my rather soft Top side. Especially not slipping back into sub space can be difficult.
Anyhow, it was late in the evening when I asked her if I was still free, since she hadn't been domming me in the past days. Her reply was unambiguous: She was horny and dommy, just didn't want to force it onto me. Now I was faced with the choice: Should I go back or savour my freedom a bit more? While I was still hesitant to answer that question I was already confronted with the cold truth: "Would you rather i decided for you? Because if you don't use your words that's what is going to happen subby" she said. Well, now I had to choose. But I couldn't. So the response to me just sending a :\'-( emoji was imminent: "Am I to take that as a 'Yes Goddess, I'm sorry im such a subby little mess I can't even speak right, please take charge'?". That was enough to kick me back into sub mode. So I replied just as she just told me. Her response was "Good boy" :-O For once I was called a boy. I couldn't believe my luck.
Immediately after I was told to get back into the nub, "where I belong". I again hesitated locking myself back up. But she didn't like that. My "if I must..." was commented on with "Have you lost all respect in that little amount of time pet? So are we going to try again? Or do I need to teach you?". I obeyed and locked up having heard that because I was fearing the consequences of being any more resistant. Even though I obeyed I was told that apparently she had a lot of work on her hands getting me back into my place again :unsure:
She asked me if I plan on being a good pet from now on and if I wanted her to play rough to force me to be one... In fear of what was to come I told her I was going to be a good pet and no rough play was needed :yes: That wasn't enough for her apparently so I was confronted with: "Why not 'I'm sorry Goddess, that isn't the case, I'll be a good boy'" which I eagerly copied and responded as asked but it seemed a bit late for her liking.
I was told that for every more occassion where she has to remind me of my manners I will frustatingly edge once. This was to help me recognise my place and make me a good premie (premature ejaculator) again. However she had her doubts about whether my premie status had actually changed which she made clear to me whilst giggling.
Being left with the task to cage I did exactly everything but cage my clit which in return did not amuse my Goddess 50 minutes after I was given the instruction. A 3cm plug was added on top as punishment for my slowness. Since I had a lot on my mind I was allowed to skip the plug and I caged, then we both went to bed.

Day 648 (Thursday, 06th July):
The next day was busy for the both of us so we ended up delaying everything till the following day.

Day 649 (Friday, 07th July):
Yet again a busy day but this time we made some time in the evening to play. She opened with: "I need to do better to make my slut a pathetic needy mess" :-O
I was told to edge 3 times watching sissy hypno. In nub sized chastity of course, with a magic wand on medium. As introduced before I had to time them and tell her how long it took. 1:43m, 1:32m and barely 26s respectively.
This little time amused her quite much and she used the opportunity to rub salt into the wound. "Wow.... How long have you been locked? *giggles* I thought this would be tough to ensure you stayed a premie, apparently not. You are good little premie for my entertainment"
To which I responded refusingly. I did not want her to succeed with this mind game. She however was looking to not give up:
"Uhu... 26 seconds with a vibrater on your clitty? Imagine how quick it would be in a woman. Give me another edge".
1:09m was the result of that edge and her response: "Adorable. Another". This time 36s :-/
For the next day I was told to put in a plug of my choosing from 12 o'clock onwards. She told me since I was such a good premie I got the best outcome. Anything slower than 1:15m was going to be a plug and spiked chastity cage :huh:
This was followed up by a barrage of teasing insults. I was told: "Speak up, fuck pet", "Good answer, you are such a good flesh light", "You are an adorable bottom bitch", "Such a pretty, premie, cock sleeve for your Goddess", "good sissy boy", "good puppy" (to which I replied *woof*), "little whore for praise", "my whore".
I reacted more flustered with each message leading her to eventually ask me: "Naww, am I fucking with your horny brain pet? Struggling to understand praise and degradation together? Or just trying to decide what makes you twitch more? And which is it pet? Not that it really matters, I'll call my property what I like"
And then I was asked:
"Who's bottom bitch are you?". This time my response satisfied her. For the next day I was to put a collar and leash on my nightstand as a reminder and I was to put them on once I wake up.
She seemed to shine brighter than ever returning to her role as a dominant. "Fuck stress balls, submissive are far better. The only exception to that may be the full little balls dangling under that pink plastic 😋 Squeezing them atleast gets a little squeel I bet" ended up being her reaction followed by: "I feel like testing that, be a good stress toy and squeeze them for me 😊". My complaint about being a replacement for stress balls was waved aside by: "Oh, I'm sorry pet, I am afraid property doesn't get to make such calls, better luck next time".
Having squeezed my balls for her amusement I was told to be happy she prefers fuck toys over pain toys... most of the time :-O
I responded telling her that I wasn't such a masochist anyway. I was immediately corrected: "Are you lying to me pet? So you are telling me if I removed you from that cage and squeezed your balls with my pretty painted toes you would not get hard? You wouldn't desperately drool? That's okay, I understand it may be hard for you to admit that you are my masochistic fuck slave. But you can admit it now and I'll forgive you".
And so I did admit it and told her I was a useless masochistic slave. However I apparently was wrong to say I was "useless", because I was corrected once again by her: "You doubt your Goddess can find uses for her pet? Cock warmers have plenty uses. Such as being comfy seats, taking nice thick strapons and then licking up what they drip from the tiny cage around their clitty. And so much more". She was tired and so was I. I was told to shave either now or tomorrow so she can enjoy a nice and smooth sub. Since she addressed me as a boy still, I was confused and asked if she just meant the crotch, since men can have body hair elsewhere. I shouldn't have done that because her response was as follows: "A man yes, the kind of man I would let fuck me, you however are my bottom bitch, I expect you cute and hairless like a good sissy boy slut. Understand? Or you could keep questioning me and I can punish you, that works aswell if you would like". I did not continue questioning her after that threat and we both went to bed.

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Re: Auryas Diary [Day 649, 7.7.23]

Post by Aurya »

Day 650 (Satuday, 08th July):
I woke up very horny, put on my collar and waited for my Goddess to respond. Me being horny was no news to her so she instead immediately went to teasing me by telling me she already came once this morning. Knowing that she cums always make me ache and strain because it is so mean to know that she can do whatever she likes however she likes, while I must wait for her permission and instructions. And I rarely get permission and often it is ruined. This power imbalance and just ache for an orgasm immediately made me leak. Apparently she was up for another orgasm since she followed up with: "But needy little sluts always get me going again, are you a needy little slut pet?" to which I agreed. That wasn't enough so I was asked to spell it out. And so I did. Having done that she went over the things I was supposed to do which is: Collar, plug and shave. I wasn't plugged yet neither was I shaved. And time was running out. My lack of time tracking was not amusing to her since she rolled with her eyes and said: "*sigh* Do you not listen to your owner? Is your silly little head that focused on cock?" :-/
I guess she was right, I did not listen carefully enough to know that I was to be shaved and plugged before noon. For shaving I was told: "I want you smooth as much as possible, atleast torso, armpits etc." and with the 12 minutes I had left it was a certainty I wasn't going to make it till then. She realised as well and teased me about it: "But with the time you have 😂 you pretty much need to pick which I'm going to punish least harshly for not making the deadline inless you can do both in 12 minutes 🤭 Welp, times ticking, best hurry or it will end up being both punished" :\'-(
I went and shaved as quickly as possible to then present her with the results. I wasn't immediately punished but instead asked to edge 3 times. However all of them took me over 2 minutes so seeing this slow results she made me redo them. This time I edged much more quickly and was allowed to roam freely. There was only one condition: I had to have a vibe on low on my balls when using furniture for the next one and a half hours. She had friends over and used this opportunity to tell me what a shame it was she couldn't have me serve them drinks while wearing panties and a collar. Since she was still calling me a good boy, I was took offense on her having me in panties but her response was clear: "Boxers would make you a tiny bit harder for us to laugh at" :\'-(
I wanted to complain but she called me out on it: "Can you honestly without lying tell me the idea of being laughed at in panties, a cage and a collar as you bring me and my girlfreinds drinks doesn't make you twitch?"
Well, sadly I could not deny that I was straining right now so I had to agree.
Having settled that I was asked what plug size her "slutty little fuck pet" was wearing. 2.7cms, the smallest plug, was what I had chosen for comfort. I was told to go remove it and clean out for her.
Then I was to get my leash and my dog dildo, leash myself tightly and give a sloppy, deepthroating blowjob to the dildo for 10 minutes. Not only that but I was to keep my ass in the air...
Then, I, her "breeding bitch", was told to go fuck my ass and edge with the dildo till I edged within 3:30. After 4 attempts I managed to "edge" within that time frame (although edging anally is quite hard for me, and I didn't want to go over, so I only went till I felt like anything close to an edge).
As this was done I was told that I was free to do whatever again but keep the vibe on my balls, since it couldn't hurt HER to have them full and blue...
I was out in the evening and since I came home late nothing else happened that day.

Day 651 (Sunday, 09th July):
I woke up pretty tired and asked for permission to return to bed which I was allowed to, but only if I had the vibrating buttplug (hush) in on low. I told her I couldn't possibly fall asleep like that but she didn't care and responded with: "Oh? I'm sorry pet, I forgot you being comfy was more important than your owners entertainment". I knew I had no chance of arguing with her so I just put it in for her entertainment.
"The idea of you squirming around leaking from your cage thanks to your prostate getting teased just a tiny bit is VERY entertaining" is what she told me as I put in the hush to then follow it up by telling me that I need toilet permission today.
Becoming hornier and hornier by the minute I thanked her for allowing me to stay in men's clothes and be a boy to which I was told: "For now. I can't help but giggle at how pathetic it is that you are thanking me for letting you be a boy 🤭 If this is your brain when your prostate is only lightly teased I'd live to see what a mess you become with me ruining it with a nice big bad dragon strapon" :blush:
Damn, she was going all in. At this point I was squirming and aching a lot.
I apologized to her for how needy I was but she rejected my apology: "What's not to like about a desperate slut craving attention? You are the perfect broken toy. Broken to the point of being thankful for being called a boy and not a girl. Don't you think?" Since I agreed and told her I was HER slave she told me to put the hush on medium for that good of a response :blush:
This went on till the hush ran out of battery.
I asked my Goddess for permission to use the toilet. She denied my request. I kept begging till I was told I was allowed to use the pet toilet if I agreed to wear panties at home again 24/7. What a mean way to get me back to being a sissy...
I asked her what she wanted and I was told to wait it out and so I did.
30 minutes after I was allowed to pee in the pet toilet :\'-(
Since we both were out in the evening I asked her if there was anything I needed to know for bed time and was told "No".
I wanted to taunt her and said: "So I can sleep without chastity? :-P " and was punished immediately: "For that remark I reckon you can switch to panties when you get in" :unsure:
Oops, that was not how I planned things to go...

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Re: Auryas Diary [Day 649, 7.7.23]

Post by Aurya »

Day 652 (Monday, 10th July):
The night was plagued by horniness. The tight cage, the panties, everything was just making me strain more.
First thing in the morning my Goddess wanted to know how her "pathetic caged excuse for a cock" was :unsure: Well, horny and straining of course to which she took liking.
Since I had nothing to do for the day I was told I was not allowed to walk today, but instead crawl like a cute submissive puppy. I was stripped of toilet permission, meals were to be eaten o nthe floor and furniture usage required permission :blush:
Damn, that was a rough set of rules.
I was told to put my panties over my head and edge twice with the vibe on medium, then another two edges with them in my mouth... After that I had to put them back on to stay as her "pathetic little femme puppy". I took offense and fought back against the term femme to which she replied: "So you aren't shaved and wearing panties in a tight pink cage? Sure hun, whatever makes my sissy toy feel better" :\'-( "Sissy". Wow, she said the word again. I thought I could stay manly for longer but my complaint was answered with: "More accurately, your my property that translates for your empty fuck doll head into "your anything I decide you are slut". Apparently you can teach a puppy tricks but not common sense ". Well, there was nothing to do about it apparently.
I asked for permission to stay in bed which was granted as long as I was nicely leashed and collared.
We continued talking about how she was starting to force me back into a sissy and why she didn't start from the get go with it. I started taunting her a bit: "Maybe I am just teasing you for fun" and I was told: "And maybe I'll just punish you. For fun. ". Whoops, maybe going a bit too far? Well, I certainly didn't think so and kept going: " Maybe I just removed the panties 🤷‍♀ Feels more like me in boxers 😜"
Whoops, that was too much. "Kneel, Care to apologise to your OWNER while you kneel like a good dog? " is what I got in response :no:
I respectively apologized and we went on with the day. I was allowed to pee in the bathtub (pet toilet) after luckily, so I did not have to worry about being truly denied peeing so far. During the afternoon, after I was done with my duties for the day, I was told to clean out and pick 3 dildos. Then I had to edge with each of them and tell my Goddess the time. The glass dildo was the quickest so I was told to edge another 3 times with just that dildo. After that I was told to put in the hush on medium for 30 minutes and furthermore I was allowed to sit in my chair. After those 30 minutes I wanted to remove it but was told to beg and so I did. However I was denied and told to put it on high for another 30 minutes :blush: Jesus, I was leaking so much during the whole day and now it only got worse. Additionally I was stripped of furniture permission. After those aching 30 minutes I was allowed to finally remove it but yet still denied furniture permission.
For dinner I had some noodles with sauce which backfired because I was neither allowed to sit nor use cutlery at all. It ended messy and I had to send my Goddess a picture of the mess I made in my dog bowl.
After I was told to kneel, put on clover clamps and edge with the vibe on low till I hit sub 40 seconds. Wow, that was going to hurt... And so it did. So much so that the plug and pain pushed me over the edge and I ruined without permission. I ate up all the sissy juices and apologized to my owner.
I was told to get comfy and run myself a nice bath.
After I took some time for selfcare I returned, had to lock up in a cage of my choice and put on panties again. I tried to talk my owner out of it but that is what she wanted to see, because she liked the look of it.
I picked my pink nub cage which made her laugh because apparently I was that pathetic and tiny that such a small cage was the comfiest cage for me. I was then told to spell out that I like her making fun of me and my size... That was the last thing before I went to bed straining even though I just came a few hours ago :unsure:

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Re: Auryas Diary [Day 653, 10.7.23]

Post by Aurya »

Day 653 (Tuesday, 11th July):
I woke up quite late the next day, was told to eat my breakfast on the floor, no cutlerly from the bowl like a good puppy :\'-( She wasn't done apparently. After that I had to edge 10 times with the vibe on low... She was not slowing down at all. I was straining and aching so much from the day before already and it just kept going. After that I was told to immediately plug up with 4cms and do whatever I wanted for the next hour, except pee....
After the hour I was told to keep the vibe on the balls on MEDIUM as long as I was not doing anything productive :whistle: Damn, those balls are going to be blue...
Once I was done relaxing I was told to clean out, put nipple clamps on and edge 3 times with my glass dildo AGAIN :blush:
No escaping the pain of denial apparently these days. Afterwards 4cm plug went back in and I was free...
During the afternoon I had to head out and removed the plug. Since my Goddess was also busy we really got back to kink right before bed time. I was told that I may only dress slutty the next day and my complaint was met with: "Hun, let's be honest with ourselves here. You love the fact I'm back making you my sissy slave " :lol: Well, she wasn't wrong I guess :look: At this point I really started to like it. Thinking that at the start of my journey I wasn't to keen and now I am really all for it shows how far she has pushed me :innocent:
Since I kept arguing though she went on: "Sweetheart.... we can't let that girly wardrobe you built up go to waste ".
I asked her to discard that I said I like being humiliated like that the day before and she did agreed to forget about that. I was kinda hoping it would have an effect but I asked again how I may dress the next day and she replied: "Slutty. I said it played a little part slave. To think my property could ever actually hold a large amount of weight in my decision is adorable though" :-O
Well, I did not really expect any different from her...
She continued: "You need to learn being a whiny little bitch gets you nowhere". I giggled at that more than I should've and I jokingly told her. She asked me what was so funny about it and if I was laughing about her :-/
I wasn't. But she continued that road: "Well put it this way, had I been there in person pet and you giggled at me you would be bent over biting down on a gag as I made good use of a riding crop".
After that statement was made we dabbled in some more dirty talk, talking about how she fantasizes buring a strapon deep inside me.
Damn, I wasn't sure if I could take her definition of "deep" :whistle: and so I told her.
She didn't care: "No that's okay 😈 a large part of the fun for me is breaking you hun. You will see hun, and you will know when you can take 8 inches with ease. I want as large as possible hun. No buts". With that we went to bed. Holy... I am f'ed.

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Re: Auryas Diary [Day 653, 10.7.23]

Post by Aurya »

Day 654 (Wednesday, 12th July):
The next day after I was home from work I was told to dress like her pretty slut and impress her. Damn, that was a difficult task.
However the outfit I picked seemed to impress her enough to let it pass. I went with a short skirt, croptop, wig and net stockings.
I was told how much a turn on seeing me like that is for her and I was very pleased with that answer.
Furthermore I was told that since I ruined without permission I won't be cuming for a while. Who would've thought :no:
After I was told to clean and plug up with 5cms... Wow, that felt tight :-O
After about an hour of free time plugged I was told to pick the biggest dildo I could comfortable take and after I had done so I had to edge with it 5 times :blush: I failed to edge comfortably however and thus I was told to pick a bigger dildo and fuck myself slowly for 10 minutes. Damn, she was going to stretch me out :yes:
Having done that and taken 5r.5cms width and 20cms depth (balls deep) I was told that I am making good progress and she will make sure to push me further in the future. Then I had to edge 10 times with the vibe on low :whistle:
Damn, I was straining and aching so much already :rolleyes:
She didn't stop there. After I was done I was told to put on nipple clamps, place the vibe on medium in front of the cage, but not touching, just teasingly close and kneeling while watching some porn. No words for this cruel idea. She was being so mean and making me ache so much :unsure: This was to going to last for 30 minutes AND I was to plug up again...
After complaining I managed to be allowed to remove the clamps after 10 minutes :innocent:
And after begging a lot and 15 teasing minutes I was allowed to go up close to the vibe and put it on low on my cage :-D
Having made it through those agonizing 30 minutes I was allowed free time but had to keep the plug in till bed. I begged to be allowed to take it out at 11 pm and I was, so I was happy about being comfortable from that time onwards.
However I wanted to discuss a queued up punishment of NO gaming, TV or anything similar for that day. Since I had spent a day like that before, since I was busy, I wanted it to count. And she did not give in. She wanted it carried out seperately, not on "accident".
I tried begging, and I was told how proud she was that I managed that day so I hoped she would give in but... alll I got was a "No"...
Well, after that I was told to dress pretty with heels the next day and how pretty she thinks my tits, wigs and all the clothes make me. I appreciated that compliment very much :innocent:
Having said that we went to bed.

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Re: Auryas Diary [Day 653, 10.7.23]

Post by Aurya »

Day 655 (Thursday, 13th July):
The next morning I yet again woke up very horny and made that known to my Goddess straight away. But all I got was a shrug from her. What else did silly me expect...
I shaved, picked my outfit, showed it to my Goddess, dressed, showed that again and put in the innie chastity cage as I was required to. I also did my makeup and wore jewelry + heels as my rules required me to.
However during shaving I got completely hard which luckily did not result in a punishment this time :whistle:
In exchange for tits I was allowed to remove the earrings temporarily so I could properly put on earphones without them being obstructed by the jewelry dangling from my ears.
For one of my photos (which must have really impressed my owner) I was awarded a good girl point :yes:
When I was done with the headphones I had to put my earrings back on and I went on to ask if I was allowed to get a little more comfy but since I was looking so pretty I was denied that. I had to stay in my outfit and went on to sit on the couch to watch some TV. Which I had to beg for to be allowed to do 🥵
The earrings started to hurt more and more by the minute, tugging on my ear lobes but all I got from my Goddess is: "Nawww, shame" to which I responded: "You are mean" and she followed that up with: "And you are property". Case closed...
I reported back to my Goddess an hour later and was told to edge 5 times, on low. I asked to be allowed to pee first, which I luckily was permitted to do - on the human toilet even. :yes:
Once I was done edging I sadly didn't get my panties wet enough for my Goddess, so I had to swap to an open ended spiked cage.
Then I had to redo my edges. Following that up I was told to edge 4 times in the cage just by rubbing my clit tip with my pinky finger... through the panties.
After having finished that I was allowed to move to the nub cage and get comfy, but only if I plugged up with a 5cm plug. And so I did. Before bed I ended up spending one good girl point on removing a temporary punishment rule that restricted my usage of furniture so that I could just use the bed as I pleased.
I went up heading to bed, my Goddess picked my nightie and asked me to proof that I was wearing it which I gladly did.
She then went on teasing me about how it would be me sleeping at her feet in my beautiful night garment.
I then tried to find out when my next dribble was going to be but all I got was TBD and that I do not get to make points about it.
I asked her if I kept her up and she said: "Nawww cute that you think you have any control over what I do and don't do " :innocent: Well then, no worries keeping her up I guess. And I was told that I sadly don't have any rights anyway.
Then shortly before I wanted to close my eyes shut she said: "Aren't you forgetting something?"
To which I responded: No? I did everything. My head immediately went through all my rules and things that I had to do but I couldn't come up with what was missing. So I asked, and kept asking but all I got was: "No, that's not it" and "Why should I tell you?". Then, after like 15 minutes of asking and contemplating I was told that there was nothing I forgot, and she just wanted to tease me. "B...!" was all I managed to say, she dared me to spell it out in response. I didn't and just wished her a good night.

Day 656 (Friday, 14th July):
The next day was fairly short, I cleaned the house in panties, luckily was allowed to beg to skip makeup etc. which I was. Then I went on to dress as I was asked the day before, heels and leather outfit and the flat cage.
For the remainder of the time I had at home I was told to vibe my clitty if I was going to watch something, which I did. I leaked a lot during that period.
Then, after finishing up the TV show, I was told to do 10 edges to make sure my ovaries where full and blue before I left.
Then, I had to leave and ended up in bed around 1 am.

Day 657 (Saturday, 15th July):
The next day we both were busy, so nothing really happened.

Day 658 (Sunday, 16th July):
Next morning I was greated with: "Good morning property" which made me squirm more than it should've.
Then I was told to go rest up for another hour, or if I wish I could be toyed with for that hour. I wanted to my owner to decide so I was told to go clean out and plug with 5cms. Furthermore I was to shave and lock myself in a bending chastity cage, that is a cage that basically makes a 90 degree turn.
I asked her about the 5cms and was told that this was as far as she was concerned my new norm :\'-(
She said: "Sorry, no more smaller, my slut can take bigger" :look:
Then I was told to dress up with heels and put on a ball stretcher alongside my cage and tell her how long I could last keeping it on. I managed 20 minutes which seemed to make her happy.
For the next hour I was told again to vibe that clitty if I was watching anything but otherwise I was free.
After that hour I had to do 10 edges, but sadly I ruined after the eigth one... :no: The plug probably pushed me over...
I licked it all up and was allowd to get comfy and rest up. Which I did, I still felt bad though. However my Goddess wasn't really mad, so that was good for me :-)
However she wanted me to be a good girl and cage in the nub again which I did, just for being called a good girl :love:
I told her I didn't feel pleasure the past two weeks even though I ruined to which she responded with: "Aching edges should be pleasurable for such a masochistic puppy " :unsure: Well, I guess I couldn't argue with that.

Day 659 (Monday, 17th July):
The next day nothing much happened, except that I went out and removed the cage for that purpose. In the evening I was asked if I had caged up again and since I didn't she wasn't too happy about it.
She said: " You can go into the bendy cage slut. And you can do it now". I told her the nub was more comfortable for bed to which I got the response: "Oh, is it? Do you THINK you could point to the bit where I asked slut? My memory must be going because I don't remember doing so 🥰"
Well, I locked up since there was no more argument to be made. Having locked up she followed up with: "That's a far better response isn't it slave? " :whistle: Well, I guess she had a point.
"And do you know why it's a better answer or are you just blindly agreeing with your owner? " - she asked next.
"Because I am doing as I am told instead of arguing and wasting your time Goddess " is what I replied and which was exactly what she wanted to her :blush:
Then she found out I was wearing boxers still which lead to this reaction: " Now your wearing panties, a collar and a sports bra under your nightwear. Congrats" :no:
Well, who would've thought she prefered me in panties?
Having dressed up for bed I was yet again asked for proof which I gladly provided.
Although my slightly hairy legs showed which she commented the following way: "Clearly need to start shaving further down your legs 😜 "
I asked her if I must to which she replied: "Hehe must is the perfect word. If your women's clothes are starting to outnumber your mens it's only right that we start feminising you further 🤷‍♀️ "
I didn't like what I was hearing there, so I quickly went to bed that night :yes: :look:

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