Eos Async Update - Tease Interrupted

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Eos Async Update - Tease Interrupted

Post by seraph0x » Sat Mar 02, 2019 5:25 pm

Important announcement for Eos authors: We've just made some improvements to how Eos handles asynchronous actions. We don't expect that it will break any tease but it might, so please check your tease if you have used asynchronous timers or the new notification feature.

This update contains two main changes/improvements:

1. Asynchronous actions are inserted at the beginning of the action queue
Previously: Asynchronous actions replaced the action queue

This is more intuitive and more flexible. You could for example implement a slideshow tease and a timer which interrupts the slideshow after five minutes but lets you get back to where you left off.

If you want the old behavior (action queue is cleared), the recommended way is to go to a new page.

2. Interactive bubbles (speech, prompts, choices) become non-interactive if another bubble is added
Previously: You could still click buttons, etc. even if another bubble was added, leading to some weird and confusing behavior

If you were using the old behavior to create buttons that could be clicked anytime, please check out the notification feature. (Go to your tease options, enable the Notifications module and take a look at the Notification: Create action.) Notifications are a much better way to create persistent buttons.

The new update also allows for some fun ways to interrupt what the user is doing:


You can see how this could be annoying if overused. That's why you should always remember the Eos motto: With great power comes great... SQUIRREL! :love:

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