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Re: 1001 Nightmares of Dr. Phil

Posted: Sat May 23, 2020 8:01 pm
by beta
"Processing the New Slave"

by Dr. Phil

“Good morning, Mr. Swinton, my name is Beverly..."

Albert Swinton nearly swallowed his tongue as he gazed at the beautiful, long legged, and young beauty who stood waiting for him, holding a clipboard in one hand, and what looked like a black leather paddle in the other.

"...I will be your ‘handler’. I will call you ‘little one’ from this point on, and you will always refer to me as ‘Miss Beverly’. Any mistakes and I will paddle your ass quite severely.” she said in a clipped no-nonsense voice, tapping the paddle lightly against her tiny denim shorts for emphasis.

Albert stood like an idiot, looking her up and down, clearly surprised by her attractiveness, not to mention her youth. Albert was forty years old with a little bit of a paunch and a receding hairline.

Beverly looked amused, guessing the cause for his surprise.

“Yes" she said, confirming his thoughts, "I am quite a bit younger than you are. I’m eighteen. Does this cause you any embarrassment?"

Albert fidgeted but remained silent, not knowing what he should say.

"Good! I’d hoped it would!“ she said with a little smirk.

“Now, ‘little one’," She emphasized his new name in a taunting way as she glanced down at a tiny tent that was forming in his pants. "The Mistress is waiting for you. Remove all of your clothes and put them in that box. You’ll never wear clothes like those again. They will be incinerated while the Mistress is giving you your first whipping…”

“Hurry up! The last thing that you ever want to do is to keep the Mistress waiting! If you do, she will have me punish you severely. A task which I enjoy quite a bit!”

She actually giggled at this, again slapping the leather paddle, this time a little lower against her incredibly sexy bare thigh. It made a little slapping sound...

Albert gulped and began removing his polo shirt and pants. He had already had his shoes and socks taken from him when he first arrived. Still in awe, he was left fidgeting and standing in only his tight white underpants.

“Everything off, ‘little one’." she snapped. "That means your watch and ring and your underpants too! No modesty for you here, or any place else that we take you. And we will be taking you places." she giggled again. "That’s a major part of the ‘shaming’ process.”

Albert took off his watch and his pinky ring, then self-consciously lowered his underpants. They had already been tented out, but now his average sized cock swung out obscenely, half erect from the humiliation he was feeling.

“Ha Ha! I see you have a small erection! How amusing! You are expected to keep your little dickie 'hard and dripping' all of the time from now on, as a sign of respect."

She emphasized what she had just told him by sliding her thumb and forefinger along her whip handle in a suggestive 'back and forth' motion.

"Failure to do so will be considered a sign of disrespect and will earn you an ass whipping." She glanced at his cock, then caught his eye and nodded, indicating that she really meant 'starting now'.

Albert self-consciously used used his right hand to give a couple of light strokes to the underside of his cock. His face was burning red from embarrassment.

"Unfortunately for you, The Mistress will not authorize an ejaculation for you more than once a month. And even when she does, it will be MY final decision if you actually get to have one, and it will always be done under my supervision, and usually in front of other handlers."

Albert looked like he was about to cry!

"Now hurry hurry! Or it’ll be ‘spanky! spanky!' she giggled again, emphasizing each 'spanky' with another slap of the paddle against her thigh.

As Albert walked in the direction she was indicating, she gave him a sharp spank on his bare ass with her paddle just to hurry him along. He winced at the shock of the sudden pain and walked faster.

Although she had assisted others as part of her initial training right out of high school, this was Beverly's first assignment as a 'handler' and she was LOVING it!

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Posted: Sat May 23, 2020 9:56 pm
by beta
"Roasting Walter"

by Dr. Phil

After forcing the car to a stop and smashing the driver’s window to
unlock the door, the bikers dragged Walter out of his Lexus and
immediately stripped him naked. He initially struggled and howled
in protest, then began begging in fear. They kicked his ass good,
slapped the hell out of it with a leather belt, then tied right wrist
to right ankle and left wrist to left ankle, spread wide, to a pole.
They carried him, swinging like a dangling haunch of obscene meat,
between two bikes till they got to their camp site.

There was a low fire burning with two upright posts stuck into the
ground on either side of the fire. They laughed as they placed the pole
that Walter was on across the two posts so that he was left dangling,
red-assed and naked, a couple of feet above the small flames. Walter
pleaded and sobbed when he saw them place kindling on top of the fire.
This made the fire immediately flare up till it was touching his bare

The Ol’ ladies who had been waiting at the campsite and drinking beer,
tormented his asshole and cock with fingers and strips of cloth while
he humped and jiggled, trying to keep away from the flames that licked
at his slowly roasting ass. The boys would occasionally lift his pole
higher to keep it from burning too much, and also to keep him humping
near orgasm while the women laughed at him and drank more beer. ‘Monkey’s’
Ol’ lady, the one that Walter had slapped, stayed up all night, trying to
keep him as close to orgasm as possible, in spite of the roasting that his
ass was getting.

They took him off the fire around 2:00 AM, but kept him tied while they
all slept. Around noontime the next day the guys rode back into town to
make some money while the girls stayed back, continuing to tease and
spank Walter. They’d probably roast his ass again in a few days. They
planned on taking Walter with them when they moved camp.

NEVER ‘bitch-slap’ a biker’s Ol’ lady just because she has a big mouth
when her man’s got a bunch of his friends with him, no matter how drunk,
or how rich you are.

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Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 6:06 pm
by beta
"Taken by the Horde"

- by Dr. Phil

After the surprise attack on the castle by the Orcish horde, the few survivors were butchered and eaten by the horde at a feast. During the feast the beautiful Queen was stripped naked and beaten on the buttocks till her bottom looked like a skinned tomato. She was then tied to a spit and slowly roasted with a low fire underneath to ensure that she remained twirling in agony for hours while she watched the poor survivors hacked to pieces and consumed. Her husband, King Alphonse, had been stripped and tied into a hellish cart on his back with his own bottom presented and spread. He cried pathetically as his nipples, anus, and tiny cock tip were tormented by the laughing brutes. He was forced to watch his beautiful naked wife slowly twirling, sobbing, and cooking for hours. That night, King Alphonse was ravaged and anally raped hundreds of times by the grunting and laughing Orcs. They slapped his ass and taunted him about his own fate once they got him back to the caverns.

In the morning the Orcs headed out with their prize captive, still in his wheeled frame, being pulled behind them. They would be back in the caverns by nightfall. Alphonse grunted and panted as the Orcs continued abusing all of his private places all along the way, stopping frequently so he could be ‘buggered’ over and over again. He would be ass-raped another five hundred times before nightfall, and spanked all along the way!

Once they arrived in the caverns there was NO chance of him ever being rescued and, true to their taunts, Alphonse would spend the next forty or fifty years being mouth and ass raped, and sexually tormented, with his ultra-sensitive little cock tip mercilessly teased by the Orcs, both male and female, never once being allowed an orgasm, until he died a mad, broken, drooling ‘imbecile’. He actually died from both shame and need…

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Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2020 2:29 pm
by beta
"Getting The Job Done'

- by Dr. Phil

Will has been suggesting to his wife, Fiona, that they add a little ‘spice’ to their marriage with
some kinky stuff. He suggested female domination and said it might be ‘fun’ to be her
submissive. He even showed her some of his favorite web sites! Fiona usually laughed a bit and said
that she’s not really the dominant type. This has been going on now for over a year.

A little over six months ago Fiona began asking Will to put a brick patio in the back yard. He
actually had the bricks delivered but they’ve been sitting against the back of the garage for nearly six
months waiting for him to ‘get around to it’. Well, Fiona has had enough. She’s pretty pissed and
decided that they would try some ‘Female domination’ right NOW!

She ordered Will to strip naked, then she spanked his ass VERY hard with her wooden
hairbrush. She did that every night for a week and she made him make a steel collar and cuffs and
attach chains to them. That he did right away!

After another week of more spankings and doing chores in the house naked, Fiona began to really
like the whole ‘Femdom’ idea! That weekend she took Will into their back yard, naked and in his
chains. It was the first time she made him be naked outside and it made her shiver in excitement.
She noticed that Will popped an erection immediately. She had a spanking crop in her hand and
pointed it at the bricks. She ordered Will to start building the patio RIGHT NOW. She said
she’d spank him right there outside if he didn’t start, and if he ‘slacked off’ she’d invite a couple of her
friends from the neighborhood over for iced tea and to help her ‘supervise’ her SLAVE!

Needless to say, work on the patio is proceeding nicely but whenever she reminds Will about inviting
friends over to help her supervise him, his cock sticks out straight and even drips a little from the tip
as he works.They both know that the ‘iced tea party’ is probably going to happen, sooner rather than
later. 'Willy' will truly become her SLAVE after the party, and he’ll be obeying her friends too!
Looks like he’s finally getting his wish. He’ll be the neighborhood work slave for his wife’s friends and
she’ll also invite them all over every Saturday for his ‘weekly review'.

Willy is being kept in chastity. He uses his tongue to pleasure his Mistress almost every night, but
NOTHING for him! He begs for release all the time. At the weekly review, Fiona will read her
notes, 'attaboys' and 'demerits' from the week. If the ladies vote that Willy has been a 'good boy' then
she will remove his chastity tube and he'll be allowed to give himself an orgasm, right in front of all of
them! If Willy has been a 'bad boy' then he will be spanked, by Fiona and any of the 'watchers'
who want a piece of his ass. Willy gets spanked most Saturdays, but when he IS allowed to jerk off,
OH what a show he puts on! The women all laugh, applaud, and cheer him on to the finish line!

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Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2020 4:23 pm
by beta
"Lilith Gets a New Position"

- by Dr. Phil

Lilith ruled supreme as the ‘Queen-Regent of Hell’, for a short while. During her reign she ruthlessly tormented both males and females who were under her harsh heel. She routinely had naked men dangling by their feet around her as she sat smugly on her throne, torturing them with feelings of intense, unrequited super-lust. She laughed at them all.

When Sabrina rose to her true position of ‘Queen of Hell’, Lilith naturally thought that she’d be treated as the Queen’s most trusted advisor, second only to Her in the dark realm, guiding her as she did on Earth. But that was not to be…

Queen Sabrina was furious over the torture and mistreatment of her lover, Nick, while under Lilith’s control. Lilith tormented him mercilessly, laughing at him and taunting him in his deep pain and naked misery.

After her coronation ceremony, Sabrina’s first move was to elevate Nick to be her Consort and First Advisor. Lilith was deeply disappointed at this, but Sabrina’s next command literally brought her to her knees.

Sabrina demoted Lilith to… ‘slave’! Not just a slave, but the title of ‘Lowest of the Low’. A special title that authorized every creature in hell to be above her and encouraged to taunt and torment her… for all eternity! Lilith crawls naked, other than her chains and her ‘Crown of Shame’, through the caverns of hell, begging for punishment, and also for an ‘orgasm’. She’ll get all the punishment she asks for, and more, but no orgasms. No. Orgasms are not for the likes of the ‘Lowest of the Low’. Even the rats in hell will be above her, clawing at her nipples and ‘licking’ the tip of her lengthened and exposed clitoris which protrudes from her hoodless vagina. They’ll keep her on the razor’s edge of madness from ‘NEED’ for hours at a time, sometimes days! Lilith’s tongue usually hangs out, goon-like, for all to laugh at. Her need is so great that she leaves a slime trail of sexual secretions behind her to mark her passage as she crawls. Nick enjoys tormenting her. It has helped him to recover from his own ordeal under her hands, and that makes Sabrina happy. They laugh together at Lilith whenever she crawls by, shivering and humping her rosey red ass and huffing in terrible, gut wrenching NEED!

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Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2020 3:47 pm
by beta
"The Trophy Arrives at the Castle"

- by Dr. Phil

The unthinkable had happened! The Andorean army, which guarded the castle, had been slaughtered!
The soldiers who hadn’t perished in the fighting were all put to death, with the exception of General Farsis.
He had been carefully taken alive because they had a special use for him. He was stripped stark naked and
tied spread eagle to a framework of poles, then carried back to the castle of the enemy by six naked female
Sorian slaves. It was like an obscene procession, bringing the former General to a fate far worse than death.
A fate of complete and utter humiliation and degradation. A life of the worst shame imaginable. The likes of
which had never before been seen.

The enemy will have many years subjecting the former general’s body to the most deplorable humiliations,
and extracting every ounce of shame that he has to offer, every-single-day! They will even use Magick
to amplify his intense sexual arousal and unrequited NEED, in order to degrade him even more. He will sob and
plead with them for death. But they won’t kill him, no matter how much he begs for it. And he will definitely beg for it. Their Magick will keep him alive for another hundred years! The Queen’s vengeance knows no bounds. They will spitefully keep him on public display, whipped, touched, sobbing in shame, and writhing and humping in horrendous sexual NEED for the rest of his very long life. That’s how much the Sorian Queen hates him!

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Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2020 6:24 pm
by beta
"Alive in the Shelter"

- by Dr. Phil

Oh no, she’s got you now! There aren’t many places to hide in this underground shelter, and with your bad ankle you’ve fallen to the floor. You can’t get away from her. You know what she’s going to do. She’s done it many times before. She’s gonna tie you up like a naked hog on a platter, head down, pink ass up in the air, cock and balls dangling between your spread haunches, and she’s gonna use that huge black dildo to POUND your poor asshole over and over again while she laughs maniacally and humps you like the bitch that you are. You can’t fight her off with your bad ankle and wrist.

There’s enough canned food and water in the shelter to keep her alive for many years, and enough cans and bags of dog food to keep you alive along with her!

Sometimes she will take off that damn dildo and sit on the floor with her bare pussy right in your face. And you’ll be forced to lick her to orgasm after orgasm, as long as she wants, whenever she wants.

You, on the other hand, won’t get ‘lucky’. She may let you crouch, tied in the ‘bitch’ position, like you are most times, and she may let you awkwardly lower your cock to touch the under tip against the cold concrete to try to get enough rubbing action to cum, but she’ll always stop you just before you can orgasm. Always! Every time! She loves hearing you whimper and beg like a denied slut. She may even untie you from time to time, like she did about ten minutes ago, so she can chase you through the shelter, but she’ll always catch you. Every time. And she’ll pound your ass and laugh as you cry.

You may well be the last man and woman left alive in the country after the war. But the men who died were the lucky ones. They’re in a better place. You are in hell with a madwoman who will hunt you and capture you, and fuck you for many years.

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Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 5:16 pm
by beta
"Beauty and the Fat Old Beast"

- by Dr. Phil

Julie Menkic was hired by her former boss, J. M. Rheingold to ‘punish’ and sexually humiliate
him 24/7 at his lavish farmhouse out in the suburbs. Rheingold had fired Julie nearly a year ago,
calling her ‘incompetent’ and ‘lazy’ and had given her a very poor review whenever
companies called him afterwards for job references. Because of this, J.M thought it would be
particularly humiliating for Miss Menkic to be the one to have irrevocable Power of Attorney over
him, and legally tasked with his utter humiliation. He was quite right!

Julie was paid an extraordinary sum of money to spend every day and night humiliating the pathetic
fat, naked bastard, and she LOVED her job! She made the old asshole cry and beg every
day and sob every night as she spanked and paddled his bare ass and kept him shivering ‘on
constantly. He begged her and her laughing friends for an orgasm every day, but they
always told him, mockingly, that he hadn’t humiliated himself nearly enough yet to justify the privilege
of an orgasm! He couldn’t hold back the tears as he tried harder and harder to degrade himself before
the laughing young audiences who videoed his shame. Maybe someday he’d get to 'cum’. <sob!>

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Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2021 12:33 am
by beta
"Walk of Shame"

- by Dr. Phil

“Shall we take a little walk into the living room, Philip? Well, I'll walk... you'll crawl! HAHAHA! There are people in there who are just dying to see you like this! I told them what I was going to do to you after I caught you. And I caught you good, Philip! I’ve got you sooo damn good. You’re gonna have to obey me from now on, no matter what I order you to do. And right now I’m ordering you to crawl into the living room wearing just your leash and collar and make those people smile when they see you! And they all know you, Philip. And they all want to see you get your ass paddled. They want to see you cry!”

“And then you know what? You’re gonna put on a little show for them, Philip. A little tug show! Hahaha! You, kneeling naked with your knees spread and jerking your tiny little cock while they watch you and drink beer and wine. That ought to make them laugh. You deserve this, you piece of shit. For everything you’ve done to me. For everything you’ve done to them! They are going to see you humiliated every day, from now on. And they’re gonna laugh at you. And they’re gonna punish you. They’re gonna spank you, Philip! Whenever they feel like it. And they're gonna feel like it an awful lot! HAHAHA! And you can’t do a damn thing to stop them, or me. This is your new life, Philip. A life of shame and being laughed at by everyone you know. A life of being taunted by all the people who don't like you. A life of being punished by those very same people. This is what you deserve! This is how you'll be remembered whenever anybody talks about you.”

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Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2021 5:39 pm
by beta
"Eating Chocolate at Bedtime"

by Dr. Phil

Once we were both naked in her big brass bed, it only took Maria about ten seconds to
convince me to let her handcuff me to the bed frame. As soon as the cuffs clicked, it only
took about another five seconds for her to call out to Claire and Amber, who were hiding
outside the door, to come on in. The three girls pulled my legs up and back and roped me
like a steer! Maria slapped my bare ass really hard a half dozen times, just to warm me up,
then the three girls pounced on me like starving wolves, licking and sucking my cock, balls,
and asshole while I howled in a mixture of immense pleasure and tormented sexual need!

They kept me like that, trapped between heaven and hell, pausing only occasionally to
slap my ass some more, until I passed out about an hour later. After I awoke, they descended
on me again and again all night long! I was practically insane by dawn when they broke the
news to me that they were keeping me indefinitely! I gasped in shock and screamed as they
descended on me yet again, mouths open and tongues wiggling!

That's when I woke up, the pillow soaked in sweat and the sheets sticky with pre-cum.
'Mr. Happy' was stiff and proud, and I was still horny. I'd always heard that if you eat chocolate
just before you go to sleep, you are more likely to have nightmares. Still horny and frustrated,
I decided not to jerk off and instead ate some more chocolate and tried to go back to sleep,
hoping to get back to that magical nightmare!

- Dr. Phil

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Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2021 4:59 pm
by beta
"The Captured King"

by Dr. Phil

The captured King had his fine clothing stripped off, leaving his obese body completely naked. Next, he was tied on his back on a pallet in the most humiliating position that his smirking former maids could devise, arms and legs spread wide, and his thunderous thighs and legs lifted obscenely into the air, exposing his crotch, which had been lathered and shaved bald, leaving the ‘royal cock’ lying flat against his belly for all the world to laugh at. He looked like an enormous pink hog being readied for an oven.

His eyes were wild with panic above his gagged mouth as he watched the four brawny young men with their leather straps proceed to roast his huge bottom and thighs with slap, after slap, after incredibly painful slap! His haunches, and even his cock and engorged balls, began to glow a bright angry red as he was mercilessly spanked and paddled!

When the lads were finished, they grabbed the ropes and dragged the whimpering naked King, as he was, on his pallet, sliding across the floor, through the wide doors and into the banquet room where the Lords and Ladies were feasting and anxiously waiting for the humiliated former King to be presented to them. His eyes were drenched in tears, his nipples had been rouged and clamped, and his reddened bottom and his hard cock twitched and pulsed in shame and fear.

After a rousing cheer and hearty male and female laughter they put aside their forks and began to make sport of his naked, obscenely spread body! Oh, the degradation! The sheer joy of the aristocrats as the terribly exposed King was poked and prodded, his private sexual parts tickled and slapped. His manhood involuntarily dripped with intense, unfulfilled sexual need! His flabby legs were pumping up and down as if they were huge wings, trying hopelessly to lift the rotund, red-bottomed beast skyward and away to escape the ridicule and the unwanted fondling and arousal.

Alas, it was the former King’s terrible fate to have this entire ordeal repeated, at least three times a week, for the remainder of his unfortunately long and humiliating life. Visitors from other kingdoms often came just to enjoy participating in the degrading spectacle of the former King’s terrible and 'intimate' punishment.

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Posted: Sun Oct 17, 2021 2:54 pm
by beta
"The Capture of Aarden"

by Dr. Phil

When the city of Aarden was taken by the army of Salos, their mortal enemy for four generations, the Salotians
captured the King of Aarden and spitefully put him through the harshest humiliations imaginable. King Talon was
stripped naked, tied on his back to a spit, and slowly roasted like a captured animal. It took an entire day and night
of him screaming and sobbing as he twirled over the low fire, basted with fat until he mercifully lost consciousness.
They then untied him and nursed him back to health. It took a week before he was ready for the next phase of his
punishment. For this he was tied to a low set of stocks in the center of Aarden and was repeatedly buggered by any
Salotian soldier who wanted his ass… and they ALL wanted his ass! He was buggered day and night for four days. After
that they cleaned him up, shaved his body, and mounted him, naked and spread, to a cross which was carried back to
Salos on an ox cart. Once they arrived in Salos, King Talon was placed on permanent display, naked and spread wide
open on his cross in the main square. He was tied so that his spread crotch was at shoulder height to the crowd and
thus he could see the entire city as his most private places were viewed and teased. Talon urinated in shame before
them all! The guards encouraged people to play with his shivering, hairless body and they focused much attention on
his cock, which had been continuously leaking and dripping pre-cum. His tiny frenulum, located just under the tip was
on view as his aroused cock curved up like a flesh banana! The curve allowed easier viewing and access to this most
sensitive part of his entire naked body. The constantly tormented and teased little spot just inder the pee-hole pulsed
in terrible need for all to laugh at and touch.

With his castle occupied and his army completely destroyed there was no hope that Talon would ever be rescued and
he would spend the rest of his life on display, naked, spread, and squirming in the public square of his hated enemy.
After the first year of his punishment he began pleading for the release of death as often as he pleaded for the release
of orgasm, but the vengeful Salotians refused, preferring to keep him as a spectacle, shivering in constant shame and
desperate need, until he eventually died of old age in his seventies, still naked, madly squirming, and begging for
orgasm to the very end.

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Posted: Mon Feb 14, 2022 3:12 pm
by beta
"To the Winners go the Spoils"

- by Dr. Phil

Mrs. Sherwood, the coach of the women’s Beach Volleyball team, breathes a huge sigh of relief as her
team celebrates its big win over the men’s team with their prize... Wally Wiczowski, the coach of the
defeated men’s team! Mrs. Sherwood heard the guys on the men's team and their coach bragging
before the match, when they were so sure that they’d win, and she knew what horrible
things they had in mind for her if they had won <shudder!>. Her girls knew too, which
is why wally’s big fat ass is in for a world of pain and shame in the month that the girls have him as their
slave! They’ve already begun touching up his loser ass for the victory party tonight in the women’s
sorority house. No men are allowed to come, except for wally, of course. He’ll be allowed to come, but
he won’t be allowed to CUM! <heheh>. The guests must bring their own paddles.

Poor wally can’t yet imagine what his new life is about to become. To hell with a month, the girls are
keeping his ass as a permanent house fixture! "Wigglin' in the mornin', wigglin in the evening',
wigglin' at supper time. But there'll be no cumin' for wally, let the punishin' fit the crime"

Right now I'm thinking about poor wally, as a permanent fixture in that sorority house, just wigglin'
in near-orgasmic torment, day and night. Begging those bratty coeds for just one little orgasm.
Just ONE! Dammit! Even though all they do is mock him and tease him and then laughingly deny
him, he HAS to keep on begging. All it takes is just one of those girls to grant him his relief.

Maybe a senior who's seen him begging for years, all naked and pink and humping, with his engorged
cock and enormously filled balls waggling around disgustingly. Maybe she'll take pity on him once.

Or perhaps it'll be one of the new pledges. Maybe one who's never seen a man climax up close and
personal, and wants to see exactly what it looks like. Maybe one of them will let him cum... So far, none
of them have. But he has to keep trying because someday... someday...

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Posted: Tue Oct 31, 2023 7:47 am
by beta
"Caught by his nerdy sister"

- by Dr. Phil

His sister Cindy silently slips into the room while he has his eyes closed. She’s been listening from behind the door and she knows EXACTLY what he's been doing in his bedroom! When she sees that his eyes are scrunched shut, she stifles a giggle and silently moves closer to the bed. She hears him moaning out her friend Lauren’s name as his fist pumps up and down his hard cock in a blur of frenzied motion. She catches herself as she almost loses it right there, holding back her laughter. He's stark naked and his legs are splayed wide open on the bed!

She quietly holds her phone up and starts recording the show! His fist is pumping furiously and smacking away at his balls on each down stroke! He makes quite a sight!

   It might have gone better for him if he hadn’t been always humiliating her in front of her friends, like a jerk. Now it’s her turn to get even! She instantly uploads her video to the cloud as she continues recording the show and makes future plans for her older brother. He has NO idea how his life is about to change as he moans through ragged gasps of air. He will be performing this same act for her nightly, begging her to let him have an orgasm, trying with all his might to keep from cumming, as she threatens to auto-text her entire collection of blackmail to everyone he knows if he cums without her permission. Later on she taunts and mocks him and decides that he will be her slave, probably for the rest of their lives! Younger sisters can be so annoying, and sooo bossy!

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Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2023 2:09 pm
by beta
"Hook's Fate"

- by Dr. Phil

After years of trying, Captain Hook finally managed to capture Tinkerbelle. The first thing he did, of
course, was to strip off all of her clothing. She was beautiful! Like a little doll with wings, and a totally
hairless little pussy!

Hook lowered his pantaloons and let his rock hard cock pop out, He placed Tinkerbelle on his desk
and held her little legs apart with his fingers, then he began rubbing the ‘super sensitive’ little spot just
under the tip of his penis, against the fairy’s hairless pussy. After ten minutes of humping and
grunting like a pig, he spurted his sticky white seed all over Tink’s belly and face. It was great! The
only bad part is that he was expecting the fairy to cry. Instead, she just stared at him, with angry eyes.

She was planning what she and her Pixie friends would do to the old pirate once she escaped and
they all came back for him…

The Pixies would strip Hook stark naked and keep him that way. They would torment that same
little super sensitive spot that he used on Tinkerbelle and spitefully keep the pirate hovering on the
very edge of orgasm continuously. Of course they would use their magic to make sure that the
asshole would never be able to have an orgasm again. He’d just desperately NEED to orgasm…
FOREVER! And speaking of assholes, hehheh, that’s another spot the Pixies would torture. They
would make him grunt like the pig he was and wiggle and beg non-stop while all of Neverland came
to laugh at him. Especially Peter, Wendy, and the Lost Boys. Tiger Lily would stop by with her little
feather to help keep him aroused and crying in need. He would be sooo funny, thrashing about,
wiggling and jiggling and begging, all naked and helplessly aroused! FOREVER! Never rape a