Classic Tease Of The Month for March 2017

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which one's your favorite?

Poll ended at Sat Jul 08, 2017 9:55 pm

Ballbusting Depravity - hurtballs
Anything to make you happy - sanner
Ballbusting Fun - babyballs
Chastity Challenge (Introduction) - MIstress_R
Eat your CUM for Bubble Butt Sluts! - pawglover
Total votes: 46

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Classic Tease Of The Month for March 2017

Post by dragoul » Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:55 pm


It's the classic TOTM for March 2017

Let's show our appreciation to the tease authors for all their hard work. Voting will be open for 7 days.

And the nominees are:

Ballbusting Depravity (by hurtballs)


Anything to make you happy (by sanner)


Ballbusting Fun (by babyballs)


Chastity Challenge (Introduction) (by MIstress_R)


Eat your CUM for Bubble Butt Sluts! (by pawglover)


As always, we hope that the members will take the time to recognize the authors whose hard work and talent go to making the site better for all of us! Thanks! Good luck to all the competitors and may the best tease win!

The nominations are the 5 highest rated teases of the month. If two webteases have the same rating, the webtease with more votes will rank higher.

In case of a tie, a final round of voting will take place. Only the teases that were part of the tie can participate and the voting time is decreased to two days, to grant the winner's tease as much time as possible time on our front page.

Only one tease per author can participate. We'll use only the best rated tease for authors with multiple qualifying teases.

The voting system should be separated from the webtease itself. Hence webteases encouraging a vote for the TOTM to manipulate the system will not be nominated at the end of the month regardless of ranking.

The prize is a special user rank in our forum and a mark in the "Browse Teases" area.

Winner's Name

If your tease is nominated, please don't make any changes until the voting period is over, or you risk being disqualified.

If any issues happen that are not clarified by these rules the Team of Milovana has the right and the the duty to adjust the rules for finding the best and most fair solution to overcome this issue. There is no way for participants to affect a decision by the Team.


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