The Lust B&B

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The Lust B&B

Post by BBBeanie »

This is a story based around a few set idea from the Forum game Please Help Me Cum V2. It initially started as a one time tease, but quickly grew as more and more people added on to it. This is my version of the Lust B&B, It contains chastity, Ballbusting and a general Femdom Theme, though it might contain more as the story progresses. The first two parts are mainly set up of the setting and main character, I plan on continuing to write more parts and post them in this thread. I hope you enjoy


I was overjoyed

I had finally gotten a confirmation for the Lust B&B, a sex filled venue with promises to fulfill any and all sexual desires. Rumors arose, claiming intense sexual pleasures with orgies and sex parties being the norm. However there are even more interesting rumors of kinkier fetishes being fulfilled. Cuckolding, BDSM, Femdom and much more all performed to your satisfaction. Once I heard about these rumors I knew I must attend this incredible venue. After some hard research I finally came up with a way to book myself a trip, but it was expensive and there was a massive queue of those wanting to attend. All I could do was put down a deposit and wait.

A year has passed and this morning it happened, a confirmation email from Lust B&B. In it was all the necessary itinerary and ticket confirmations. In addition, there was a note with some instructions at the bottom. It read as follows:

Congratulations on your trip to the Lust B&B, We provide all forms of sexual gratification so long as it is safe, sane and consensual. We are excited to have you here. To help prep you for your trip we have compiled a to-do list of sorts to be completed within two weeks of your trip

1.)Watch Porn: Simple yet important, we want you to research various fantasies and fetishes before your arrival to help you optimize your time with us.

2.)Do not cum: While we cannot enforce this, we prefer our guests arrive horny and ready to participate, refraining from orgasm will elevate your time with us. It is encouraged to tease yourself everyday to this goal.

3.)Hydrate everyday: Drink the appropriate amounts of water, we want you healthy and ready for our activities

4.)Stretch: It's not fun to cramp up in the middle of all the excitement. Be sure to stretch every day for 15 minutes.

One more thing, in order to help you with rule 2 we offer all our guests a free chastity cage. Just use the link below to enter in your measurements and preferred style and we will ship it to you free of charge. You can even opt for a keyholding service by us to keep you fully teased and full by the time of your visit.

As I finished reading I clicked on the link they provided, I was amazed to see a full website with many different style cages and materials. Some were simplistic, others elegant and some just out right cruel. As I browsed, it became apparent to me that this was becoming quite a commitment. Booking a trip to a sex resort is one thing, but putting my cock in a cage is a whole different issue. I guess I could always opt out, it's not like I need to be caged or go two weeks without any release. But what if I miss out on more intense pleasures? What if my lack of self control ruins this very expensive trip? Would I regret not going along with these recommendations? I guess it doesn’t hurt to get the cage, I don’t have to put it on when the time comes and it's free, who am I to decline a gift.

Of course, if I'm putting my cock in something I best know what it is, so I researched chastity, read all the tips for newbies, all potential health risks, as well as the best way to measure myself. In the end I opted for an open steel cage, where it is easy to clean and maintain hygiene without needing to take the cage off. As I finished the selection by entering in my measurements, once entered it auto filled them into the correct cage size for me. It then asked me if I wanted to use their keyholding service. It explained that if I were to choose this path, instead of a traditional lock, the cage would come with an electronic one that can be controlled by them. It can be unlocked with a magnet in case of emergencies, however, they will know and investigate it upon arrival. If it is found that it was opened for a non emergency, there would be a penalty to face there and then. They were oddly vague about this punishment. At first it didn’t sound too enticing, having no control over my cock would be a big step forward. However, it continued to say that If I did choose this service I’d be upgraded to the Deluxe Suite Free of charge. An offer too good to pass up, I signed up for the service and received the shipping information.

The cage came the very next day In a nice looking box. I proceeded to open it, inside was a velvet bag containing the cage and what appears to be a lock. It also came with a small bottle of lube as well as a detailed list of instructions, for putting on the cage and maintaining proper hygiene. At the very bottom of the list there was a warning to not put on the cage until two week remained until the trip. However, a sudden urge of curiosity consumed me. I wanted to know how the cage felt, so long as I don’t put the lock in it should be fine. So I lubed up and slipped on the initial ring, not too tight but restricting enough. I then slid the tube over my cock and aligned it with the ring. It slipped in easily with no resistance, it was a perfect fit. It felt surprisingly comfortable, it was light weight and I barely felt it on. A sudden rush of thrill and excitement fell over me, something about having my cock in this cage made me feel aroused.

The feeling quickly left as an audible click rang throughout the room. My heart sank as I realized what had happened, the cage was now locked, I frantically tugged on the cage hoping it would come off. It was no use, the cage wouldn’t budge. I pulled out the instructions, searching for an explanation. As I looked at the diagram of all the included parts, what I thought was the lock was actually an RFID chip made to look like a lock. I was to present it to the front desk upon my arrival for a quick check in. The actual lock was internal to the cage and not accessible by normal means as a way to prevent tampering. I couldn’t believe it, I was locked and I couldn't do anything about it. Sure maybe I could go buy a magnet powerful enough to open the lock. But the Lust B&B would know I unlocked, and I doubt that they’d find this an emergency as they specifically warned me not to do this. I dropped the instructions.

I accepted my fate.

I was to be locked for a whole month.

And there was nothing I could do about it.

To Be Continued…
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Re: The Lust B&B

Post by BBBeanie »

Part 2

It's been a week since my initial lockup, and it's hard to describe just how horny I was. Normally I masturbate and cum just about every other day. But with this cage it is hard to get any pleasure at all. Sure I chose a more open style which does allow me some touch, however, it is not nearly enough to reach any sort of release. All touching does is tease me, and as a form of compensation I’ve been browsing lots of porn, every night I search and watch all kinds of porn, from vanilla to some pretty extreme scenes all in hopes that combined with the touching it may push me over the edge.

For Days I went on like this, watching hours of porn, straining in my cage the whole time. I began watching more and more intense scenes. All mainly focusing on femdom, being under the complete control of women. Submitting to them, being teased by them, being tortured by them, all for their amusement and pleasure. I noticed I took a particular lean towards chastity and orgasm denial. It's easy to fantasize about something that you yourself are partially experiencing. This week alone I probably watched more porn than I normally do the entire year. All while I can’t cum, no release, just tease and tease. I felt my mind begin to numb.

Days turned to weeks and my dive into porn increased exponentially. I continued to endure the teasing torture, watching more and more porn. With each video being more intense and kinky than the last. I mainly focused on femdom, but one category in particular had made me strain harder than the rest, Ballbusting. Watching videos of women kicking a guy in the balls over and over again seems to just make me painfully aroused. I don’t know if I want to experience being kicked in the balls or if just the idea of it is what gets me so worked up, but I keep fantasizing about it more and more. By month's end, I was so desperate, so horny that I’d just about agree to anything for a release.

On the day of my departure, I was ready, more than ready, I needed this trip. I followed the Lust B&B’s instructions to the letter. I stretched about every muscle I could, I drank what must have been a swimming pool’s worth of water over the course of this month. I was ready to leave and finally be unlocked and experience just about every fantasy I have. And after a month, my cock was constantly dripping in its cage, which made for many trips to the bathroom on the flight. It would have been embarrassing if I had not noticed plenty of other men seemingly making lots of trips to the bathroom as well.

Upon arrival I was picked up at the small airport and driven to the grounds. It was massive, It seemed like an entire resort rather than a B&B, and it was bustling with activity. It was a sight to behold everywhere you looked there was some sexual activity going on, from vanilla sex to active bondage sessions. It seemed everyone was dressed for the part, or rather lack thereof. It seemed the only clothing was lingerie or other sexy outfits, otherwise people were fully nude for all to see. My cage became painfully tight.

I made my way to the front counter. I was met by a Gorgeous woman in a very tight leather outfit. It accentuated every curve of her sexy body and it made my cock ache even more. I couldn't help but stare at her chest as my cock strained in its cage. She clearly noticed, and giggled at my clear discomfort

“Welcome to the Lust B&B my name is Lena may I have your tag” She asked kindly

I handed her the fake lock as she placed it under the scanner

“Lets see here. Ah, a first time visitor… with the Deluxe Suite Deal… Which means you chose to be locked for… Oh my, a little over a month, no wonder you seem so… tense” She giggled “Well, you are plenty prepared for this week then, Now if you follow me I’ll give you a short orientation about our facilities as well as our rules for guests here.” she says while gesturing to me to follow.

With her in the lead she begins to explain all the amenities the Lust B&B has to offer. Though I had a hard time concentrating I was being hypnotized by her bouncing ass. I got most of what she was saying. It has most of the things you’d expect to find at normal resorts, including a pool, spa and many restaurants to choose from. But it also had many other rooms and services geared towards all the sexual activities you can think of. Dungeons, sex furniture, they even train their employees to cater to just about anything you ask them of.

“Of course” she continues “There are rules in this place, there are actions that even we will not provide or allow on site, these are mainly activities that can so extreme that they cause mental or physical trauma to anyone envolved, so things like castration or actual rape is not permitted”

She explains that any act must be consented by both parties involved, and while their employees will most likely accept most requests, that they have their limits and they are to be respected. Any infraction of this rule will resort to immediate removal from the facility and depending on the harshness of the action legal action may be required.

“But so long as you play by our basic rules you will be fine,” Lena exclaimed, “ Now onto more pressing matters. Here at the lust B&B our guests are offered packages, these packages are basically instructions for our employees and possibly others on how to treat you. These packages are mainly focused around certain actions and/or fetishes. With your Deluxe package you may choose as many packages as you want at no additional costs.” She explains then hand me a thick brochure

“That is a comprehensive list of all our packages, you should find your fetishes among them. Now, before I can let you out of that cock cage you must choose your packages first. I say this because there are some packages that continue the use of the cage so we don’t want to ruin those experiences prematurely” She says as she smiles at me

She continues leads me to my room

“Now, take your time and choose from the packages, I’ll be back in a bit to mark them down. Do be warned though, once you select a package and I mark it down, there will be no turning back. Oh and if you ever need me to go into some detail of what we offer, I’ll be glad to demonstrate it to you personally” She winks “Enjoy your stay here at the lust B&B”

I sit down on the bed and peruse the list of available packages. The first few pages had mostly vanilla things like: “Oral escapades” or “Pound Town” ; it wasn't until the last couple pages when things became more interesting.,: “Edgeslut”, “Chastity Bitch”, “Beta cuckold”.

I kept reading until I found what I was looking for, “The Ballbusting Extravaganza” I read the description.

For those looking for a good kick in the balls, this package offers your balls up to any and all women on site. That's right any woman may and will abuse those balls of yours, even non-employees may take advantage of this. So are you ready to have your balls busted, do you have what it takes to be the painslut we know you are? Then this package is made for you

My cock instantly grew in its cage, this whole month of teasing and watching these scenes, I will be able to experience it. And I can experience it again and again this whole week. Now I just have to figure out just how many other ones I may want to experience.

To Be Continued…
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Re: The Lust B&B

Post by Razorsedge »

Really enjoyed the first 2 parts. Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to where this goes.
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Re: The Lust B&B

Post by jockpseudonym »

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Re: The Lust B&B

Post by BBBeanie »

Part 3

A couple hours passed, after going through just about every package on this list I narrowed down my initial selection to three packages. I limited myself, as I wanted just about every package but I didn’t want to put something down now and regret it later, I could always add packages if I’m so inclined. So I based it on my strongest fantasies that I’ve been having.

Of course to start, I had to choose that Ballbusting Extravaganza package. So many hours straining against my cage while watching balls being kicked, punched and generally abused I have to experience it, and what better way than to have trained professionals here at the Lust B&B perform it.

Now, knowing myself, I would probably chicken out either right before the first kick or straight after it. So, I choose to add the Rope Bunny package in hopes that it would be used in conjunction with my first choice. Quite simply, this just allows me to be bound in bondage. So, Much like chastity, once I’m in, there will be no backing out. My cock ached at the thought.

The last one I chose was more for the general environment I wanted to be around. I want to submit to women, I want to be under their control, to be used for their pleasure. So when I saw the Femdom Mania package, it was a perfect fit. The package didn’t include any specific fetishes or actions rather, that women are to be dominant around me.

I looked at my three packages and can’t help but remember when I first signed up for this trip. Initially, I just wanted the sex, to go to a sex resort and have blissful orgasm after blissful orgasm. It didn’t even occur to me that I’d be here and choose to actively not participate in those activities. It’s amazing what chastity can do for you, just a single month has awakened fantasies I never thought I’d have. When I first went into the cage it was torture, but now I’m grateful for it.

There’s a knock on my door interrupting my thoughts, I walked over and opened the door. It was Lena, but this time instead being in a tight leather outfit, she was naked. Her breasts were phenomenal, they were naturally big and hung down with grace. Her youthful perky nipples pointing outwards. Her body was toned like an athlete. Her shaved pussy was enticing, almost begging to be licked. Her legs complimented by the only clothes she wore, thigh high stockings with the sexiest black strappy heels. She was the perfect embodiment of everything I find attractive.

I must have been staring for quite a while as she lifted my chin and looked into my eyes stating “My eyes are up here hun”. My cage bounced.

“So, have you made some choices yet?” She asked “Are you ready for this trip to truly begin?”

I handed her my list “This isn't my final list, just a few things I want to start off with.” I explained

She took the list from my hands and looked it over. She shot a devilish grin as she read it. “Oh, so you’re that type of slut huh? A little bitch who wants to be abused… Mhmmm… perfect” She giggled

I gulped

“I knew you were a submissive slut. A cool little device that cage, you know it has to connect to the wifi to work right?” As she talked undid my pants, taking out my caged cog. Then started caressing and teasing my cock through the bars of the cage

I nodded as I remember I had to go through a initial setup after I put on the cage, it needed to be connected to wifi to be able to be send the data about whether I unlocked or not

“And you are aware that it kept track of some data to make sure the cage stayed on? Well, that's not the only data it collected, there's also a pressure sensor that detects when you strain against the cage. And since we had access to your network…” She explains

Suddenly I realized what she was getting at. Lena picked up on this

“Yes that's right, your search history. It was then a trivial matter to compare all the times you strained against your cage and what you searched. We know what turns you on and how much you were turned on by.” Lena was visibly excited, with her other hand she began massaging my balls

“That's why I’m dressed like this, you always had a spike in arousal whenever there was a video with a woman only wearing stockings and heels. And that's why we equipped your room with some fun toys” She says

Lena takes a hold of my hands and stands up, guiding me to one of the walls. Turns out the wall had a little handle hidden behind a small nightstand. She slid the wall open. I was shocked to see a wall of different looking toys: paddles, dildos, and other devices I recognized from cbt videos. In the center was a “X” shaped leather cross with metal fixtures.

Lena picked up four leather shackles

“Strip for me sweetie” she commanded with a surprisingly dominant demeanor “Now!”

I immediately followed her orders, quickly taking off all my clothes and tossing them to the side. Once I was completely nude I stood in front of Lena, My heart raced in anticipation. She began putting the shackles on me, she was gentle and was in no rush to put them on. Once on, she stood back to admire her work

She must have seen the nervousness on my face. “Don’t worry, you and I are going to have lots of fun. I won't hurt you… too much” she smiled at me. “ Now be a dear and stand in front of the cross for me and spread those legs for me”

I followed her instructions, I was nervous but I was also extremely aroused. I wanted this, I wanted her to play with me. She then took my right foot and secured it to the cross, then she moved on to the left leg, keeping my legs spread wide. Moving on to my wrist she stood up slowly, making sure to lightly touch my body as she rose. Once she secured both of my wrists I could not move an inch.

She walked up to me, got really close. I could smell the nice perfume she had put on. She caressed my face and whispered in my ear “Now let's get you out of this cage”.

She grabbed my cage and began to unlock it. She took her time, making sure to touch just about every exposed part of my cock before she finally unlocked it. Immediately my cock sprang out as I instantly became rock hard.

“See, you are all ready to play” She giggled

She playfully took the rest of the cage off, she struggled a little with the base ring as my hard on got in the way considerably. Once it finally popped off she tossed the ring and the tube over on the bed.

“Now before I start, I’m going to tell you something” she teased “You see, I have a little goal I want to achieve with you. I want to convince you to take on another package by the time I’m finished with you. Can you guess which package that is?” she asks

I nodded “The Chastity Package”

“That’s right, very good slut. When I saw you’ve been locked for a month I knew you’d be dying to be released, just look at those blue balls. Unfortunately you came when I was on shift, and I love nothing more than to control sluts like you. So I want to play with you, specifically I want to play with these balls. Then when I’ve had my fun, I want to lock you right back up, no orgasm, no release. Just an even darker shade of Blue Balls” Lena explained

Her words terrified me, this last month was torture there was no way I could go another day let alone another week in a cage. But my cock had a mind of its own, as it started twitching in excitement

“So I’m going to hurt these” She grabs my balls and squeezes hard “And I’ll stop when you use the safe phrase, “Please Lock me up Miss Lena”, I’ll stop and put you back where you belong, Is that clear little slut”

I nodded enthusiastically.

“Good, now lets begin” she said

She stood back, eyeing up her target. Her foot slowly came up to my balls, giving the slow practice swings, no contact, just reassuring her aim. She looked up at me, gave me a seductive smile. Then pulled her leg back

This is it.

No turning back now

To Be Continued…
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Re: The Lust B&B

Post by BBBeanie »

Part 4

Lena’s foot moved in slow motion, I could only watch as her foot crashed into my now very exposed balls. The pain was immediate, my balls exploded in agony. I tried to collapse but Lena’s restraints held me in place.

“Aw did that hurt slut” Chided Lena “How does it feel to have your balls kicked by a beautiful woman”

The pain was excruciating, it felt as if my balls were on fire the moment her foot made contact with my balls. However, pain was not all I felt, I was just as aroused as before, my cock was at full mast and twitching at the sensations. In the lingering moments after the kick I felt pleasure. I liked getting kicked in the balls I realized, and I wanted Lena to do it more.

I looked up at her smiling face and said “Please kick my balls Lena”

This shocked Lena for a moment. It took her a bit of time before she could respond to my taunt

“Very well slut” she finally responded “But remember you asked for this”

Lena raised her foot once more, higher this time. She moved her whole body in winding up for this kick. Lena couldn’t help but smile as she unleashed a brutal kick. Her aim was dead accurate, her foot nailed both of my balls with a force that almost lifted me off the ground. This time as my balls exploded in pain as she left her food crushing my balls for what felt like an eternity before letting it back down into the floor.

I screamed in pain, my whole body tensed and pulled on the restraints as hard as they could trying to ease the searing pain in my balls. It was amazing, nothing could compare to the feeling and sensations I was experiencing. Nothing short of painful yet intensely pleasurable.

Lena laughed as she watched me writhe in my bonds. “That’s better, I guess the first kick just wasn’t hard enough, I’ll be sure not to make that mistake again”

Before I could respond, her foot again launched into my balls once more, and she didn’t stop there, another kick came crashing in before I could even react to the first one, knocking the wind out of me. I tried screaming but all that came out was a weak squeaking sound.

Lena looked like she was on cloud nine, relishing in my pain, her pussy glistening in the light. She gave me a few minutes to catch my breath. A constant dull ache rang through my balls as they began to swell from the kicking. I was sweating profusely with my breathing becoming heavier. All while my cock leaks precum. After the short break Lena got close to me, using her hands she gently touched my body. Starting at my hips her hand glides upwards until they reach my chest, pinching my nipples hard before placing them on my shoulders.

“I bet that cage is starting to sound pretty nice huh slut” she whispers into my ear “Just say the phrase and all of this will end”

I looked into her eyes and just as I was about to respond, she brought her knee crashing into my balls. They didn’t hurt as much as her kicks but what she lacked in force she made up in speed. She began kneeing my balls at a rapid pace, with each one sending more and more agonizing pain into my balls. I began seeing stars as the pain began melting together in a single long painful embrace. As her knees kept flying into my balls, something strange occurred. Waves of pleasure began replacing the pain, it was almost like I could reach orgasm if she just kept kneeing my balls. I involuntarily moaned out in pleasure, I grew closer and closer to the edge. And just as I feel like I’m about to explode in the most intense orgasm of my life it suddenly ceases.

Lena stepped back and watched as my cock jumped up and down as I edged. The lingering ache kept me on that edge for a long time, even the slightest touch would have sent me over. I hump the air trying to find that last push I needed, but it was all in vain.

Lena just watched me in pure delight, fascinated at what she just caused.

“You know slut” she began “I’ve seen a lot of things here at the B&B, but I’ve never seen someone edge from just being kneed in the balls before. You would have cum If I didn’t stop right there wouldn’t you”

I nodded as the edge began to fade “It felt amazing Lena”

“I’m sure it did,” She agreed. As she talked she grabbed my balls and squeezed them very hard “But, you know, if you do cum without my permission. I’ll have to punish you. And trust me slut, if you think this is painful, imagine all the pain you’ll be in when you're not this aroused. It’ll redefine the meaning of Post Orgasm Torture”

I gulped, that does sound terrifying

“But, maybe I can sweeten the deal instead slut” she said, her grip increasing tenfold, it's like she’s trying to squeeze the life out of my balls “ If you agree to the Chastity package then I’ll be your personal guide here at the B&B. For the rest of your trip I’ll personally use you in all the ways you want. Your very own personal Mistress, usually we offer this at a very expensive premium that only our richest guests can afford. So what do you say slut, will you be mine?”

I almost couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This incredibly sexy woman wants to be my mistress, and all I have to do is agree to just a few more days in chastity. It was like every fantasy I’ve had this past month was being fulfilled one at a time

Lena stared into my eyes as she bagan pulsing her grip. I could see the excitement in them, an almost gleeful light just begging me to say yes.

“Oh God Lena, Yes , yes I want to be yours” I exclaimed

“Then say the words” Lenas grip increased again, its like her hands are a vice

“Please, lock my cock” I cry out

“Please lock my cock, what slut?“ she asked emphasizing the what in her grip

“Please Lock my cock, Miss Lena” I plead

“Good” She releases my balls “Then it's settled, you’re mine slut, all mine. These balls are mine, this cock is mine. I decide if they are in excruciating pain, or if they are in blissful pleasure. My cock doesn’t cum unless I say it does. If you behave and do as I say you’ll get to cum by the end of your trip. If you don’t, well, you may never get to cum again. Am I clear slut” Her voice was demanding and the look she gave me indicated she was dead serious

“Yes Miss Lena” I respond

“Great, '' she smiled. '' We are going to have so much fun together, now let's get you in your cage. She walked over to a mini fridge in the corner of the room and retrieved an ice pack. She places the pack on my cock and balls. The cool sensation radiates around my cock, it felt surprisingly good after all the busting. Once my cock softened and shrunk down a little she picked up a bottle of lube and began to place a new cage on my cock.

“A new cage?” I ask

“Don’t worry this should fit you, you did give us your measurements after all. This should feel as comfortable as the old one. It's just I can’t use the old one because then I couldn’t use this” Lena shows me a heart shaped lock and a single key fashioned into a necklace.

She takes the lock and places it on the cage, clicking it shut

“Mhmmm I just love that sound” Lena sighs

With that Lena begins to unfasten me from the cross and helps me take off the leather shackles. I rub my wrists as they come off. They were surprisingly sore, I guess I struggled pretty hard while in them.

Lena hands me the key necklace “Help me out would you sweetie” she says as she turns around and holds her hair up.

I gently placed the necklace around her neck and fastened the ends together. She turns around and gives me a pose. The key dangles perfectly in between her breasts. My cock jumped in its cage at the sight.

“How do I look?” She asks.

“Beautiful” I say

She blushes at my compliment and quickly turns around again

While facing away she says “I know I am, we should get ready soon. They’ll be serving Dinner soon and I want to show off my new toy”

To Be Continued…
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Re: The Lust B&B

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Part 5

Lena begins to look through my room’s included wardrobe, picking out some articles of clothing for me to wear. Several times she had me change into various BDSM gear, including leather straps, latex suits and various other fetish articles. After what seemed like hours she finally settled on my outfit, A tight fitting leather vest with the front open, leaving the middle of my chest as well a lower abdomen open, a pair of leather pants with a convenient hole at my crotch allowing my chastity cage to be exposed, a pair of leather combat boots, and to finish a leather collar with the word “Slut” across the front. Lena steps back and admires her work

“Oh yes, that's more like it” she giggled “Now everyone will know what you are, My little slut”

I blush in embarrassment, this outfit was extremely revealing and gave me a strong sense of vulnerability. But, considering how the rest of the Lust B&B guests and employees dress, it is a more modest outfit.

Lena then continues to look for more articles of clothing, this time for herself. Rummaging through different sets of lingerie, fetish gear, and other sexy articles of clothing, Lena begins to try on several different outfits. Making sure to flaunt and tease me as I watch this sexy fashion show. My cock constantly bounced and strained in its new cage as she showed me each outfit. Finally, Lena puts on a leather corset that accentuates her sexy breasts, allowing them to hang free rather than push them up, followed by some black bondage tape in the shape of an “X” on each of her nipples. Lena slides on a pair of lacy panties, also with a convenient hole at the crotch. She finishes by putting on these strappy heels, where the straps go all the way up to her thighs, like a more extreme version of ancient greek shoes from the movies. Seeing Lena like this had me in a similar state as when she returned to my room. My mouth was open in admiration, while my cock ached in its cage.

“Mhmmm, it seems like we have a winner!” Lena says while giving me a wink “Now just one more thing and we can go”

Lena grabs a metal chain leash, one with a decent length, and attaches it to my collar. She gently tugs on it, making sure it's securely fashioned.

“Alright slut, let's go eat” She says enthusiastically

I can only nod in response.

Lena leads me around the Lust B&B, tugging on the leash any time I fall behind. At first I was feeling a bit self conscious being led around by this incredibly sexy woman. It's strange, I’ve only just met her and yet here I am, locked in a cage and walking around like a pet. I don’t know what it is, but everytime she tells me to do something I want to do it. I want to make her happy, to make her laugh, to make her smile. As I follow her, I can’t help but feel… safe, as though I could spend the rest of my life on the end of her leash and still be ok, happy even.

Lena stopped, taking me out of my trance

“Here we are, Lucy’s, this is my favorite place to eat.” Lena says

The front door looked like a large double door, adorned with metal decorations. It looked similar to a door leading to a sex dungeon. Atop was a large red neon sign that read “Lucy’s” with a female demon standing next to it, her tail creating the font of the Letters

“The food is to die for and the entertainment…. Well you’ll see. Come on let's go sit down” Lena says while tugging on the leash.

I follow her in, and we are greeted by a waitress wearing red lingerie, a demon horn headband, a pointed tail attached to the back of her panties, with large platform heels in bright red, and a heavy amount of makeup that surprisingly suited her very well. A red name tag reading “Riley” adorns the right strap of her bra. Her hair a dark black, and her body was petite. She had a single tattoo above her pussy that read “Slut” in a similar font to the sign out front

“Hello, welcome to Lucy's. How many in your party?” Riley says

“Table of two please” Lena says

“Follow me” Riley says with a large grin on her face.

She leads us to our table, a small table with two different looking chairs. One looked like a leather Lazyboy chair, plush and soft looking, with the other looking like some sort of leather bondage chair. Lena was seated in the lazy boy while I was guided to the bondage chair. She hands Lena a menu and leaves

“Why don’t I get a menu?” I ask Lena

Lena looks up and gives me a look as though I asked a real stupid question “Becasue your mine remember, you begged to be under my control.” She gently grabs the key in between her breasts. “ So you’ll have to get used to letting me decide everything for you, including your meals”

I must have given a concerned look because she quickly continues “Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you eat something you don't like. Trust in your mistress to take care of you”

The way she said the last part sounded sincere. A warm feeling arises in my chest. I smile and nod in response.

“Now, if you're done asking questions, I’ll let you in on why I love this place so much. You see, each dish served here comes with an additional… Mhmmm… service lets call it. These lovely waitresses will perform these services as you wait to dine. They vary in nature, some may be quite enjoyable or entertaining, others not so much.”

A new lady wearing an outfit similar to the one that met us at the door walks up to our table. She has dark red hair, her matching red lipstick popping out. Her breasts were nicely shaped, though not as nice as Lena’s. Her body was slim and feminine, yet had all the right curves. She addresses Lena, seemingly ignoring me

“Hello Miss, my name is Piper” she says with a smile “Is there anything I can get you? A drink to start maybe?”

“Actually I’m all ready to order” Lena says “I’ll have the Shrimp Scampi with The Devil’s Worship and a glass of Lucy’s Red”

“Excellent choice” Piper says as she writes on here notepad

“The slut over here will have the Orange Glazed Pork Chop with Crushed Nuts and a rum and coke”

“Of course great selection” Piper says finishing writing down our order “I’ll be right back with your drinks” Piper turns to me with an evil looking grin before quickly walking back to get our drinks.

I watch as Piper leaves, this is a strange restaurant, they really seem to push this whole devil theme. But Lena did say the food was good, and if it makes her happy, who am I to argue.

I turn back to Lena who has been staring at me with a piqued interest, as if she’s just waiting for something to happen. As I was about to ask Lena what she was so interested in, Piper returns with the woman we saw before as well as a wheeled cart with our drinks.

Piper gives Lena her wine, “She’s the one” she says

Riley saunters over to Lena, stepping behind her Riley begins to fondle Lena, caressing her face with one hand while grabbing Lena’s right breast. She then turns Lena’s chair, so that her legs are facing away from the table yet still giving me a view. Riley kneels in front of Lena and proceeds to put her head inbetweens Lena’s now open legs. Lena lets out a moan as Riley begins licking her.

As Lena enjoys the woman's seemingly blissful pleasuring, Piper whispers something into Lena’s ear, and with a smile Lena takes off the necklace with my key on it and hands it to Piper. Piper grabs in and then heads to over to me

“Mhmmm someone’s enjoying the show” Piper giggles as she looks at my now bouncing cock “Lets see just how much he enjoys this”

Piper proceeds to unlock my cage as it springs to life from its prison. She then walks behind me, grabbing something off the cart.

“Please relax for me hun, I think you’ll enjoy this” Piper says in a seductive voice. I take her advice and sit back with my arms resting on the armrests.

“I hope you don’t mind a bit of rope play, just to make things more interesting” Piper says

I nod in response, eager to figure out what this vixen had in store for me. Piper begins to bind me to the chair. I can only watch as she masterfully tied my legs spread open, tying various points of my leg to the chair’s various metal holes. By the time she got to my waist I couldn't move my legs. After wrapping the rope around my waist a couple times Piper runs to the end of the rope and ties it to the back of the chair. She begins to caress my stomach and chest as she gets back up to retrieve even more rope. She returns and begins to tie something close to a shibari, securing my upper body to the back of the chair. She wastes no time to continue to bind my arms to the arm rests. Piper steps back to admire her work, satisfied she begins to give me a lapdance, rubbing her ass along my hard cock. She touches herself all over her body in an attempt to get me as excited as she could.

Meanwhile Lena watches as Piper continues to tease me, moaning as Riley brings her to her first orgasm of the night. As Piper heads to the cart again, Lena looks directly at me and bites her lip. Piper returns with what looks like two thick acrylic plates each with a hole in the center, with one larger than the other. The one with the larger hole had four long bolts sticking upward, with the smaller one having 4 small holes in each corner matching up with the bolts. Piper kneels in between my legs and begins to stroke my cock slowly.

You know what this is hun?” she asks me as she gets me closer and closer to an edge

I can only shake my head as her hand skillfully glides along my denied cock, aside from Lena’s knees this is the first time I’ve received any pleasure in a month.

“It's a ball crusher, “ she says, letting go of my cock as it reaches the brink of orgasm. “See this back plate goes on first” She takes my cock and balls and pushes them through the plate with the larger whole and screws. She takes care to pull my balls downwards after the plate is placed.

Then this plate goes on” Piper explains as she lines up the second plate with the screws before flinging it down, fitting my hard cock in the small hole in the middle. She takes care to make sure my balls are below the hole of the first plate and are sandwiched between both plates before she presses down on the second plate. She pressed down firmly but it wasn’t painful, she kept up the pressure with one hand while screwing on some wing nuts to each of the bolts with her other. Once each of the wing nuts are flush against the plate holding the whole package together she lets off on the pressure. My balls are now trapped between the two plates with nowhere to go.

“Now, let's get you your crushed nuts shall we?” Piper says excitingly before beginning to tighten each of the wing nuts. My balls begin to flatten, compressing with each turn. At first, I didn’t feel much, but each turn adds more and more pressure, until I finally get a dull pain in my balls. Piper doesn’t stop twisting each nut, and the dull pain becomes stronger and stronger until I finally moan as I feel my balls flatten.

“There we are” Piper says inspecting my now flat package “ This is our starting point, I’m going to turn each of these wing nuts two times each time your Goddess over there cums” As on cue Lena moans loudly as she reaches her second orgasm.

I in return also moan loudly as Piper twists each wing nut two times sending much more pain in my nuts.

“Now, fortunately for your Goddess here, Our little Riley here is our best oral specialist. Her tongue can make anyone cum in minutes'' Lenas moans again, her legs shaking in pleasure. “Unfortunately for you, that means your balls we’ll be pancakes before your food gets here” Piper says as she gives each nut two strong full twists.

My balls begin to turn a dark red color with the middle of each ball a light color as it pushes against the unmoving plates. My moans become a constant sound as my balls feel as they are being split open.

“Don’t worry hun, we’ve got a long way before they take any permanent damage, But they sure do feel like they are breaking I’m sure” Piper laughs

Lena screams in pleasure, and I quickly scream in pain. Piper is merciless, everytime Lena enjoys each blissful orgasm, Piper without fail sends my balls even more pain with each twist. After Lena’s 10th orgasm my balls are on fire, the plates squish them down to about half an inch in thickness. My cock is harder than it's ever been twitching at the sensations. With each twist comes a spike in pain as my balls feel like they are pushing against the hard plates. Tears begin running down my face as my legs begin shaking against the restraints that have not budged this whole ordeal. Lena on the other hand, looks in about the same state I’m in as Riley's tongue continues to lap at her now soaking wet pussy.

Just when I think I can’t take anymore, our food finally arrives. Piper heavily pouts like a child whose toy had been taken away. She loosens the crusher a little bit, not completely off but enough for me to know it's still there. Riley gets up from between Lena’s legs and turns her chair back towards the table. Piper unties my arms from the armrests but leaves the rest of my body alone.

“Now, I trust you not to touch the crusher or that rock hard cock of yours” Piper says to me “If you do I’ll have to punish you, and trust me if you thought this was painful my punishment will dwarf it.” Piper winks at Lena as they leave us to eat.

With my balls still in pain from the slight pressure I hesitantly begin to eat. The food was delicious, the pork chop was surprisingly juicy and the orange glaze sauce was amazingly tasty. The rum and coke was refreshing, giving me a slight buzz. Soon the pain seemingly faded as I enjoyed each bite. Lena also seemed to be enjoying her food, though she was having some trouble eating as her arms were still shaking from Riley’s pussy eating skills.

Once we finish the food, Piper returns

“Would you like any desert” She asks Lena

“Mhmm yes, Let's go with the Humble Ending” Lena says

“You’ve got fine tastes Miss” Piper responds, walking away

She quickly returns with what looks like two pieces of wood. She unscrews the ball crusher then unties me from the chair. She then instructs me to go on all fours and I follow without any argument. Piper then sits on top of me, straddling me like a horse, but faces towards my balls. She takes a hold of my balls and pulls them outwards, towards my ass. She takes the two pieces of wood and places my balls in between them before clamping them shut. The wood settles behind my legs keeping my balls pulled outwards.

“Now crawl to your Goddess,” Piper instructs.

Lena turns her chair and spreads her legs, exposing her wet pussy. I begin to crawl but immediately stop as the two pieces of wood pull my balls painfully farther away from my body. Piper’s fist immediately finds my balls, sending large tendrils of pain throughout my body.

“Keep moving slut” Piper yells

I began moving again, fighting the pain in my balls as I approached the waiting Lena. Once I reach her, Piper grabs my hair and pushes my head into Lena’s wet pussy. My nose is filled with Lena’s intoxicating scent. I instinctively give Lena a gentle lick. Lena moans in response, still sensitive from the many orgasms she had before.

“Now keep your head there slut, I would try to stay on your hands and knees and not fall down, otherwise your balls may just rip off” she giggles before slamming her fist into my humbled balls

I scream into Lena’s pussy, which sends shivers up her spine.

“Oh, fuck” Lena moans

Piper winds back her fist and sends another painful punch directly into my balls harder than the last. The pain explodes in my balls and I scream once again, Sending Lena into a blissful sense of euphoria. Piper sends fist after fist into my balls, speeding up while not letting up on the force. Each fist sends shout after shout into Lena’s crotch, her legs begin to squeeze my head as her breathing becomes heavier and heavier. Finally in one final punch, Lena explodes all over my face in what seems like the strongest orgasm of the night. She tastes surprisingly sweet and if it weren't for Pipers fist grinding my balls into the pieces of wood I would have tried to savor it.

Piper unfastens the pieces of wood, finally allowing me to collapse and hold my balls after her brutal assault. I could only writhe in pain trying to soothe my now very sore balls, Lena sits back in her chair still reeling in the orgasm I just gave her. Piper gives us both a few minutes to collect ourselves before she helps me back into my chair. She the kneels in front of me once more

“Please move your hands, I need to get you back in your cage”

I slowly remove my hands away from my aching balls, Piper quickly grabs a handful of ice and ices down my still rock hard cock until she can fit the cage back on. Piper quickly locks me back up and puts the necklace around Lena’s neck once more.

“Now, as for the bill” Piper places a black booklet on the table

“It’s on him” Lena says giving her the locked shape RFID

Piper scans it and hands the chip back to her “Thank you, You two have a wonderful rest of your night” she says before walking away for the final time.

I looked at her in protest, but before I could say anything she stops me by placing her finger on my lips

“Your Deluxe package covers meals, you could eat here every day and not owe a dime” she says with a smile.

I relax in my seat

“So how did you like Dinner my slut?” She asks “Did you have as good of a time as I did?”

Now while my balls were in so much pain, I can’t deny I loved every second of it.

I tell her my enjoyment, going into great detail on the sensations the crusher gave me as well of how much it turned me on to give Lena an orgasm for the first time

She smiles commenting “The first of many my slut”

“So, then are you ready to fully trust me now that you know of the pleasures I can deliver? No more questions, just full submission?” She asks

“Yes, Miss Lena” I respond

“Good, then let's go to tonight's main event.” She smiles

Lena grabs my leash and leads me out of Lucy’s towards the unknown. My cock jumps in anticipation

To be continued
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Re: The Lust B&B

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Even if CBT is not my Kink, I enjoy a lot your story fo far. GREAT JOB!! Hope you continue it :love:
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Re: The Lust B&B

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Thank you everyone who gave me feedback. I do plan on continuing the story. Currently writing the next part.

Right now Ballbusting and CBT are the main fetishes that are delved into. There will be elements of others like Femdom and chastity. Right now, most of these elements are used to build up to the Ballbusting. Though, I think as the story continues the mc will dive deeper and deeper into these elements.
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Have Fun Pleasing Kyla and Her Guests at Kyla's Party
Enjoy an Erotic Adventure at the LustB&B
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Re: The Lust B&B

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Part 6

Lena tugs me around the B&B, After Lenas initial assault and dinner my balls were feeling sore, aching with each step we took. I look down at my balls, they seem a bit bigger than before and bright red, glistening from the leaking precum my cock seemed to be constantly producing. At this point I was exhausted and ready to head back to my room, lay in the bed and soothe my pain filled balls.

Lena on the other hand showed no signs of tiredness, in fact it seemed the meal at lucy’s completely rejuvenated her. I could hear the faint sound of her humming a tune, as she strolled in sync with her hums, she walked with an extra step in her heel, allowing a quite enticing view as her ass jumped with each stride.

I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of her excitement, and a rush of energy came about ceasing my earlier desires. I start mimicking Lena, adding some extra energy in my steps, trying to match Lena’s rhythmic humming. Lena feels more movement in the leash and glances back, she stares for a moment, then smiles at me.

“I’m glad my slut is enjoying himself, ” Lena says “ The best part is yet to come, it’s lucky that your arrival day was today. The Lust B&B likes to host these Fetish Exhibitions to allow guests to explore kink and fetishes. They’ll have experts in the kink explain and demonstrate it on volunteers. Care to guess what fetish they are doing tonight?’ Lena looks back at me again as she asks

I shutter as I realize where we were going

“That’s right slut” Lena says” It’s Ballbusting Night”. Lena tugs on my leash as we quicken our pace.

We eventually arrive, to what seems like a large gym auditorium, similar to that seen in schools. There’s a sign out front that reads:

Lust B&B Presents

Ballbusting Night

Come Explore the Delights of Testicular Torture

As we approach, we can hear the smacking sounds of impacts on skin, followed by screams, moans, and feminine laughter. A month ago, these sounds would have terrified me like it would for most men. But now, instead of fear for my balls, I felt excitement.

There was a short line of women out front, Lena quickly led me to join in. We got glances and smirks from the women in front of us. One in particular took to stare at me directly, like a lion ready to pounce on its prey. She was gorgeous with dark brown hair. She wore a loose floral blouse, making it obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra to hold her large breasts as well as a short black skirt that reached her mid thigh. She had these killer looking heels, bright red with an open toe with matching painted nails.

The anticipation grew as we waited our turn to enter. It felt like waiting in line for a rollercoaster at a theme park, inching forward ever so closer to the thrilling ride to come. When we finally made it to the front we were greeted by a stunning view.

A woman wearing nothing but thigh high boots, she had pitch black hair that was styled and curled like a supermodel. Her breasts were big, natural and rested gently on her chest, her nipples adorned with barbell shaped piercings. She had a small landing strip above her plump pussy. The sexy Lady greets us, recognizing Lena.

“Lena! It's so good to see you.“ Says the Lady embracing Lena in a warm hug

“Nice to see you too Katie” Lena responds as they let go of each other

“Come for a good Ballbusting” Katie glances over to me “I see you brought us a good test dummy”

“Oh yes, a good set of balls on this one” Lena says as she leans in and whispers something into Katie’s ear

“You don’t say? Well, we will definitely make good use of him.” Katie says with a smile “Good thing too we have a group just about full waiting to begin.”

Katie guided us inside the building, it was large and open and filled with a surprising amount of women. The large auditorium was divided into twelve stations. Each station was equipped with some bondage furniture, an assortment of striking implements and heels, as well as ropes and chains. At these stations was a group of people, usually 5-10 women and one or two males, the males were bound in various vulnerable positions with the women kicking, punching, and slapping their balls, their screams echoing in the auditorium.

Katie led us to a waiting group of 8 women with no males, one of them being the woman before eyeing me outside. Katie addressed the group

“Welcome Ladies, and Gentleman to Ballbusting Night” Says Katie enthusiastically “I apologize for the wait, but we tend not to have many men come to this event”

The group giggles

“That being said, we got a treat for you ladies,” Katie continues “My good friend Lena here brought us a true slut. Apparently he locked himself in chastity a whole month before his trip only to opt to continue to stay locked for his Miss.”

The crowd of sexy women begin whispering to one another, some followed by laughter and smirks.

Katie continues “Furthermore, it seems he has developed a little kink for being kicked in the balls. Lena says he’s almost cum from her knee’s alone. That being said, she’s allowing us to use him for our entertainment.”

My cock was straining at the idea of all these women abusing my balls for their entertainment.

“But, before we can begin, I think it is important that the slut here tells us exactly what he wants us to do. After all, here at the Lust B&B, consent is paramount. So slut…” She pauses and faces me “What is it you want us to do?”

I gulped, I hesitated as I stood in front of these goddesses all waiting to kick my balls. I know I wanted to be kicked. My face becomes extremely hot as I fumble around with my words

Lena notices my discomfort and approaches me, she embraces me in a hug and whispers in my ears “It’s ok if you don’t want this sweetie, sure these women will have to wait a bit longer for their fun. But, as your mistress, I won’t be mad if this is above your comfort zone. However, this is your last chance tonight to be unlocked, afterwards we’ll be going back to the room for the night, I won’t play with you until the morning” Lena kisses me on the cheek as she backs away from the embrace.

Lena’s affection quickly gave me some confidence. I stand tall and gather all my strength and shout “I want you all to kick my balls!”

There was a sudden silence, Lena and Katie both stare at me in shock. Katie quickly recovers and smiles at me. “Mhmmm that's a good start, but a bit too forward for a slut” she says. She walks over and whispers instructions in my ear. I listen and nod in response, she backs away.

I kneel in front of the women, placing my hands on my knees. I bow my head towards them and say, “Please, I would be honored if each of you would bust my balls as you see fit”

Lena and the rest of the women smile at me. Katie, seems satisfied

“Alright Ladies, you heard him, he wants us to bust his balls to our hearts content, “ Katie announces “I think we should oblige him, what do you all think?”.

The group erupts in an affirmative “Hell Yes” Lena in particular was the loudest of them all.

“Great, now let's get him prepared. Since he wanted to be kicked I think we should spend most of our time there. In order to make it so everyone gets their turn in a reasonable amount of time We’ll bind him up in this” Katie says pointing to a modified St. Andrews cross.

The cross itself looked just like a normal St. Andrews cross, an “X” shaped leather padded cross with points to attach ropes and straps to. Only difference was at the bottom, it was much shorter with a gap between the floor and the legs, on the floor there were leather pads.

Katie explained as she and Lena secured me to the cross. “This will keep you in an interestingly submissive position. You’ll kneel before us with your legs spread wide and your arms secured nicely out of harm's way. You’ll be vulnerable to all we want to dish out. Now, I won’t be as cruel as to not give you a safeword, anytime you say the word “Mercy” we will stop and check for injuries. Don’t be afraid to use it, we won’t punish you or hold it against you. From what I heard from Lena, you’ll do your best to please us. If you can please each of these ladies, I’m sure Lena will give you a nice reward.” Katie says

Both Lena and Katie finish securing me to the weird cross. I can’t move at all and my balls are truly exposed. Lena takes the key from her chest and unlocks me once more, allowing me to become fully erect.”

“Now, I know for many of you this is your first time kicking a willing pair of balls. I know some of you will think that we may very well hurt him permanently. But, as you’ll soon find out, balls are quite the resilient organ, however, they are very sensitive. Observe” Katie says

Katie turns to me, winds up her leg and lets it fly into my balls. Her kick was accurate, but didn't have the same force as Lena’s. I grunt in pain, pulling on my restraints.

“That was a pretty light kick, and it still had him reeling in his restraints” Katie says “So a full force kick…” She cuts herself off as she backs up and takes a running start at my balls. I watch in slow motion as Katies breasts bounce as she runs towards me, then blinding pain erupts from my balls as her heeled foot crashes into my balls.

I scream in pain, bucking against my restraints trying to ease some pain Katie’s kick caused. I feel a tears drip from my eyes

“Has him in a blubbering mess” Katie says then continues to grab my balls “ But, as you can see aside from a little red skin and minor swelling they’re fine.”

The girls all coo and aw at Katie’s demonstration

“That isn’t to say there aren't any dangers to this kink. While the balls are resilient, they have limits. Kick a pair of nuts too much and they very well may crack. Rupture is a serious injury that is extremely painful, as they feel the walls of their testicles tear open. Ruptured balls don't always lead to castration but if it's not tended to by a professional medical treatment its good bye balls”

That last part gave me the chills, and I must have looked scared as Katie quickly changed her tone.

“That being said, I’ve never unintentionally ruptured a testicle and we are not going to even come close to that level of play tonight. And in the very unlikely event it does happen, the Lust B&B has its own professional medical staff on stand-by that can repair a testicle”

I sigh in relief.

“Yes, don’t worry slut. After all, we want to continue to bust your balls for as long as possible. Now on to the technique itself. When kicking balls, especially at full force you’ll want to make sure you hit the balls with either the top of your foot or above. You don’t want to use the tip of your toes for two reasons, One because you don’t want all that force going into a single point, and two you might break a toe. Using the flat top of your foot or shin will distribute the force across a larger surface area, which will reduce the chances of injury for both parties. Lena, would you be so kind as to demonstrate?” Katie says

Lena walks up to me, she presents the top of her foot for all to see before she winds up her leg and sends it hurtling into my balls. The top of her foot smashes into my balls, crushing them into my pelvis.

This time, the kick knocked the wind out of me, I tried to scream but nothing came out. I go limp in my restraints as I feel the ache from her kick rush in my balls.

“The trick is to aim your toes behind his balls towards his taint and ass, This’ll give you plenty of room to smash those balls” Lena says excitingly

“Now, who wants to try it first?” Katie asks

The girl who stared at me earlier quickly raised her hand before any of the other women got a chance.

“What's your name sweetie?” Katie asks

“Michaela” The woman responds

“Well, Michaela, are you ready to bust some balls?” Lena asks enthusiastically

“I was born ready,” Michaela responds. She approaches me, I close my eyes in fear of what's to come

“Look me in the eyes slut” Michaela commands “I want to see the look on your face as my foot collides with those balls”

I reluctantly open my eyes and look into hers. They were a beautiful blue hazel, they looked kind yet determined. My admiration of her eyes were suddenly interrupted by a painful explosion. Her foot, nailed both of my balls and with a force rivaling Katie’s running kick.

I screamed once more, struggling in my bonds in vain. Michaeal laughed at my agony

“Aw did that hurt slut” Michaela chided “Good, there’s much more where that came from”

Before I could recover, Michaela launched her food once more. This time with about half the force, but with little to no time between the last kick it still hurt as much as before. My muscles grow tired from straining so much in the restraints. Having little energy, my body goes limp once more. Michaela winds up for a third kick before Katie interrupts

“Very good Michaela” Katie says “And while I like your enthusiasm to continue battering this sluts balls, I must ask you step back for the other ladies to have a turn”

Michaela sighs, but does step back allowing me a brief reprieve.

One by one, each of the women in the group came up, introduced themselves and kicked my balls a few times each. However, their kicks were much lighter and easier to take than Michalea, Katie, and Lena. I was able to take each one with ease.

By the time the last girl finished her kicks an hour had passed. But the night was unfortunately just beginning.

“Good Job Ladies” Katie exclaims “Now that you got the basic kick down, let's get into some more fun ways you can kick balls. One way that can spice things up a little is kicking him from behind. You see, as part of a Males anatomy, at the back of his balls are the spermatic cords, and they are quite sensitive compared to the rest of his bits. A perfect target if you ask me” Katie and the group laugh.

Katie walks behind me, I can hear the clicking of her boots as she positions herself. There was a moment of silence before her foot flew into my crotch from behind. The pain was intense, but my body was too tired to struggle. I could only scream in response.

“See, and that was a lighter kick yet had similar effects as a full force kick from the front” Katie explains “It's quite effective especially if you have a friend.”

Lena walks in front of me, while Katie stays behind me. Without warning Katie sends a much harder kick from behind, as I reel in pain, Lena Launches her foot into my freshly kicked balls. They continue like this, taking turns kicking my balls, each kick coming one after another. There were no breaks as each kick found its mark with insane accuracy and power. My balls were on fire, tears were constantly flowing down my cheeks. After about 10 kicks each I couldn't take much more and yelled “Mercy!”

Lena and Katie immediately stop, Lena walks forward and gently grabs my balls. She rolls them in her hands, checking for anything out of the ordinary. Satisfied there wasn’t anything serious she squeezed my balls hard causing me to yip. “They’re fine” she remarked

“As you can see, attacking the balls from both sides is an effective way to make any man cry for mercy” Katie says “Now I want you all to pair up, each pair pick a side and kick the sluts balls until he cries for mercy, you’ll then switch sides and do it again, hop to it Ladies”

The women quickly pair up and soon 4 pairs of Ladies line up in front of me. Up first was none other than Michaela and a blonde woman she paired up with. They each took their position, Michaela opting to stand in front of me to begin.

“All right begin” Katie says

The blonde kicked first from behind, it was light but the pain was still intense. Michaela’s on the other hand were brutal, her foot flys into my balls at an insane speed. This time I lasted a bit longer than with Katie and Lena as 15 kicks each passed before I cried mercy. They stopped, Lena checked my balls once more, once satisfied she gave her squeeze of approval to continue.

The women quickly swap sides. Michaela started. But this kick had to have been the hardest yet, because when her foot connected I gave a blood curdling scream. Her foot managed to hit only my right ball and I immediately mercied out. There was a clap from the rest of the group, except for Michaela’s partner, who pouted as she was cheated out of a second round of kicks.

Lena quickly returns and checks my balls. Paying close attention to my right testicle. After finding nothing off, she gave my right testicle a hard squeeze causing me to scream in pain.

The next three rounds I lasted much longer, as the other women did not kick nearly as hard. I averaged to last 20 kicks from each woman before needing to use my safe word. Each time Lena inspected me and squeezed my balls without fail.

Once the last group finished I I though it was over, until Katie and Lena stepped in, with Lena now behind me

“Everyone else got two rounds” Katie said

“You didn’t think you’d deprive your mistress of her second round did you?” Lena teased

Lena then kicks my balls hard from behind, this time she targets my left ball. This kick was much harder than Michaela’s one shotter. However before I could muster out the safeword, Katie manages to get one kick in. The sound I made was unintelligible, the pain was unimaginable and all I could do was cry out “Mercy. Mercy, Oh god my Balls Please Mercy”. I was balling my eyes out as my balls throbbed in excruciating pain.
Lena quickly came back around from behind. She was extra gentle checking my balls making sure nothing serious had happened. After finding no tears, she forgoed the squeeze and hugged me instead. Letting my head rest in her chest as I continued to cry, she stroked my hair and whispered sweet nothings: “It’s alright” , “Everythings going to be ok”, “It’s over I’m here”.

As Lena was calming me down Katie addressed the rest of the group

“Now, Ballbusting is fun, but it’s important to know when to stop” Katie explains “And like other domination sessions, it’s a good idea to end with a bit of after care. Making sure your sub is alright will have them submitting to you again and again”

By the time Lena was able to comfort me back to a comprehensible state, all the other groups had finished and it was just our group left in the auditorium. Lena had already unfastened my restraints and was holding me as we sat on the ground. I thank Lena, letting her know I was alright. She smiled at me and gave another kiss on the cheek before getting up.

“All right, That was great girls” Katie says “You’re all excellent Ballbusters, unfortunately that is all we have time for”

The group all grumbles in disappointment

“I know I know, Ballbusting can be so fun” Katie says “ But this event doesn’t have to be the only ballbusting you do here. There are plenty of sluts like this one here at the Lust B&B who’d happily let you kick their balls. We even have our own male employees here that’ll satisfy your sadistic needs”

The group all cheer and thank Katie

“Now, before you all go I think someone needs to offer their thanks to us.” Katie says

Lena and Katie both approach me,

“Kneel” Lena commands “I want you to kiss each foot that kicked your balls tonight and thank each one properly, starting with mine”

Lena presents me her heeled foot, I obey without haste and kiss Lena’s foot “Thank you for busting my balls Mistress” I say before kissing the other one and repeating.

I did the same with Katie, Michaela and the rest of the women one by one. It was a little humiliating especially after some giggles and smirks from some of them, but at the same time my cock was rock hard

“Good Boy” Lena says beckoning me to her side

“It's been fun Katie, but I think it's time me and my little slut clock out for the night. I’ll be sure to find you soon for some more fun” Lena says

“Oh I can’t wait,” Katie says before winking at me.

“Up slut” Lena demands before shoving my hard cock into its cage. It took some time but eventually she was able to lock it in place, then attaches my leash before guiding me back to my room. On the way out we pass by Michaela

Lena stops, and hands her a business card

“If your ever looking to expand your potential, give me a call” Lena says to her

With that Lena tugs on my leash as we walk out of the auditorium

Man, just what did I sign up for? This was only the first day of this week-long trip. Will my balls survive at the end?

To Be Continued…
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Re: The Lust B&B

Post by Helequin »

Finally got around to reading this. Fantastic and inventive story telling so far. It's been lots of fun to read!
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Re: The Lust B&B

Post by BBBeanie »

Sorry this took so long, been a bit busy elsewhere. I still want to continue this story, though parts may take longer for me to post. Hope you enjoy this part

Part 7

I was exhausted.

After the Ballbusting Night, my balls felt as though they were on fire, while my cock seemed to be constantly leaking pre cum through the cage. But above all else I was tired, today was more than I’d ever dreamed it to be. Luckily, Lena had said that we were done for the night and was leading me to my room. Lena herself was walking much slower than before, probably realizing how tired I was, or maybe she was exhausted from all the kicking she gave my balls just minutes earlier. Either way, I was more than happy to follow her to a much needed night's sleep.

After a few more minutes of walking we made it to my room. Lena uses the RFID chip to unlock the door and leads me in. She takes off the leash attached to my cage telling me to take a shower. I slump into the bathroom and turn the water on, I take off all the fetish gear Lena had picked out for me as the water got hot. By the time I got down to just my cage the water was steaming, just the perfect temperature. I step in, the water feels absolutely amazing, it feels particularly good against the cage. The warm water soothes my aching balls. I spent what must have been an hour just enjoying the feeling of the hot water, only to quickly wash up before stepping out and drying off. I wrap my towel and walk out of the bathroom

The view that greeted me made my jaw drop. Lena had opted to stay in my room and lay on the bed, wearing a very sexy red see through nightie. She laid on her side with her head propped up by her hand. She gave me a smile and gestured to me to join her. My body moved on its own, I walked towards the awaiting mistress. She giggles as my towel slips off before I collapse into the soft mattress. She takes a hold of me, gently guiding me into her arms, until we are in a spooning position. Lena, of course, wanted to be the big spoon laying behind me. With one arm she hugs me close to her while the other takes a light grip on my cage. I could only moan as my cock began straining at her touch.

She giggled “You’ve been such a good slut for me” She whispered as she began massaging my balls “You took everything I gave you and more” She bit my ear as her messaging became more aggressive “I’ve never had a slut before that could take as much ballbusting as you can, I’m going to have so much fun with you this week”

I can only whimper as Lena continues to tease me

“Don’t worry my little slut, you’ll be having as much fun as I will, and if you continue being as good as you’ve been today…” Her grip suddenly becomes hard as her hand crushes my balls “I’ll give you a nice reward”

Her crushing grip only gets more intense

“The question is though, just how do I reward you” She says “The obvious answer is to let you cum. Over a month of lock up and no orgasm, its plain by the look of your leaking cage that it wants to spurt”

Lena giggled as I struggled in her arms

“Of course, I can’t just let you cum just yet. I promised you an orgasm if you're my good boy at the end of the week, remember?” Lena whispered.

I moan as her hand has a vice grip on my balls

“So how else could I reward my little slut? Mhmmmm?” Lena ponders “I guess, I’ll have to think of something tomorrow. It's been such a long day I’m sure”

Lena lets go of my balls, then begins to embrace me, holding me close from behind. I fell asleep in her arms rather quickly.

I woke up to Lena getting out of bed and walking towards the wall of bondage toys. She turned her head towards me

“Do me a favor sweetie and close your eyes, I want to try something that might work as your reward. No peeking slut or I’ll have to call in Katie to help punish my naughty boy” she winked at me

I quickly close my eyes, fearing Lena and Katie's wrath. I hear Lena rummage through the rooms various toys and equipment. Sounds of leather cuffs and chains being moved. The thuds of silicon dildos being thrown out of the way. It takes Lena a while to find what she was looking for, and I could only guess what it is she has in store for me.

I hear her footsteps get closer to the bed once more

“Keep those eyes closed, while I get you in a nice position. Lena moves me to lay on my back on the bed, she fastens two leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles. Lena then secures my wrists to the top bed posts, then proceeds to my legs. However, instead of tying them to the bottom posts like I expected she ties them to the same posts as my wrists, causing my whole lower body to move upward. This bound missionary position had me feeling very vulnerable, especially with my cage and ass now very much exposed to my Mistress. I feel Lena’s hand pull my head upwards before placing two pillows below.

Then I heard her footsteps approach the end of the bed and there was a brief moment of silence.

“Open your eyes” Lena commanded

I obeyed her and was immediately viewing Lena, still in her sexy red nightie but with something more. My eyes wandered down to where her hands were stroking, holding a large pink strap-on.

My cock instinctively jumped and strained at the sight, Lena of course noticed and giggled at my expression of shock.

“I know you don’t have an anal play package” She said as she began lubing up the the pink dildo “So I’ll understand if you don’t want to play…”

“I won't hold it against you, and it won’t affect your chances of an orgasm” She said as if to try and comfort me.

“But, if you’re the slut I think you are, then you’ll enjoy this immensely” Lena says as she begins to lube up my exposed ass.

“I’ll be gentle, at first, this is your reward after all” Lena smiled at me “Then soon, you’ll be begging me to pound that ass of yours”

“So slut, do you want to play?” Lena asks

There was some time of silence as I contemplated Lena’s offer, though she took this time to continue teasing my ass with her fingers adding more and more lube. I never had anything up my ass before, but I heard of the pleasures anal can bring. Though Lena had chosen a sizable strap-on. But, one thing was for sure, my cock was straining the hardest it's been since arriving at the Lust B&B. And thus making up my mind.

I look at Lena who was still teasing my now very lubed ass and say “Yes Miss Lena, I want to play”

The look of pure joy on Lena’s face made my heart skip a beat.

“You really are such a good slut” she says before getting up and kneeling on the bed. She aligns the tip of her strap on against my anus. She then looks up at me and stares into my eyes as she begins to penetrate me.

I grimace in discomfort as the plastic cock stretches my ass as Lena continues to push the dildo deep. Lena was true to her word and slowly began to pull and trust her hips. I moan as I feel her toy press my prostate repeatedly.

Lena giggles at my reaction to her sensual fucking. She continues to fuck me at this pace for quite some time, only stopping to apply even more lube. Soon the discomfort at the beginning quickly became pleasure. My cock bouncing in sync with Lena’s movements.

“My My” Lena says while grabbing my caged cock “Looks like somebody’s enjoying themselves”. She massages my balls as she picks up the pace. What was a slow rhythmic rocking back and forth became a quick and piston thrusting fuck. Lena became like a wild animal, pounding my ass with her pink toy. Her breasts were bouncing in the most hypnotic way.

To say this was intense would be an understatement, Waves of intense pleasure radiated throughout my entire body. Each deep thrust of Lena put great pressure on my prostate. Though even through all of this pleasure my cock had gone quite soft in its cage. No longer was it straining hard against the metal bars, rather a constant stream of pre-cum peaked through the gaps.

Lena was relentless, keeping pace in this incredible show of stamina. It seemed like hours had passed of this intense session. Then I felt it, the intense pleasure building up in my cock, I was going to cum, and soon.

Lena apparently picked up on this and immediately pulled out. I gasp at the sudden disappearance of the pleasure, the orgasm fading as quickly as it arrived.

Lena, now breathing heavily, sighed in relief “That was a close slut, I almost ruined everything”.
She smiled at me and gripped my cage “Normally it takes quite the experienced anal slut to cum solely from anal stimulation… And you almost did on your first go”

She got off the bed and began to take off the strap on, depositing it in a bin that says “used” on it. She then untied me from the bondage and rubbed my wrist and ankles.

“Your turning out to be quite the kinky catch” Lena says as she continues to care for me “ I’m beginning to wonder if there a thing that won’t make you cum” She laughed

Once she was satisfied with her aftercare, she got up from the bed.

“Well slut, I don’t know about you but pounding that cute little ass of yours has made me quite hungry, But i could use a shower…” She walked toward the bathroom, but just before he opened the bathroom door she turned to me.

“Join me,” she said before entering the bathroom.

I didn’t hesitate, I quickly ran into the bathroom with her. She turns on the water before stripping from her red nightie. Even though it was so sheer you could easily see her perfect tits through the nightie, something about seeing them bare is just so much better.

Once completely nude and testing if the water was hot enough she stepped in, and gestured to me to follow suit. The shower itself could be a room of its own, the perks of the Deluxe Package I suppose. Like the main bedroom, the shower seemed to have various toys, equipment and shower head attachments. It even had what looked like stainless steel cuffs mounted into the wall.

Lena stood under the water, seemingly enjoying the hot temperature. The water glided gracefully along her curves. My cock, was still soft from her earlier pounding and quickly pushed against the cage once more.

After a couple minutes of Lena rinsing off, she grabbed some soap and handed it to me.

“Help me out would you?” She said with a smile

I begin lathering up the soap, I pause for a moment as I stand behind her Beautiful body. My heart raced as I raised my hands and began to wash her. Starting at the shoulders I rubbed the soap along her soft skin, tracing slowly down her back stopping at her plump ass. I begin to reach around to soap up her stomach, then slowly rise to her chest stopping just before her large breasts.

Lena grabbed my hands gently

“You missed a couple spots” She says as she places my hands on her breasts. My heart, now pounding as my head feels red hot. I gently massage the soap into Lena's breasts. Lena, seemingly enjoyed this as she moaned at my touch. My cage, now feeling extremely tight, became even more uncomfortable as she pressed her ass into it, swaying her hips. It was then she grabbed my right hand away from her breast and led it downwards. Guiding my hand to her pussy, she was quickly rewarded with pleasure as I rubbed her clit. As I rubbed, Lena began to finger herself with one hand and hold her other breast. Her movement became much more aggressive at the pleasure, her whole body was reacting to it. Her ass pressing into my cage as if she was trying to crush it in between our bodies. This continued for a while until suddenly I felt her quivering in my hands, she had just orgasmed.

Lena quickly moved my hands away before facing me Giving me a look of what appeared to be fierce lust. She pushed me backward against the shower wall before taking my hands and raising them above my head. She looked me in the eyes as she leaned towards me, her lips just centimeters from mine. Then there was an audible click.

Lena had gotten both my hands in two of the metal cuffs mounted above me. She gave me a smile before kneeling in front of me to do the same with my ankles. I was in an “X’ shape position against the shower wall. Lena, still kneeling, took my key and unlocked me from my cage. My cock instantly springing to life in front of her.

“Your turn” she said before lathering up soap in her hands

Lena, wasting no time, began to wash me as I did her. Starting at my feet she lathered soap along my legs up to my thighs. As she approached my cock her hands shot around to my ass, before rising to wash my stomach, chest and back. Her hands moved all around my body, everywhere except my cock. When she was sure that she got just about every inch of my body she finally moved her attention to my cock. She took it into one of her hands, while the other gently grabbed my sore balls.

“Good sluts don’t cum from cleaning,” She said with a smile. Suddenly her hands moved, rubbing the soap into my cock and balls. Her hands soft and gentle felt amazing as she stoked and rubbed. It was not long before I was close to the edge, Lena of course knew this and let go just as I reached the edge. My cock bouncing trying to get any more stimulation.

“Naughty boy” Lena giggled. She launched a particularly hard uppercut right into my balls. The sudden pain caught me off guard causing me to collapse. Or at least try to, the metal restraints held me in place as I regained my footing.

“Lets try that again slut” She teased. Her hands once more stroked my cock with the slick soap. The aching pain from her punch was quickly overshadowed by her expert hands. Though, this time I was able to withstand her for a bit longer, however, there was little I could do to avoid the edge.

Lena let go once more only to send her fist flying into my balls again. This time I was expecting it and was able to stay standing.

“Tsk Tsk slut, just what am I going to do with you?” Lena said before stroking my cock once more. “I guess I’ll just have to keep beating these balls until you are squeaky clean.”

And so she did, stroking me with the soap until I edged only to punch my balls as I reached it. I lost count of how many punches I endured, but no matter how hard she hit me, my cock was still rock hard. This went on until it only took me seconds to edge before needing another punch.

Lena stopped and looked up at me “I think you’re clean enough, though I want one kick before I release you” she stood up, backed up a little. She looked me straight in the eyes

“Beg me” She commanded

“Please Miss Lena, kick my balls” I uttered

“How hard?” she asked

“As hard as you want Miss” I pleaded

She smiled, then without a moment's notice she raised her foot high behind her before launching her foot with incredible speed. The pain seared through my lower abdomen as her foot connected with my balls. I gasped, she had knocked the wind right out of me as I screamed silently. It was all I could do to barely keep standing and not limp into my restraints.

Lena took a hold of my aching balls and rubbed them gently.

“Such a good boy” she said as she began releasing me from the shower bonds. We both rinse off before exiting the shower and drying off, my cock still hard from before.

As we exited the bathroom Lena sat down in one of the chairs.

“Kneel” She said

I comply without haste

“Before we head out to eat, I’m going to let you go the day without the cage. I want uninhibited access to those balls. But, I warn you slut, you are not to touch my cock in any way without my permission. That includes holding your swollen balls after any busting. Am I making myself clear?” She said

“Yes Miss Lena” I say without thinking

“Good, now let's get dressed and get some food” She smiled

To be continued…
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Re: The Lust B&B

Post by slave842 »

I wasn't even really into ball busting or hard cbt before i started reading this - but now i'm desperate for more.

Is there a continuation beyond Part 7?
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