Having a scoreboard in a EOS tease.

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Having a scoreboard in a EOS tease.

Post by Potato_Harvest »

Hey everyone, I am making a tease where it would be great to show a tally of the score to whoever was playing the tease. I have seen a couple of teases where there would be a kind of "scoreboard" on the side of the screen and was wondering how one would do that.

Thank you!
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Re: Having a scoreboard in a EOS tease.

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this can be done with notifications.
- First you have to activate the module 'notifications' under OPTIONS (the cogwheel symbol in the eos editor)
- then you have 2 new actions: Notification:Create and Notification:Remove
- when you create a notification with Notification:Create, you must give it an identifier (like 'noti1')
- to access the title/text of the notification you need this 'Notification.get("noti1").setTitle("new text")' in an Eval action
- you can have more than one notification

I hope this helps. :-)
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