[Review] Ready to beat some eggs ? Wonder Eggs from Tenga.

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[Review] Ready to beat some eggs ? Wonder Eggs from Tenga.

Post by PapaRenard »

Happy Easter !


I did my best in order to make this review available on Easter day.
I intended to present you the Wonder Eggs from Tenga.

You may already know them and to me, it's the original idea behind the egg masturbator. It could have existed first elsewhere but the first time I saw an egg masturbator, it was from Tenga.
Now, you can find some from other brands such as Lovense or Satisfyer for example.

So it's a penis masturbator. But couldn't we also think of it as an accessory for a vibro wand ?

Wonder Eggs are small and protected in shells but they're stretchable to fit (or almost) any penis size.
Each of the 6 of them for the Wonder Pack have a unique texture. And each of these textures tries to contribute in order to please yourself.

Sold as a one-time use only, you may be able to use it several time if cleaned correctly. As it's made in TPE, you should clean it thoroughly and dry it with a lint free towel. Should be available to use it like 4 more times.

If you want to read more about this sextoy, these because there is six of them, you can take a look of my full review (with video of the textures) on my blog
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