Lost Stories Trading Post - Ask for and post old stories here

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Lost Stories Trading Post - Ask for and post old stories here

Post by Atma »

Looking for something that went missing? Can't remember a story? Got some stuff from a site that went down? Reply with your requests or links.

To no fanfare whatsoever, Orgasmdenial.com went down about 2 years ago (I don't blame them!) I've got a few things from there which I will post here eventually. There was actually a thread just like this one there, guess I should have hurried on running that archiver program.

Oh, and as for archive.org? My advice? Save everything you care about from there. They are going to EAT SHIT over some of the stuff saved on there. Apparently the leadership doesn't mind random uploaders using the place as a glorified Pirate Bay. I noticed that sometimes asstr.org links don't work unless you refresh a lot... so the clock is ticking on that I guess.

Should probably grab everything off of blogger too. I can hardly believe that place still exists, given that its owned by a company that routinely kills its services. Basically, the internet is dying, so uh... hurry up if you care.

One last note before I start this off. Chances are an old story was in multiple places. I've been surprised to find backups on literotica, bdsmlibrary, tickling media, or even the early story section of this site. Archive.org of ntcweb and asstr work for now. I did manage to grab an entire catalog of stories from an old yahoo group (e_teased?) before they closed that down.

Ok, to start off with, I'm looking for:
-Movie Night (orgasmdenial.com story: a story of a guy trying to date a girl who teases him while watching Mean Girls, then tries to get him to answer trivia about the movie)

-Car Ride (orgasmdenial.com story: a real-life account of a guy going on a trip, then his wife plays a kinky tease-suck game based on the letters of road-signs; ends up getting tricked into a lot more teasing than he bargained for because of the letter he picked as the signal, and finds out someone beat them to their cabin and had to wait until much later to get relief)

-New Rooomate (OD again: a guy has his place up for rental, and a woman phones during masturbation. He's out of breath and mind-fogged, and the woman correctly deduces that he had been masturbating and accuses him of such, which she denies. She switches back to discussing the rental conditions, but adds that she won't be over for a while so that he would "have enough time to finish". This is a lie, and she rushes over and ruins his orgasm by taking pictures at his climax. She then runs her finger up his penis and collects the drop that was there to lick it, declaring it to be the "taste of being right". This just the intro, the rest is pretty long, and involves extra roommates, and some scenes involving exercise equipment.

-Circle: a story (OD: This is one of my favorites. A guy is kidnapped by a group of women, and tethered to a post with a circle of women in chairs arranged just out of reach. He is instructed to walk to the end of his tether so the first woman can tease him. The first woman passes him to another right away, who rubs him a little and explains that each has their specialty (hers is using pussy/a-hold to tease). Passed to the right, a woman wearing nylon stockings on a bed teases him by holding her legs upward and teases him between her thighs with pulsing movements and a feather. Passed again, a blowjob specialist that uses minimal touch and light tongue work. Passed again, a women with specially measured high-heels stands pussy just out of reach thanks to her heels, and moves carefully to tease him.

-Power: The link works! https://web.archive.org/web/20090609043 ... php?t=1332
A woman forces a man to admit that women are the more powerful sex through an amazing and thorough teasing. All hail!

-A huge repository of links that also still works. I haven't checked if they work on archive.org, but a lot of them exist elsewhere: https://web.archive.org/web/20110916095 ... php?t=2025
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Re: Lost Stories Trading Post - Ask for and post old stories here

Post by dave5358 »

Here's Movie Night with Jamie


Movie Night With Jamie

- Jamiegirl74 - Orgasmdenial.com

- Another delicious story written by Mr Anonymous

- Part 1

As always, I loved that you'd decided at the last minute that you wanted to pick up a DVD rental on our way home. As you browsed the display, you asked if there was anything I was in the mood to watch. I replied, "I'd really like for you to get whatever you want to watch. It doesn't make any difference to me, Jamie." You paused, smiled a bit and said, "Oh, really? Mmm. Well then... in that case... "

From that moment on I paid no attention at all to the movie you'd selected but instead felt myself becoming dizzy at the thought of how much I loved "movie night". When we arrived home, I wasted little time slipping out of my clothes and into, well, nothing... because I knew that's generally how you preferred me to be at home, but especially so on "movie night".

After pulling together your favorite snacks and getting the DVD ready to play, I waited patiently for you. When you entered the room you couldn't help but laugh and say, "Mmm, someone is looking forward to movie night, hmm?" Smiling and nodding, I quickly agreed, "Oh yes, Jamie... very much."

You made yourself comfortable in the corner of the couch and patted the spot next to you as you purred, "Mmm. Me, too, David." Once I saw you'd settled in, I started the DVD, turned off the lights and settled in next to you, my head resting on the swell of your breast. Smiling down at me, your fingertips softly stroked my forehead as you whispered, "Are you ready to enjoy movie night now, David?" With my heart pounding I replied with anticipation, "Yesss. So much, Jamie."

Tracing your fingernail below your nipple, you lifted your breast to my mouth and purred, "Mmm..then I think my good boy should." With a soft moan and a grateful, "Thank you, Jamie", I draw your nipple into my mouth. For nearly two hours, the rest of the world seems to disappear. My senses are filled with the softness and scent of your breasts pressing against my face, the hardness of your nipple in my mouth.

I feel your fingertips casually, idly tracing lines and patterns along my neck, shoulders, chest... softly brushing across my face... sometimes toying with and stroking my nipples. The longer I have your breast in my mouth and feel your soft, sensual caresses, the more your untouched cock begins to stiffen and swell in response. I'm no longer even aware a movie is playing in the background, my world now seemingly reduced to the feel of your breast in my mouth, your caresses, your voice sometimes whispering to me, and the pulsing of your needy cock.

I feel your hand slowly drift closer and closer to your cock, touching here and there, yet still avoiding it. With my need and frustration gradually mounting, I don't say a word, but I'm unable to keep from nuzzling even closer into your breasts, which you notice and whisper, "My poor baby.", pressing more of your breast into my mouth.

Finally, at one point, I feel the touch of your fingertips on your cock, brushing lightly like feathers as you simply toyed with the full, swollen hardness. Doing my best to suppress moans and whimpers of pleasure, I instead begin sucking harder and more passionately. Now, it's your voice I'm hearing moan softly before you purr, "Oh yesss, David... that's my good boy."

Ever so slowly your soft touches drew me closer to the edge, your cock now alive and twitching in response to your caresses as pre-cum flowed from the sensitive head. As I sucked harder and harder, I would hear your voice sometimes whisper, "Hold it in for me, David... hold it in." Softly and agonizingly slowly, you brought me to the edge then drew your hand away as my body shuddered in frustration. Tracing your fingers back up my body, you soothingly stroked my forehead as you whispered, "Mmm, that's my good boy."

The remainder of the movie was more of the same... my mouth treated to your hard, stiffened nipple... my body treated to your soft caresses... your cock treated to the occasional touches and journeys to the edge. As much as I loved every aspect of what was happening, I also began to realize I wasn't the only one as the scent of your arousal began to invade my senses. Several times you would even briefly pull my mouth from your breast and guide my head down to your lap, knowing that each breath I took would make me dizzy for you... that the soft warmth of your thighs would make me ache for you.

By the time the movie ended, my mouth was suckling passionately and desperately on your nipple, my body visibly trembling, and your cock was pulsing and slick from the drooling pre-cum. When it came to an end, you reached for the remote and turned off the movie then allowed your fingertip to begin toying with the most sensitive spots on your cock. My body shook and you purred, "I love movie night, David. But what I love even more is... after movie night."

As you softly, lightly teased your cock, I heard your voice dripping with lust, "I'm sooo wet, David. I need to cum sooo much. I think I'm going to have to play with my cock for a long, long time. You don't mind, do you, baby?" Whimpering softly, I reply, "Noo Jamie, not at all."

"Mmm, because I know you've been such a good boy all night long... but I always cum so much harder... so much more often... when my cock is right there at the edge... over and over. Do you mind if we just do that for the rest of the night until I'm soo exhausted from cumming that we fall asleep?" "Oh god... n-no, Jamie. I don't mind at all."

"Aww, would you do that for me, David? Would you suffer for me? Would you ache for me just so I can cum as hard and as much as I want?" Shaking noticeably, I moan, "Yesss. God yes I would, Jamie. I promise I would."

You moaned hotly in my ear, "Mmm, I am soo dripping wet right now. C'mon, let's go."

- Part 2

The next thing I knew, we were in the bedroom and I was rapidly becoming overwhelmed by your pleasure and my frustration. For god knows how long, I heard and felt you exploding in waves of pleasure next to me while you kept me in a state of nearly unbearable arousal and frustration. The closer you kept me to the edge and the more you sensed how agonizing my struggles were to prevent my own orgasms, the more turned on you became, leaving me feeling trapped in this inescapable infinite loop of sensual pleasure and frustration.

Even when it became more than I could bear and I was literally in tears from the intensity, you simply laughed, softly kissed me and reassured, "Mmm, it's okay, David. I know. All that matters though is that you hold in all of that cum like a good boy. All that matters is that you make me cum." You came again and again, until finally you were exhausted and totally spent from cumming. When the final shudders of pleasure passed through your body, you stretched out on your back with your arms above your head as you moaned, "Mmmm, sooo good. Oh god how I love to spend a night cumming, don't you, David?"

"Yes. I love it, Jamie. I love it s-sooo much."

Brushing your fingertips softly across my body, you sighed deeply and said, "I know you've been such a good boy all night long, but can you do me one more favor before you go to sleep? I am dripping with sooo much cum everywhere and I'm too tired to take a shower now. Can you be a good boy and lick up all of this cum for me, David?"

With my head spinning I whimper, "Oh god, yesss. I will."

"Mmm, promise you'll get it all? You won't miss one single drop, will you, David?"

"Oh god, no I won't. I promise, Jamie. I'll get it all."

With that, you smiled, sighed and stretched languorously, brushing your fingertips through my hair as I licked and lapped. I took my time, moaning and whimpering with need as I savored every drop, your voice seductively cooing, "Mmm, do you like my cum, David? Do you like the way it tastes?" When I thought I'd lapped up every drop that my tongue could reach, I looked at you and asked, "Jamie, would you mind turning over for me, please?"

You paused, then smiled and said, "Mmm, of course not, Toy." When you turned over I allowed my lips and tongue to work along the back of your thighs, drifting upward, until eventually I was whimpering with lust as my tongue licked along the crevice of your ass. Taking my time, I licked and lapped along the valley of your ass, capturing every drop of cum that had dripped down from your pussy. As my tongue slowly licked, you softly moaned and purred, "Mmmm, David... that is such a good boy... a very, very good boy."

Only after assuring myself that I, in fact, did not miss a drop, I stopped and stretched out next to you. Sighing contentedly, you turned to your side and guided my head down to the swells of your breast, stroking my damp hair as you whispered, "Such a good boy. Are you ready to go to sleep now, David?" My body was still literally shaking with desperate need as I replied, "Y-yes Jamie, I am."

Laughing softly, you whispered, "And how is my cock, David? Is it ready to go to sleep, too?"

With my voice quivering I replied, "Whatever you'd like Jamie."

"Aww. Would my cock like a little treat first? Maybe it would like me to touch it? Would it like that, David?"

"Yessss, god yes. It would, Jamie."

In a soft, seductive whisper you asked, "Mmm, would it like to go to the edge for a little bit longer for me and then go to sleep?... "

"Oh god... oh god, Jamie."

"... because that would make me soo wet, David. That would cap off a perfect evening for me if it did."

"Oh jesus. Then yes, Jamie. Please, yes. Please do that, Jamie."

I felt your hand drift down my body once more and, again, I felt you touching and teasing your cock, again keeping it right on the edge... as close as possible for as long as possible... your maddening voice softly purring and encouraging me. It was only when you had me at the point of soft, desperate sobs that you stopped. Smiling, you pulled my face deep between your breasts, cradling me there as you cooed, "Sooo hard to be a good boy. It's sooo hard to hold in all of that cum, hmm? Mmm, but you do that for me, don't you, David? You're sooo good... always holding back all of that cum... never touching my cock."

As I continued shaking and softly gasping and panting between your breasts, you purred, "Mmm, now it's time for my good boy to go to sleep, to suck on my breast, to think about how hard you made me cum and what a good boy you were tonight."

Still trying to regain my composure, I felt your lips kiss my ear and heard you whisper, "David, you know it makes me sooo wet when I know you're trying so hard to be a good boy." I smiled with satisfaction and drew your nipple deep into my mouth, still suckling hungrily and gratefully, even after I sense you've drifted off to sleep. With your breast still in my mouth, your cock still swollen and dripping, I gradually drift off to sleep... my mind lost in a fog of sexual desperation that was overshadowed by the pleasure of knowing it made you cum and that you'd drifted off happy and pleased with your good boy.
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Re: Lost Stories Trading Post - Ask for and post old stories here

Post by Atma »

That's actually not the one I had in mind, but that's fine. I actually found it on my hard drive!

by Roger

It had been a very hot day so I had decided to wear my cargo shorts without knowing how easy they were going to make it for my girlfriend to drive me completely insane with lust... We had been going out for about 5 months now, and she was my first "steady" girlfriend.

I was madly in love with her. We were in our last year of high school, me at 18 and her recently turning 19. I had been wanting to ask her out for about 3 years, but I never was the "asking girls out" type. Some would say I was shy and others would say a coward, but I guess that depends on your point of view.

Her name was Sarah, standing at about 5' 4" she had the cutest most innocent look, deep brown eyes, full round lips, perky breasts, beautiful long and curled brown hair, and suffice to say she later won the "best ass" category on our yearbook. That thing could hypnotize you in a second if you caught her walking in one of her tight jeans. And most of the guys in school suspected she knew about it...at least she knew the effect it had on me, since every time I spoke to her in school I ended up having to hide my boner by holding my backpack in front of my crotch.

Her parents had raised her a very strict catholic and kept a good eye on her, so the only time we were able to see each other outside of school was at her house. And we were seldom left alone. We enjoyed the regular make out sessions during those very rare moments...and it was bliss! We went at each other like there was no tomorrow, hugging and gripping each other tight.

After a few weeks, those sessions even included some fondling on her part. I wasn't allowed to touch her of course, but she would slowly rub her hands down my chest until she reached my cock, massaging it gently through my pants...I know she enjoyed my heavy breathing when that happened. Sarah would even whisper while she licked my ear some times...

"Does this feel good baby?...mmhhh?...come on... tell me how good THIS feels" as she squeezed and rubbed my crotch "...deeeeescribe it...come oooooon babe...you can tell me..."

It amused her that I couldn't even speak while she massaged and rubbed my cock up and down...squeezing very gently and then hard all of the sudden. At times it felt as if she was studying my reactions, fine tuning her technique.

I could tell she was very curious about it all, I mean, she had gone out with a few guys, but her parents kept her in check so much that she was basically a sex bomb waiting to explode...As it turns out, I was the detonator!

Every time she got me hard and all worked up, eventually her parents would walk in the room! As you can expect I always ended up with a massive hard on that needed to be concealed, along with a very intense case of blue balls...some times hurting so much that I couldn't even walk straight.

Apart from the sexual frustration, I cannot describe how good it all felt!! Three years wanting to ask this girl out, and now she had acquired the tendency of a sexual tigress waiting to pounce on me the minute we were left alone!! And since I knew what was in store for me...I got hard every single time we saw each other! I even got massive boners just listening to her voice on the phone!

When I was visiting her, my thoughts were all about her wandering hands...

This is how my mind worked:

"Any minute now...her dad will have to go to the toilet or answer the phone... and her hand will be on my dick as soon as he's out of sight...Any minute now...wait for it...wait for it..."

My heart raced every time her dad shifted on his seat. Praying for him to get up...and leave us alone. To be able to feel her hand massaging my hard cock, even if it was just for a few seconds, was absolute bliss.

Sometimes I got lucky and felt her hand on me for about 3 full minutes...but some other times...her little brother would walk in the room just as her father was leaving us!...I ended up watching her hands all the time. If she held the remote control...I imagined her holding my cock instead.

It kinda made me feel bad, but suddenly it all became about those little moments when we were left alone.

Suffice to say she never gave me the full strokes I desperately needed to cum!! I mean, she didn't even need to take my pants down...I would get so horny and worked up just waiting to feel her hand on my cock, that a few firm strokes over my pants would've made me squirt!! But she just toyed around with me...with her fingers, curiously massaging and learning all my reactions to her touches...watching me, studying me as I breathed heavy and yearned for the steady strokes that would take me over the edge. I eventually learned that she got a real kick watching me raise myself from the couch trying to get some more pressure so I could feel that explosion before anyone walked in on us.

As it turns out, a few days after her 18th birthday, her parents had a conversation with us, letting us know how important it was to remain virgins until the time for marriage. But they also expressed their admiration for me and Sarah, how I was a very respectable young man, etc, etc. At the end they told Sarah that she had earned their trust and they would start to give her more space for herself....That meant we could finally have some time together alone!! I desperately needed that!!

So that is how she invited me over for our fist Movie Night alone! Her parents had gone out of town and left the house to her. I was hard all day since she called to tell me we were going to watch a movie alone at her place!! Her words kept haunting me all through the day ..."we are going to have so much fun babe!...don't forget to bring your woody!..." GOD! how I wanted to be there already!!! And just imagine it...nobody to interrupt us!

This time I had absolutely nothing to worry about...or so I thought...

The nerves shot to my cock instantly as I rang her door bell...I had been fantasizing about this moment for the longest time. She opened the door in a red tank top and some black tight exercise pants that made her ass look glorious. Her hair was wet and she was wearing it down. I had trouble getting words out of my mouth.

"Sarah, you look.. amazing" She just twirled around as she said "You like?"

We instantly started to kiss, and to my surprise, she reached for both my hands and led them down toward her ass!!!!! Feeling that thing made my cock jump through my pants as I started pressing up against her. She moved my hands in circles as I grabbed her, allowing me to really grasp her ass. And then... just as she started it, Sarah broke our kiss and took my hands away.

"That was fun! wasn't it?" her hand went to my cock...I inhaled heavily as she continued talking "But remember my parents put their trust in you to treat my nicely. So we better get going and see the movie" And just like that she gave me squeeze and turned around to go inside.

Was she serious? My cock was absolutely dying to be touched and all she gave me was a simple squeeze? What was all that about placing my hands on her ass? And what about getting me all worked up by feeling my cock? I thought I best play it cool and didn't say anything...she just kept talking about the movie as she led me to the living room couch in front of the TV.

"You would not believe the HARD time I had picking one out, so I grabbed an old favorite of mine. Mean Girls. Hope you haven't seen it?"

As I sat down next to her I could see my cargo shorts were already stained with some pre cum...just from her touching me at the door! You would not believe how desperate I was to throw her down and fuck her right then and there!!!

"No I haven't seen it, but...I was hoping the movie wasn't the main attraction for tonight if you know what I mean"

I mean... we were finally alone!!! I don't know how it had happened...but somehow I just couldn't even gather the balls to ask her for a kiss. I was so afraid to displease her that I just waited for her to make a move every time. And I wasn't in the mood for a chick flick if you know what I mean.

I didn't know if she heard me, but my previous comment got ignored.

"So you haven't seen it right babe?"

"No Sarah, I haven't"

"Good" she said as she got up, made a show of leaning forward to stretch her ass and turned off the lights. She sat down to my right, real close to me and I immediately felt her left hand on my inner thigh and my cock jumped.

She looked down as she started drawing little circles with her fingers on the inside of my thigh, inches away from my rock hard cock "hhhmmmm, I like it when I get you horny...does your little friend move like that all by himself? or do you tell him to jump like that?"...

I was embarrassed of how she could ask me those questions...putting me on the spot...and somewhat controlling me like that.


I didn't even know if she was fooling around, or if she really didn't know. It could be that her curious sex bomb was acting on again...and those fingers!!...my god!!! Each time she completed a full circle they got closer and closer to touching my dick. We were completely alone. Why didn´t she just grab it like she did during those precious seconds her dad left us alone?!

"Some times it jumps by itself, when it gets too excited"

Her circling fingers less than an inch away now...making my balls rise...my cock hurt from how hard it was pressing against my underwear...

She laughed and bit her lip... and then... I spoke too much.

"But I can tell it to move too"

"REALLY???" I could tell in the dark her smile grew as she finally reached inside my thigh until she lightly touched the side of my balls with the tips of her fingers...caressing them like pets...making my cock scream for attention!

She leaned even closer to me.

"Think can you tell it to move now?"

Ok. NOW I was embarrassed

"Baby, come on...don't play with me like that...please just...grab it!!"

"Not until you tell it to mooooooove" she said very slowly as the licked my ear and quickly drew circles on the outline of my cockhead.

OK...now it definitely moved!

Her eyes immediately went to my cock and I could see the excitement in her face...it was as if she was playing with a puppy.

"hhhhmmmmm that's how I like it... Do it again"

"Babe come on! it's embarrassing"

"You want me to grab your dick?"

"Yes! Please!" I was begging.

"Then keep moooooooving it"

I was in such desperate state that without thinking about what she said earlier I started thrusting upward and twitching my cock voluntarily. Every time it twitched she squeezed and gave me a few strokes"

"oh God.. oh God" I started to blurt out.

"Tsk tsk tsk...don't blaspheme in my house babe" as the kept massaging my hard on. I could literally feel the precum pumping out of my cock and wetting my shorts.

"You know...I really like you" she said as she stroked and squeezed "And my parents like you too"

The pleasure was such that I had trouble focusing. This was everything I ever wanted... I just nodded to her every word...it was finally happening!! We were alone and there was nobody to bust in the room and interrupt this wonderful feeling!!!

"It feels really good to be able to touch you without fear of my parents walking in doesn't it?"

She was thinking the same thing I was!!

"uhuh" I blurted out between heavy breaths. I wanted to grab her ass again so much...

"I mean, I could even pull your pants down and give you a full blown hand job. My hand actually touching your bare cock. Wouldn't you like that?"

And with that she grabbed ahold of my cock and began her terribly slow, stroking method through my pants...

"Yeah! yessss please..."

I was thrusting and trying to get her to increase the pressure on my cock. And if you could hear my breathing...well... you would´ve thought I just ran a mile...

"Please what? You actually think I'm gonna go through with it right now?" she laughed in such a cute way that I almost felt guilty of how desperately I wanted her to jerk me off right then and there...

"I bet you'd like that...I would like it too! ...to feel my hand on your bare dick...but it´s just too soon...my parents just gave us the privilege of being alone together... I don´t think it´s right to betray their trust so easily...don´t you think so?" She continued to inch me closer to cumming.

"I...I...don't know...oohhhh...please just...ohh!" I couldn't even speak coherently

"...I've even thought about kissing it...you know...like...sucking and licking it. I bet that would feel even better!! Right?"

My balls were boiling already, and as soon as she said those words I pictured her going down on me and immediately felt that familiar surge.

"But then my parents wouldn't trust us with anything else if they found out I put my lips around your dick and sucked on it!...would they?¨

Oh my GOD...She kept increasing the speed and pressure of her strokes...It felt sooooooo gooooood....

I wasn't even paying attention to what she was saying anymore. I couldn't believe it! Sitting on the couch with this young goddess from school, about to experience a blissful orgasm from her hands, without having to worry about anyone interrupting us!! I just needed a few more strokes and I would finally cum!!

"...please...just...more!!" I managed to get out in between breaths...

"OK" she said in a sweet voice and increased the pressure pumping really fast...

Both my knees lifted up from the couch, and a split second after that, she let go of my cock, raised her hand and grabbed my face! Staring directly into my eyes she spoke.

"Now it´s time to calm down now sweetie...remember? We have to behave"

WHAT? No no no...this is not right! Sarah's parents are gone! I mean...we are alone! She is SUPPOSED to keep going until I cum!!! This is not what I had in mind! My balls were already starting to hurt!

"Baby Sarah!! Come on, don't do this, I though we could go a little further tonight since your parents are not home"

"What do you call grabbing my ass earlier?" She said in a calm, serious tone as she let go of my face and sat straight up facing me.

"You don't think that's something worth considering as "further"?

"Come on babe...I...I didn't mean it like that"

"Good!... because you're lucky to have felt it. Nobody feels me up without my consent! GOT IT?"

She was still serious.

"I never doubted that babe. You know I love you and would never do anything you didn't want me to do" I said terrified that I had acted inappropriately. I really believed she could kick me out any moment.

Then she smiled as her hand went to my face again and slowly traced it down my lips, caressing my chest on its way towards my cock. I gasped loudly enough for her to let out one of her little curious laughs.

"But if you really want a chance to go still further tonight...and maybe...you know... pop your little load..." She kept me on the edge while laughing at her last statement

"...you'll get it..."

I just closed my eyes and inhaled deeply as I felt her skillful hand massage my cock to the point of explosion. She leaned forward and we immediately started to kiss passionately, feeling her tongue move around my mouth and her teeth biting on my lips was driving me insane. Then she stopped touching me. AGAIN!!!

"Now...first of all...pop the movie in will you?"

"What? baby, please! ... It's starting to hurt a little bit...."

"Awwwwwwwww. poor baby" she said as she placed her hand on my knee and started once again to draw little circles on it.

"What can I do to make it better?" she asked in a baby voice...pouting her beautiful lips...and staring straight into my eyes

How could I tell her? All I needed was for her to jerk me off!

"Sarah baby come on...you know..."

"Now, what makes you think I know??" she asked with a puzzled look on her face.

She wasn't making it easier for me say it...I didn't want to sound sleazy...and most of all I didn't want her to feel like I was using her...but GOD! I needed her to pump my dick in the worst way!!!

"You know babe...just...keep...touching it...like you do when your dad leaves us alone?"

"Are you sure that's going to make it better??" she asked...as she continued inching her hand closer and closer to the wet spot on my shorts.

"If you keep it up without stopping... it will definitely help" I said hoping she would give me the relief I so desperately needed...without having to explicitly ask for a hand job.

"ok...sounds like fun...I'll give it a try!!" she said. "But we have to watch the movie OK? Are you sure you can watch it at the same time I touch junior down there?"

"Yes!!! of course yes!!!" I said...

I was so nervous I fumbled around trying to open the case and finally got the DVD in and pushed play on the remote.

The movie started and I was dying of anticipation. She kept closing in on my cock until I could feel her barely running her fingers along the outline of my shaft...focusing on the head. It was torture! I just wanted her to grab ahold of it and jerk me off in the worst possible way! Instead, she was getting me hornier and hornier but nothing close to anything that would push me over the edge...

The first 10 minutes passed really slow. Her hands were dancing around my shaft. Feeling it up. Caressing it. Petting it. Occasionally squeezing it. But not anything more. I was drenching with sweat and breathing hard, waiting for her hand to start giving me those strokes I so desperately needed. At some moments she would just lightly scratch my balls wit her fingernails, making my entire cock jump for attention.

I just couldn´t take it anymore!

"Sarah baby" I said in my most innocent voice... "Could you...maybe...gr-grab it... pl-please?"

"Grab what? You want some chips? " She just kept watching the TV... without even looking at me as she answered...

She took her hand away from my cock and offered me some chips that were on the coffee table in front of us...

How could I tell her?

"No...thanx...I just...I need..." I said

"Shhhh!!! You have to see this part!" She put down the bowl of chips and her hand went back to drawing the outline of my cock on my shorts with the lightest of touches.

GOD! how was I gonna survive this?? I was starting to lose my mind...and this stupid movie was getting all the attention instead of me!!!

I had to say something.

"Sarah honey...I'm trying to watch the movie...but...but my balls...they hurt really bad!!...it feels like they're about to burst. I don´t think I can take this anymore"

"I though you only said I needed to touch it without stopping..." Her gaze still focused on the TV screen as she spoke and continued to lightly press one finger along the shaft...I could see the precum spot growing on my shorts...

"Yeah I know...{heavy panting}...but it may also help if you..." GOD I didn't know how to say it without sounding disrespectable "If you... use your whole hand... and maybe..."

She quickly interrupted, paused the movie and turned to look at me...

"Will it help... if I do this?"

And just like that her hand let go of my cock and slowly traced my leg until she reached my bare knee...I mean really slow... then her hand started to creep up INSIDE thought the leg hole of my shorts even slower. I was watching her hand throughout the whole movement...she was watching my face. My lungs got full of air in under a second as I felt her fingers close in on my begging cock.

"ooohhhhhhhhhhhh.... my.... god!!" I gasped

"Now what did I tell you about that in my house?...you best behave!" Her hand finally reached my cock and I gave out a loud moan.

"Shhhhhhh!!! you don't want to wake my little brother up and have him interrupt this now do you?"

Shit! I had forgotten all about her brother.

Then, she started stroking my cock, slowly, but full, long strokes. Every once in a while tracing her finger along the length of my shaft. It was driving me completely nuts! She was feeling every inch of my dick, and now there was now only a thin piece of fabric between her hand and my cock...I could not believe the sensations...how desperately close I was to orgasm.

I didn't understand this...all she needed to do was go at it with vigor for a few seconds and It would all be over...

"I think it's working" she said as she laughed and continued to stroke my cock through my boxer briefs, as she once again pressed play on the remote and gazed at the TV screen.

"You liking the movie swetie? I picked it specially for you"

"...yeeeasssss, yey-es...I mean... YES...I'm definitely liking it"

I wasn´t even watching it...my eyes were on my crotch...watching her hand move inside my pants...feeling those amazing fingers on my cock!!!

After about 15 minutes of this I was a wreck. I was pouring sweat. Her hand was moving with definite rhythm, but she kept changing it every 20 seconds or so. Occasionally stopping for a full minute. Allowing me to calm down and start wondering if she was done with her torture, only to start again a few seconds later.

To make matters worse, after about 20 minutes of her teasing me through my underwear, Sarah had told me how hot it was and she took her top off, revealing an even skimpier top underneath that showed massive cleavage. She pressed up against me as she did this.

I saw the DVD player and noticed that a whole hour had gone by... I was DYING to cum. I couldn't believe how bad my balls hurt!! Desperation was grabbing hold on me. I don't know how...but she knew exactly how to keep me on edge.

The pool of precum had already stained my shorts beyond hiding it, and she kept spreading it in little circles around the head of my aching cock! Driving me crazy with desire! After a while I just couldn't take it any longer. I kept shifting in my seat, moaning, groaning and thrusting upward until she stopped touching me, paused the movie and looked at me.

"Something wrong babe?"

I wanted to scream "Yes there is something wrong! We are alone! Come on! Just finish me off!!!!"...but of course, that's not what came out of my mouth.

Instead I said "Yeah...I kinda...you know...I need...I need a little more..."

"MORE?" she said in a serious tone. I was afraid I had gone too far.

Then she continued..."Is it always gonna be like this? Are you gonna want more and more every time we see each other? Are you not liking this?"

"No! baby...it's not like that...I...just..."

Without letting me finish she said "Well...the movie is almost done and you have behaved relatively well..." her hand went to my belt. "And since there's no one here to stop us...I guess I can give you a little bit more...how do you say...attention?"

oh my god! was this it? was this it?...she was taking her time with my belt...

"Now you just lie back, relax and enjoy the rest of the movie, and let me try to make your little willie feel better ok?" Again I felt my heart jump. My belt was off and I heard her unzip my shorts...I couldn't believe what she was doing!
She pulled my pants down along with my boxer briefs. My cock popped out straight up into the air.

"Excited?" she asked as she again resumed playing the movie.

My jaw dropped and I couldn't even get words out. She gave a little laugh as she moved her hand up my thigh until she pushed my rock hard cock against my stomach...moving her hand up and down...up and down...up and down... Spreading the precum all over my cock...I almost came right then and there! precum was gushing out onto my shirt... I really thought this was it!!

"Wow!" She said " look how hard and warm it is"..her hands were finally touching my naked cock for the first time ever.

The feeling was maddening...after just 3o seconds I started shaking violently... desperately pushing out towards her hand... trying to get that extra stimulation I needed to cum.

"Now, now" she said easing off the pressure "You must behave in order for me to help you out with your problem here... don't move so much and watch the movie...remember...I rented it for you"

How the hell did she expect me to watch the movie when my sexual fantasy was becoming true!...any minute now I was gonna cum in the hands of this gorgeous girl!!

I loved her so much that I really did my best to remain calm and control my thrusts...but then she began her teasing routine again. Stopping every 5 strokes or so. I was almost there!! All she needed to do was to keep it going for a few more strokes.

"I love it when I get to see you as horny as you are now babe" she said with a smile.

"I like It too" was all I could say...

She replied "I KNOW you do"

I was in ruins...sweat poured down my entire body as I felt her hands play with my naked cock. I kept mumbling senseless words and sounds. Desperation would be a small word for how it felt. Frustration was consuming me. I just needed to cum soooooo bad!!! She just seemed so preoccupied with the movie! And her hand...keeping me so damn close to orgasm!

I didn't even remember what happened since I was about to pass out any minute from how hard my heart was pumping blood into my system. All of the sudden the credits were on the screen. And I realized that she had been touching me during the entire length of the movie!

"Liked the movie babe? It's one of my favorites"

"yessss, it was...good" I said in between breaths as she kept playing with me.

Then she stopped

"Did it work? Does it not hurt now?" She innocently asked.

"No babe, it still hurts, quite a lot, even more"

"hhhmmm" she said as she cupped my balls "They don't seem so blue to me."

"What???" I asked in disbelief...

"Blue Balls babe. I think that's what you have...haven't you heard of them?"

She knew this whole time??

"Isn't the term funny?...I read it on the internet, but the good thing is that I also read how to cure it! Want me to show you how?"

I just nodded and watched her slither her hot body off the couch and onto her knees in between my legs...making sure to press her breasts against me as she did... She kept looking straight into my eyes as she spread my legs apart with her hands...I was completely dumbfounded.

She spoke as she tied a pony tail around her loose hair.

"Ok, try and hold steady now, I believe this will feel really good...it goes like this"

Oh my god! Was she serious? She opened her mouth and slowly licked her lips repeatedly as she lowered her head until the tip of her tongue touched the underside of my cock. My whole body instantly jumped. She laughed again at my reaction and continued to lick the most sensitive spots on the shaft...

"If I keep this up, it's supposed to cure it" And with that she took my entire cock in her mouth.

And thus began the most delicious feeling I had ever felt. My breathing became much heavier...I thought I was gonna pass out!

Her tounge twisted and swirled around, and I just pushed up. Both my hands grasped the couch so hard I was afraid to tear it up. She bobbed her head up and down, slowly...up and down...but steadily. Each time she reached the head, she let it rest in her lips for a moment before slowly egulfing the shaft...causing me to sharply inhale...I felt my heart pumping it´s way out of my chest. This was it!!! I was getting there! She would finally make me cum, not throuh my pants, and not with a hand job, but with her mouth!!!!!

She kept it going until I heard a POP sound as she let my cock out of her mouth and started talking to me while she licked around the entire shaft, oh so slowly.

"Remember I told you earlier you would have a chance to go further with me tonight?...and maybe shoot your load?"

"uhuh" I said. My god!! what was she doing to me!? I was about to burst any second now!!

"Well" She licked from base to tip...

"If you want me to keep this up" se licked around the head...opened her mouth and went down and up the shaft before speaking again.

"...and make you come in my mouth..." *lick suck suck lick*

"...I just need you to tell me one thing..." *suck suck lick*


"Ok" She said, and then gave me a single, long, slow suck on my cock until it popped out.

"What..." Again she sucked down on my dick, and just kept going up until my dick popped out...it must have taken her about 5 seconds...and she spoke again

"...are the names..." she did the same thing once again! I felt the heat from her mouth engulf my cock...I thrusted upward in despair...I was seconds away from exploding...and then she kept going up until it popped out...and again she spoke,

"...of the four main characters in the movie?" And as I expected her to open her mouth and suck my cock yet once more...she just kept her mouth an inch away from my cock head as she raised her eyes and stared at me... studying my reaction...

What the hell??? Was she serious???

After about 5 seconds of silence...without waiting for an answer she started sucking just on the head, swirling her tongue around it...licking the underside of my cock...until I was as close as I ever thought I could get to orgasm!!...finally she stopped. Pulled her head up, held the base of my cock with her left hand, and stared directly in my eyes..waiting...

"Well??" she said...as she pressed the palm of her right hand up and down the underside of my shaft as her left hand held it up...

She kept that up...as if waiting for me to say something...then she repeated the question, only this time her hand closed around my cock and stroked downward each time she pronounced a word...only too slow for me to cum...

"What...are...the...names...of...the...four...main ...characters...in...the...movie?..."

It must have taken her a full minute to finish the question... I tried with all my might to cum during those delicious full strokes before the question ended...knowing that my efforts were certainly amusing her...

This couldn't be happening!!!! I couldn't even remember ONE name!! She had kept me distracted during the whole movie!!

And I was THIS close!

All that was coming out of my mouth were random incoherent thoughts in between heavy breathing sounds "...uhh...I...I...what?...hhmmm..names?"

And then she started laughing...I think she must've gotten a real kick from watching the confused look on my face.

"If I don't get a right answer" she said "...you... don't... get... to... cum!" She stroked me from tip to base once each time she pronounced those last 5 words...only this time she pronounced them really fast...leaving me at the exact edge of exploding. And when she said "cum" it came out at a higher pitch...almost like a happy word...

My mind couldn't grasp the situation.

"Come ON! It's real easy babe!" She said as she went down and gave me a few more licks while both her hands rested on my thighs, driving me completely nuts!

Finally I opened my mouth to speak...


"But WHAT baby?" she said "It's a perfectly reasonable question...or weren't you paying attention?"

I couldn´t believe the scene I had in front of me...I had been in love with this girl for over 3 years, fantasizing about her...And now I watched her smoking hot half naked body kneeling in between my legs...staring directly into my eyes...my naked cock pointing straight up in the air inches away from her semi open mouth...and both her hands doing that circular motion on my thighs that drives me insane with desire. And I wasn´t sure if I was gonna cum any more!!! What was happening?

"I tried Sarah..honey...please!...don't...something else!!...PLEASEEEEE"

"Are you sure you don't know?" she asked while licking her lips "I would think about it pretty HARD if a were you.."

Her mouth was still inches away from my cock, and her hands touching my thighs...I could feel her breath on my dick as she spoke

"Four names??...uh...uh..." I was a complete mess.

"Tell you what...I was gonna let you cum in my mouth if you gave me the four names...but just to show you how great a girlfriend I am...how about you just give me ONE name, the central character...and I'll jerk you without stopping until you explode in my hands!!! Would you like that?"

And with that, she started giving me the slowest handjob with both of her hands! Only downward strokes, one hand after the other...just continuos downward strokes...I was nearly crying from the frustration...each of her hands took a full 3 seconds from tip to base...

Jesus!!! She wasn't even giving me time to calm down and think this one out! ONE NAME was all that got in between me and a blissful orgasm at the hands this hormonal teenage goddess of a sexual bomb shell!!!

"Baby...w-w-why...are y-you doing this?!" I had to ask

Then she just used one hand...but she slowed her stroking down to about one full upward and downward move each 5 seconds...lubricating my cock with all the precum and saliva gathered on each trip her hand made to my cock head...Then she stared directly in my eyes and said in the cutest girly voice...

"Beacuse it's fun!"

Her smile nearly broke me apart...this wasn't so much fun for me anymore!!!

"I...I...I can't remember!! PLEASE!!!! Sarah....just make me cum!!! Please make me cum!!!" I desperately thrusted...

She just kept on driving me insane with her mind games. And now she brough me closer and closer with each delicious stroke...speeding up...slowing down...focusing specially on the head as she pronounced the following words.

"hhhhmmmm, come on! Don't act so desperate! That's a definite turn off for us girls....Besides, It's just ONE name baby...considering you just WATCHED the movie"...she emphasized the word WATCHED and gave me a few fast strokes as she said it...I shrieked and groaned out loud

"l'll even give you time to think! how about that?...5 minutes to answer my question...would you like a hint?..."

I just nodded really fast as she leaned close to me and stuck her tongue in my ear...while she whispered

"The name starts with the letter..."

And then she just kept me waiting for it... licking my ear....I was about to scream WHICH ONE!? when I finally heard "...C..."

My mind started racing...Cara...Cindy...Caroline...Charlotte...Whi ch ONE!!! I had absolutely no clue!

"You got 4 minutes" she said as she licked her lips right in front of my eyes and went down on me yet once again!! I couldn't even remember my own name!!!!!...keeping me right on the verge of orgasm with those luscious lips of hers...and me trying to think of every name that started with the letter C!!!

After some time I heard her playful voice ... "One minute sweeite!"

"How about another clue! Something else! Please!"

"Nope...that would make it too easy for you..."

God!!! I couldn't concentrate!!! I mean...who could??? And the stupid movie!!! of course I remember flashes and a few scenes but I really hadn't a clue as to what the main characters name could be... My powers of concentration were being held captive by the beautiful, young, sexual tigress that kept me hard during the entire movie!!!!

"Just give me a name hun" She said in bewtween licks. "...It will definitely help your chances..." and laughed a little before she continued to give me the most delicious blow job I had ever felt... moving her head up and down my cock as I desperately tried to get the extra stimulation I needed to cum...The hardest part was trying to think of the movie while feeling her mouth on my dick, knowing that I wouldn't cum If I couldn't come up with the right name! Pure torture...

"10 seconds!"

Without thinking I blurted out " Cindy!!! Cindy!"

She stopped...and without a word...stared directly in my eyes and started to stroke my cock steadily

"I'm so proud of you sweetie!"

YES, I got it!!! ...she was going faster with each stroke too!!!!

I was sure I heard that name at least once during the movie...this HAD to be it!!!!...I felt my balls contracting as I thrusted up to meet her hand...

"You did great hun...think you got the name right?"

"Please!! Agggh....Yes yes yes....that's it!"

My balls started to rise as she licked my ear and whispered


And I felt her hand start to slow down with each stroke...

"What?" I said

"It's ...CADY...not Cindy...sooooooooo sorry baby!"

I felt her hand slowing down even more...

"What? No! Baby please! No!" I begged...

It was torture. I was trying to cum so bad. But she just kept on slowing her strokes down until I got one final stroke that lasted about 5 seconds...and then she let my cock go on the last moment I thought I was gonna spurt...my cock twitched, and a little white gob managed to show itself on the tip of my dick...

"Agggghhhhh .... Nooooooooooo!!! No No No!!!! Keep going!!!!" I yelled out

"Sorry hun...but you got the wrong name!...Maybe if you had watched the movie like I asked you to...you would be shooting your load right now!"

"I couldn't!!!!! You distracted me!!!"

"Oh!!! so you would've preffered me not to touch you at all then? That can be arranged"

"No No!! I didn't mean it like that!!...just...PLEASE KEEP GOING Sarah...don't leave me like this!!!"

My cock was twitching uncontrollably. I couldn't believe how she got me begging so much. On a frustration scale from 1 to 10 this was a 15!

"Like what?...Twitching? I like to see it twitching remember?" she said as she started to trace her fingers around my aching and now throbbing cock, spreading the single drop of cum all over my now purple cockhead.

I inhaled quickly as she played around..."aahhhhh...stroke it please!!! my balls! aaaggghh"

"But baby! you got the wrong answer remember?...I bet next time you'll concentrate on the movie instead. And theeeen you'll get all the strokes you want!"

"Please! I'll do anything!!!"

"Ok" She said, and a hint of hope gleemed in my eyes

"Tomorrow you are taking me to the movies, you will wear shorts and you will NOT have ANY underwear with you. GOT IT?"

"What? Tomorrow?"

"GOT IT??" she replied in her serious tone

"Y-y-ye-yessss" I didn't understand what was going on...the movies? No underwear? Was she actually leaving me like this???

"Good, if you answer my questions tomorrow after the movie. I promise I will blow your head off and swallow every drop!" and to her amusement my cock twitched as she said that, giving away one of her innocent laughs...

"But since you couldn't even answer the simplset of questions...I don't think you deserve any more pleasure today"

And she stopped touching my cock altogether.

"Baby!!! Come ON!!!! That's not fair!"

"Fair? You want fair?...just so you know...I already watched the movie we are going to see tomorrow...so I can focus on better things when those lights are turned down...and trust me...the questions won't be so easy! So you better do your best to concentrate HARD on the movie screen"

I just gulped as she pronounced those last words...

"Is that fair enough for you?..."


She raised her voice "I didn't hear you!"

"Yes! Yes! That's fair enough..."

What was I saying???

She slowly pulled up my shorts and led me to the door.

I couldn't even walk straight...my balls hurt so much.

"Thanks for the company babe, I really had a good time tonight" she said smiling wide

"yeah...um...me too..." I couldn't believe what I was saying...but it was true! I did enjoy her touching me all through the night.

"Oh, and one more thing, in case you haven't noticed by now, I've been learning a lot about this sort of situations on the internet. So I'm pretty sure I can tell if you have popped your load! And in order for me to have fun tomorrow, you better save yourself until then. Is that OK sweetie?"

"What?...you expect me not to...you know...jerk off?"

"Is that a problem?" She said as her hands again went to my crotch. This girl had me under her spell.

"No...not at all...I...guess I can manage to do that..."

"Good boy!"

And just like that we kissed passionately while she grabbed my cock before closing the door without saying one more word.

I was left hornier than I ever thought I could be. My shorts were a complete mess. I didn't know if I could resist the temptation to rub one out tonight...but somehow I believed she could tell if I did.

Who was this girl?

I grew nervous thinking about tomorrow. How in the hell was I gonna concentrate enough to answer her questions...then again, we were going to be at a public place...what sort of things will she have in mind for me in there? who knew what she would ask me tomorrow? It could be anything! director, actors, places, names! What did I get myself into?

The pain in my balls was excruciating...How was I not gonna jerk off tonight?

The only thing for sure was that I would never forget this girl.
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Re: Lost Stories Trading Post - Ask for and post old stories here

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I recognize the new roommate story:

"Roommate Beyond Fantasy" as it's called on Literotica:

Of all the lost OD stories I've tried to find, I think the one that sticks out the most is "Be Careful What You Wish For" by Glorydog (a guy's sister finds him tied up and proceeds to tease and deny him for hours, and then permanently). If anyone had that tucked away, you'd be my hero.
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Re: Lost Stories Trading Post - Ask for and post old stories here

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- BY Moonboy formerly known as Gloryboy - T&D

Doug had often fantasized about teasing and orgasm denial. So when his parents went away on vacation, leaving the teenaged male in the house with only his sister Dawn, it seemed an ideal time to spend some alone time in his room acting out his fantasies. He closed and locked the door to his room. His sister probably would not disturb him anyway. She almost never did. Besides she would probably run out with her friends.

Doug had a sturdy chair in his room. He pulled the ropes out of where he had them hidden in his closet and sat down. He secured his ankles to the legs of the chair and then secured his knees to the front of the arm rests. He wrapped some rope around his waist and hips. He insured his back was firmly pressed into the chair. Then he wrapped some rope around his neck and tied it off. The tricky part was the hands. He had to tie them in such a way that there was the illusion of being truly bound but so he could wiggle loose within a minute or so if he really wanted to. So he wrapped the rope around the struts in back of the chair and then took the loops that he had tied the ends of the ropes into. He wrapped both wrists with the rope again and again and then gritted his teeth, making himself work each wrist through the rope encircling the other wrist. As he was quite sweaty by now, his hands slipped through and he felt truly bound. He had no more sighed in relief at a task well done than there was a knock on his door.

"Hey, Doug," his sister called out. "I’m-"

She had intended to say she was going over to her best friend’s house. That she bothered to tell him at all was unusual. But he was eighteen to her sixteen and their parents had given her this big lecture about him being in charge. But he panicked when she knocked on the door. He had been so busy getting himself tied up he had not heard her approaching.

"Don’t come in," he blurted. "Stay out."

She grinned. ‘So’, she thought. ‘He’s doing something he doesn’t want me to know about.’ She was not naïve. She thought she knew what it probably was. Still, this was a chance to embarrass her annoying brother. She knew how to get by these flimsy locks. She gripped the doorknob in both hands and lifted while pulling it away from the frame. The knob only had to turn slightly and the door opened. She stood in the doorway, surprised to say the least.

Doug froze. He was naked in the chair. Then panic set in. He struggled desperately, trying to pull his hands free. But, in his panic, he did not work them slowly and carefully through the ropes. He just yanked and pulled hard. The ropes slid over his skin, making him wince and tightening them beyond hope of getting loose on his own.

Dawn glanced around. She saw the other chair in front of him. There was a notebook lying opened on the seat and there was a magazine propped opened against the back of the chair. She saw that the magazine was clearly a porno book. It was opened to a couple of nude pictures. She picked up the notebook and saw it was his handwriting. It took one paragraph to figure out this was a story he wrote, a fantasy about being tied up by a woman. His struggles snapped her back to reality. Giddy with the possibilities, she ran around behind him and checked the ropes. They looked pretty secure but just in case, she grabbed up some more rope and secured his wrists even more.

"No, stop," he yelled. "Get out."

She kept checking the ropes and securing them even tighter.

"Sure, any minute now, big brother," she mocked.

"Please, let me go, untie me," he moaned.

She had never heard him beg her before and it sounded wonderful. She started skimming the notebook and getting ideas.

Dawn was a gorgeous girl with long dark hair and a slim but tanned and toned figure with breasts that were firm and round without being overly large. She looked at her brother and the look in her eyes scared him. It was the look of a girl who suddenly realized she loved having power over a male. Suddenly, his fantasy was a nightmare for him but a dream for her. She licked her lips. She had a few fantasies of her own and a delicious streak of cruelty in her. She thought about calling her best friend, Rachel, but she wanted to explore this herself first.

Dawn decided to test the waters first. She began slowly stripping off her clothing but in a casual way, with a pretense that this was not to get a reaction out of him. But as she slid her pink panties down her lovely legs, Doug moaned in spite of himself and tried to wiggle in the chair.

She grinned and looked him up and down.

"Big brother, big indeed."

As he turned red, she walked closer, holding her panties bunched into her right hand.

"Be a good boy," she said in a mocking tone. "Open wide and say ‘ah’ for me, baby."

She grinned, clearly emphasizing the word, ‘baby’ in mockery.

"Why?" he stammered.

"Because I want to gag you, silly boy."

"No wait, please just untie me. Please. We can pretend this never happened."

"Hmm," she purred. "I can understand why you would want to do that but I intend to have proof that it happened."

Dawn did not do anything obviously painful to make him open wide. She did not squeeze his balls or hold his nose closed or any of the things she could have done to make the helpless male open his mouth. Instead, she reached down and started caressing his balls, slightly rolling them in her soft hand. She toyed with them, fondling them with her long and graceful fingers.

"Come on now," she purred. "Be a good boy and open wide."

"I-I-I-I don’t want to be gagged," Doug whimpered.

She started tracing a finger around his cock which started rapidly hardening.

"But I want you gagged- baby," she smiled.

"Please," he begged.

"Please what?" she teased. "Please gag you? Please stroke you? Please stop stroking you?"

"I- I’m not sure," he stammered.

"Poor baby, don’t try to think," she purred. "Just do as I tell you. It will all be for the best."

His mind was a jumble. He should feel so guilty. This was so wrong but what she was doing to him was beyond his ability to control. She was driving him crazy, her fingers lightly grazing his cock. The stimulation was so frustrating because it was so little. He knew he could not come from the light teasing.

"Please," he begged. "Can you stroke harder?"

She laughed. He could not believe he had said that himself. True his family was an enlightened one, very enlightened. They didn’t have most of the superstitious beliefs or the traditionalist taboos. But this still felt one step beyond.

"Well, of course I could but why would I?"

He hung his head in shame, realizing he had already been reduced to begging.

"You males are so weak," she giggled. "Five minutes of teasing and orgasm denial as a reality instead of a fantasy and you already want to give up and come. I’ve always found it cute, really."

She continued lightly caressing his cock as she talked. It registered on his mind that she was saying she had done this many times before. But it was very hard to coherently think about anything except wanting the stroking to continue and only end when the need was satisfied. Suddenly she stopped stroking! But the need was still there! Now he truly wanted her to continue.

"Please, don’t stop," Doug blurted.

"So you want me to keep stroking?" she teased.

It was obvious that he did.

"Yes, please," he begged. "Its gone too far. Please finish it."

"Well, if you’ll remember, I want something too, baby."

She held up the panties. He sighed and gave in. He knew by this time that she would just keep teasing him until he did. He opened wide.

"Good boy," she smiled as she stuffed them into his mouth.

She used tape, wrapping it round and round, to keep them in.

"Now the real fun begins," she grinned.

Dawn put some lotion on her hands, making a show of doing it right in front of Doug. Then she took the bottle of lotion and spurted it around his cock. She laughed and he looked at her angrily.

"Sorry," she giggled. "It just occurred to me that the bottle will be the only thing spurting tonight."

Now he was really worried. How long was she going to keep him here and keep teasing him?

"Mmph. Yyyfffbbbfffff," he moaned.

"Sorry, I couldn’t quite understand that," she mocked. "What did you say?"

"MMff, mmmmrrrffff," he mumbled.

"Yes, that’s what I thought you said."

Then she went to work on him.

First, Dawn just stroked Doug, getting him as hard as she could. It was not a difficult task. As soon as he was rigidly hard, she would let go and wait until he went limp, then stroke him to full hardness again. She kept up this pattern for hours. It finally reached the point that he felt his balls tightening. He knew he was seconds away from coming. In spite of the hours of teasing, it felt like it was going to be worth it. He never had any idea that Dawn knew how to do anything like this, to tease and arouse like this and drag it out to the last possible moment. But he could feel how unbelievably good it was going to feel, how powerful and total the eruption and emptying were going to be. Oh yes, all worth it. He no longer even had qualms about the fact that it was Dawn doing it.

"Oh, yes," she purred. "Just a couple of nice, long delicious strokes and you are there, aren’t you Dougy-wuggy?"

He nodded and moaned desperately in sudden fear as she gave him one long, sensuous, endless, agonizingly slow and frustrating stroke as her hand kept going up and up straight over the head of his cock, caressing and teasing it in the process, and completely off his cock.

Doug’s eyes, closed in expectation of the ultimate male pleasure, flew open.

"Nnnnnppph! PPlllttth. Nnnnnppphh," he begged.

Literally just one more of those tight, frustrating strokes and he would have erupted. Even if she had stopped then he would have had some relief. Dawn gave him the most mischievious grin. She was an expert at this and knew exactly when the critical moment was.

"Aw, poor baby, so close and yet so far."

His balls were still trying to tighten. They were red and feeling heavy and achingly sore as that big load of semen he thought was about to be released settled heavily back in. She gave his balls a couple of teasing pats and then rubbed them, making him hurt even more.

"Oh, well, I guess we’ll just have to start all over again. I think I’ll call Rachel over to help, but not until tomorrow. You’re mine for the first few rounds."

He was blubbering in panic. There wasn’t going to be just one repeat of this frustration? It was going to be done over and over?

"Wash, rinse, repeat, wash, rinse, repeat…" she teased.

Dawn gave Doug ten minutes to calm down. Then she brought a bucket and held it so he could relieve himself. She ungagged him and let him drink a glass of cold water. As she went and got a fresh pair of panties, he protested, "Oh please Dawn. This is crazy. Untie me."

When she grinned, he thrashed, flexing his muscles.

"Oh sexy," she teased.

She leaned close. Her hot breath washed over him and her lips hovered inches from his.

"Tell you what baby, I can untie you right now but if you ask me to untie you, I will never touch you again. I will never play with your cock again or massage your balls. Has anyone ever done it like I just did? Hmm?"

He lowered his eyes.

"Answer me," she said.

"N-no, no one."

"Do you want it to happen again?"

"Yes but I want to come too," he whined.

She traced a finger along his cock, watching it harden from her sensuous caress alone.

"Maybe you will," she purred. "But it will be when and if I decide. Now open wide."

Seeing the futility of it, he opened and she gagged him. She patted his head.

"Be right back. Remember, I said I wanted proof of this. The better to control you, Dougy."

During the minute Dawn was gone, Doug desperately struggled with the ropes, wriggling and straining to get free but it was hopeless. The additions Dawn had added to his bondage made escape impossible. Then she returned, carrying a camera. His eyes widened and his nostrils flared in blind panic as he realized what she intended to do. He strained mightily but uselessly.

"My, what big muscles you have, Dougy," she grinned.

She was mocking him. It was humiliating but there was nothing he could do about it and she was delighting in it.

"Say ‘cheese’ like a good boy," she said.

Instead, he flexed and thrashed. That made her smile as it made the picture even better.

Dawn walked around behind Doug and took some pictures. His butt cheeks were pushed out to either side of the center strut of the chair. She patted his butt and then giggled, "Say ‘cheesecake’ big brother or maybe ‘beefcake’ would be more appropriate."

He blushed as she photographed him. Then she walked back around in front and knelt.

"Just one good picture I still need to take," she smirked.

She took aim right at his crotch.

"Well, come on, stand at attention for me," she smiled. "After all that excitement, it should be easy."

He moaned and mumbled for mercy, sweating desperately.

"Aw, is big bro all camera shy?" she mocked. "Just think about me putting lotion onto my hands and then stroking that needy cock of yours. Hmmmm. I’ll bet that felt soooo good."

His cock was beginning to twitch in spite of his every effort to prevent it. She smiled.

"Hmm, and wouldn’t it be even better if I leaned close and ran my tongue up the underside of that meat?"

He moaned and his cock was pulsing and throbbing into full hardness.

"Hmm, and if I finally opened wide myself and slid my lips over that big hard cock of yours and slid it all the way into my mouth and down my throat, oh, wouldn’t that feel just soooo delicious, Dougy?"

He let out a moan of ultimate male frustration as his cock reached rigid hardness. She quickly snapped a picture of it and another one from far enough back that his face was also visible.

"Thanks bro," she grinned. "Who knows? I may actually do all of those things and more. Of course, you still won’t come."

He sat, gasping in arousal and frustration, trying to calm down. Meanwhile, she was picking up the phone.

"Hey Rachel, Dawn here," she beamed. "You would not believe what I am doing right now."

Doug moaned and shook his head ‘No’. Dawn looked him in the eyes and his eyes absolutely begged her not to do it. But she maintained eye contact and grinned like the cat that caught the canary as she spoke.

"Remember all those boys we teased and all the ones we have well-trained now? Of course you do. Well, we have another. This one’s at my house. In fact, he lives here. In fact, he’s in my brother’s room. No way? Yes way. Yes its him and guess what? He likes it. I mean he had himself all tied up and gift wrapped for me. Yes come on over right now."

As Dawn hung up the phone, Doug was making desperate begging sounds. The look in his eyes asked how she could do this to him.

"Welcome to the club," she grinned.

Dawn put some more lotion onto her hands, making sure to rub her hands together in full view of Doug. His cock was hardening just watching her slender fingers rubbing together, coated with lotion. She sat in a chair facing him, her knees to his. This was the same chair he had used for the notebook and the magazine.

"The real thing is so much better, isn’t it bro?"

She filled one hand with a big spurt of lotion on the palm and then cupped his balls, lightly massaging them. She caressed them, feeling their weight and playing with them as she pleased. He tried to writhe as it made the aching need in his balls burn so much hotter and deeper.

"Feels good, doesn’t it baby? Hmm, wonder how much of a good thing you can have before it starts to feel bad?"

She brought up one glistening hand and started massaging the head while the other kept massaging his balls. Then one finger started tracing the vein on the underside of his cock.

Doug moaned and tried to thrust but as soon as he was fully hard, Dawn just let go and left him whimpering and thrusting at the air. She would watch calmly as his erection slowly wilted and flopped down. Then she would start lightly stroking and caressing it, bringing it to hardness again.

"That’s it," she purred. "Get nice and hard for me. Good boy."

At this time, there was a knock on the front door. Dawn smiled.

"Oh goody, my co-worker has arrived."

She gave his cock two firm, hard strokes that really took him to the edge before she headed for the front door.

Doug had given up on breaking free. He just sat there thinking of the humiliation and arousal he had already suffered and was about to suffer. He heard the two girls chatting and then Dawn walked back into the room with Rachel. Rachel grinned.

"I do love a boy that stands up when a girl walks into the room."

She referred to his cock, still standing at attention.

"I’m in the stage of stroking to hardness and letting it soften then stroking again right now," Dawn said.

"If its staying hard long enough for you to answer the door- and its still hard- looks like we are almost on to the next stage," Rachel smiled.

"Be my guest," Dawn said.

Doug’s balls already felt like they were on fire, aching, tender and sore. He was giddy with the need to come. It was beyond the point of wanting anymore arousal. His balls were swollen and feeling pain. He just wanted to come. He needed, truly needed, to come. But Dawn was far away from being done with enjoying her torment and Rachel had not even started yet. Rachel had dark hair like Dawn, but cut shorter. She was dark complexioned and her breasts a bit fuller. She set in the chair facing Doug and put lotion onto her hands. Then, with a smile, her small hands began lightly stroking him.

"Is this good for you?" Rachel mocked. "I’ll bet it is so deliciously frustrating."

"Plllth. LLmmpp mmph cccuuupphh," he moaned.

"You see, teasing and denial are our specialties," Rachel explained. "You wouldn’t believe some of the things we’ve done. But you’re beginning to aren’t you?"

She stood up and stepped forwards, straddling him. She set with her thighs on top of his thighs, her crotch right in front of his back, just out of reach. Her small fingers continued caressing his cock.

"Don’t you wish I’d just take my clothes off and straddle you, baby? Don’t you wish I’d ease my warm, wet pussy down on that nice big hard-on and slide up and down, nice and tight?"

He whimpered and tried to thrust into her hand faster. She let go and smiled.

"You sure do," she grinned. "Too bad you can’t thrust or reach me, isn’t it poor baby? Too bad, so sad."

Doug gritted his teeth and let out a forlorn scream of frustration. Rachel was taking him to the very edge. Precum was leaking out before she stopped. Rachel took the precum and smeared it all over his cock. He tried to arch up and thrust, to satisfy the aching need in his balls.

"Poor baby, I think we’ve worked you up too much for one night," she said. "We’d better let you relax until tomorrow."

"Wfftthh, npph," he moaned.

They had to be joking. There was no way he would be able to sleep tonight if they didn’t get him off. He moaned and struggled.

"Just relax," Rachel mocked, as if he could. "We’re done stroking you for the night, but that doesn’t mean the teasing is over."

"Yes," Dawn chimed in. "You’ve got us so worked up from teasing you that we’ll never get any sleep unless we get a little relief first."

They looked at him and burst out laughing.

"The look on your face is priceless," Dawn said. "But the funniest part is that you think that what you are feeling right now is worthy of being called frustration. You have no idea- but you will."

He was drenched in sweat as Dawn left and returned with a vibrator. She set in the chair right in front of him and began slowly working it into her pussy.

Dawn was moaning in pleasure.

"Before long, you’ll be doing this," she sighed.

Seeing the look on his face, she smirked.

"You’ll be doing it with your tongue, silly. When you do, I’ll want it nice and prolonged and I’m sure Rachel will too. But for right now, I just want a quickie so I can get to sleep."

Doug was squirming and begging. He was so worked up it was mind boggling.

"Oh yes," Dawn cried as she neared orgasm. "Oh baby, oh yes, oh yes, yes."

He screamed in frustration a she screamed in orgasm.

"Ah, that feels so much better," she smiled. "I feel so relaxed now. All that nasty tension is gone."

She took another length of rope and tied it loosely around his balls. Then she tied the other end to a bedpost. She shut out the lights and she and Rachel climbed into bed.

"Now, in case you are thinking of making incoherent noises and disturbing us, here is what you’ll get, only much harder."

She gave a slight yank on the rope and he yelped in pain. His already swollen balls were so sensitive that the slightest tug was agony. She snuggled into the bed and whispered, "Nighty-night, my horny brother."

"Yes, sleep well, Dougy," Rachel chimed in.

Needless to say, he barely slept at all. He nodded off a couple of times but never for more than a few minutes. In the morning, Dawn stretched, yawned and stood up.

"I feel so rested, refreshed and ready for a full sixteen hour day of joyful cock teasing. How about you, Dougy?"

He could only glare angrily. That made her smile even more.

"Well, not until after I remove that rope," she said. "By the way, thanks for being such a good boy and being so quiet."

He felt a moment of relief when she removed the rope from his balls but he was so bleary-eyes from lack of sleep and his balls ached so deeply.

She patted his head as if everything was great and skipped out to shower.

When Dawn returned, she was still glistening wet from her shower. She smiled at Doug as she combed out her wet hair and paraded around his room naked.

"Don’t worry, we’ll get to the cock teasing soon enough," she said.

She was obviously mocking him, he thought, as if this didn’t count as cock teasing. It went on and on, saving her legs, sliding nylons up them, sliding on a tight black thong and then a pushup bra, tight jeans low on the hips with the straps of the thong showing over her hips, a tight shirt that showed the midriff and the cleavage. He was already almost cross-eyed with arousal.

"And now," she grinned, "the teasing begins."

It was just like before except that his balls were aching and his need to come was overwhelming before she even started. He was squirming and whimpering before Dawn even touched him. She just sat and watched him, slowly rubbing lotion into her hands. His cock was throbbing to hardness in anticipation of what she was going to do.

"Oh Dougy, I really turn you on don’t I, you naughty, perverted boy. And I’m going to make sure you keep right on liking me for a very long time."

He tried to beg through his gag at the implications of that. She was implying she was not going to let him come even today. More than that really, she was implying she was not going to let him come for a long time. He knew their parents would only be on vacation for two weeks. Still, she could not possibly intend to ‘keep it up’ for two weeks. That would surely be the longest it could possibly last. But it was almost impossible to think clearly, he was so horny.

"Doooowwwwn," she purred as her lotion-slicked hand slid oh so slowly down the length of his hard shaft, sliding over the veins and feeling every contour, finally reaching his balls and cupping and massaging them.

"And uuuupppp."

With agonizing slowness, her hand slid up his shaft, pausing to massage at the rim and ten over the top, rubbing his cock head. The strokes were unbelievably tantalizing. The torture went on and on. Doug reached the edge of coming a dozen times. As she took him to the very edge again, he was blubbering into his gag, his eyes begging her to finish the job. But she just grinned as her hand continued up and up until it slipped off his cock.

Doug was going crazy as Dawn kept him on the edge all day. She sometimes took him so close she had to squeeze his cock or slap his balls to stop him from coming. Considering the condition of his testicles, that jolted his entire body with pain.

"Poor Dougy, so horny and frustrated. Would you like it if I relented just a little and let you have some oral sex and some coming?"

He nodded desperately that he would. He was so horny that he did not see the trap.

"Okay then," Dawn said.

She called out to Rachel who had been downstairs. They placed a wooden block on the floor behind his chair. Then the two of them were able to bend the chair back until it rested on the block just above the floor. That way, his arms were not being crushed between the floor and the chair. He did not understand why he needed to be in this position for her to give him oral sex. But then she straddled him, her aroused and glistening pussy above him.

"I’m going to remove the gag. Stay silent and do a good job. I don’t grade on a curve."

If Doug thought he was already frustrated, it took on a whole new meaning. Dawn’s thighs were tanned and toned. Her crotch was shaved clean and she gyrated above him sensuously. Her pussy was glistening wet.

"Now do exactly what I say when I say and maybe I’ll be nice to you and give you what you really want."

He seriously doubted that but he could not help himself. As she lowered herself onto his face, his nostrils and mouth were flooded with her scent and he instinctively started licking, all qualms forgotten. She clamped her thighs tightly around his head and looked straight down into his eyes as he lapped away.

"Would you like it if I turned around and returned the favor? I could lick and suckle on that big hard cock like it was a delicious lollipop."

He was throbbing hard and his lapping became even more enthusiastic.

"Hmm, yes," she laughed. "You would like that, wouldn’t you?"

He had to eat her to orgasm several times before she was completely satisfied. She instructed him when to lick and when to push deep, when to suckle on her swollen lips and when to lap her pink walls, when to go slow and when to speed up.

After Dawn’s last orgasm, she just sat on his face, catching her breath, a sheen of sweat on her tanned firm body. Doug was trying his best to hump and thrust at the air. He was an overwrought mess.

"Well, I’m feeling so relaxed and satisfied," she purred. "Nice job for a beginner. Want that blowjob now?"

He desperately nodded.

"Oh yes please."

"Do you really want it?"

"Oh yes please- PLEASE!"

"Well, since you beg so nicely…"

She grinned. Then she licked her sweet glistening lips and turned, bringing them so close to his straining meat. His eyes rolled into his head in pleasure as she slowly ran the tip of her tongue twice along the underside of his cock. Then she opened wide and engulfed his cock, sliding down and taking him into her to a degree he would have thought was impossible. There was no possibility of coherent thought as she slid back up his cock then slowly down and then up again. He was going to explode within seconds as she slid up and up. His cock popped out of her mouth and stood, wet, cold and throbbing but with his balls unsatisfied. She looked back over her soft, sensuous shoulder and smiled mischieviously.

"I asked if you wanted a blowjob. I didn’t say I’d let you come," she smiled.

"Yes, yes you did," he cried.

He was literally crying.

"You said you’d make me come if I ate you out. You promised."

"No," she laughed. "I said there would be some coming. I didn’t say it would be you. It was me- several times."

"Please, please, please, pleeeeeeeaaaasssseeee," he begged.

"Well, I was going to ask you if it was good for you and if you felt all better now but obviously not. I guess you didn’t like eating me out all that much and that doesn’t make me feel so generous."

"No, please," he begged. "I- loved it. Please, please, finish what you started."

She tried her best not to laugh or smile.

"Oh now you’re really making me mad. You’re just telling me what I want to hear so I’ll get you off. I think you need a break. I’ve teased you about as much as you can stand for today at least as far as doing anything direct. The problem is I can’t leave you in that chair forever either. I guess its time to tuck you in."

Doug had no idea what Dawn was talking about as she left and returned soon with a belt that had a crotch piece attached. It looked sort of like a jockstrap. She loosened the ropes around his waist enough to strap it around his hips and secure it around him. Had he been capable of coherent thinking, he would have wondered how a sixteen year old could have acquired or paid for such a thing. It fit snuggly but not crushingly tight. But, in his current condition, any pressure on his balls hurt.

As Dawn untied him, Doug climbed shakily to his feet, trembling with sexual frustrations.

"Go ahead, try to get off," she said.

He touched the crotch piece and exerted enough pressure to rub and masturbate. An electric shock jolted him.

"That will happen every time," she smiled. "Plus I have a remote and can do it to you whenever I want. Besides, silly boy, I have the photos hidden where you’ll never find them. Unless you want them plastered all over town, you’ll be a good, obedient boy."

"Please don’t do this to me," he begged.

"Deep down, this is what you want," she said.

"You don’t intend to ever let me get off, do you?" he whimpered.

"Actually, I do," she laughed. "Ever hear of a prostrate milking? No? Well, it involves this nice big dildo and you on your knees, forehead on thr floor and that muscular ass sticking up."

He groaned as she explained it.

It was even a further shock to discover that he was just one more cock-teased slaveboy in a cadre of Dawn’s cock-teased slaveboys. As it turned out, she had them all on a cycle where some got to come once a month and some every three months. But mostly they were learning to redirect their sexual energies to pleasing her hand and foot whenever she wished. Months went by and Doug still was not allowed to cum though he received weekly, humiliating prostrate milkings that made him feel even sorer.

"Oh , Dawn, please let me come like your other slaveboys," he would beg.

Dawn set the record straight.

"Oh, Dougy, you will never be just another of my slaveboys," she teased. "You’ll always be special, my big, hard, horny brother."

"Please," he begged. "When will you let me come?"

"You know the answer to that already, Dougy," she smiled.

"Whenever you want to," he moaned.

"Good boy. Now put your hands behind you."

He obeyed, letting her tie his arms behind him and then secure him into the chair. He had no choice. Only after he was helpless did she remove the chastity device. Immediately, his cock popped to attention. His balls were puffy and swollen beyond belief.

"Gotta keep you interested," she teased.

Then she went to work.

Doug had so desperately hoped that the return of their parents was going to be the end of this. He had hoped that enough was enough and she would get him off.

Instead Dawn looked forward to watching him deal with their return.

"You’ll be limping around with blue balls and, with that chastity device on, it will be even worse. Maybe you should just tell them you pulled a muscle- in both legs. Or just say you have a groin pull. I’ll pull it for you."

She laughed at the look on his face as he realized that even the return of their parents was not going to end this.

It was a fully dressed Doug, leaning slightly forwards and limping, who greeted their parents when they returned.

"Poor Doug has been helping me move some things and pulled a muscle," she helpfully explained. "I think he should pack the problem area in ice."

He moaned in a way his parents could not have understood and limped to his room. Dawn followed him to ‘help’ with a ‘massage’.

"I wonder what they’ll think when my ‘massages’ only seem to make things worse?" she giggled.

"Please. How can you be so merciless?" he moaned.

She began stroking him slowly, watching his cock twitch and his balls grow even more puffy and sore.

"I had a good teacher," she smiled. "You’ll understand that soon enough."

Doug’s eyes looked baggy from lack of sleep. He was sweaty and miserable, his balls burning as she slowly stroked him. It only took a few strokes to get him close and then she would stop. Nowadays she didn’t start stroking again when he went soft. She just waited for the spontaneous erection that would occur as soon as it was physically possible for him to get erect again. Nowadays, when outside the pouch, he was always hard until his cock muscles got so overworked they just could not sustain an erection any longer. So she just waited until they rested just enough and then he hardened again. Then she gave him a few strokes and waited again.

Doug’s cock was so hard the veins stood out and his cock was red and the head purplish. His balls were swollen and red. They were so full and round and the skin so tight it was frightening.

"Poor Dougy, you look positively miserable," Dawn cooed. "Is that how you feel?"

"Yes, please, mercy," he groaned.

"Let’s see if we can make you even more needy, push the limits just a little further yet again," she said.

She stroked slowly. He gasped and whimpered.

"Do you think Mom and Dad have any idea what’s going on?" she purred.

He groaned even more and she laughed. Coherent thought had long since failed him. He just obeyed Dawn, doing what she said when she said. He was far too horny and his balls ached far too much to think rationally. His tongue lolled out and his eyes were rolled into his head. His balls looked like the skin would break as Dawn finished her daily teasing session. She took several minutes to get his cock back into the chastity device.

Dawn untied him and said, "Follow me to the living room, Bro."

He obeyed without the slightest thought or hesitation. He did not even think about the fact that he was wearing nothing but the chastity device. It was only after they reached the living room that he realized with a shock that their mother and father were there. His confused and horny mind began fumbling for an explanation.

Dawn and their Mom laughed. Their Mom looked at her husband.

"Show him, dear. It’s time he understood."

His father, looking highly embarrassed, took down his trousers, revealing a shriveled and limp penis.

"I injected him with some chemicals that rendered him unable to get an erection or ejaculate just before Dawn was born, since the day we knew it would be a girl. He’s learned to cope with it and gain satisfaction through pleasing me orally. Plus he gets a nice prostrate milking once in a while. Maybe this will be your fate eventually but not for some time."

"Mom revealed this to me a year ago and I started practicing," Dawn explained. "We felt it was better for me to introduce you to it. But it clearly runs in the family genetics. You desired it even before I started training you."

Doug was stunned and yet it made a strange sense.

"Now, Bro, its been three months since this started so here’s the deal. I’ll make you come if and only if you can endure five minutes of teasing without reaching the point of no return where you were going to come anyway if I didn’t stop."

Doug could not believe it. It could not be that easy. After all the teasing and frustrations he had been put through, five minutes of teasing would be nothing. Aching balls and sexual frustration had become a way of life for him. So he was confident as he was tied into the chair and the chastity device was removed. Then Dawn sensuously stripped naked and straddled him, hovering her crotch just out of reach of his straining cock.

"Oh, Dougy," she purred, "won’t it just be your ultimate dream when I slide my wet, warm, tight pussy over that aching, needy cock of yours?"

He was going bonkers. His cock was getting longer and harder than ever before. His balls were screaming for relief.

"Aw, poor Dougy," she teased. "I haven’t even started yet and you already look like you’re about to lose it. Maybe I shouldn’t even do this."

Truth to tell, he did not believe she really intended to do it. He did not think she would go that far. But then she started descending.

Dawn’s pussy lips touched the purple head of his cock. Her eyes met his as she slid down and down. His eyes rolled into his head as her wet warmth tightly engulfed him.

"Don’t even try to come," she grinned. "I won’t allow you to succeed. "Try your best to not come."

She slid down to his aching balls and then back up. He was already so close.

"Please," was his gasping, forlorn plea.

"One more? Sure."

She slid tightly up his cock. He was gritting his teeth and trying desperately to thrust. She slid all the way up and off. She slapped the head of his cock and squeezed it to prevent him from coming. He cried and screamed as his cock throbbed like a piston and his balls turned frighteningly dark shades of color. Semen formed at the head and a little seeped down the underside of his cock.

"My, my," Dawn purred. "I was going to bounce one more time but it wasn’t necessary. Poor Bro, you didn’t even last five seconds let alone five minutes. A girl might think you had no control or something."

"Please let me come, please," he begged.

"No," she smiled. "But thanks for playing."

She playfully rubbed his balls, making him gurgle and gasp on the very edge for a while longer. Then she slowly tucked him back into the chastity device, taking several minutes as he slowly softened.

"Don’t worry," she said. "You’ll get to try again in three months."

"No, please."

"You don’t want to try in three months? Okay, four then. Hmm, you don’t think it will be even harder to last five minutes by then, do you?"

She grinned and patted the prison that was the chastity device as he whimpered in ultimate male frustration.
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Re: Lost Stories Trading Post - Ask for and post old stories here

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- BY Moonboy formerly known as Gloryboy - T&D

"Mmmm, poor baby," Dawn purred. "It must feel so humiliating to be so controlled and turned on by your own sister."

Dawn and Doug were walking down the street as she said this. She was wearing incredibly short shorts that displayed the lower regions of her beautiful ass and a tight, cleavage revealing top with pushup bra with bare midriff displaying her firm stomach and waist and sweet hips. Doug was wearing baggy bluejeans to hide the chastity device and his pullover shirt was drenched in sweat. This was the one hundredth day he had gone without coming. He hung his head in shame and frustration at Dawn’s words.

Dawn checked to make sure nobody was looking and then massaged his encased crotch. He could not feel her hand but his mind imagined her touch. The psychological effect was devastating. His bloated balls ached and his cock desperately tried to harden in its unrelenting prison. He groaned and limped even more.

"I told you it would be four months before you got another chance to come," Dawn said. "But its been one hundred days as of today."

"I know," he groaned.

She smiled and patted his crotch.

"I’ll bet you do, Dougy. I’ll bet you’ve counted every hour and every minute seems like forever. But that’s your problem. I want to do something special to celebrate your hundredth day without relief. I want to have sex with you until I orgasm."

He could not help but break out in a renewed bout of sweating. His balls tightened but any possibility of an ejaculation was thwarted as he was in agony from his hardening cock pressing against the sharp studs in the chastity device.

"The problem," she continued, "is how to do it without you being able to come."

His balls ached even more as he realized this ‘celebration’ was not an early reprieve and had no chance of becoming one.

"After all, we have three more joyous weeks for me to enjoy your frustration before it will be four months."

Doug was tied spreadeagled on his back on Dawn’s bed. He was really afraid when she held up a needle.

"What’s that for?" he whimpered.

Visions of being rendered incapable of erection danced in his mind.

"Why, its just something to make sure you don’t come," she grinned.

She jabbed his cock in a dozen places, each time injecting just a little of the liquid in the needle. Then she waited.

Doug was writhing and moaning in pain at the sharp stabs of the needle. But, after a few minutes, he realized that his cock and his balls were going numb. He did not even feel the aching need to come. In some ways, that made him relax as that desperate tension was gone for the first time in months. But his cock stayed rigidly erect.

"A nice little mixture to keep you hard but unable to come," Dawn smiled.

Then she straddled him.

"I- I can’t feel my cock or even my balls," he whimpered.

She stroked his cock and massaged his balls to test that.

"Please, I can’t even feel that," he repeated.

"That’s what I wanted to know," she said.

Then she began easing her tight pussy over his throbbing shaft.

"Please, I can’t come this way," he pleaded. "I can’t even feel it."

"Well, duh, that’s the whole idea," she grinned. "This is strictly for my pleasure."

Then Dawn rode him slowly, letting her pleasure build as he pleaded.

"Hmm, yes," she teased, "my warm, wet, tight pussy wrapped around your hard cock, arousing your aching balls. But its all for me."

She rode on, her movements getting faster and her moans louder as she rode for at least an hour. She experienced several orgasms while he blubbered and suffered beneath her.

Dawn dismounted shortly before the numbness would start wearing off. She smiled as his whimpers of mild pain and frustration turned to agony. Although his cock was starting to wilt, it had been locked into rigid hardness for over an hour. His balls were now feeling all the pain of an hour of sex without coming after a hundred days without coming. Doug was arching up in the bed, precum dripping, trying to thrust. His cockhead was purple and his balls dark blue.

"Poor Dougy," she teased. "I guess I should let you relax and sleep now."

"Oh, please, mercy," he choked. "Make me come- or numb them again. Please make it stop."

She grinned.

"Aw, either of those options would take all the fun out of it- for me."

Then she rubbed his balls some more as he made incoherent gurgling noises. He was absolutely cross-eyed and out of his mind with frustrations.

Three more weeks went by. It had now been four months since he had come. He was kneeling in the living room in front of his mother and sister, wearing only the chastity device.

"Do you think you deserve to come?" Dawn purred.

He knew better than to say, "Yes."

"I never deserve to come but please grant me the gift only you can give," he begged.

"Oh," Mom laughed. "He’s learned to say all the right things."

"Indeed," Dawn agreed. "But we have a decision to make. Do we give him another nice prostrate milking, no relief at all or make him come?"

"Actually, you have a decision to make," Mom smiled. "Whether Dougy does or does not get sexual relief is entirely up to you. All decisions involving your brother are entirely up to you from now on."

As Mom left the room, Dawn regarded the kneeling and chastity belted young man.

"Please, Dawn, I will do anything you want, absolutely anything."

"If I let you come, you mean?"

"Yes," he whimpered.

What else would he have meant, he wondered?

"Suppose I don’t let you come, Dougy? You’ll still be doing absolutely everything I want, won’t you?"

The truth of that struck him and it only made him beg even more.

"Oh, please, please!"

"But Dougy, those big, heavy balls and all those overwhelming sexual needs have everything to do with why you are being such a good, obedient boy for me to begin with. That and the fact that, deep down, you want this although it has gone far beyond your capacity to willingly endure."

As he continued whimpering, Dawn restrained his arms and legs as she always did before removing the chastity device. Then she got a needle and sterilized it. His eyes widened. This needle had a big container.

"What are you going to do with that?" he gasped.

"Why, I’m going to give you the sexual relief you’ve been begging for."

Dawn poised the needle in front of his rigidly hard cock and slowly began inserting it into his pisstube.

"Ack, ooww, please, no, stop, please, it hurts," he begged.

"But this is your sexual relief, Dougy," she teased. "You know, the sexual relief you begged your own sister for. You are so cute when you beg."

By this time, the needle was fully inserted. Dawn began drawing back on the plunger. Slowly, the container began filling with the thick semen that oozed into it.

"Mmmm," Dawn purred. "I’ll bet that, after four months, we can manage to fill this up and still have plenty of semen left over. This will give your poor balls a feeling of relief from the pressure but those poor babies won’t get any feeling of ejaculation and pleasure that they were looking forwards to."

Dawn patted his balls, indicating the ‘poor babies’ she referred to.

Once the needle was out, Doug did feel less pressure in his balls than he had become used to feeling. They still felt overloaded though. Worse yet, psychologically, he had been denied the sensations associated with sexual relief. There had been no ejaculation as the pressure had merely oozed away. He was wiggling his toes in frustration and his cock was already throbbing to attention.

"Mmmm," Dawn purred. "I can’t wait to start playing with that again- now that you’ve had your sexual relief at last."

"You call that sexual relief?" he roared.

He was thrashing angrily as Dawn coated her hands with lotion.

"My balls still ache. I’m out of my mind with frustration, Dawn."

"Yes," Dawn smiled as she gripped his rigidly hard cock. "And I’m proud to take credit for it all. Now let’s start the four month cycle all over again."

She began to stroke as he wailed in frustration.



Dawn smiled as she stood in the doorway to the living room wearing tight jeans and a tank top with pushup bra that displayed her body to maximum effect. Her friend, Rachel, was similarly attired. In the living room, Dawn’s brother, Doug, and three other boys were kneeling, facing away from the door. They were naked except for the chastity devices locked around their genitals. They were all bound with arms behind them. Two of the young men, twenty year old Bob and sixteen year old Calvin, had gone a month without sexual relief. Twenty-two year old Steve had gone three months. Doug had gone six months now. Of course, they all received a prostrate milking once a week but that hardly qualified as relief. It caused a little semen to ooze out and, if anything, left them sorer in the balls and hornier than ever.

As Dawn and Rachel walked in, the boys glanced at them longingly. At the sight of the gorgeous girls, the desperately frustrated males began squirming where they knelt and whimpering as their attempted erections were squeezed in the chastity devices.

"How are you boys doing today?" Dawn smiled.

"Good, Mistress Dawn, Ma’am," they responded in unison.

They all knew it would be useless to say otherwise and would only guarantee no sexual relief.

"Glad to hear it," she said.

"How are you, Mistress?" Calvin said.

"Why, I’m fine and very nice of you to ask," Dawn grinned.

She gave the other three a look that said they already had one mark against them. The three of them gave Calvin a dirty look that made it clear they thought he was quite the ass kisser.

"In fact," Dawn continued, "I am feeling especially good because we are going to play a little game tonight and the winner of this game, possibly two winners, will get to come. Does that sound interesting boys?"

"Oh, yes Mistress," they all said in unison.

Suddenly, ass kissing, both figurative and literal, seemed okay.

"We are going to see which of you boys does the best job of sexually satisfying us," Dawn said.

The boys were now even more aroused.

"What we will do is sit in comfy chairs," Rachel explained. "You boys will kneel before us and take turns eating us out."

The males were now really sweating and squirming as their cocks tried to harden in the tight pouches.

"Rachel and I will decide who we each think did the best job of licking us," Dawn said. "The two winners will get to come. If we both vote for the same boy, he gets to come twice. So do your best to please us."

As they were about to start, Amanda, Dawn’s Mom, walked in.

"Can I play too?" she said. "I could use a good eating out from an eager young tongue?"

Her husband looked embarrassed but she smiled at him.

"Now that wasn’t meant to be a shot at you," she laughed. "But you never shoot anymore. So go to the kitchen and cook us a nice meal. We’ll be hungry later."

As he walked to the kitchen, Dawn said, "Its okay with me. Do you boys have any objections?"

They knew better than to protest. Besides, Amanda may have been an older woman but she kept in shape and had a good body and they were desperately horny.

"Besides, three of you can potentially win now," Rachel pointed out.

Although the boys were far too needy to think clearly, their minds cleared at that and they were even more enthusiastic about this. Now, only one of them was likely to lose. One of them was guaranteed to win.

"We’ll do this alphabetically," Dawn explained. "There will be Mom, meaning Amanda, then me and then Rachel. You boys will start alphabetically too. Bob will eat out Mom. Calvin will lap away at me and Dougy will lick Rachel. After that, Bob will get a break. Calvin will move over and eat out Mom, Dougy will eat my pussy like a good boy and Steve will lick Rachel. We’ll rotate until each of you boys has eaten out each of us. If some of us don’t want all those sessions in one day, we’ll take a break and you boys will have a nice sleepless night to contemplate improving your techniques. This is for our convenience, after all. When its done, each of us will vote for who we think did the best job. So let’s begin."

Bob was lapping away at Amanda. Although she was the older woman, Bob’s eyes were constantly drawn up to her large breasts and to her toned thighs, all of which motivated him to do a good job. Calvin was enthusiastically satisfying Dawn. He was inexperienced but energetic. Doug was glad he got to start with Rachel. He had long had the hots for her but never expected to be humbled and humiliated before her like this. But as she sighed in pleasure and threw her legs over his shoulders, he licked and lapped, trying his best to satisfy her.

Of course, all of the boys were going crazy from the endless arousal. They were becoming more and more frustrated as they strove to please the women. But that unsatisfied sex drive was what was making them so energetic in their lapping and the women knew it.

Eventually, though not all at once, the three females groaned in orgasm. All three agreed they would enjoy one more round of pussy-licking. While Bob rested, Calvin’s talented tongue was put to work on Amanda and Steve went to work, lapping at Rachel. Doug looked up into Dawn’s eyes and then quickly looked down again at the look of power and amusement he saw there. His eyes could not help but skim over her firm breasts and flat stomach as his gaze dropped. He began suckling at her juicy lips, trying to please her as best he could. He used everything she had taught him, lapping, probing, slurping and trying to do it all when her body language told him it was the right time. She finally screamed in orgasm, her juices coating him as she grabbed his ears and grinded her muff onto his tongue and nose. Her orgasm was far more intense than it had been with Calvin. But she pushed him aside without a word and he found himself kneeling before his mother.

"I’m really done for the day," she said. "Two is enough for me."

The boys groaned, feeling the intense ache in their balls and lower backs.

"Well, boys, think about today and work on being even better tomorrow," Dawn smiled.

The boys were all feeling so hot. Their heads ached with desires and their mouths were dry. They could not imagine waiting until the next day to come and they had no idea how they would sleep that night.

They were kept busy cooking a meal for the women, cleaning the house, doing laundry and so on. They managed to nod off a little but their every thought was about sex and how gorgeous the women looked. They were feeling and tasting them in their minds every minute.

All too soon, the next morning arrived and they found themselves back in familiar positions. Amanda looked down at Doug kneeling before her and grinned, "Do a good job if you want my vote. I’m not going to show any favoritism."

He glanced up and was shocked that he was so horny that her full breasts, flat stomach and tanned, toned thighs made his balls ache and burn in agony. He buried his face in her muff.

Occasionally glancing to the side, Doug could tell that Dawn was not particularly impressed with Steve’s tongue talents. However, Bob seemed to be impressing Rachel. So far, he was sure he had Dawn’s vote for best eating out and figured he was fifty-fifty with Bob for Rachel’s vote. He was afraid he might lose to Bob or Calvin for his mother’s vote and that fear made him very enthusiastic about doing his best. Judging by her final reaction, which made him even hornier, he was sure he also had her vote- so far.

Doug was out for the final round. But Steve didn’t seem to be impressing Amanda. Bob was impressing Dawn but her final reaction was nothing compared to what it had been with him. Based on her reaction, Calvin was doing a good job with Rachel. He doubted he had her vote but was sure he had Dawn’s and was still fifty-fifty on getting Amanda’s. At least he would finally get to come once.

The three desperately horny males knelt, waiting anxiously for the decision. Rachel said, "I vote for Calvin. I loved his eagerness to please."

Calvin sighed in gratitude, knowing he would now get relief. Doug wasn’t worried. He had expected to lose that one.

Amanda said, "It’s a tough decision. Everyone tried his best. But I like big- tongues, and I found Steve’s to be the most satisfying."

Doug was shocked. He has seen her reacting to Steve. He thought he might lose to Bob or Calvin but she had responded the least to Steve. Now he was really sweating. It was all up to Dawn. She grinned.

"This is an almost impossible choice to make," she said. "Do I really have to choose only one?"

"Well, whoever you think was the best," Rachel said.

"And if I think it was a draw?"

"Then vote for the two that were equal," Amanda said. "I’m sure none of these boys would mind getting to come twice, would you boys?"

"Oh no, Ma’am," they all pleaded.

This brought uproarious laughter from all the women as the males blushed with humiliation.

"Well, Dawn said. "Its actually a three-way tie."

Doug sighed in relief.

"I choose Bob, Calvin and Steve. You boys get to come while Dougy watches, Calvin and Steve twice."

"No," Doug screamed. "Noooo."

"Kneel at my side and don’t question my decisions," Dawn said.

"I watched you," he screamed as he writhed, bound at her feet. "You didn’t orgasm nearly as intensely from the others as you did from me."

Dawn laughed. This whole thing was fixed from the start, of course, but she wasn’t going to give him any satisfaction, even that of admitting it.

"But there’s a catch," she grinned. "What was turning me on was not your silly tongue but thinking about you staying hot and horny and watching the others getting to come. Your frustration was what was turning me on."

He writhed in his bonds, straining with all his strength.

"Then you’d already decided." He screamed.

"Aw, darn, I guess I’ve given that away," she laughed. "Well, you be a good boy and watch while we give these other boys their well-deserved ejaculations."

Doug looked so over-aroused that every blood vessel in his body was about to explode as he had to kneel, bound and helpless, and watch as the chastity devices were removed from the other three boys. He whimpered as Amanda, Dawn and Rachel all coated their hands with oil. Amanda went to Steve, smiling at how the muscular young man’s erection strained towards her hand.

"Don’t have a problem with older women any more, do you Stevie?"

"No, Ma’am," he whimpered.

Rachel went to Calvin, whose cock was eagerly throbbing. Dawn went to Bob, who was almost drooling.

The eyes of the boys rolled into their heads and their tongues lolled out as the stroking began. There were gasps and groans of neediness and desire. Doug’s moans and groans were the worst of all as he watched the other boys being worked towards ejaculations. It didn’t take more than a minute of serious stroking, considering their lengths of denial. Eager as ever, Calvin came first, sending spurts of semen shooting across the room. Steve quickly followed, thick, gooey semen launching out of his pistoning cock, driven by his full and aching balls. Bob was last by a few seconds and only because Dawn was an expert at stroking while preventing ejaculation. Then he too was shooting a massive load.

As the other boys gasped in relief, Doug literally cried. He could feel their moans of relief, their screams of pleasure, slamming through him, tightening his guts and making him feel even more hot and bothered. Dawn looked at him and smiled. "I believe that, according to the rules, Steve and Calvin are supposed to get second ejaculations?"

Rachel and Amanda admitted this was true. Dawn took Calvin’s cock in her right hand and Steve’s in her left and began stroking. But her eyes were locked to Doug’s eyes. This was all a show for him and they both knew it. They were both blubbering and begging for their second ejaculations. Dawn ignored their whining, prolonging the show. Bob was whimpering, realizing how badly he needed to shoot a second load and knowing he would not be allowed to. Once the boys were so close they would have shot within seconds, Dawn let go and said, "Mom, can you take over and finish Steve and Rachel, can you finish Calvin?"

As they gladly did so, Dawn walked over and bent, her warm breasts caressing Doug’s back as she massaged his shoulders from behind and whispered into his ear, her hot breath caressing him.

"Mmmm, big brother, doesn’t this make you feel soooo good, watching these other boys get sexual relief, listening to their groans of relief and pleasure as they empty those big, overloaded balls and shoot that thick semen out?"

Doug burst into renewed tears.

"Its not fair, its not. You know I was the best. It hurts so bad, Dawn."

"I know its not fair, poor baby," she cooed in mock sympathy. "And I really don’t want you to be in absolute agony, outside of sheer frustration that is."

"I feel like I’m gonna puke," he moaned. "My whole body is shaking, I’m so horny."

For the first time she looked like she had genuine sympathy.

"I don’t want you to be sick with frustration," she purred. "I just want you endlessly frustrated."

He moaned and she let him lean on her breasts. She smiled. He was totally reliant on and obedient to her now.

"Besides, you’ll have a heart attack if we don’t do something to get that blood pressure down soon, soooo- forehead on the floor and ass high, Dougy."

She giggled as he moaned, thinking he knew what was going to happen. She always had him in this position for a prostrate milking but this time, she strapped a dildo around her waist.

"I’m sure I can get you to respond enough that a little of that goo will ooze out," she laughed.

He moaned. He was glad the headache and the shakes would ease away for a while but he was already wiggling his toes with the sensations this would cause including the fact there would be no ejaculation, just a slow oozing that he would barely feel. Psychologically, he would be just as frustrated, maybe worse because the physical symptoms wouldn’t be so bad and he’d be more aware of the sheer frustration.

"Poor Dougy, you are so fucked anyway, I might as well make it literal."


By Moonboy

"Mmmm, big bro," Dawn teased. "You have such a nice, muscular butt. Its kind of fun to be driving this dildo into it but its really not doing much for me sexually."

She smiled and fondled his chastity-belted crotch as she pumped away with the dildo.

"Looks like its doing something for you though, baby. There’s some nice, thick slime oozing out of your useless cock. Not a lot, but some."

Doug moaned in pain and frustration as Dawn continued hammering the dildo, prostrate milking him and getting just a little semen to ooze out and relieve some of that blood pressure and physical pressure in the balls while giving him no psychological relief.

Dawn suddenly stopped, leaving him sore and needy from the ass-fucking yet begging for more as it was his only means of relief.

"Please, Mistress Dawn, don’t stop. Please milk more semen out of me."

Dawn laughed.

"So, let’s see. You want your gorgeous sister to keep shoving a dildo up your ass because it turns you on and makes you ooze out a little slime even if you can’t come?"

He moaned in humiliation. "Yes, Mistress Dawn."

"Hmm," Dawn purred. "That’s good to know. But I’ve seen all these needy boys getting sexual relief. I’ve seen their cocks freed of the chastity devices and standing high and hard. I’ve heard their moans and screams of relief as I stroked them until their full, sore, aching balls spurted all that thick semen out."

This talk was making Doug break into a torrent of sweat and driving him insane with sexual heat exactly as Dawn knew it would.

"I’ve also heard my fellow women and myself moaning and screaming in pleasure as we got relief. Well, gosh, its all made me soooo hot. I need a really good, long pussy licking to ease my frustrations. Congratulations, Dougy. You are my number one tongue to lick and lap and slurp away at my steaming hot, tight wet pussy. Aren’t you so proud and happy?"

Doug burst into tears.

"Its not fair," he whimpered. "I was the best at licking you and you know it."

Dawn laughed and condescendingly patted his head.

"Well, of course I do. Now think about what you just said. You just bragged about being the best at eating out your younger sister’s pussy - while bound and chastity belted and a trained slave at my feet, I might add. You really are a well-trained slave brother. Now be a good boy and start eating my pussy just right the way I taught you."

Moaning in defeat and hopeless arousal, Doug buried his face between Dawn’s tanned, toned thighs and began eating out the juicy muff of the gorgeous girl.

Doug had indeed become an expert at cunningilus. He was feeling a strange pride as he felt Dawn’s responses and, in a bizarre way, he felt pleasure in the pleasure he was giving her. At the same time, he hated her with every fiber of his being. She was using him with no concern whatsoever for him or his needs. To her, he was just a sex toy, a toy in all ways, to be used without regard. Dawn made him prolong the eating out until the moment of her maximum potential pleasure and then ordered him to the floor on his back. She sat on his face, grinning down at him. The look on her face was one of pleasure and power as she grinded her hot, sopping pussy onto his tongue and nose, bouncing on his face as her vaginal juices flowed. She fully satisfied herself while he was left as achingly frustrated as always. His balls were beyond aching and his blood boiled as she wiggled on his face in her aftershocks and made him lick her clean while her moans of sexual pleasure drove him mad.

Dawn smiled and stood up. She looked down at Doug. He was shaking, panting and absolutely groveling at her feet in helpless heat.

"Stay right there," she grinned. "Little sister has some nice presents for her big, horny brother."

Dawn left and returned with five items. The first was a somewhat different looking chastity device. While he was bound and helpless, she removed the old chastity device. His cock sprang to rigid attention, throbbing and purple. His balls were big and bloated. They hung like huge softballs. They were so heavy that, without the chastity device to support them, they hung incredibly low and swung back and forth like two weights on a pendulum. Dawn couldn’t resist giving them a good rubbing and a squeeze. She grinned as he made incoherent gasping noises of pure sexual desire and then screamed at the light squeeze.

"Do Dougy’s big dick and big needy balls like being free?" Dawn teased.

He nodded desperately that they did.

"Would big brother like for his big, needy man parts to stay free?"

She was addressing him as if he were a mindless idiot or a child. They both knew it. He was humiliated by it while she enjoyed every moment of it.

"Oh, yes, please Mistress Dawn, please," he begged.

She began working him into the new chastity device. It included a series of rings around his cock.

"Silly sibling," she mocked. "Your man parts will never be free again."

Dawn looked him over and fondled his balls as the new chastity device allowed for that. He started to harden. He squirmed and broke into a sweat as the rings constricted around his cock.

"Now for your second present," Dawn smiled.

She took a dog collar bought from a pet store and buckled it around his neck. She then connected the third present, a leash.

"Mmmm," she purred as he whimpered in humiliation and desire. "Now you really are a good boy, a well-trained doggy at my feet."

She showed him the last two presents, a pair of kneepads. Then she untied his arms.

"Now remember, my desperate brother. I have a nice little belly button ring here and its really a control device. If I want to, I can make those rings so tight that they’ll be touching with your dick between them or just fry your cock with electricity. So be a good boy. Do everything I say when I say. Right now, put the kneepads on."

Seeing no choice, he obeyed. Then he waited helplessly on all fours. She took the leash and said, "Follow, bro. Eyes on my ass."

Doug’s face was at about the height of Dawn’s ass. It would have been almost impossible for him to tear his eyes away from her hot posterior as she walked him through the house. His balls burned and ached beyond belief as Dawn led him to the living room where Mom was being served coffee by Dad. Dawn sat on the couch next to Mom.

"Kneel before us on all fours like a good boy," Dawn smirked.

Amanda looked down at her gasping, groaning son. He was hot, sweaty and miserable.

"Are you being a good boy for your sister?" she teased.

He nodded in frustration.

"Excellent," she teased. "A good boy is a happy boy."

He whimpered, instinctively thrusting at the air. Dawn giggled and said, "Maybe its time that we consummated this relationship, I mean really consummated it."

"If that’s what you want," Amanda said.

"Let’s head to the bedroom," Dawn said.

Doug was in shock and disbelief as he followed her.

In Dawn’s room, she strapped Doug tightly to the bed, face up and spreadeagled. Then she gagged him and slowly began removing the chastity device. His cock, freed after so long, throbbed to attention.

"Mmmm, your big dicky is really happy to see me as always," she grinned. "And, oh, your balls look so big and full. And I’ll bet you want to give all of it to me, don’t you, Dougy-wuggy?"

He moaned in helpless frustration and tried to thrust at the air. Dawn went and got a huge needle and filled it with liquid.

"Mmph! Wffph!" he moaned, trying to ask what that was.

She didn’t answer but walked over and set the large needle on his stomach. Then she began rubbing oil into her hands. That made his cock desperately hard and throbbing. She began fondling his huge balls. He writhed and whimpered for mercy.

"I intend to enjoy teasing you for a long time by massaging those aching, needy balls," she smiled.

Then she began stroking his cock slowly up and down, feeling the veins stand out beneath his taut skin. As she stroked with her right hand, she took the needle and put it into a sterilizing solution. He was torn between the feelings of both overwhelming pleasure and overwhelming blueballs at what she was doing and continuing to wonder about the needle.

"Oh big bro, there’s a nice big vein," she said.

She pierced it and injected a little of the liquid. He tried to arch up in pain although it was really just a brief, sharp pain, not agonizing by any means. His real fear was of what the liquid was, not the immediate pain.

Dawn lay on her stomach, between his spread legs, massaging his balls and cock with her warm breasts. She continued injecting his cock all over. Occasionally, she would stop and run her tongue up the underside or playfully kiss his cock. In spite of this constant and intense stimulation, he was finding it harder and harder to maintain an erection.

"Mmmm," she purred. "I will miss seeing that nice cock stand at attention for me."

His eyes widened and he thrashed and moaned at the certainty of what she was injecting into him. It must be the same thing Mom had done to Dad, rendering him impotent, completely incapable of getting any level of erection whatsoever or coming. This was verified as his cock completely softened and flopped. Dawn laughed and gave it hard strokes that resulted in nothing. She even licked it and put it into her mouth. He intensely felt the stimulation but no erection resulted. His balls were full and heavy and they ached with the need to come but no matter how much she stimulated him, he did not come. Finally, she kissed his cock and smiled knowingly meeting his eyes.

"I guess we can throw away that nasty chastity device now," she grinned. Your little peepee is so little and cute now and good only to peepee. Its so funny seeing your balls so big."

As he mumbled into his gag in frustration, she jumped up.

"I think those pubes and balls need a fresh shaving," she said. "After all, an impotent little boy shouldn’t have grownup hair. That’s too confusing."

She gave his huge balls a quick rubbing.

"I will so enjoy playing with those night and day, driving you crazy now that there is zero chance of an accident."

"No," he begged through his gag.

But the damage had already been done and she happily skipped from the room, knowing he would watch her bounce and jiggle and get even more frustrated.
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Find a deleted story from this site
The story was talking about the future. I expect a model of a sex doll was sent to a person and the sex doll took complete control of him and made him her slave. The story consisted of approximately three parts and was one of the most popular stories on the site.
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